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Shark Week Starts Tonight

Just a reminder that Shark Week on Discovery starts tonight at 9PM EST. Enjoy! LINKMore:

Alien Invaders Reach Atlantic

 There’s an invasion in the works in the Atlantic Ocean, and these aquatic species don’t come in piece. Receding ice above North America is opening a clear portal larger each year which allows foreign species to pass through into the Atlantic. Everything from whales to microscopic plants and jellyfish are making their way across this new northern passage, and the ecological results are sure to be nothing short of disastrous. Read on after the break.… More:

Shark Massacre Inside Galapagos National Park

Sharks are amazing creatures and I have been fortunate enough to have personally worked with several species.  They’ve held my fascination for years and I can’t learn enough about them (I used to be able to rattle off respiration rates for some of the more commonly kept species).  The following should be viewed as bittersweet and I’ll explain after.… More:

Hairy Frogfish Caught on Video

 Frogfish, otherwise known as anglers, are very interested and unusual species to study. Frogfish come in many varieties, but they always have a few common features. They are extremely adapt at using camouflage to blend into the background, and with a huge mouth designed for swallowing fish nearly as big as themselves, they make for a great ambush predator. Frogfish, or anglers, also come armed with a small lure that they can dangle in front of their mouth to attract prey. Video after the jump.… More:

EcoTech Marine jumps into the LED Scene

 Released today, EcoTech Marine added a new listing to their current trademarks for a Radion LED.… More:

DIY: Money Saver or Shredder

Let’s face it, this is an expensive hobby. I’ve read signature lines written by forum members like “I have the key to making a small fortune, start with a large one and then take up reefing”. Because of the cost involved with even mid-range priced equipment, many hobbyists turn to Do It Yourself in hopes of having a piece of equipment that will perform as well as or better than a high dollar, high quality manufactured item. … More:

Robot Octopus. You have all been warned.

 Remember that scene from one of those bad “The Matrix” sequels where the last remaining human beings living underground go to war with giant flying robot octopuses that basically drill into their lair?  Apparently we’re one step closer to that fun sounding apocalypse with the development of an octopus-like neural network that drives the above tentacle.  A link over at Boing Boing explains that this is all in the name of humanity as scientists work to replicate the complex distributed brain functionality that exists in the octo world. A cool video after the jump.… More:

Cost-effective really means Greater Patience

Live rock versus dry rock… which one costs more?  You’d think the answer is obvious, but there is more to consider.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.