Diver Looking at Sponges Under the Salt Pier in Bonaire

 Hi friends, sorry about the late start again, there’s just too much to do around here today. Our sub just took off on an all day voyage down to 1000 feet in search of anything new and unusual and will be gone for about 5-6 hours!! My job while they are gone is to help get the deep-water labs ready in case something is brought up alive and then get the cameras ready to photograph it all.  Above is one of the many cool scenes from under the World famous Salt Pier in Bonaire, talk about a great place to dive!! My friend Cival and I did two dives here while the scientists were far away in the darkness collecting and searching for new species. The pillars at the Salt Pier are covered in sponges and corals and are home to thousands of fish and creatures, it’s one of those “must dive” spots that should not be missed. We swam around to all the pillars and in the end found that the ones on the ends are the hands down best, they have the best sponges and the most fish most likely because ships always dock right in the middle. MORE: Diver Looking at Sponges Under the Salt Pier in Bonaire

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