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Baby harlequin Tusk from Australia’s Gold Coast

  I’ve spotted this awesome image while browsing through Australia official Facebook page. It’s a juvenile Harlequin Tusk Wrasse (Lienardella fasciata) photographed in Australia’s Gold Coast Waters… More:

Shocker, Hawaiian coral reefs are worth more to people than the NFL!

How much are Hawai‘i’s coral reefs worth to you, and how much would you be willing to invest to protect and restore them? A recent survey commissioned by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and conducted by Stanford University in collaboration with the University of Michigan set out to answer exactly those questions. The survey gave respondents (U.S. citizens scientifically selected to participate) some brief background on Hawaiian reefs and two potential actions for reef conservation/restoration. The first option was… More:

Liopropoma Update

A 69-day-old larva

 It’s been more than two weeks since I posted news of the first settlement of a Liopropoma bass at the Long Island Aquarium.  I know at least a few of you are eager for an update, but there really hasn’t been anything new to report…until now.… More:

Larval Heniochus Butterflyfish Prove Collaborative Breeding Can Work

Larval Heniochus diphreutes, the Schooling Bannerfish, courtesy Wittenrich et. al.

Larval Heniochus diphreutes, the Schooling Bannerfish, courtesy Wittenrich et. al.

 This isn’t the first time that a Rising Tide organized cross-institutional collaborative breeding project has grabbed headlines this year, but this may be the biggest proof-of-concept to-date. The image above shows the larval development of Heniochus diphreutes, the Schooling Bannerfish, to 37 days post hatch. These larval images were made possible through the very special collaboration between University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Lab, and other members of the Rising Tide Conservation Initiative – in this particular instance the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. This early success finds the collective effort knocking at the door, attempting to cross the threshold to the first captive-bred Butterflyfish. To date, the Rising Tide Conservation Initiative has developed egg collectors that were deployed to a myriad of public and private aquariums. These collectors trap the buoyant eggs of pelagic spawning fishes. However, because these eggs are harvested from aquariums housing numerous species… More:

RUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!! It’s a Brincicle!!!!!!!!

 Until today I had no knowledge of this phenomenon but I felt overly compelled to share this video with you all.  It also helps that David Attenborough narrates the whole thing (On a side note I have no idea why “Planet Earth” was narrated by Oprah or Sigourney Weaver here in the U.S. when they already had David Attenborough).  He could narrate a video of people taking the SATs and I would be thoroughly fascinated by it.  If you can’t tell it’s a time lapse, those starfish don’t really move that fast but it does add a little comedy while D.A. drops some science on you.  Only he could make watching the mass die off of animals a soothing experience.… More:

Terence Fugazzi 210 Reef

Terence Fugazzi 210 Reef

 What a great trip to Mountain West Reef Fest, Scott Fellman, Michelle Lemech, Bradley Syphus, and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Terence Fugazzi and his lovely family at his house in Salt Lake City. We went to his house to take a look at one incredible 210-gallon reef system—he set-up back in June of 2010—in his living room… More:

Reef Threads Podcast #60

One of those beautiful pieces of Haeckel artwork. The podcast parade continues this week with Reef Threads Podcast #60.

Reefs Magazine – Fall 2011 Issue Now Online!

As a way of proving that you do NOT need to be out assaulting people to get a cheap DVD player, we decided to buck the trend of all these Black Friday sales by giving you something for FREE. The latest mag features articles from: 

  • Richard Aspinall: Wrecks of the Red Sea – Coral Reefs of Iron and Life
  • Richard Ross: Philippine Biodiversity Expedition
  • Todd Gardner / Jay Hemdal: Captive Propagation of the Boarfish
  • Paul Whitby: Aesthetics of Aquascaping – Part II
  • James Fatheree: A Look at Trachyphillia geoffroyi
  • Pedro Nuno Ferreira: Nutrient Export – Old Problem, New Solutions
  • Sanjay Joshi: Courtship of the Candy Basslet
  • Tony Vargas: Featured Photography in the Art Gallery

  As always, Reefs Magazine is a totally free online periodical with no popups or invasive advertising, allow you to grab a cup of tea and get sucked right in. CHECK IT OUT HEREMore: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.