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Josh Saul is a consultant for Fortune 500 finance and banking companies. He has been involved in the aquarium hobby for 13 years and has been SCUBA diving for over 20. He spends his spare time planning dive trips, designing websites, DJing, and finding new and exciting ways to flood his apartment. He is married with two children and lives in Manhattan.
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ORA Shutting Down Live Coral & Fish Divisions


In a dramatic turn for a typically good natured company, ORA has decided to stop production on its “non consumable” product line and instead focus heavily on the edible pet industry. With the surging popularity of delicious teacup poodles, it was only a matter of time before Americans hunger spread to the aquarium industry.

The edible aquarium trend died out quickly, likely due to the challenging textures and poor palatability. Thus far ORA’s shift to sugary-sweet digestible livestock has been met with great fanfare amongst hobbyist circles.

“What we seem to have produced are the most edible fish in the aquarium hobby. Did I say edible? I meant delicious.” ORA President Dustin Dorton was overheard mumbling to himself, while pretending to swim the tasty confections directly into his mouth.

With worldwide appetites surging for tastier pets, ORA is poised to be the leader in producing aquatic animals that wash down easily with a glass of milk or breakfast beer. Dorton refused to comment on rumors of a fermented seawater line potentially set for release later this quarter. Read More, or less, it’s up to you really.… More:

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Slow Life – Time Lapse

 This awesome time lapse video of coral is mind boggling.  Even though we see these behaviors in our tanks every day, we rarely get to see it in such detail and with the addition of the higher speed you can really start to understand what all of these bizarre physical forms and morphs are for.  The sponge movement is especially cool as the changes are very hard to perceive with the naked eye.  Enjoy the weekend eye candy.  Thanks for the tip, Laura and Caitlin!  More details on the movie HERE.More:

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This Saturday is our favorite event of the year.  Not because we get to rub shoulders with reef glitterati like Joe Yaiullo, Laura Birenbaum, Justin Credable and more, but because of the awesome lineup that LIRA has planned.  For example, you get the following: Guest Speakers: Julian Sprung, Andrew Rhyne, Charles Delbeek
Admission to the Long Island Aquarium
Vendor Show including many livestock sellers
Awesome catered lunch (seriously good eats!)
Huge Raffle! And if you decide to stay for the evening Gala, you can expect: VIP access to the aquarium exhibits
Backstage access to the 20,000 reef tank
Dinner in front of the displays
Open Bar!
Live Music
And the high probability that a penguin or two may join you on the dance floor! Seriously, can you beat this event?  Not a chance.  Register NOW and we’ll see you there.More:

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What Lurks In Your Sand

2337 2 767x1024 What Lurks In Your Sand
This incredible photo was taken by Alexander Semenov, and is part of a series of photos focused on polychaetes.  It obviously includes the lovely Eunice worm as well as the dreaded bristle and fire worms, which are generally well behaved reef inhabitants but are absolutely infuriating once you touch them.  The complexity and variations of different forms is on display here, and even though we are repulsed by them (perhaps evolutionary or biologically), up close they are beautiful and fascinating nonetheless.  Check out the entire series here.… More:

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Cuttlefish Bottle Opener

1660266 10202680941318308 1612875910 n Cuttlefish Bottle OpenerCheck out these cute cuttle bottle openers.  Cuttles are some of the most engaging of the invertebrates, and the “dull” look in their eyes absolutely covers up higher intelligence.  When they catch prey, they reach out just so and snatch up the unlucky victim, and this bottle opener catches the moment perfectly.  It’s as if the cuttle is just a member of your party that arrives whenever a bottle needs to be opened.  Get them now at Shapeways.  Also be sure to check out more sculpture from Bathsheba.… More:

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Northern Lights Chrysopterus to call New York home

 Here is a great video of the incredible Northern Lights Amphiprion chrysopterus after being acclimated following a long trip from Walt Smith to the center of the universe, New York City.  This unusual coloration made her cost a pretty penny, but the folks at Fluid Dynamics International seized the opportunity to get these genes into a breeding program.  She’s currently at the Long Island Aquarium – Atlantis Marine World settling into her spot as the queen of the clowns, and many other chrysopteri are currently lining up to get some face time with this cutey.  The breeding effort will be managed by the fine folks at Reefgen and the LI Aquarium, so stay tuned for updates from our friends on Lawnguyland.… More:

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Nautical Treasures

563696394368456045 499b00ffd08a Nautical Treasures
One of our favorite ways to waste time is to window shop on the website Fancy.  If you haven’t been there before, Fancy is a curated gift store where individuals can submit cool items that they make or sell and put them into a gallery of similar curios.  Somewhere in between Etsy and Pinterest with a splash of modern style and retro iconography, or in other words, EYE CANDY.  The cool thing is that you can buy everything you see.  Some things are ridiculously expensive, be warned; but we love the ability to describe who we’d like to buy a gift for and immediately be presented with some really wild options.  Take for example this awesome wall mural that you can pick up for just $160.  Take a look at many more aqua options in their recent Nautical Treasures.    … More:

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Tosanoides flavofasciatus makes a trip to the USA

 This video from Fluid Dynamics International shows a super rare Tosanoides flavofasciatus, not unheard of, but certainly the first time in the USA.  This member of the anthias family lives in very deep water and requires rather chilly water to survive.  The price is currently not disclosed but you can probably assume that it will require a second mortgage or your first born.… More:

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