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The Majano Wand – a must have in the fight against pest anemones

Pest anemones can be worse than a piece of popcorn stuck between your teeth; they annoyingly consume all of your attention, they multiply quickly, sting animals you like and it seems like no matter what you do to control them, there are always a few that appear impervious to any attempt at eradication. As part of the anti pest anemone kit the Majano wand is an easy to use, quite effective and cathartic way to deal with pest anemones in a reef tank.


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DIY Guide:Dimming DIY LED lights with Neptune Systems Apex Controller

featured3 DIY Guide:Dimming DIY LED lights with Neptune Systems Apex Controller High power light emitting diodes quickly became the new standard in providing an artificial light source for photosynthetic animals in our reef tanks. Most emitters output enough light to grow almost any coral in captivity, thus aquarium LED manufacturers shifted their focus to the software part of their lights in order to sell their product. Therefore, it’s all about control now…… More:

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High Five!

Turtle High Five! I’ts turtle nesting time on the Great Barrier Reef and in the new Coral Sea Marine Reserve.   This Project Aware Foundation photo was just too cute not to share.… More:

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