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Josh Saul is a technology consultant for large global banks. He has been involved in the aquarium hobby for 15 years and has been SCUBA diving for more than 20.
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Live Sale – Cherry Corals – Summer Meltdown!

Quickburst Live Sale   Cherry Corals   Summer Meltdown!
Our friends at Cherry Corals realized they had too many incredible pieces to hold until MACNA so they will be unloading a trove of WYSIWYG frags and colonies this Saturday here at  In addition to over 600 corals, Cherry will be giving away gift certificates every hour and a trip to Reefapalooza Orlando.  This exciting event will include a live chat room with contests and fun activities.  Don’t miss it!… More:

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MACNA Speaker Schedule Posted

MACNA 2014 logo 500x310 MACNA Speaker Schedule Posted
Fresh off the press from the MACNA BOD, the hits keep coming.  This update relates to the incredible lineup that Jake Adams has put together for our reefing pleasure this Fall in Denver.  Obviously we know about the featured speakers such as Martin Moe, Luiz Rocha, Julian Spring, Sanjay Joshi, and a slew of other rock stars, but the new schedule lists our friends at Reefgen Laura Birenbaum and Justin Credable, monkey-boy Rich Ross, Rufus Kimura, and Kevin Kohen, just to name a few.  Check out the whole schedule HERE and start planning your weekend.… More:

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Reefs Magazine – New Issue Available Now!

reefs magazine 2014 Reefs Magazine   New Issue Available Now!The new issue of Reefs Magazine just hit our desk and wow, it’s packed!  Randy was definitely keeping a few secrets when he worked on this one, evidenced by the incredible mix of content from the likes of Matt Wandell, Rich Ross, James Fatherree, Richard Aspinall, Austin Lefevre, Aileen Wilson and Mr Prattreef himself.  This is about as diverse as you can get in terms of reef content, with fish from aberrant tangs to the wild bicinctus clownfish, corals from plates to NPS.  Also there is a healthy dose of skepticism from POTUSR Rich Ross and great review of Tanne Hoff’s new book.  It runs the gamut and there is something for everyone. Check out the new issue HERE.More:

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Apex Fusion Bus Tour

4845 ApexFusionTourBus 628x276 Apex Fusion Bus Tour
If you thought summertime is generally slow at the LFS, think again!  The expert marketing team at Neptune Systems decided to take their show on the road and bring their unified controller/monitor/automation solution to major cities in the US.  They’ll be liveblogging from the road all summer as they make their way cross country in this tricked out vehicle.  Check out the blog for the full schedule to see when they’ll be at your local shops and be sure to drop in and see everything first hand.… More:

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MACNA 2014′s Academic Speakers

header academic programs MACNA 2014s Academic Speakers
Fresh off the press, the MACNA 2014 BOD just released their list of featured “Academic Speakers”.  The three speakers noted are Dr. Todd LaJeunesse, Dr. Charles Mazel, and Jamie Craggs.  Details on the speakers and their backgrounds after the… More:

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Steinhart’s Pygmy Seahorse Program

seahorse BBC 8711 Steinharts Pygmy Seahorse Program
Our friends Richard Ross and Matt Wandell were recently featured in Wired talking about their expedition to the Philippines and efforts to collect and rear pygmy seahorses.  The incredible photos speak for themselves, Matt and Rich are having a lot of success raising and documenting these super small seahorses.  Rare and seldom seen even in their natural habitat, these seahorses cling to sea fans and gorgonians and have evolved and adapted to imitate their host species.  They rely purely on subterfuge, which is why these up close images are so fascinating for people who have not seen them in the wild.  Be sure to read the entire article, but our favorite quote has to be “Wandell, whose combo of beard and red hair make him look like the sailor from the original GI Joe”. Remember kids, knowing is half the battle.… More:

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Female Pseudojuloides edwardi Appears at Greenwich Aquaria Where It Was Named

10338599 10152298515872839 7767898634428663232 o Female Pseudojuloides edwardi Appears at Greenwich Aquaria Where It Was Named
Our friend Jason Edwards just made public this picture of the female Pseudojuloides edwardi, which is a new type of pencil wrasse recently discovered and then named by Jason.  This is basically akin to finding two needles in two separate haystacks.  Let’s see if more arrive as people consider their rareness and what it would take to breed them in captivity (probably a miracle).  More info on Jason and his incredible knack for finding the rarest of fishes HERE.… More:

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Check out Colin Foord from Coral Morphologic on NPR’s All Things Considered

Screen Shot 2014 06 04 at 4.14.03 PM Check out Colin Foord from Coral Morphologic on NPRs All Things Considered

Posted in Science | Leave a comment is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.