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Help! My Seahorse Just Had Babies!

Or, what to expect when you didn’t know you were expecting. Seahorses are known for their proclivity of having hundreds of babies when you least expect it. Photo by CARSTEN SCHÖNIJAHN You just walked by your tank to discover dozens, if not hundreds of tiny seahorses drifting around your aquarium. These miniature copies of the adults caught you off guard, and now you’re not sure what to do. This guide will walk you through what you need to do within the first few hours to try and save the young seahorses. In the immortal words of Douglas Adams; Don’t Panic! The absolute first thing you must do is decide if you really want to try to raise these babies. Raising baby seahorses is a time, space, and money consuming task. And there is no guarantee that you’ll be successful; very few seahorse fry survive in the wild. Being unprepared means that you’ll be starting from a disadvantage as well. However, thanks to their yolk sack when born, baby seahorses can go 24 – 48 hours without. . .

Reefs In Art: Algae

We talk a lot about how corals and reef life find their way into modern art exhibits, but this is a first.  The image above is taken from H.O.R.T.U.S., a prototype of urban gardening which was on display at the Architectural Association earlier this year.  The exhibit combined bags of algae and bioluminescent bacteria, and fostered interaction by encouraging guests to contribute CO2 from their breathe to the algae, which is converted to oxygen which is consumed by the bacteria.   This article on the Huffington Post details several new exciting displays that make use of algae, including a water cooled PC which substitutes algae for water, allowing the algae to make use of the elevated temperatures from the computer.  Be sure to check out all of the cool exhibits including the Algae Opera and Algaculture, which hints at a future where we ourselves are symbiotic with our tiny green friends.… More:

Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 2012 Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Shopping for holiday gifts can be a real drag not only for you, but also for people buying your gifts. Between wondering if the person will even like the gift and debating if you can really afford it, holiday shopping can be a real drag. To make shopping easier on you, i’ve put together my 2012 holiday gift guide full of great saltwater aquarium gifts that all cost less than $50 Links in this show: Tagged as: 150 gpd upgrade kit , holiday gift list , nori , screen top , test kit list , water testing

A River Runs Through It

It’s rare that I look at a clam in a reef aquarium and see just the clam. Unless the mantle is completely expanded, what I usually see is a river running through a canyon. I can’t help it. I don’t always see things the way most people view them. The fun thing for my eyes is that each “river” is different and the “canyon” walls are usually rather stunning.
   The other day I saw a picture of a clam and it reminded me that I have a couple of clam shots in the archives that I still like. That sent me on a treasure hunt to find them so I could share them here. I don’t have a favorite. Each has a different appeal
   In the first image I see a river running through some kind of sand-flat canyon. As the river flows south it flows around an elongated island (the clam intake opening) and spills into a small delta before it flows into the ocean. The best part is the whole view is illuminated with electric colors.… More:

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