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Seneye Review

Monitoring water quality is, without doubt, a key to healthy, flourishing reef aquarium. Just ask an experienced reefer what is his/her recipe for success and you can expect to hear two words- maintenance and monitoring. In order to maintain a fine balance in an enclosed reef ecosystem, one has to be able to know if the tank parameters are all in check. Temperature, salinity, pH,ammonia, nitrate, phosphates,calcium,magnesium, and alkalinity levels are amongst the most important parameters a true reefer should check on a regular basis. The tools used to measure those parameters range from test strips through liquid test kits to sophisticated aquarium controllers. The product I am reviewing today fits somewhere in between the last two, but it could also be placed in it’s own new category as it is an entirely new approach to the topic of maintaining stability in a reef tank. The device is called Seneye and it arrived in my mail from the other side of the ocean- the United Kingdom. What is Seneye? What is it’s main features and how well does it perform compared to other devices available for the hobbyist reefer? I will try to answer those and other questions in the rest of this review so stick around…… More:

Sunday Laughs


Win a Vortech Pump – heck, win TWO!

If you are attending MACNA, a new Referral Contest starts now and runs through August 21, 2012. The idea is to get your friends and club members to attend MACNA this fall with you. For every person you refer that buys a pass, you get one point.

Git yerself to MACNA

61 days to go. Better get your registration paid for and book your flights, cause MACNA's coming y'all. - current price is $149 for the full conference package.

One for the Ceph Girls

Here’s one for the cephalopod loving girls out there. Enjoy!  … More:

Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #88: I’m Sorry, But That’s Just Not My Color

Sheet algae, also known as nori, is a great food to feed your saltwater fish.

Interzoo 2012: The Ecotech Marine booth

At booth number 9 we went to visit Ecotech Marine friends, a well known company specializing in aquarium movement pumps… “unconventional“, which for over a year now, it also presented a beautiful lighting LED.

Therefore we devote the first photo of our reportage to the MP-60, last born from VorTech family, an incredible pump capable of 28,000 liters per hour with a consumption of 60 watts.



Nearly two years ago, I wrote an article about why we as hobbyists should support our local fish stores, even if it costs us more for those items. is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.