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Product Review: AquaMaxx biopellet reactor

When I first got the AquaMaxx Biopellet Reactor, I was very interested in how it worked because the demonstration unit on display showcased something unseen by other similar devices. Unlike its counterparts, this one causes the media to spin at a strong rate — the pellets orbiting a vertical riser tube provide one-way directional flow. It looked really neat, but I didn’t know how the media would do under such conditions. The reactor itself is made of acrylic and PVC fittings. The inlet and outlets are glued into place, which I personally don’t like as it forces the hobbyist to plumb it specifically to its configuration. I’d rather have the freedom to run lines as they suit my needs, but I’m quibbling over a very minor design decision. The fittings use hose barb connectors, and I used two different sizes of flexible vinyl tubing to match that connection. If you’d prefer to hard plumb it, the hose barbs can be omitted, but you’ll have to use unions with nipples to remove the reactor for maintenance. More:

Jellyfish Can Make for Some Great Pendant Lamps

Jellyfish Pendant Lamps Jellyfish are elegant, simple organisms that have inspired everything from beautiful art to various feats of technology, and it looks like they make for great pendant style lamps as well. Recently shared on Offbeat Home, this Medusae Collection from Roxy Russel Design brings the underwater flare to your dining room, or just about any other place that requires a little elegant lighting. Each jellyfish is made from gloss white powder coated aluminum and polyester mylar,and each beautifully mimics a different type of jelly. The price for these lamps ranges from $325 to $425 and professional installation is highly recommended. Read MoreMore:

Our Favorite Fish That Made an Appearance in 2012

Peppermint Angel - Waikiki Aquarium Over the past 12 months, we have written all about new aquarium equipment releases from a whole bunch of different manufacturers, and we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about all of the exciting rare livestock that showed up this year. After all, it’s the livestock that is the driving force in this hobby. So, we’ve compiled a year long roundup of some of our favorite fish that we wrote about in 2012. Some of the fish in our list are showing up as one-of-a-kind aberrant individuals, while others are just so rare in the hobby that their presence is deserving of our attention. Either way, the list is full of fish that we’d only be lucky to see in a public aquarium or in a video online.  Read MoreMore:

Neptune Systems Releases Apex Firmware v4.20

dash1 Lots of people have been testing out the new version of the Apex Dashboard, but some of us have held off for the official release.  Today Neptune released the official software upgrade on their website, and the rush is on to upgrade these devices.  Remember, you cannot upgrade over Wifi, you have to have a wired connection in order to complete the transfer.  Have fun!… More:

The ORA Gold Nugget Maroon Clown is Really Starting to Live Up to its Namesake

ORA Gold Nugget Maroon Clown Back in September, ORA shook up the clownfish world with the commercial release of their captive bred Goldflake Maroon Clowns. In that announcement, they also teased us with images of another striking fish, the “Gold Nugget” maroon clown, which we were told wouldn’t be available for quite a while. The Gold Nugget clownfish, at the time, looked like a maroon clown with the same bar patterns as a Platinum Picasso clownfish…meaning it had an awful lot of white coloration. But as the months have passed, that same little Gold Nugget is starting to show its real colors, revealing more and more of that beautiful gold coloration that will eventually take over its entire body, less the maroon parts of course. We’re still not sure when these stunning Gold Nugget maroon clownfish from ORA will be available to the public, but we’re definitely keeping our eye on them. We will also be keeping on eye on that gold coloration as the fish matures and we hope ORA will continue to update us on their blog and Facebook page. ORA Gold Nugget Maroon ClownfishRead MoreMore:

JBJ Gives Us a Sneak Peak at Their New Pacifica LED Fixture

JBJ USA Pacifica LED Front JBJ USA is back at it in the LED department, and they’ve given us a sneak peak at their latest creation, the Pacifica LED fixture. According to JBJ reps, this Pacifica falls outside of the Unibody family and was designed specifically to be packaged with the JBJ 30L rimless nano aquarium.. The goal for this pairing obviously being a way to give aquarists a plug-n-play package right out of the box. And as most of us know, JBJ has been quite successful in this realm as they’ve been moving all-in-one nano aquariums for years, and with this light and tank combo, we can get some serious LED power in a sleek new nano package. Read MoreMore:

Marine Depot Offers Informative Protein Skimmer Infographic

At the core of most reef aquarium filtration approaches lies the protein skimmer. This ingenious method of dissolved organic removal has been tried and true for decades within the hobby but rarely gets the credit it deserve.  In comes Marine Depot with their protein skimmer infographic! needle-wheel-protein-skimmer-functionPhoto courtesy of Although we tend to simply buy protein skimmers for their plug-and-play applications understanding their functionality has been left to interpretation. With this wonderful “how it works” color rendering of a protein skimmer each function is diagramed and provides informative text on a part-by-part basis. The diagram will be a perfect tool for new hobbyists learning how protein skimmers work as well as those who wish to design their own. Read more here!    … More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.