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Cruise Line Pays $100,000.00 To Magic Reef Restoration Project

A-cruise-ship-anchor-severelly-damaged-the-coral-reefCarnival Cruise line has ‘donated’ $100,000.00 to the Magic Reef Restoration Project. This could be the first of many such donations. This most likely stems from talks between Cayman Island Government officials with the Cruise line regarding an incident which took place last August. While at port, the anchor was dropped outside of the regulated anchorage zone. More than 11,000 sq feet of endangered coral reef was crushed as a result of the incident.… More:

Coral City: Review In this video I am going to simply do a personal review on the hot new documentary out called Coral City. It is made by a hip video studio/blog company called The Creators Project but it is the story of how two men, Colin Foord and Jared McKay of a company called Coral Morphologic aquaculture coral, create artwork through their stunning videos and pictures, while also trying to protect the native reefs in Miami from dredging. Take an exclusive look at the process behind Coral Morphologic's living artworks, colorful reefs created using coral polyps native to Miami. Watch as the scientific art collective explores the visual storytelling potential of coral reef organisms through film, multimedia and site-specific artworks. Additionally, learn how rising sea levels, combined with government dredging projects, are impacting not only corals, but the entire fate of Miami.

An Award-Winning Coral Aquaculture Business Plan

Have you ever considered turning your reef aquarium addiction into a side business? I have. The reef aquarium hobby, like many hobbies involving livestock, is an enticing entrepreneurial opportunity.Successfully maintaining a healthy reef will result in an abundance of coral. That coral, if left to its own devices, will reward the aquarist’s hard work by making every effort to kill off its neighbors. To maintain harmony and prevent turf warfare in a mature, healthy reef aquarium, one must periodically prune back the coral colonies. Here is where the business opportunity emerges. What to do with the cuttings?

Reef Threads Podcast #219

Triggers are a popular inhabitant of fish-only tanks.

It’s an unusual podcast this week in that we do what we’re supposed to do–talk about forum threads. We choose three posts in which people are having trouble/need help and actually try to help them. We talk about a fish-only tank, cycling issues, and an open-top tank. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

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How to Ship and Package Coral For Beginners In this CoralFish12g video I will teach the most simple and efficient way to ship coral. This is called the urine cup method. I wil

Newly Discovered Algae May Help Coral Survive Hottest Reefs On The Planet

persian-coral-reef Researchers have traveled to the Middle East, to study coral in some of the Worlds hottest coral reefs, to see how they withstand such temperatures. Having lived in the Middle East for many years myself, and doing countless reef dives there, the water was some of the warmest I have ever dove in. Diving in the Middle East in the Summers was like swimming in warm bath water. The scientists went to Abu Dabhi to see how the corals could survive in such high temperatures, where they discovered a new species of algae from the coral samples taken.… More:

Fincasters Episode 59: Keeping Rock Anemones

Fincasters Episode 59 Keeping Rock Anemones Rock Anemones come from the Florida Keys in a huge variety of colors. They are easy to keep, fun to feed and add a lot of color at relatively low cost. In this Fincast John interviews an... From: fincasters Views: 1 0 ratingsTime: 03:29 More in Pets & Animals

Red Hind, Cleaner Fish, Epinephelus guttatus

Good morning from Curacao, how was your weekend out there?? We finally got a few little rain showers but to be honest it didn’t do much!! On my three hour mountain bike ride Sunday morning I was pretty shocked at how dry the island is looking, I hate the thought of another year of drought conditions! We found yet another bird (big pigeon) in need last night over at our neighbors house, it was just sitting on the steps and not moving very much. I watched for awhile from a distance and then towards dark went to check on him again and he was still there. I calmly walked up the steps, he didn’t move so I picked him up and took him home, he seems to have a bad foot or something, will take him to the vet on Wednesday is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.