New Lamp Clamp Fixtures from Coral Compulsion Are Simple, Affordable Solution to Illuminate Your Reef

 When it comes to aquarium illumination, hobbyists are often left with a tough choice for mounting their lights. On one hand, you can go the route of style and aesthetics, beig left with a difficult install from the ceiling or some sort of hanging hardware. On the other, you can use unsightly tank brackets that are simple to incorporate, but really detract from the overall look of the setup. Fortunately, lighting hardware producers have started to get smart and make gooseneck brackets, which are both simple and stylish, and the latest Lamp Clamp from Coral Compulsion is no different. The suitably called Lamp Clamp is a very simple, elegant way to illuminate your marine aquarium. It has a power cord, power switch, and socket built right in, giving new life to the Par30 and Par38 form factor LED lamps that have sort of waned in popularity over recent years. The Lamp Clamp has a flexible arm that is coated in vinyl to give added protection against corrosion. It holds up to 2lbs worth of LED goodness and an acrylic mounting clamp with nylon screws holds it securely to aquariums up to 1″ thick. Besides being an incredibly simple light source, the Coral Compulsion Lamp Clamp is also very affordale at only $39.99. It is available in both black and white versions, and comes with a 90-day warranty. MORE: New Lamp Clamp Fixtures from Coral Compulsion Are Simple, Affordable Solution to Illuminate Your Reef


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