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With 12+ years of experience, from import to export and everything in between, I have the pleasure of calling this hobby my own.
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A Rise in Acidification Means a Rise in Confidence for Scientists and Fish Alike

As ocean acidification increases so does the science behind it. Researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) are studying the effects of CO2 emissions near the Milne Bay reef in Papua New Guniea, to better understand how a lowered PH effects reef inhabitants. “We have found that ocean acidification will select large boulder-like coral over structurally complex branching (leaf-like) corals, which are the home of many species like crabs, shrimps and sea stars. As a result, OA has a domino effect: as the habitat structure decreases, the animals that live and hide in their nook sand crannies find it far harder to survive, simply because they cannot hide from predators,” explained Dr Kathrina Fabricius. When the PH is lowered in reef waters calcifying and reef building corals are robbed of their ability to provide structural integrity, and places of cover for other reef inhabitants. As a result inhabitants have to adapt to these changes, which means they will be venturing out further than usual from the reef to find new forms of cover and sustenance.140413135907 large A Rise in Acidification Means a Rise in Confidence for Scientists and Fish Alike Citing numerous findings researcher Alistair Cheal had this to add: “What we have now also found in our study of fish behavior in this environment is that the fish become bolder and they venture further away from safe shelter, making them more vulnerable to predators.” AIMS has been on-site studying this reef for five years as this is the only known location of a CO2 seep near a coral reef. The unique environmental circumstances in Milne Bay will continue to be studied as the site provides a foreshadowed look into the feature of ocean acidification. Read more here.… More:

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Aprils Fools Antics in the Aquarium Industry

We all love a good joke right? Especially in the case of a $30,000 fish being offered for $20 plus shipping?! And Electric Pink Frogspawns for $8 million dollars?! Here are just a couple of the antics you might have fell for on this years April Fools: Screen shot 2014 04 01 at 4.47.42 PM1 Aprils Fools Antics in the Aquarium Industryphoto 1 Aprils Fools Antics in the Aquarium IndustryMore:

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Massive Glass Aquarium Cracks at Downtown Disney

Well it’s happened again. The T-Rex Cafe (part of Downtown Disney) in Buena Vista Florida had its dinner guests surprised as a massive saltwater tank burst Monday afternoon sending thousands of gallons of water onto the floor, leaving its fish high and dry. There were no reports of any injured guests and details on the break and the status of the fish are yet to be released.     … More:

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Unidentified New Reef Fish is Leaked on Facebook

Seagrest Farms of Florida just released photos and video of what could be the latest and greatest, and potentially very expensive, reef fish. Leaked just hours ago this video is creating a lot of buzz as industry professionals scramble to get more details surrounding what looks like a Moorish Idol variant. Check out the drop right here! More:

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There is a Thief Amongst Us! ($1000 Reward)

Many of us are familiar with the large dry-good displays of Dirk’s The Real Reefers Store as he can set up at events and conferences easily taking up an entire wall. Dirk was recently robbed and had his entire stock and truck stolen. Please do the community a favor, spread the word and keep your eyes peeled for any of the items Dirk has listed below. Dirk States: A LOT of this is very unique to me and to the industry. I am throwing out a hail mary pass that if enough know about it, can tell a few people, list it on your boards, check your local Craigs list, Ebay, Amazon, STORES, maintenance firms large or small….someone might see something.
I have a few photo’s to show some of the items
To me things that will stick out
-The coral/glow sticks…NO one has them in quantities. They are 18″ up to 72″ long and in green, orange and red.
-The cubes I store things in are from Target called Itso cubes. They are white and have 2 bolted together. They are 14 1/2″, all the way around, obviously 2 of them will be 29″ long/high. They stack pretty nice and hold a LOT of stuff. Hydor, Mag, Maxi-jet and other pumps and power heads. There are prices on the upper side of many of the cubes.
-The drawers that also stack nicely are from Iris, they have not been made in 5-7 years. I checked because I wanted more of them, the company just giggled and said I was a bit late. They are filled with Elos, Radium, Ushio, XM MH se bulbs, test kits, cleaning magnets and lots of parts
-5′ silver truck box
-2-black Contico boxes approx 34x24x24″Download IMG-20130608-00026.jpg (422.4 KB)
-Tongs 12″ angled with red coated tips, 24″ tongs no coating
-Skimmers from Coralife, Hydor, Aquatic life
-UV’s from Coralife and Tetra and replacement bulbs
-2/3/4′ T5 bulbs, 13/18/24/28/55/66/96w PC bulbs
-Salifert and SeaChem test kits
-Leds 6 to 48″ long from Marineland, Aquatic Life
-4′ Coralife 4 bulb T5
-Black plastic tool box filled with Ushio, Phoenix, AB de MH bulbs
This could go on for pages, do what you can to get the word and photos out. Most of this is going to stick out, with who ever might get some or all. I will offer a reward of up to $1000 depending on what is recovered.… More:

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Orphek Atlantik Shines Bright at SWFMAS 6th Annual Reef Conference

There is no doubt that LED lighting is one of 2013’s hottest topics. That shined true this past weekend for Orphek’s latest release, the Atlantik LED aquarium lighting fixture. With its sleek European design, unsurpassed clean, crisp lines and enough power for any reef aquarium, the Atlantik’s turned quite a few heads this last weekend at the South West Florida Marine Aquarium’s 6th annual reef conference.

Orphek 1 Orphek Atlantik Shines Bright at SWFMAS 6th Annual Reef Conference

Frag Junky displayed Orphek’s flagship lights over their frag tanks at the reefing event and had this to say about the lights: “The power and color that these lights produce along with the easy controllability of these lights are incredible. We are so excited to … More:

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Lady Gaga Buys $40,000 Therapeutic Aquarium

Amidst her recent tour cancelation the tabloids are on fire again as stories of a $60,000 aquarium was installed for Lady Gaga, simply for the time she will spend recovering from hip surgery. Installed near her bed, the aquarium, and the reported Japanese koi fish that will be housed in the aquarium, were all purchased by Lady Gaga on top of the 24 karat gold wheel chair she is currently being pushed around in. lady gaga Lady Gaga Buys $40,000 Therapeutic Aquarium   An unidentified source: “she had a dream about the fish so she had bought Koi from Japan and set up a massive tank close to her bed to entertain her as she recovers. The whole exercise cost over 40,000 pound which is a lot to most people but small change to her”. Read more here!… More:

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Tanked Returns

The boys at Acrylic Tank Manufacturers are at it again with another season of Tanked on the Animal Planet. Airing March 22nd, 2013 the show will continue along the same lines showcasing some of the nations biggest and baddest salt water aquarium installations produced by the industries largest acrylic aquarium company. Sup tanked animal planet 30972343 500 375 Tanked Returns  Wayde King and Bret Raymer of ATM have really made a name for themselves, as is evident in their forth season on the Animal Planet, despite initial backlash from the aquarium community. Check out the latest info and updates on the Animal Planet website here!… More:

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