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This Rainbow Plate Coral is Beyond Psychedelic

264fPsychedelic Rainbow Plate Coral This Rainbow Plate Coral is Beyond Psychedelic
MORE: This Rainbow Plate Coral is Beyond PsychedelicMore:

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Vendors Joining the PIJAC Fundraising Bandwagon

reefs.comBattlePIJAC 300x200 Vendors Joining the PIJAC Fundraising BandwagonThis is one bandwagon that I am incredibly pleased to see vendors jumping on. We recently shared that Cherry Corals offered a Zoanthid and Palythoa frag pack with all proceeds going towards the PIJAC Aquatic Defense Fund. To date MASNA has raised $6,055 for PIJAC through their donation link alone, and matched that up to the $5,000 mark, incredible! Unfortunately I noted that that’s from only 112 backers, so let’s get to it people. Yesterday Battle Corals joined the fun, offering “ten $100.00 grab bag packs… for anyone willing to donate a c-note to the cause.” Battle Corals owner Adam stated, “These will be random my choice, sight unseen packs but I guarantee no duds… I am not even interested in handling your money. If you can provide a receipt of your donation in this thread I’ll promptly send you out a sweet five piece acro pack. No shipping charge either.” They sold all ten packs within three hours. Note the image above is of a frag pack recently offered by Battle Corals, not necessarily the packs being shipped out.More:

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Mark Strickland Delivers Striking Marine Life Photography

Screen Shot 2014 10 03 at 1.10.32 PM Mark Strickland Delivers Striking Marine Life Photography Here’s some eye candy for you today. If you haven’t yet stumbled upon Mark Strickland’s underwater photography portfolio – go there. Go there now. This post will still be right here waiting for you when you get back (warning, make sure you have a good amount of time – it’s mesmerizing).… More:

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Cherry Corals PIJAC Frag Pack!

reefs.comPIJACpack 300x300 Cherry Corals PIJAC Frag Pack!Unless you’re living under a live rock you’ve likely heard a good amount of chatter lately regarding the organization PIJAC. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Rich Ross’ recent article that explains how and why PIJAC is fighting to save our hobby/industry. While fundraising will boil down to the mass support of hobbyists, in my opinion (so spread the word guys!), we have seen an encouraging response from the industry side as hoped. Cherry Corals just posted a Zoanthid and Palythoa frag pack stating, “All the proceeds from this pack (less shipping) goes directly to the Ornamental Defense fund and will aid in the efforts to save our hobby!” How cool is that! These aquacultured frags will land in someones tank while supporting the only real voice we have against the powers at be that can potentially end, or severely restrict our beloved hobby/industry.… More:

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Spiral Grafting

photo 21 293x300 Spiral GraftingMy most recent spiral graft is part art project, part science experiment, and involves a genus that I have had great success with in the past, Acanthastrea. I used two corals that originally came from the same mother colony; over the span of two years, one line of clones took on a remarkably different coloration. One set of clones was kept in the aquaculture system connected to Joe Yaiullo’s 20,000 gallon reef tank. The other set was kept in the ReefGen aquaculture on the other side of the aquarium. Both systems receive the same original make up water but have different coral and fish populations, as well as different lighting (T5 vs LED). I have made numerous grafts of various sorts of the years. Not all grafts take, but those that do produce stunning results. I knew that these two lines would indeed fuse since they are clones, but I was curious to see how they would influence each other’s color after such a long period of separation in different conditions.… More:

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Origin of the Purple Monster; Tyree L.E. and Coral Names.

TyreePurpleMonster Origin of the Purple Monster; Tyree L.E. and Coral Names.

Photo by jpmagyar

 Today Steve Tyree shared with the Facebook world the origin of the Purple Monster, Tyree L.E. and coral names as we know it. I especially like hearing Steve’s take on coral names… direct from Steve! If you know me, naming corals has always been somewhat of a peeve of mine. But it is part of the hobby that’s here to stay, and it obviously helps identify a particular morph of a specific species. Without further ado, a little history lesson from Mr. Tyree: 

Hello Reefers,

And I mean the coral reefers, not the… well you know what. Thought I would do a little write up and explain how the Purple Monster coral came into the captive coral reef market. And also how the whole Limited Edition exotic naming of corals began. Saw someone was reading and commenting on my old Dynamic Ecomorphology Purple Monster page. That page has not even been updated in 10 years. Was taking care of 8 web sites for awhile and that number is down to just 5 now. So yeah, the old DE web site is still up there, but way out of date. Also the current Reeffarmers page is out of date. Will get to it when I get some time.

Back when the PM was imported, 1995 from the Solomon Islands, the keeping of Acropora within the US was just beginning. The very first Acropora colony sold in a store was in my reef tank at the time and had grown in captivity to about 2 feet x 1 3/4 feet x 1 1/2 feet in size. Acquired it around June 1992. So we were three years into keeping Acropora in the US. And yes most were not very colorful. We did experiment with the colorful Loripes from Fiji in 1993 and 1994 but were running into KH issues and the first KH crashes. So there was not a whole lot of color beyond brown and green.More:

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Fused Montastrea in Belize

14 300x200 Fused Montastrea in Belize

Close up of shared polyp between two colonies.

 I was recently going through pictures from my exploratory trip to Belize earlier this year. I was especially interested in coral that were growing in close contact with one another, and I took many pictures and videos of coral interactions. A relationship that struck me as particularly interesting was one between two colonies of Montastrea growing side by side. There was a streak of color in one colony leading from one coral to the other across the area where the two colonies met. I zoomed up with my camera and discovered that one of the polyps was shared by both colonies. I have seen this happen with many of my Acanthastrea echinata grafts (another coral species with high Thrausto counts), where only one area or polyp will fuse while the rest of the graft remains separated. I speculate that there is a regulation between the two corals’ immune systems, only at that location, aided by the presence of similar populations of Thraustochytridsymbionts. The white paper “Identification of a protist-coral association and its possible ecological role” by a team of scientists in Israel, ( ) expounds on this idea. The article has several pictures that show the colored striations of Thrausto populations in several coral species. Enjoy this video of photos I took in Belize of the coral, starting close and zooming out from the shared polyp between the two colonies:
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Reefs In Art: Plankton Edition

diatom1 300x200 Reefs In Art: Plankton EditionExcited as ever to post another piece in my ongoing series of “Reefs In Art”, two of my favorite things, today’s post comes to us courtesy of Klaus Kemp, a microscopist from East Brent in the United Kingdom. Kemp devotes most of his time to carefully arranging the microscopic algae-like organisms into mesmerizing kaleidoscope patters and the results are simply remarkable.… More:

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