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The Trouble with Coral Trade Names

fruit loops2 The Trouble with Coral Trade NamesThe reefkeeping hobby today is full of colorful trade names for corals, and it appears that, for better or for worse, the trend is here to stay. Tidal Gardens has plenty of corals with goofy names, so we are the last folks in the world who should be judgmental about the practice. As a seller, it is clear that named corals sell better than corals with a descriptive name such as “red and blue” coral. Higher prices and greater overall demand are incentive enough for sellers to continue naming corals. The other reason that coral naming continues is that it’s literally the number one most asked question we get. When customers ask, “What is that coral called?” they aren’t asking about the genus or species; they want to know “what it’s called.” Even if the vendor were to draw a line in the sand and say no more stupid names, the market is like the mafia. It will draw you right back in More: The Trouble with Coral Trade NamesMore:

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Goldentail Moray, Gymnothorax miliaris

689bGoldentail Moray Goldentail Moray, Gymnothorax miliarisGood morning friends, I had another nice dive yesterday morning but failed in bringing back any new “fish face shots” which I am trying so hard to get at the moment. When I first went out I parked myself at another cleaning station but as hard as I tried could not get the shot I wanted and after 10 minutes gave up! I then moved on slowly down the reef staying at around 45 feet looking for anything new to post on the blog. I then came across this small Goldentail Moray eel, Gymnothorax miliaris that you see above poking his head out from behind a blade of fire coral and of course I had to stop. These beautiful eels are one of the most curious and easiest to photograph of all the morays in the Caribbean, it’s like they love the camera! This one here may have seen his reflection in my dome or just wanted to come out and say hi, he was so cool MOREMore:

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Unboxed: EcoTech Radion XR15w Pro

IMG 1882 300x199 Unboxed: EcoTech Radion XR15w Pro Widely regarded as market leaders in LED lighting technology for reef aquaria, EcoTech’s products are some of the most advanced and desirable available to today’s hobbyist. With a line-up that is constantly evolving to incorporate the very latest technology, we use this review to take a preliminary look at their latest and most compact LED light to date – the Radion XR15w Pro. So, getting hands-on with this unit, we are immediately impressed with the quality of presentation. The slick packaging presents the tile with beautiful simplicity and the supporting materials included reflect this. To be honest we feel like we are excitedly unpacking the latest tablet or computer peripheral rather than an aquarium item! Anyway, the light is literally More: Unboxed: EcoTech Radion XR15w ProMore:

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Reef Threads Podcast #203

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #203 Gary’s maintenance tools drying in the sun.We return for the 203rd time, this week to talk about Gary’s maintenance toolbox, listener Don Davis visiting Snorkel Bob, group buys, saving filtration wastewater, and milk and honey and PB&J as carbon sources. We hope you enjoy the podcast and urge you to not use PB&J as a carbon source. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine More: Reef Threads Podcast #203More:

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Take A Survey To Protect Florida’s Coral Reefs

fl reef survey 20141023 001 Take A Survey To Protect Floridas Coral ReefsCalling all Floridians, or anyone who engages in fishing, diving or boating in the Atlantic Ocean, from Miami Dade to Martin County, to take the Our Florida Reefs Survey. The survey focuses on coastal and ocean recreation on the Southeast coast of Florida. After giving your email, you receive a link to take the quiz. When you fill in your date and recreational sport, a interactive Florida map allows you to map where you have had recent activity. The surveys data will be used to determine the areas of visitors to each area, and develop management strategies to effectively balance resource use with protection of the area. Currently there is no management plan for the Southeast Florida reefs. These seems like a great first step to determine what can be and needs to be done to protect Florida’s reefs.MOREMore:

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Cherry Corals to Giveaway Awesome Colorado Sunburst Anemone at RAP

2053Cherry Corals Colorado Sunburst Cherry Corals to Giveaway Awesome Colorado Sunburst Anemone at RAP MORE: Cherry Corals to Giveaway Awesome Colorado Sunburst Anemone at RAPMore:

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Fish Eye Photo, Glasseye Snapper Eye

8b93Fish Eye web Fish Eye Photo, Glasseye Snapper EyeGood morning friends, we started our Caribbean morning out with a massive tropical downpour and we are loving it!! These next few months are typically our wet months and it’s looking like we are off to good start which is great for the island, bad for mountain biking! So how was your weekend out there??? Mine was fairly busy and a lot of fun. MOREMore:

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Blue Light Corals, Blue Light Brain Coral

0529Brain Coral 457x305 Blue Light Corals, Blue Light Brain Coral
Good morning friends, I have a beautiful colony of some kind of Brain Coral for you all today photographed at night under blue-light. For me Brain Corals are very hard to identify, there is Symmetrical Brain Coral, Knobby Brain Coral, Grooved Brain Coral, Rose Coral (which looks like Brain Coral) and Boulder Brain Coral, you have to a coral expert to figure this stuff out! This half dome colony was around a foot across and was screaming to be photographed! When we do blue light dives Aimee usually does the searching and I do the shooting, that way you are constantly busy and not wasting time, it’s so much fun! MOREMore:

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