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Blue Light Corals, Blue Light Brain Coral

0529Brain Coral 457x305 Blue Light Corals, Blue Light Brain Coral
Good morning friends, I have a beautiful colony of some kind of Brain Coral for you all today photographed at night under blue-light. For me Brain Corals are very hard to identify, there is Symmetrical Brain Coral, Knobby Brain Coral, Grooved Brain Coral, Rose Coral (which looks like Brain Coral) and Boulder Brain Coral, you have to a coral expert to figure this stuff out! This half dome colony was around a foot across and was screaming to be photographed! When we do blue light dives Aimee usually does the searching and I do the shooting, that way you are constantly busy and not wasting time, it’s so much fun! MOREMore:

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New Sponge Discovered Off The Galway Coast

new sponge New Sponge Discovered Off The Galway Coast  Christine Picton, a scientist at the Titanic Belfast, has discovered a new species of Sponge off the West Coast of Ireland. While exploring the continental shelf in a remotely operated underwater vehicle, Picton discovered the sponge growing on a piece of coral. While Ireland isn’t exactly known for their coral reefs, Ireland does have flourishing deep water coral reefs that are visually stunning. The new species has been named ‘Beauforti’ after the Beaufort Marine Biodiversity Research Award, the award which funded Picton’s research. MOREMore:

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The Digital Reefs Black Tank – Passing 18 Months

IMG 2776web The Digital Reefs Black Tank – Passing 18 Months
As an update to the feature on our test tank in issue 43 of UltraMarine magazine way back in December 2013, we thought it was high time we put together another of our ‘black tank updates’ as the system has also recently passed the minor milestone of 18 months old. Plenty has happened since we wrote that update for UltraMarine, let alone over the last 12 months since our last update on here, so let’s dive right in before anything else happens! OK, so in terms of equipment, without doubt the biggest change has been the installation of a new acrylic sump. We made this change because we wanted to try out a new skimmer and unfortunately the water level in the original sump was too high to allow for headroom of this new model, given the water depth required. So, after having used the Hydor Performer recirculating skimmer for a few months, we’ve now got a Vertex Omega 150 running on the system. Running smoothly for several months, this skimmer sits in a More: The Digital Reefs Black Tank – Passing 18 Months.More:

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Reef Threads Podcast #202

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #202 Reef animals thrive when the nutrient levels are properly managed.This week Craig Bingman joins us to discuss nutrients, one of the most important facets of reef-aquarium keeping. Don’t miss this one. It will help you better understand what goes on in your water and why you may or may not be having problems. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine  More: Reef Threads Podcast #202More:

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This Rainbow Plate Coral is Beyond Psychedelic

264fPsychedelic Rainbow Plate Coral This Rainbow Plate Coral is Beyond Psychedelic
MORE: This Rainbow Plate Coral is Beyond PsychedelicMore:

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Catlin Seaview Survey Maps Coral Triangle

catlin Catlin Seaview Survey Maps Coral Triangle
The Catlin Seaview Survey, the project which is out to capture and record the health of our World’s Reefs, is at it again. The goal of the project is to create a scientific baseline of the reefs, which can be used to monitor the changes in the World’s reefs over time.  The Catlin Seaview Survey have just finished capturing and mapping the Coral Triangle, a triangular area comprising of the Indian and Pacific Oceans of the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.… More:

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Shaq’s Awesome Big Rig Tank

shaq Shaqs Awesome Big Rig Tank This is one cool tank. We all know Shaquille O’Neal is a big guy, at over 7 feet tall, he was bound to have an equally large and in charge fish tank. The guys from ‘Tanked’ hooked him up with this spectacular tank for the living room of his 10 bedroom Orlando, Florida home.  The tank incorporates use of O’Neals two nicknames: Diesel and Superman. The 250 gallon tank is incorporated into the front end of a real big rig truck. Talk about a show piece. MOREMore:

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Harmless or Helpful Live Rock Hitchhikers: “Pods”

pods1 Harmless or Helpful Live Rock Hitchhikers: “Pods”Regular Saltwater Smarts readers often see references to them in Paul B’s posts. They arrive in our aquaria unbidden aboard chunks of live rock, in live sand, or on coral specimens attached to rocks. At a glance, they look like little insects scurrying over the rocks or swarming on the glass. I’m talking about “pods”—not the Invasion of the Body Snatchers kind (though we haven’t ruled that out completely with Paul B.), but the tiny crustaceans known as amphipods and copepods. Amphipods The first pods we’ll discuss—amphipods—are much larger than copepods and can be seen easily with the naked eye as they scramble among the rockwork, typically after lights out (they tend to make themselves scarce during daylight hours to avoid predation). These shrimp-like microcrustaceans, which are usually somewhere in the range of 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length with the occasional “whopper” making an appearance, look rather like commas with multiple segments and lots of legs. More: Harmless or Helpful Live Rock Hitchhikers: “Pods”More:

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