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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #81: Filter, Store…Then What?

Once you’ve got all that you need, make sure you don’t waste energy doing this. Tagged as: friday am quick tip , RODI

11 Radions, 2800 Watts of Metal Halides and One 800 Gallon Show Tank

I’ve run my LED vs. Metal Halide experiment and saw great results

Fauna Marin Debuts New Additives

Our friends at Fauna Marin are dead serious about finding the perfect balance of water chemistry and feeding formulas for all varieties of aquariums.  In the world of ULNS or Zeo tanks, there is a big focus on developing and enhancing coloration within corals and the primary means have been via amino acids and vitamins.  These new additions to the Ultra line of additives seem to go one step further by targeting the exact color pigments you want to enhance.  Since this is a biological process within the symbiotic zooxanthella, the method to achieve this can be somewhat “complicated”.  Based on prior successes with their balling formulation and Zeo additives we’re pretty excited to get our hands on these new formulas, and based on how well some of their products sell in the US, it might be sooner than later.  We’ll have more details on how this new method works once we hear more.… More:

Tunze Goes For Turbulence

This is the new Tunze Turbelle Stream 6255, a self optimizing powerhead designed to give a more random flow pattern throughout your tank.  In addition to being controllable via existing Multicontrollers, the pump is configured to target the most energy efficient motor operating level depending on your desired flow level.  Tunze is claiming a significant improvement on energy consumption but we have yet to see whether that is on legacy pump technologies or compared to something newer like Ecotech’s Ecosmart system.  I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to get my hands on one of these to check with a Kill-A-Watt.… More:

Just hatched Wunderpus photogenicus – too cute

 Just hatched Wunderpus photogenicus paralarvae. So super cool, laid in captivity at Roy Caldwell’s lab at UCB, and yes, I am trying really hard to keep them alive and through settlement (though the odds of success are traditionally roughly if not equal to zero). For more info on Wunderpus check out or click here for an article from several years ago. And just for fun, here is a pic of an adult so you can see why got it scientific name. More:

TECO’s E-Chill Solution for Aquarium Cooling

is not a name we hear a lot in the US but they’re making a name for themselves with some energy efficient chillers as well as their new line of dedicated fan cooling solutions.  The E-Chill line of fans comes in three sizes, 1-3 fans, and even allows you to attach low level water monitors to shut down in the case of high evaporation levels.  Much more efficient than regular chillers for small tanks, fans can easily bring the temperature of a tank down 10 degrees or more simply by “blowing off/out” the excess heat dumped into the tank via powerheards, returns and lighting.  You can situate these fans on top of the aquarium or in your sump, and they are easily attached to the edge of the tank with a hanging lip.  The lip contains the temperature probe and can also hold the water level sensor, allowing you to shut off the fans if the water level drops too low.  The E-Chill line can be controlled remotely and has three different speed settings.  They are currently available for pre-order via TECO US’s website.… More:

ELOS Evision Closer to Reality

ELOS has always impressed us with their ability to integrate different technologies into their brand, and the new line of modular controllers, Evision, is no different.  Adopting the sexy ELOS look they drop on everything down to their test kits, this controller sports a touch screen color interface that would look great in your wiring cabinet or right out front attached to your tank.  The system provides the ability to add probes, AC power ports, LED dimmers, and traditional timer boxes.  So now we have one more high end aquarium management tool to test out.  The Evision should be available in the US through select retailers later this year.… More:

Deltec’s TC 6530

At Interzoo, Deltec was on hand to show off their line of skimmers and filtration devices, and man did they deliver.  Take a second to look at the scale of this beast by comparing the height to the person standing by the bar on the left.  This commercial grade skimmer is technically large enough for you to shower inside, handling tanks up to 13,000G.  Luckily this monster includes an automated neck cleaning system, since you really need to plan ahead when performing maintenance on a skimmer this large.  Price?  If you have to ask…… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.