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Danilo Ronchi, aka DaniReef lives in Italy where he is hydraulic engineer, but starting from his love for reef aquarium and photography, he began to write about marine aquariums from 2006 and now he's published his first book "Marine Aquarium". From 2007 Danilo writes on his blog where publishes articles, pictures, product reviews, aquariums coverage, reportage and history of his tank. Now he's happy to be part of
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Hydor Smart Level Control

2014 03 hydor smart level sensore livello 003 Hydor Smart Level ControlHydor has unveiled its new level controller Smart Level Control at the Interzoo fair in Nuremberg in 2012, since then it has been a controller appreciated all over the world. Hydor Smart Level Control is a fully electronic level controller. It can drive any pump that has a power consumption lesser than 50 watts, it could easily afford to drive almost all the return pump we use.… More:

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Aquatronica is now a true brand

brands aqua 1024x288 Aquatronica is now a true brandAquatronica was born as a small part of the much larger brand AEB technologies back in 2003.… More:

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Akula uks-180 Skimmer by Ultra Reef In Depth Review

2013 07 ultrareef skimmer uks180 001 Akula uks 180 Skimmer by Ultra Reef In Depth Review At the beginning of august, we began testing a pre-production version of the new skimmer by Ultra Reef, the uks-180 and we did it in a marine aquarium yet unreleased to the general public but that soon we will publish on our own pages. Ultra Reef is a relatively young italian company with great background built over industrial pumps, now it builds also skimmers, fluidized beds, calcium reactors and many other accessories for marine aquarium. Actually it’s sold only in Italy but, in a couple of month, it will be possible to found its products in USA and Europe as well. We know they’re searching for a worldwide distributor.… More:

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Dinoflagellates, how to solve the problem with Fauna Marin Ultra AlgeaX

image Dinoflagellates, how to solve the problem with Fauna Marin Ultra AlgeaXThe dinoflagellates in the aquarium are a problem to be reckoned with, I did it and what you see above is the result… but how can you intervene in a case like this? The dinoflagellates are extremely small, almost microscopic, algae, equipped with flagellates, prone to reproduce themselves in an extremely fast. My infestation comes from far away, but with the previous LED ceiling light, the Sicce GNC AM466, after several months, it seemed that the problem had almost disappeared, while the transition to the new ceiling, the Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w, the problem has come back stronger than ever. At first I tried to keep the dKh high… More:

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Ultra Reef presents the new nano calcium reactor UCS-100

reattore calcio ultrareef ucs100 01 459x1024 Ultra Reef presents the new nano calcium reactor UCS 100Ultra Reef has introduced on the market a calcium reactor specifically designed for Nano and Mini reef, the UCS-100 Nano. Technical Features of the Calcium Reactor UCS-100 Nano

  • Diameter: 100 mm
  • Capacity: 1 litro
  • Pump: Sicce Syncra 0.5 (review)
  • Pump power consumption: 8 w (measured 7 watt)
  • pH probe holder: 10mm
  • Footprint: 110×170 mm
  • Height 340 mm
  • Height with pipes 380 mm

  The tiny calcium reactor Ultra Reef UCS-100 nano is designed by the manufacturer for marine aquariums up to 200 liters, and the worldwide distribution is, for now, totally free… so if you’re reading this news and you’re interested on distribute this brand, you can contact Ultra Reef directly. This calcium reactor has many special… More:

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Seneye presents Seneye Cleaner

seneye cleaner Seneye presents Seneye Cleaner Seneye launches the Seneye Cleaner, a product aimed to clean the Seneye sensor.… More:

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Seneye, slide soaker as a gift again

slide 2 pack free slide soaker offer.2 Seneye, slide soaker as a gift againAs you all well know, to get the most from your Seneye system, you have to soak the slide for at least 48 hours before placing inside the probe, in order to avoid an incorrect pH reading, as well as ammonium. With this offer Seneye wants to pay homage to its customers with an accessory specifically designed to soak the slide without this might ruin. Until now, I put my slide in a cup of coffee with aquarium water, but this accessory seems, of course, much more practical. Of course 6 slides may seem not quite cheaper, but for those unfamiliar with the system, the slides are sold in sets of three, so… you have to buy two packs instead of the usual single pack, not a great problem, after all.… More:

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Rossmont Italy Mover M 5800: review

2013 10 rossmont italy mover m 5800 006 Rossmont Italy Mover M 5800: review After getting to know the company Rossmont during PetsFestival fair 2013 at Piacenza, Italy, and be were impressed, we chose to test a pump Rossmont Italy Mover M 5800 in our marine aquarium. 


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