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Animals Dying In Public Aquarium Renovation Fail

aquarium Animals Dying In Public Aquarium Renovation FailPublic aquariums are supposed to protect animals and promote conservation. This sad news from the Taraporewala Aquarium in Mumbai, India is the antithesis of all that public aquariums stand for. Currently, over 270 fish and 38 turtles who were previous residents are now at the Versova fisheries center, without any handler or appropriate care.The animals were moved to the fisheries center in March 2012, when the Taraporewala Aquarium underwent renovation work. While the renovations were supposed to be completed in 2013, leaky tanks and other structural inadequacies delayed the project. It is still unclear when the renovations will be complete. In the meanwhile, these poor animals are being held without anyone to care for them. To date, more than 30 animals have died and the conditions reported, included fish being attacked by crows in open ponds, are grave.  MOREMore:

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Massachusetts Becomes The Ninth State to Ban Shark Fin Trade

Brian Skerry Mako Finning1 Massachusetts Becomes The Ninth State to Ban Shark Fin TradeMassachusetts Governor Patrick signed a new law into place, Thursday July 24 at the New England Aquarium,  which bans the possession or distribution of shark fins in the State. The new law will mostly affect companies that sell imported shark fins. The removal of shark fins is already banned by the State and Federal Government. Shark fin’s, which are considered an Asian delicacy are generally hunted to be served in Shark Fin soup and have a strong demand. The new law criminalizing the trade of shark fin, with potential fines imposes as high as $1000.00 per fin and up to 60 days in jail. “With the passing of this law Massachusetts builds upon its long history of animal protection and environmental stewardship,” the governor said in a statement. MOREMore:

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Rising Tide expands in Florida

Ohs+trevally Rising Tide expands in FloridaThe University of Florida’s Indian River Research and Education Center (IRREC) is the latest research facility to join our growing Rising Tide family.  Dr. Cortney Ohs heads up the Aquaculture Research and Demonstration Facility at IRREC and has made leaps and bounds in the realms of marine baitfish, marine live feeds, and brood nutrition research
since joining UF in 2005.  His expertise and expansive facility will greatly enhance the progress desired in the world of marine ornamental fish research. About a year ago, Cortney began his involvement with a shipment of golden trevally broodstock from SeaWorld Orlando.  He has since raised 1000’s of them to the juvenile phase, the details of which will be presented in a future blog post.  More recently he has acquired funding that will bring green chromis broodstock to his facility so he and his team can begin to address the production protocols required to make this heavily imported species an aquaculture reality.  TAL and IRREC will be working together closely on this species as well as the Pacific blue tang.  Cortney is currently working on MORE: Rising Tide expands in FloridaMore:

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They’re baaaack! Lionfish return to New York

IMG 8000sm Theyre baaaack! Lionfish return to New York What can it mean that after a complete absence of lionfish around Long Island, New York, for the last three years, they have suddenly reappeared?… More:

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Coral Gardening Combines Tourism With Conservation

coral 2 Coral Gardening Combines Tourism With Conservation
Vanuatu, an island in the South Pacific, is trying to start a new tourism trend: Coral gardening. Last week,in Worasiviu Village on Pele Island, Climate Change Coral Gardening Day was held. Divers put a specially built coral bed into the water. Corals were then ‘planted’ to the bed. Coral Aquaculture, or coral gardening, is where coral pieces are attached to an area, often times man made, in hope that the corals will develop and naturally flourish after many years creating a new environment. A similar model has been pioneered by the Coral Restoration Foundation in the Florida Keys. It gives tourists the opportunity to explore the reefs, and also feel like they are leaving a piece of themselves, while at the same time attempting to cultivate healthy reef growth. An exciting eco-tourism opportunity that promotes both conservation and aquaculture.  MORE


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How Ocean Rider Is Fighting to Save Seahorses

seahorse in hand Otávio Nogueira cc 1200x694 How Ocean Rider Is Fighting to Save Seahorses
Ocean Rider, as part of their Seahorse Hawaii Foundation efforts, announced late last year that it was going to be reintroducing seahorses back into the wild in a few locations. On the surface, this sounds like a great step towards conservation. Reintroduction programs are very popular with the public, and who wouldn’t want seahorses reestablished in the wild? Unfortunately, these types of reintroduction programs have limited success, and can actually do more harm than good. It is true that seahorses are at risk from overfishing. But they haven’t disappeared from the wild, making programs to reestablish them moot. Reintroduction programs are generally only beneficial in places that a species has been wiped out completely, and only when the conditions that caused their decline are reversed. Seahorses are still found all over the world, no single species lost from it’s native range. Nor are any critically endangered, for that matter. The sad truth is that the Seahorse Hawaii Foundation’s reintroduction program is ill-advised and unnecessary, and potentially harmful. More: How Ocean Rider Is Fighting to Save Seahorses, and Why That Might Be A Terrible IdeaMore:

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New Project Aims to Value Coral Reef’s ‘Natural Blue Capitol’

download New Project Aims to Value Coral Reefs Natural Blue CapitolThe governments of the Philippines and Australia collectively have launched a new project, The Capturing Coral Reef and Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES), that aims to quantify the market value of the Country’s coral reef and mangroves, also known as ‘natural blue capital’. The study will be research based, focused on the effects of services provided by healthy coral reef and mangrove ecosystems. The director of the Biodiversity Management Bureau, Theresa Mundita Lim, said “The project will help us convince stakeholders that the environment is a good investment as it benefits the communities,” Lim said. The project will start in the El Nido region of the Philippines, a protected area which covers over 140 square miles. Hopefully this project will be succesful in leading the way for sustainable enterprises that can lesson climate change effects and protect our reefs. MOREMore:

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A Worthwhile Adoption Journey We Can All Get Behind

10379804 10152935291173356 4377459599713310605 o A Worthwhile Adoption Journey We Can All Get BehindI know here at we tend to shy away from mammals, but this is a worthy cause I feel compelled to share with you all. Meet Nila, the adorable yearling Sea Lion discovered frightened and emaciated at a naval base in Point Mugu, CA on March 17, 2014. The poor pup weighed in at a meager 18 pounds (healthy pups should weigh about 40-50 pounds). She was rescued by the Channel Islands & Marine Wildlife Institute and continues to remain in their care. Although she’s doing well, due to her behavior and temperament, she has since been deemed non-releasable to go back into the wild where she would have a grim and short-lived future. The wonderful folks over at the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center in Riverhead, NY have their hearts set on adopting and raising little Nila along with their two adult California Sea Lions. This is the perfect environment to assure that their devoted and talented animal trainers will provide her with the best care and a happy, healthy, fish-filled life. They have currently set up a… More:

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