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Reef Threads Podcast #104 Seven days have passed and we’re back with another podcast. This week we talk about our talks, a thinking website, public aquarium restoration, beginner corals, plumbing, . Download the podcast here , or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes . Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads. If you enjoyed our podcast, please tell others.— Christine and Gary Outside the Glass Box Restoring public aquariums



Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #100: Don’t Believe The Rumors

Cleaner shrimp make a flashy and useful addition to any saltwater tank. With their long antennae and their eye-catching colors, you (or your kids) will fall in love with them. While cleaner shrimp are great eye-candy, there is only one cleaning job you should trust them to do. P.S. Don’t miss the bonus section to this week’s tip! Tagged as: cleaner shrimp , friday am quick tip , ich , marine velvet

MACNA Coverage: Innovative Marine Nano tanks

Innovative Marine is a relatively new company on the US market, however they offer a wide range of products for reefkeeping enthusiasts. Their booth at 2012 MACNA in Dallas showcased, amongst other equipment, a line of nano/pico aquariums. The sleek looking, modern design fish tanks are offered in several sizes and configurations, all sharing some key features, like… More:

MACNA Coverage: Sicce new Voyager line of pumps and HyperKoral SPS food

Sicce booth at MACNA featured some brand new products, as well as their flagship LED lights and pumps. Water flow enthusiasts should check the new Voyager line of pumps and their dedicated Wave Surfer controller.… More:

BAR Propagation Workshop Re-Cap

 Last weekend I was honored to speak at the Bay Area Reefers Propagation Workshop along with the incredible Richard Ross. Rich and I arrived a little bit later than planned since we had to stop at Home Depot to pick up some fragging tools for his demonstration. When we got to the Workshop we were greeted by… More:

ReefGen: Captive Breeding & Farming in New York

Sometime in the past year, a super secret meeting spawned a new business on Long Island in New York.   Someone was probably drinking Kraken rum when they posited the idea of ReefGen, a new farming organization focused on unusual and unique species.  Justin Credable and Laura Birenbaum are known throughout the industry for many achievements, but putting their collective minds to a new farming operation is probably their most exciting venture.  Justin, known for being the world’s biggest and most successful goniapora farmer (he even has his own Goni specific food from TLF), had been testing out some very new methods for coral fragging and growth optimization.  We don’t… More:

Sweden Has Reefs?

Säcken Reef, to be precise.  That’s Sweden’s one remaining coral reef, dominated by this cold water Lophelia pertusa which lives without the help of zoothanthellae by capturing food that has fallen onto it from above.  These corals inhabit an extremely cold and deep region of the ocean off the coast of Sweden, and there is concern that ocean trawling will destroy this last remaining reef builder in the far Northern region.  The larvae of this coral probably ended up there from currents coming down from Norway, and as the reef gets smaller and smaller efforts are being made to bring more larvae down to populate this area.  More info HERE.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.