‘The Coral Reef Are Dreaming Again’

‘The Coral Reef Are Dreaming Again’ is a fusion of three different short films that Coral Morphologic has either contributed to, or collaborated on, from the past three Borscht Film Festivals. The script was written by Lucas Leyva, but the concept was inspired by many Miamians, and adapted to frame a famous allegory of 3rd century BCE Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi. The result is a new film re-contextualized to mirror many of the metaphorical concepts that both Coral Morphologic and Borscht Corp. broach in our respective works. In fact, the existence of the film itself is representative of the accretion, hybridation, and symbiosis that amplifies creative output from the Magic City. If The Coral Reef are Dreaming Again seems confusing at first view, that’s okay, as it is flooded with metaphors (including flooding metaphors). In it we have two anemones that question the reality of their dreams. In this sense, the classic story of Zhuangzi dreaming he was a butterfly, is flipped. In the original story, Zhuangzi is left questioning whether he exists as a man only because the butterfly dreams it so, leaving him in something of an existential paradox. However, in this film the story takes the perspective of the beautiful creatures questioning their own existence as they look backwards through the mirror of a perceived reality that may or may not be a dream. The film portrays two cyclical lifeforms face-to-face at their metaphysical nexus. If I had to sketch this More: ‘The Coral Reef Are Dreaming Again’

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