Blue Light Corals Before and After, Fluorescent Corals

Good morning friends, so finally I have a before and after photo of a small coral under blue light and the same coral under normal white light for your viewing pleasure today. Almost a week ago Aimee and I hit the reef late at night with our blue-lights and shot a bunch of photos which I did post and you can still see by scrolling down the page. On that night or any blue-light night dive I am unable to shoot a regular photo with normal light because of the yellow filter that is screwed onto the front of my lens which is sealed under the port. So what we are doing now is marking the best corals we find with a floating buoy (plastic bottle on a string) and going back in the evenings with just our normal white flashes so you can see what they look like before and after, it’s pretty cool huh?? We have actually really started getting into this and will be doing this more and more, it’s not only a thrill a second, it’s a major challenge!! Besides the corals we are starting to find animals that fluoresce as well like the fireworms, lizardfish, and the eyes of many fish like the flounders so stay tuned for more. MORE: MORE

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