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Catlin Seaview Survey Maps Coral Triangle

catlin Catlin Seaview Survey Maps Coral TriangleThe Catlin Seaview Survey, the project which is out to capture and record the health of our World’s Reefs, is at it again. The goal of the project is to create a scientific baseline of the reefs, which can be used to monitor the changes in the World’s reefs over time.  The Catlin Seaview Survey have just finished capturing and mapping the Coral Triangle, a triangular area comprising of the Indian and Pacific Oceans of the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. MORE

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Zombies to Terrorize Oregon Coast Aquarium

c Creatures of the Night c 1 200x300 Zombies to Terrorize Oregon Coast AquariumEver the traveler, I’m set to hit Oregon to check out the spooky ambiance that’s looming in at the Oregon Coast Aquarium on October 25, 2014. Zombified individuals will scare the swim shorts off of visitors as they try their very best to take in the stunning marine fauna from 6:30 ’til 8:30 p.m. The event is dubbed “Creatures of the Night”. All the fright is for a good cause - OCA hosts the annual event to raise food for Food Share of Lincoln County just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, and pet food for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. Here’s a link to the cited site, apologies for the “click here to purchase full article”, I’m all about free press! I’d love to make it to this, but alas, it’s so very close and my other endeavors have my bank account so very tight. I should resist the urge to wander here.

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Are You Ready For This Jelly? Kamo Aquarium and Berlin Zoo Set to Partner

Screen Shot 2014 10 19 at 11.46.14 AM Are You Ready For This Jelly? Kamo Aquarium and Berlin Zoo Set to PartnerThe Kamo Aquarium, located in Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture, boasts a Guinness Book of World Records recognized jellyfish exhibit. The Berlin Zoological Garden is one of the world’s largest zoos. The exciting part? These two monstrous establishments are partnering up by the end of the year.MORE

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Shaq’s Awesome Big Rig Tank

shaq Shaqs Awesome Big Rig Tank This is one cool tank. We all know Shaquille O’Neal is a big guy, at over 7 feet tall, he was bound to have an equally large and in charge fish tank. The guys from ‘Tanked’ hooked him up with this spectacular tank for the living room of his 10 bedroom Orlando, Florida home.  The tank incorporates use of O’Neals two nicknames: Diesel and Superman. The 250 gallon tank is incorporated into the front end of a real big rig truck. Talk about a show piece. MORE

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This One’s For The Ladies – “Girls In Sciences” Maritime Aquarium Program Awarded $10k Grant

 I’m joking, this grant benefits anyone who benefits from scientific research – everyone. This post comes to you today in the form of a collaboration with guest blogger, and my good friend, Brooke. She discusses a $10,000 grant awarded to a “Girls in Sciences” after-school program at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT. Read below for details on the wonderful program. Good work, doll, looking forward to more from you! MORE

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‘Flower Animals’ @ New Orleans Film Festival

nola ‘Flower Animals’ @ New Orleans Film Festival
This week we are psyched to share a new piece of Coral Morphologic video art at the 2014 New Orleans Film Festival. Flower Animals debuts this Friday, October 17th, and shows through Thursday, the 23rd upon the 40′ x 15′ video wall wrapping the Theatres at Canal Place. The work meshes seven films depicting vibrant morphs of the circumtropical soft coral, zoanthids, with datamoshes created by frequent CM collaborator Lucas Leyva. More: ‘Flower Animals’ @ New Orleans Film Festival

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Caribbean Reefs

frenchangel8 300x224 Caribbean ReefsA few years back, I visited the island of Bonaire, in the Dutch Caribbean. The island serves as an example of what can happen, when conservation takes the forefront, and is used as an engine of economic development. In 1976 the late Captain Don, (proprietor of Captain Don’s Habitat) realized that Bonaire’s most valuable resource lie not on land, but underwater. The island was surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, and the western side of the island rarely got dangerous oceanic conditions, making it perfect for scuba divers. The captain worked with the Dutch government, and a reef preservation program was put into place, and today the rest is history. Coral reefs around Bonaire rank as some of the most beautiful on planet Earth, and are home to 90% of all species that dwell in the Caribbean Sea. Massive populations of squid, octopus and tarpon are common sights, and the reefs are famous for macro sea life as well. As aquarists who focus primarily on fish and coral species from the world’s other side, it’s easy to forget the beauty and diversity of the MORE

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Coral Restoration Foundation Pioneer Ken Nedimyer Named ‘Sea Hero Of The Year’

dove Coral Restoration Foundation Pioneer Ken Nedimyer Named Sea Hero Of The YearA big congratulations to Ken Nedimyer, who has been named ‘Sea Hero of the Year’ by Scuba Diving and Oris Watches USA. Having had the pleasure of working with Kevin during his appearance on Fish Tank Kings and Fluval’s Coral Restoration Sponsorship, I believe that this award could not have gone to a better person. He has devoted years to promoting the conservation of coral reefs. Starting out his career as a fisherman and collector in the 1980′s, Ken noticed many corals in the Keys were dying. Kens passion became a mission to protect our coral reefs. Eventually Ken started the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF), a non profit conservation organization dedicated ‘to creating off shore nurseries and restoration programs for threatened coral species’. CRF is the leader in producing Staghorn and Elkhorn Coral. This most recent accolade only adds to his previous awards, which include being named CNN Hero in 2012. Ken is truly an inspiration to us all. MORE

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