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Danilo Ronchi, aka DaniReef lives in Italy where he is hydraulic engineer, but starting from his love for reef aquarium and photography, he began to write about marine aquariums from 2006 and now he's published his first book "Marine Aquarium". From 2007 Danilo writes on his blog danireef.com where publishes articles, pictures, product reviews, aquariums coverage, reportage and history of his tank. Now he's happy to be part of Reefs.com
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Rossmont Waver: First Impressions

Waver-Packproduct-1500x1578px The Rossmont Waver is an all-in-one device that can drive the non-electronic Rossmont Mover pumps, as well as new and soon to be released products like return pumps, skimmer pumps, test devices (pH? Redox? Density?), lamps, multisockets, and more. Today, we would like to share with you our first impressions; this is a follow-up to the unboxing article, which you can find here.More:

Incredible Tank With Hidden DSB

2015_10 acquario marino crystal reef petsfestival 04-2 Today we would like show you a very interesting marine aquarium; it is a very well made cabinet-tank system with a special feature: the hidden deep sand bed (DSB) beneath it. This system was designed and built by Italian company Crystal Reef, and we first saw it during the annual PetsFestival fair, held at the Piacenza Expo.… More:

Rossmont Waver May Revolutionize the Aquarium World

Controller-Rossmont-Waver We have heard some interesting new details regarding the brand-new Rossmont Waver. Just a few weeks ago, we stated our opinion that Rossmont Waver was a revolution in the world of pumps, as it has the ability to manage the non-electronic Rossmont pumps, and does not require the user to buy special pumps; but we now know that this new product can do so much more. Rossmont hopes that this product could become the new cornerstone of the tank’s operations, as it has been designed to connect to and manage multiple other devices simultaneously.… More:

Review: Big World BQ-5000L

2014_12_pompa_risalita_corallinea_BQ5000L_DC50q_2 We recently finished our in-depth testing of the Big World BQ-5000L, imported to Italy by Corallinea. We measured the hydraulic head, flow rate, power consumption, and noise, and as the BQ-5000L is an electronic pump with a digital external controller, we were also able to test the flow rate and the power consumption at each setting.… More:

The Rossmont Waver

rossmont-waver-1024x504Rossmont has just announced a new product: Waver, a frequency modulator that adjusts an aquarium pump’s flow rate! In an earlier review, we lamented the fixed rate feature of the Rossmont Mover M5800, but today that gap has finally been filled in an elegant and practical way: the new Waver is just what we need to adjust the flow rate of our pumps. We can still use the same pumps, but now they will behave exactly how we want them to – with an adjustable flow!… More:

Chiller Teco Tank TK 150: in depth review

2014 07 refrigeratore teco tank tk 150 by danireef 02 Last year at the Nuremberg Interzoo, Teco launched its new chiller, the Teco TK 150, part of its new Tank Chiller Line. Teco had already given us a preview during a visit to their office, where we had the chance to see it alongside the other chillers, one of which, the Teco TK 500, we reviewed a few months ago here.More:

Aquatronica Video Guides on Youtube

I reviewed Aquatronica’s Aquarium Controller when it first launched, and reported that it was a great product. It still is a very useful review (in Italian), and I recommend that you read it if you can. Today I am here to talk about Aquatronica, and to bring you some new news. Aquatronica’s brand is still going strong, and now the company has created and published a set of informational videos to show us how their new controller system works. For the past few years, the name Aquatronica has been associated with LED lighting, but I feel that its strength lies in their… More:

Italian Marine salt Equo’s Essenza Reef

2014_11_sale_marino_equo_essenza_001 I started using the Equo‘s Essenza Reef salt a few months ago, and today I am here to share my findings. I was a little hesitant to try out this product, as none of the marine hobbyist I know, and whose tanks I can appreciate, have ever used it. But on the other hand, Equo has been surprising me lately – their new products are receiving many positive comments from other aquarists and retailers following my reviews.… More:

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