DOSING RULES: Dosing 101 For Your Reef Aquarium

DOSING RULES! The ocean is a stew of nearly every element found on earth. Each part has its uses, each part has its problems. The biggest part of reef keeping is keeping these levels in their appropriate ranges. There is however no standard rule for all corals since Soft Corals do not consume anywhere close to the amount of calcium an Acropora would per cubic centimeter. The only two rules that hold true for everything is ONLY DOSE WHAT YOU TEST FOR and NEVER DOSE MULTIPLE THINGS SIMULTANEOUSLY! How are you supposed to know how much Cayenne Pepper to put in your taco meat if you do not do a taste test? WHAT DOES WHAT? (VAGUELY, DON’T WORRY) Calcium is the building block for most of the creatures in the ocean, especially LPS, SPS, Clams, Inverts, and even the rock More: DOSING RULES: Dosing 101 For Your Reef Aquarium

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