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Danilo Ronchi, aka DaniReef lives in Italy where he is hydraulic engineer, but starting from his love for reef aquarium and photography, he began to write about marine aquariums from 2006 and now he's published his first book "Marine Aquarium". From 2007 Danilo writes on his blog danireef.com where publishes articles, pictures, product reviews, aquariums coverage, reportage and history of his tank. Now he's happy to be part of Reefs.com
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Italian Marine salt Equo’s Essenza Reef

2014_11_sale_marino_equo_essenza_001 I started using the Equo‘s Essenza Reef salt a few months ago, and today I am here to share my findings. I was a little hesitant to try out this product, as none of the marine hobbyist I know, and whose tanks I can appreciate, have ever used it. But on the other hand, Equo has been surprising me lately – their new products are receiving many positive comments from other aquarists and retailers following my reviews.… More:

Wave pump Sicce XStream-E


  At the beginning of the year, Sicce presented their new adjustable-flow Sicce XStream-E pumps. I’ve been using one for the past few months, and now I’m ready to write a review. After reading about its declared flow rate, I was surprised to see how compact it was – a  tiny 8500/l electronic pump, not quite as small as the Voyager Nano 1000 e 2000, but still quite impressive.… More:

SWS Seneye Web Server

2014_11_seneye_sws_seneye_web_server_001 After testing the Seneye Web Server for several months, I must tell you that I am impressed! As you already know, each Seneye sensor (review) needs to be connected to a computer in order to function. This can be a problem at times – the computer could be too far from the tank, and keeping the computer on at all times can be a big drain on energy.… More:

Hydor Smart Level Control

2014_03_hydor_smart_level_sensore_livello_003Hydor Smart Level Control is a top-of-the-line, electronic, automatic top-off system. It was presented by Hydor at the Nuremberg InterZoo in 2012, and ever since then, it has been appreciated worldwide.… More:

Menù Marino: Equo’s Granular Fish Food

2015_05_equo_menu_marino_01 A correct diet is essential for aquarium fish – our little friends’ only feeding source comes from us. There are many types of fish food that can be used in a tank: granules, pellets, flakes, frozen, freeze-dried, and live food. I discussed all of them in my article “Fish diets“, which outlines the base of our knowledge regarding fish food. It’s no secret that my favorite type (besides live food) is granulated food.More:

Teco Tank TK 500: The King of Chillers

2014_05_teco_tank_tk_034 I tried and tested the new chiller from Teco‘s new Tank ChillerLine – the Teco TK 500 –  throughout last summer and winter, and I hereby proclaim it the king of chillers.Teco previewed its new line of refrigerators at its offices last year, and on that occasion we left with two very different chillers to try, the Teco TK 500, the subject of this review, and Teco TK 150 , the subject of a forthcoming review.… More:

Ecotech Marine Reeflink

2014_05_ecotech_marine_reeflink_012 A few months ago, I got my hands on Ecotech Marine’s ReefLink, and it is incredible – a must-have accessory. ReefLink was described by Ecotech Marine itself as a digital hub, designed for those who already own Radion lights, VorTech pumps, or any other digitally-enabled products produced by Ecotech Marine, all of which deliver amazing performances.… More:

The Vertex Aquaristik Omega 180i Skimmer

2014_09_vertex_omega_180i_001 The Vertex Omega 180i is the latest skimmer from Vertex,  and was first presented at Nuremberg Interzoo. I tested this skimmer in a 400 liter SPS and LPS  tank, with nutrient levels kept as low as possible. The tank formerly was in bad shape, due to its well known dinoflagellate problems.… More:

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