‘Natural History Redux’ (Trailer)

Coral Morphologic, in association with Borscht Corp., is proud to announce the physical release of the remixed and remastered ‘Natural History Redux’ on September 30th 2013. ‘Natural History Redux’ compiles our original Natural History series of videos (that were previous only available online individually in 720p) into a physical collectors edition. NHR sees these films hypnotically datamoshed together into a 30 minute undersea odyssey of the mind. The physical edition will be released via Blu-ray in true 1080p high-definition quality inside a hardcover book containing detailed scientific descriptions, behind the scenes photos, stories, and a thumb-drive GIF set. ‘Natural History Redux’ was originally commissioned for Borscht 8 by Borscht Corp, and debuted on the 7,000 square foot video wall at Soundscape Park of the New World Symphony on Miami Beach, December 13, 2012. The release of NHR represents the closing of the early chapters of Coral Morphologic. The ‘Natural History’ series represents our More: ‘Natural History Redux’ (Trailer)

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