Deep Sea Crab, Deep Water Crabs, Spider Crabs

 Good morning all, here’s a new crab they found yesterday at 767 feet buried in the sand out in front of the Substation. Talk about a face only a mother could love??!! He is currently doing very well in my giant cold-water aquarium equipped with all the comforts of home including deep sand, rocks and caves and things to crawl on. This lucky crab is being returned to were we found him sometime next week because we have no reason to keep him, we just wanted to take his picture. I will contact my friends at the Smithsonian today and get you his or her name and update the post immediately, it’s really a super cool creature! I am off to go take some photos of horses believe it or not, will be nice to be away from the H2O for a bit!! Talk more later, Barry MORE: Deep Sea Crab, Deep Water Crabs, Spider Crabs

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