Coral Spawning, Fish Eating Coral Eggs, Brain Corals

 Good morning from fun central, how was your 4th of July??? There were no fireworks here last night and that’s a first?? We have one American hotel called Seascape which used to be Breezes that has always done a small show for it’s guests, but not this year. I am guessing that many of you that live in the Western states of America didn’t see any fireworks as well this year due to the severe drought conditions and fires.  Well last night turned out to be one of the hands down most enjoyable dives I have done in Curacao, I mean who would have guessed there would be coral spawning in July??? Not me!! One of the top coral researchers named Valerie Chamberland who works for Carmabi invited me early this week to come along with her and her students to see something that very few people have ever seen, coral spawning in July!! The main coral that is spawning this month is the Grooved Brain Coral or Diploria labyrinthiformis but we did see a few others including a gorgonian. We entered the water at 6:00pm and by 6:15 the show had begun and lasted till a little after 7:00, it was great! The minute we entered the reef we saw Foureye Butterfly swimming everywhere, you could feel the excitement and tell immediately something was going on!! We were told by Valerie that all we needed to do was to watch the butterflyfish, when you see them congregating that means the corals are spawning. So that is what we did, we hovered above the reef and let the fish do all the work! I have never seen something as strange as this, I mean how do these fish know that a certain coral is spawning?? We were in an area with hundreds if not thousands of little brain corals but only about 10 colonies spawned last night and the fish knew exactly where each one was and when they were going to release their eggs??? How do you explain this?? MORE: Coral Spawning, Fish Eating Coral Eggs, Brain Corals

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