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The Triton method arrives in the United States

Screen Shot 2014 03 27 at 22.46.32 300x160 The Triton method arrives in the United StatesI was first introduced to the triton method a while back, while it was still gaining traction in Europe. As a reef aquarist, with a knowledge of natural reef ecosystems, I’ve always felt there was something fundamentally wrong with our approach to reef aquariums. Natural reef ecosystems are immensely stable, with very little fluctuations. In the reef aquarium hobby, we utilize water changes as a way to remove waste and replenish trace elements. I’m always looking for something new, and Triton offers an entirely fresh approach to keeping a reef aquarium. Until now, it’s been exclusively available in Europe. Thanks to one of my favorite reef entrepreneurs, Scott Fellman and Unique Corals, Triton has made its way to the United States. I simply cannot think of anyone better to introduce this method to America. What is Triton, take it straight from the horse’s mouth: MORE

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New Double Cone 130 on the Way from Bubble King

2fbbBubble King Double Cone 130 New Double Cone 130 on the Way from Bubble King
MORE: New Double Cone 130 on the Way from Bubble King

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Aquarium Under Fire From PETA For After Hour Parties

 Who doesn’t like a good party? Well apparently not PETA. The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has recently come under scrutiny from PETA. The animal welfare organization has expressed it’s concern due the aquariums 18 and older parties which are held at the aquarium after hours, the parties include music and pop up bars featuring alcoholic drinks. PETA alleges that because the animals would normally be resting during these after hours events, they are detrimental to the animals health. What are your thoughts? Should these events be stopped? Or is PETA overreactingMORE

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In Bizarre Aquarium Crime News: Two Men Jailed Over a Fish

250px Astronotus ocellatus In Bizarre Aquarium Crime News: Two Men Jailed Over a FishAnd not even a cool one! I’m honestly having a difficult time wrapping my head around this story. After this past weekend of having the opportunity to lay peepers on some of the most highly sought after saltwater gems in the industry – I’m talking Clarions, Personatus Angels and a Peppermints,  to name a few – I can’t understand why someone would go through such lengths for an Oscar. Then again, freshwater has never really done it for me. MORE

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Life After Death In The Deep

carcass shrimp octopus 300x225 Life After Death In The Deep Ever wonder what would happen to your corpse if you were submerged roughly 300 feet under the sea? Yea, me neither. Keeping with my spooky theme in anticipation of Halloween, I bring to you a cadaverous investigation of carcass decomposition. While there’s a decent idea of what happens to the waterlogged bodies of deceased marine animals such as whales, dolphins and sharks, what happens to humans? MORE

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Terrifying Tentacles From The Deep: Monterey Bay Aquarium Ready For Halloween

 Ok, they’re not all that terrifying (to me, anyway), but they are quite mesmeric creatures. Last night I shared the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s adorably frightful e-cards, and they’re continuing in the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve with a “Spooky Cephalopod” series. Displayed with an eerie red glow, the two featured videos thus far have been the Cock-eyed Squid and the Japetella octopus. The Cock-eyed Squid (featured above), of the genus Histioteuthis, is named so appropriately. Their right eye is normal – blue, sunken and appropriately sized. Then take a peak at their left side and there you’ll find a bulbous, tubular greenish-yellow eyeball nearly twice the diameter as the other, bulging from its mantle! Creepy. Scientists believe this discrepancy aids the squid in detecting different forms of light – the larger eye processing faint light from above, while the smaller eye focuses on the bioluminescence of the deep. Next up, the Japatella octopus, is actually a mid-water octopus. The lovely, spherical cephalopod has the neat ability to go from transparent to an opaque orange color thanks to chromatophores. While neither of these species are currently on display, the aquarium still has its “Tentacles” exhibit up and running. It’s near the top of my long list of trips to make before the year is over, perhaps I’ll get lucky and spot one of these fascinating subjects. . 

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This Is One Cool Beta Tank Design

cool tank This Is One Cool Beta Tank DesignThis is definitely not your average Beta tank. A collaboration between a designer and a glassblower has created quite the impressive Beta fish tank design. “Echappée,” or “Extension,” designed by Sebastien Cordoleani and Vincent Breed, is a different way of imagining beta fish tank utility. The tanks rippling, ‘bubbly’ effect is supposed to resemble a bubble of water and a flowing water effect. The aquarium was part of the show “15 Designers, 15 Artisans” held in France in December 2010. The participants all had 2 months to create the pieces of art, which had to fit into a 60 x 60 x 60 cm space. Of course its unclear how well this tank would actually function, but I think this would make a spectacular piece of tank art for any home. MORE

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Monterey Bay Aquarium Presents Brilliant Spooky Showcase of Marine Life

tumblr ndk7blzHsr1qm9k25o9 250 Monterey Bay Aquarium Presents Brilliant Spooky Showcase of Marine LifeIn perfect classical horror movie fashion, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has put together a wonderfully spooky collection of e-cards starring some of the most frightening creatures of the deep. The Vampire Squid, a predatory tunicate, a viper fish, and a gape-mouthed sponge make an appearance, among others, all dubbed with adorable ghoulish titles. MORE

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