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How Much Live Rock Do You Really Need?

The amount of live rock needed in your aquarium is based on several factorsOnce hobby newcomers learn what live rock is and all the benefits it can provide in marine aquariums, the next big question they invariably ask is, “How much of it do I need for my tank?” More experienced fellow hobbyists, eager to be of help, typically respond with a pat answer along the lines of “somewhere between one and one-and-a-half pounds per gallon.” While this type of formula is certainly convenient and eliminates guesswork, it unfortunately fails to address several key factors that must be considered when determining how much rock is actually appropriate for a given system. Here are just a few of them:Differing density Pound for pound, not all live rock stacks up the same. The density of live rock can vary considerably from one type/collection locale to another—and a highly porous rock is going to be significantly lighter than a very dense rock of the same size. (Visualize holding a chunk of lava rock in one hand and an identically sized chunk of granite in the other, and you’ll have the idea.) So, you can expect 100 pounds of highly porous rock to take up a lot more space in your tank than 100 pounds of dense rock will. Livestock objectives How much rock you’ll want to place in your tank will also vary based on your objectives for the system. For example, a full-blown reef tank might require more rock than a fish-only system to ensure there’s an adequate foundation for the various invertebrates you plan to keep.

Hydor Smart Level Control

2014_03_hydor_smart_level_sensore_livello_003Hydor Smart Level Control is a top-of-the-line, electronic, automatic top-off system. It was presented by Hydor at the Nuremberg InterZoo in 2012, and ever since then, it has been appreciated worldwide.… More:

Menù Marino: Equo’s Granular Fish Food

2015_05_equo_menu_marino_01 A correct diet is essential for aquarium fish – our little friends’ only feeding source comes from us. There are many types of fish food that can be used in a tank: granules, pellets, flakes, frozen, freeze-dried, and live food. I discussed all of them in my article “Fish diets“, which outlines the base of our knowledge regarding fish food. It’s no secret that my favorite type (besides live food) is granulated food.More:

Teco Tank TK 500: The King of Chillers

2014_05_teco_tank_tk_034 I tried and tested the new chiller from Teco‘s new Tank ChillerLine – the Teco TK 500 –  throughout last summer and winter, and I hereby proclaim it the king of chillers.Teco previewed its new line of refrigerators at its offices last year, and on that occasion we left with two very different chillers to try, the Teco TK 500, the subject of this review, and Teco TK 150 , the subject of a forthcoming review.… More:

Make Sure Your Saltwater Storage Vessel Is Up to Snuff!

It’s important to use a container you can trust for RO/DI and saltwater storageOne of my biggest nightmares as a marine aquarist is someday having one of the panes of my glass aquarium suddenly give out and dump 125 gallons of salt water on my living room floor. What a costly, hideous mess that would be! Frankly, I don’t even want to think about it! But your aquarium isn’t the only vessel you should be concerned about when it comes to water spillage and other safety issues. Another is the container you use to mix and store salt water (or to hold RO/DI product water, etc.).Why am I bringing this up? Many of us like to use containers such as plastic storage bins or trash cans to mix and store salt water for use in future water changes or just to be ready in the event of any other eventuality that might call for clean salt water. We trust these containers to hold many gallons of water reliably, yet, for all intents and purposes, water storage is an “off-label” use for them and some are certainly better suited to the purpose than others

Ecotech Marine Reeflink

2014_05_ecotech_marine_reeflink_012 A few months ago, I got my hands on Ecotech Marine’s ReefLink, and it is incredible – a must-have accessory. ReefLink was described by Ecotech Marine itself as a digital hub, designed for those who already own Radion lights, VorTech pumps, or any other digitally-enabled products produced by Ecotech Marine, all of which deliver amazing performances.… More:

Reef Savvy St. Jude Dream Tank Giveaway 2015

reefs.comRSSt.Jude2015Reef Savvy is at it again this year raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Last year they raised a whopping $38,466! This year Felix and company has raised the bar offering not only the grand prize of a phenomenal complete system, but multiple prizes for additional winners, including another aquarium!… More:

The Vertex Aquaristik Omega 180i Skimmer

2014_09_vertex_omega_180i_001 The Vertex Omega 180i is the latest skimmer from Vertex,  and was first presented at Nuremberg Interzoo. I tested this skimmer in a 400 liter SPS and LPS  tank, with nutrient levels kept as low as possible. The tank formerly was in bad shape, due to its well known dinoflagellate problems.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.