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Another first – captive bred Genicanthus watanabei

 Marine breeding is jumping forward in leaps and bounds! Marine Breeder extraordinaire Karen Brittain has done it again, this time with Genicanthus watanabei. The video shows 87/88 day old Watanabei angels being small, cute and awesome. Congratulations to Karen, and we look forward to more details about this breeding first. More info can be found in this threadMore:

Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 235g Tank December Update

2012 has proved to be a up and down year for my 235g tank. After a rocky start that included a neglected rental house, a marine velvet outbreak and my tank was restarted in May and has been running successfully for 7 months. The tank is about to start a new chapter though and that chapter won’t be written around these parts. Links in this show: Tagged as: blacker ice clownfish , blue throat trigger fish , captive bred clownfish , clown tang , coraline algae , designer clownfish , EcoTech Radion , Hydor recirculating skimmer , LPS coral , maxima clam , mr saltwater tank , mr saltwater tank tank update , mr saltwater tank tv , My reef creations biosump , neon dottyback , orchid dottyback , rimless tank , tank personality

Tamarin Wrasse Hits Divers Den Again

An absolutely stunning example of the Wrasse family of fish the Tamarin Wrasse has hit the Diver’s Den once again. It is rarely seen in the hobby but when this fish shows itself it commands a price much like the Wisconsin based distributor LiveAquaria placed on one of theirs this past weekend. u2u8e2unSize: 3-1/4″Female Blue Striped Tamarin Wrasse.Eating enriched brine and Hikari mysis very well.Photo courtesy of LiveAquaria’s ornamental fish and invertebrate section Divers Den has one of these beauties posted for sale right now for the low low price of $999.99!  It is not clear how many of these fish LiveAquaria has acquired but surely this specimen wont last long. Get yours here!… More:

Too Cute


Snow shark

 Check out this incredible snow sculpture by Fran Volz. You can see more of his work here.… More:

Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of the AquaIlluminations Wireless Controller

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are and continue to be very popular with saltwater tank hobbyists. Between the power savings, range of available colors and seemingly infinite controllability, LEDs are here to stay. AquaIlluminations released their wireless controller in an effort to bridge the gap between hobbyist’s wishes for wireless LED control and what’s available on the market. During my review of the controller, I’ve found it to be wireless with a catch and a big footnote. Tagged as: aquailluminations , fail safe , sol , Sol Nano , Vega , wireless LED controller

Royal Exclusiv Releases New Dreambox Media Filter Early for the Holidays

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Media Filter 2L Just in time for the holidays, Royal Exclusiv is releasing their brand spanking new Dreambox Media Filter lineup. Originally slated for a 2013 release, these sharp looking media filters are available in three different models and fit very nicely into the scheme of the new Dreambox sumps, though they could be used in other setups as well. In following the same design cues of every other product from the German aquarium equipment manufacturer, these new media filters sport a red and white color scheme, as well as similarly designed accessories like a media plate that resembles the bubble diffusers in the Royal Exclusiv protein skimmers. And not wanting to just create a new reactor with the same old flow pattern, these new Dreambox media filters operate a tad bit differently. Instead of injecting water into the top of the reactor and forcing it downward through a tube to be flow back upward through the media, water is pumped straight into bottom of the Dreambox Media Filter. It flows upward through the media, then  back down the central tube and out of the bottom of the reactor. It’s a simpler path for the water to travel when compared to the more traditional reactors, though this design basically forces it to be used in-sump. We assume the outlet can be plumbed to allow the filter to be run externally, but that’s just an assumption on our end.  Read MoreMore: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.