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Tal got back into the hobby in 2006 after a long break. After hearing Dr. Frank Marini speak at the Midwest Marine Conference in 2008 he was hooked on fish breeding . Since then he has created his own website with his personal captive breeding information and helped create the Marine Breeding Initiative. It is Tal's hope to promote captive breeding as much as possible by speaking and writing about the topic.
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Lightning Set To Strike!

lightning_donation_finalAs if there aren’t enough reasons to attend the 2014 Marine Breeder’s Workshop next month in Bloomfield Hills, MI, a shocking raffle donation was announced earlier today! Thanks to Blue Zoo Aquatics and Sea and Reef Aquaculture, attendees of the Workshop will have a chance to win an amazing pair of clownfish consisting of one of Matthew Pedersen’s Lightning Maroon clownfish paired up with a Morse-Code Maroon! Matt will oversee the pairing of the fish and they will be shipped to the winner as soon as they are ready. Fine Print: Tickets will only be available at the Workshop and the winner must be present to win. Full details and event tickets can be found here: http://www.mbiworkshop.com/… More:

MBI Species Firsts

Part of the MBI’s goal is to promote captive breeding of new species that haven’t been done before and to recognize the efforts of those that succeed. To be granted a species first award, the breeder must be able to provide proof of the date of the success via a verifiable third party publication including, books, scientific journals, online forums, or the MBI system. Extremely detailed Journals within the MBI are required for this award. When granted a Species First Award, a star medal will be applied over regular success icon to indicate that it is a Species First. The MBI Council is proud to register and confirm the following Species First awards: Oxymonacanthus longirostris: Matthew Pedersen, 20091st-OxymonocanthusOSFFMP2http://www.mbisite.org/DReview.aspx?ID=29http://www.lsmac.org/smf/index.php?topic=140.0Sepia bandensis: Richard Ross, 2007 Sepia bandensis 1stTFH-5-of-6http://www.mbisite.org/DReview.aspx?ID=89http://www.mbisite.org/Forums/tm.aspx?m=47829If you have proof of success for a species that has not been done before please fill out a journal and reports for your work and submit a request for a Species First here: http://www.mbisite.org/SFRequest.aspxMore:

2014 Marine Breeder’s Workshop Dates Announced!

mbiThe fifth annual Marine Breeder’s Workshop will be held on Saturday, July 19th at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Hosted by the Marine Breeding Initiative and the Marinelife Aquarium Society of Michigan, the Marine Breeder’s Workshop is the only event of its kind in North America focused solely on breeding marine ornamentals in captivity. The main event will take place on Saturday and showcase multiple speakers presenting various topics related to captive breeding. There is also a casual reception the night before and a BBQ on the following Sunday. Speaker and hotel information will be available soon and tickets for the event will be available in mid-March.… More:

MBI Hits 1000!

Since the Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI) was started in 2009 its goal has been to share breeding information openly and to award breeders for their accomplishments. Breeders create journals on the MBI site to keep track of their work with specific broodstock pairs. As breeders progress they can submit reports for several milestone events including: spawn, hatch, settlement, and 60 days Post-settlement. Each report is reviewed by the MBI Council and Report Review Board and must be approved by three people from that group before points are awarded. Late in the evening of March 16, 2013 the 1000th report was approved! The 1000th report was for the hatch of sea slug, Elysia diomedea, eggs by MBI breeder Gordon Greenley. 

Elysia diomedea

Elysia diomedea

 Gordon’s breeding journal can be seen here: http://www.mbisite.org/Forums/tm.aspx?m=80762&high= Congratulations to Gordon for having the 1000th approved report and thanks to all of the breeders that have openly shared their breeding information as well as to the members of the MBI Council and Report Review board for all of their work. If you’d like to learn more about captive breeding please visit the MBI site: http://www.mbisite.org/Default.aspx The MBI will also be hosting the 4th Annual Marine Breeder’s Workshop in July: http://www.mbiworkshop.com/More:

CORAL Magazine’s Captive Bred Marine Fish Species List for 2013

When we think about captive bred fish in the hobby, species such as clownfish, dottybacks, gobies, blennies, and cardinalfish come to mind. At the end of 2012 I was asked by Matt Pedersen to find out how many species have actually been bred successfully in captivity and I was surprised how many have been done. I was able to find information on over 233 species that have been done at least once. We also ranked them based on availability in the trade. Take a look at the full list in the Jan/Feb issue of CORAL magazine and HERE.… More:

Martin Moe speaking at the 2013 Marine Breeder’s Workshop!

 The Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI) is pleased to announce Martin Moe, Jr. as a speaker at the 2013 Marine Breeder’s Workshop. Moe is one of the pioneers of  breeding marine animals as early as 1970 when he developed the basic technology for breeding Florida pompano. He accomplished the first commercial culture of marine tropical fish (Ocellaris Clownfish and Neon Gobies) in a garage in 1972, and over the years has reared more than 30 species of marine tropical fish, including spawning, rearing, and even hybridizing French and Grey Angelfish. We look forward to hearing the latest findings from a true legend in the aquarium community. The tentative date for the Workshop is July 13. More speaker details will be announced soon and tickets for the event will go on sale next week. For more information on the MBI: http://www.mbisite.org/Default.aspxMore:

High Five!

 I’ts turtle nesting time on the Great Barrier Reef and in the new Coral Sea Marine Reserve.   This Project Aware Foundation photo was just too cute not to share.… More:

RCT Changes Focus

For those of you not familiar with Reef Culture Technologies (RCT) the company, founded by Frank Baensch, developed a breakthrough culture technology in 2001 for pygmy angelfishes, the most popular and prized group of aquarium fish in the trade, making the first ever captive-bred dwarf angelfishes available to the hobbyist. 

C. fisheri by Frank Baensch


95-day old juvenile Bandit angelfish by Frank Baensch

 In news released last month RCT is changing their focus from pygmy angels to other species of marine fish families to determine their culture feasibility, as well as to learn more about their spawning biology in the wild and their early life history in captivity. The objective is to develop one culture technology for a diversity of marine fish larvae. To date 11 species have been reared through settlement and many others have been raised through various stages of development. RCT is still awaiting species level identification for most specimens and will be updating their site with more information about their findings as it becomes available. We are anxiously awaiting news of how this technology works with other species. The full story can be found here: http://www.rcthawaii.com/news/1.htm Pictures of many of the fish being worked with can be seen here: http://www.bluereefphoto.org/p577578634More:

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