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Patience is a virtue that can make you want to scream

 I took a chance on a Live Aquaria Divers Den  Juvie Regal Angel (Pygoplites diacanthus) about 2 months ago. As beautiful as this fish is, it ended up getting an appetite for some of my favorite SPS corals as well as a voracious appetite for my growing Zoanthid collection, so it’s got to go. Easier said than done right? Catching a fish in a fully stocked, mature reef tank is often a hassle.… More:

Garlic bad for fish? Rambling about forum propaganda.

Where does this statement come from? Has anyone actually done a study on the effects of feeding the fish in our aquariums foods soaked in garlic?  Since I first read the comment made by a member of a popular forum I frequent, I have fruitlessly searched the WWW for any credible publication stating that garlic is or may be harmful to the function of marine fish livers.… More:

The Ugliest Mini-Reef Ever: A First Journal Entry.

In 2006, I gave up aquariums for what I knew was going to be a long-term hiatus.  I had been a part time aquarist, completely responsible for a collection of rescued and long term-captive corals collected under permit from the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  I was completing my undergraduate education full time in Marine Science and Chemistry at the same time.  The stress of changing management at the aquarium I worked at, managing the collection, on top of being offered the opportunity to pursue a graduate education in marine science brought on tremendous burnout for aquariums. I managed to avoid even really thinking about reef aquariums for a fair bit of time.  I kept in touch with my closest reef friends, folks like… More:

Ecolabelling and the Marine Aquarium Trade

Sustainable Seafood Ecolabels

Should the aquarium trade follow the lead of the seafood industry when it comes to ecolabelling?

 In September, a peer-reviewed paper was published in the Journal of Agricultural Economics demonstrating, very broadly, that ecolabeling works. Ecolabelling—the practice of placing a label on a retail product to indicate the product is both “ecofriendly” and sustainably brought to market—has, over the past few years, gained widespread acceptance in products such as seafood, coffee, sugar, oil, and wine. In each of these industries, historic concerns about over-exploiting resources and abusing people involved in the harvest or processing of the product produced a desire in some consumers to know more about a product’s origins and the wider-reaching socio-economic impacts of bringing that product to market. When it comes to the success or failure of ecolabelling, the essential question is whether or not the aforementioned consumer desire is sufficient to cause enough market share to seek out and, in many cases, spend more on a product bearing an ecolabel. The study reported in Journal of Agricultural Economics answers that question in the affirmative when it comes to select ecolabelled seafood, and some believe ecolabelling can be equally successful in the marine aquarium trade. Ecolabels are not… More:

Whipping in the “Wind”

Tubipora musica

 This Pipe Organ (Tubipora musica) colony grew like a weed in very heavy flow and always reminded me of wheat in a field on a windy day. The challenge for this image was to capture that look while retaining sufficient polyp detail.
   I chose an “opening” in the colony so the image would have some in-focus polyp bases to give the eye a starting point and finished the composition by filling the rest of the frame with flowing polyps. The next step was to determine exposure settings that would deliver the flowing effect I wanted yet retain sufficient detail in the polyps.
   The end result is an image that is on the abstract side and may not be of interest to everyone. I like the lines in the image and the hint of pinnules here and there, along with the changes in color. It’s also one of those images you can view more than once and see new elements.–Gary L. Parr,, www.reefthreads.comMore:

And the winner is….

Kedd Davaris Lytton-smith

  You have just won an Ecotech Vortech MP10ES! Please contact the admins via the Facebook page and we’ll get it shipped out to you!… More:

Happy Holidays from staff

   Best Wishes for the Holidays and Happiness throughout the New Year from all the bloggers!… More:

20 Questions: Christine Williams

Every year, MACNA brings in a big groups of speakers and these people provide a small image and a biography detailing who they are. Boring!! We want to get downright personal so we can know who they really are is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.