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Dr. Sanjay Joshi Delivers New Photon Hybrid (just don’t air ship them because we all know how that goes)


Juvenile Half Black Picasso Photon (Hybrid)

 Meet the newest member of Sanjay’s Photon Clownfish family tree – The Half Black Picasso Photon! A true love story for the ages, the Photons all stem from a rather licentious female Onyx Percula (A. percula var. Onyx) Dr. Joshi picked up along with her chosen mate, a Black Ocellaris (A. ocellaris var. Darwin) in Colorado he dubbed “The Odd Couple”. Following the first unexpected spawns in 2009 that resulted in the handsome hybrid, the Black Photon Clownfish, and the loss of the original male, the female was paired with a subsequent string of suitors (a few of which were fated to murder). Sanjay threw us another surprise when the frisky female successfully paired with her own progeny in 2011, bringing us the Half Black Photon and, more excitingly, proved that the hybrids were indeed fertile (you can read a bit more about the history here). It’s been a while since we’ve since seen anything new on the Photon front, so we’re pretty giddy to announce the most recent spawning of a male Bali Picasso and a female Half Black Photon!… More:

Synergy Reef Overflow Now Shipping

reefs.comSynergyReefOverflowBack in December, 2013 I went on a little rant regarding how unsightly and bulky most mass produced overflows can be. At the time Reef Savvy had only teased us with a few pictures of their “Ghost Overflow”. I was able to see them in person a few months prior at MACNA Miami and instantly fell in love. What I wasn’t aware of at the time is that this overflow was actually co-designed with Synergy Reef, best known for their uber bright custom sumps. Synergy Reef has just announced that these units are in stock and ready to ship for you to install on any aquarium. The price point comes in at $199.99 retail, which is more than reasonable for such an awesome overflow.… More:

Breaking News! Designer Clown 12 Years in the Making Finally Debuts

nemo_strain3Here’s some news we can’t believe we’re even breaking today! Upon first glance, this Amphiprion ocellaris may strike you as your typical false percula clownfish. The familiar citrine-hued inhabitant has become what could be considered the Golden Retriever of the aquarium world – a docile, friendly, glistening little fish with a reputation that children fawn over – the perfect family pet! While this particular anemonefish is no stranger to the trade, it seems it was only a matter of time before someone honed in on the “Nemo” trend that caught so many by storm Circa 2003. … More:

So Much to Dig about Montipora digitata!

Multiple varieties of Montipora digitataAs I grew to love SPS corals, one in particular stood out and caught my eye: Montipora digitata. I have found M. digitata to be a fast-growing, hardy SPS coral that, once established in a well-balanced reef tank, can really take off in growth. This coral also has very unique growth patterns and comes in a variety of colors, adding some nice coral “eye candy” to your reef. Here is some general info on this SPS wonder:Scientific name: Montipora digitata Common names: Digitata, Digi Skill level: easy/moderate Light level: moderate to high Water flow: high Disposition: peaceful Water conditions: 75-78°F, 8-12 dKH, 8.1-8.4 pH, SG 1.024-1.026 Growth and placement M. digitata is, for the most part, a branching coral. It will encrust a base and then begin growing up toward the light. I have found that the growth of these corals is very strong under my T5 lights and that the thickness of the branches seems to be determined by how much flow the coral is getting

Touch of Modern Offering PJ Reef Deluxe Kit Flash Sale

TOM Looking for just a sliver of reef in your life without the hassle of expensive equipment or maintenance? Touch of Modern, the uber-sleek hub of flash sales focusing on innovative and unique wares is offering the PJ Reef Deluxe Kit with a generous discount. The ultra-pico “tank”, which was successfully funded in July of 2013 with a Kickstarter campaign, boasts itself as a super low-maintenance, self contained marine environment. … More:

New Temperate Marine Species Set to Enter Trade This Year

Photo by Ed Bierman. CC by 2.5.

Photo by Ed Bierman. CC by 2.5.

 Temperate marine aquarists can expect significant increases in livestock selection through 2015. While most of the wholesalers have been bringing in a little bit more of the temperate stuff these days, the lion’s share of new species will be available through Coldwater Marine Aquatics. We have reported on some of their past shipments. Next week, the Oregon-based company will be receiving a shipment of European animals that will include, according to co-owner Stu Wobbe, “beadlet anemones (all colors), fragacea anemones, snakelock anemones, Corynactis viridis (12 colonies, 6 colors), lesser spotted catshark eggs, Sepia officinalis eggs and several large gorgonians (four take up a box by themselves.)” … More:

Eclectus Mushroom Lands at Cherry Corals

reefs.comEclectusIf any of you have followed the mushroom craze as of late there’s no doubt you’ve heard about the new kid on the block, the Eclectus mushroom. Todd whispered to me last week that one might be making it’s way to the pristine waters within Cherry Corals, and earlier today he shared this picture of a happy ‘shroom. This is the first Eclectus mushroom to hit a US retailer. No word yet on whether this beauty will be offered for sale or held back for propagation, however I can’t wait to see this thing with my own eyes.… More:

Richard Dawkins Reads His Lovely “Fan Mail” With Some Reef Eye Candy

 What a wicked sense of humor this man has. 73-year-old Evolutionary Biologist, author and self-proclamed atheist, Richard Dawkins, receives scads of “fan mail”, and as you can imagine, a great deal comes in the form of hate-spiked, anti-gay rantings from religious zealots clearly unhappy with the man.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.