Deep Water Spiny Crab, Deep Sea Creatures

 Here’s a mega cool spiny crab we found yesterday attached to a cool glass sponge at almost 1000 feet with the “Curasub”!!!! When this guy was first spotted the pilot thought it was just a large arrow crab which we see quite a few of but when they moved in closer found out it was indeed some kind of new crab. I will have to get this identified and then update the site unless some of you experts out there can help me out. We also found some more beautiful slit-shells and other mollusks that were brought up alive and are now in the labs eating away. We had also found a few cool shrimps but the crab you see here ate one of them  and our deep water shark ate the others, will have to get more. People always ask me what is is like down there at 1000 feet??? Well, there sure isn’t any light or at least very little, we have to use our powerful lights on the sub just to navigate the area. We like to call the 1000 foot area “the liquid moon” it’s just scattered rocks and all silt with creatures hiding everywhere in the darkness. Popping out from the silt are large pink and orange anemones and beautiful red gorgonians that have all kinds of weird creatures and fish hiding around them. We see weird looking urchins and sea-stars on almost every dive and these super cool looking sea-cucumbers that if you watch closely will have a pearlfish swimming in and out of it’s anus, talk about cool! We are also now collecting every bottle we find as they are filled with tiny shells which seem to be driving some shell collectors crazy. The other reason for bringing up the bottles is they are a death trap for crabs, once they enter they can not get out. Many of the bottles we find date back to the mid 1700′s through the late 1800′s, I have turned into a bottle freak!  My wife Aimee is in the June issue of Sport Diver with a photo of mine from our Sea Aquarium house reef which is also named Shipwreck Point. I also have photos in the Netherlands VOUGE this month of a topless Supermodel free diving with dolphins and we have deep-water scorpionfish featured in the Netherlands National Geographic so keep your eyes out for those. Curacao is still locked in wind and rough seas but really doesn’t seem to be affecting the diving too much. We have the crew from Jack Hannah’s television crew here now scouting out the area for a show here in September with the sub and our dolphins, will keep you posted. Well, I have two dives to do today and then need to get into the lab to photograph our new finds, hope you have a wonderful weekend. Keep in touch, Barry MORE: Deep Water Spiny Crab, Deep Sea Creatures

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