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Marcin Smok is a reefer and aspiring photographer. He has been keeping freshwater fish tanks since he was 9. About three years ago he put his snorkeling mask on in Florida Keys and that's how his journey with saltwater side of the hobby started. He is also a SCUBA diver. You can check his photography site at
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MACNA Coverage: GHL Mitras LED light

GHL, a German company known in US mainly for their Profilux Aquacontroller, has a brand new LED light that has been already labeled as one of the most advanced, high-end fixtures available on the market today. Although GHL didn’t have a dedicated booth at 2012 MACNA, one of the coral vendors had the new light on display and I managed to learn some interesting things about this new product.More:

MACNA Coverage: Red Sea new line of large aquariums

 Red Sea plug-and-play family of aquariums grew with a whole new line of large systems called Max-S series and Red Sea’s MACNA booth had one on display. This beautiful, modern design aquarium comes in three sizes, 400l (110g), 500l(135g) and 650 (175g). Built of 1/2″ glass (5/8″ for the 650l) with low-iron glass front and side panels, the tank is a true head-turner.… More:

MACNA Coverage: Deltec New SC1350 budget skimmer+other equipment at the booth

 There is no doubt that German company Deltec is a staple of aquarium industry and synonym of brilliant engineering and highest quality of finish. Deltec products had changed the way we operate our saltwater aquariums many times and their products have been copied and mimicked by many others, never really achieving the surgical attention to details of the original. However, with quality comes price and people familiar with Deltec products are aware of the premium they have to pay for them. That can soon change with Deltec’s newest addition, the budget-priced SC 1350 internal skimmer…… More:

MACNA 2012 Coverage: Neptune Systems Apex announcements!

Neptune Systems booth at 2012 MACNA in downtown Dallas was packed as the company had some exciting new products to announce. First of all, they’ve refreshed the company’s logo and overall design on their products, making them makes them more visually pleasing to consumers. The most important new feature is the totally re-designed Apex controller web page. The outdated black theme interface is going to be replaced soon with a brand new, fully customizable site that looks more like an iOS or Android platform.… More:

MACNA Coverage: Innovative Marine Nano tanks

Innovative Marine is a relatively new company on the US market, however they offer a wide range of products for reefkeeping enthusiasts. Their booth at 2012 MACNA in Dallas showcased, amongst other equipment, a line of nano/pico aquariums. The sleek looking, modern design fish tanks are offered in several sizes and configurations, all sharing some key features, like… More:

MACNA Coverage: Sicce new Voyager line of pumps and HyperKoral SPS food

Sicce booth at MACNA featured some brand new products, as well as their flagship LED lights and pumps. Water flow enthusiasts should check the new Voyager line of pumps and their dedicated Wave Surfer controller.… More:

Fish of MACNA (and free wallpaper!)

Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (or MACNA as we called) in Dallas welcomed some exciting new announcements from leading aquarium industry companies, but as you may suspect, MACNA is not only about new equipment. There were many beautiful tanks teeming with reef life on display and this two part photo article  aim to show you some of the most remarkable fish and invertebrates I managed to capture at the show. Plus, there’s a little freebie for blog readers at the end of this article. Enjoy! … More:

MACNA 2012 Coverage: Aquaticlife new 3W Cree fixture and other LED lights

 Aquaticlife secured their brand as an aquarium light solutions manufacturer when they introduced a line of affordable T5 fluorescent fixtures. It turned out their lights were not only priced right, but also reliable and equipped with interesting features. For the 2012-13 season, AquaticLife tries to duplicate this win scenario by entering the LED craze. Their product catalog expanded, featuring three different lines of LED panels, from a low power SMD diodes light to a full blown fixture using 3W LEDs.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.