Curasub, Substation Curacao, Deep Sea Creatures

 Hi friends, we are back!!! I honestly don’t even know where to start so I think I will just give it to you in a nutshell and go into more details as the week progresses. So let’s see, a week ago we loaded up the sub onto our ship called the “Chapman” and first took off for two days to the tiny island of Klein Curacao. On board we had the top scientists from the Smithsonian and sponge experts from Holland, all in search of something different. We did two long sub dives on Klein and found all kinds of cool stuff which I will eventually get sent out to you to see. We then returned to Curacao for just one day and then took off for Bonaire for five days with the same scientists still aboard. It took us around six hours on rough seas to get to Bonaire, funny because it only takes fifteen minutes in a plane?? Our ship travels at around 8 knots an hour which is pretty slow but with that said it’s a big ship and it’s carrying 25 people and a 6 ton submersible!! In Bonaire we traveled around to different docks, like the Town Pier, Airport Pier, and the famous Salt Pier and once docked we unloaded the sub and took off into the darkness. While the sub was gone I spent my time setting up aquariums on-board and once the sub returned raced around like a crazy man shooting all the cool new specimens that were brought up alive. The above photo is just one of the many cool things the scientists found. What your looking at is a deep water gorgonian of some kind with a spectacular, tiny starfish attached to it found at around 530 feet. I also had the pleasure of getting to photograph new fish never seen before including three really cool deep-water scorpionfish, I will send you those soon to check out. They also brought up bottles from the 1800′s filled with shells, rare slit-shells, crazy looking sponges, tube worms, long spined urchins, sea biscuits, shrimps, and on and on. One of the coolest finds was a jug from the 15th-16th century but because of Bonaire law we were unable to touch it but did get some cool photos. We left Bonaire yesterday at 9:00am and got back to Curacao at around 3:00, it was great to be back on non-moving land once again. That’s kind of it in a simple run-down, will get more info and pictures to you soon. I have so much to do, have a great day, Barry MORE: Curasub, Substation Curacao, Deep Sea Creatures

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