Substation Curacao, Mini Submersible in Bonaire

 Hi friends, it’s been crazy around here since we got back especially with trying to get all my photos sent out to all the press and scientists, 100gb of photos takes a long time to process!! So I will quickly explain the four photos you see here. The first one is our new research vessel called “the Chapman” with our new two million dollar submersible on the back parked at the Town Pier in Bonaire. The second photo is a close up of our submersible called the “Curasub” on the back deck of the Chapman, the orange tube on the side is filled with rechargeable batteries. The third photo shows how we lift and park the sub by setting it into our custom made floating dock which travels on the deck of the Chapman. The last photo shows two of our deep water sponge scientists from Holland with their finds, this was taken in front of the World famous “Salt Pier”. Our mission for the Chapman and the sub is to be able to deliver scientists and researchers alike to a chosen destination (in style) and send them off to the depths (up to 1000 feet) and let them go crazy searching for stuff. In the two years we have had the sub we have done about 900 dives, mostly all in and around Curacao. We get scientists in the sub that only want to collect shells while others that only want to collect algae, this little baby is equipped to do it all. On the front of the sub is a large basket to hold specimens, a killer robotic arm with a kung-fu grip and a fish holding tank and vacuum, there’s really not much we can’t collect. Our normal rate is around $17,000 a day to rent the ship and sub, this includes the whole nine yards including food and lodging. Our sub can stay down for about 8 hours usually longer than most scientists can hold their bladders and everyone always returns with a smile. If your wanting to do a tour here in Curacao at Substation, that will run you $650 for a one and a half hour trip down to depths of 450-1000 feet, you can choose. Please feel free to contact me or the Substation for any questions at all. I am on my way over to our deep-water aquariums to photograph some of the insane slit-shells we found in Bonaire and brought back alive, the colors are just mind blowing!! Have a great day, sorry so short, Barry MORE: Substation Curacao, Mini Submersible in Bonaire

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