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ATI T5 Bulb Comparison

reefs.comATIcomparisonT5 lighting is still very popular among aquarists with ATI bulbs generally being the number one choice. “What’s the best bulb combo?” is probably the most frequently discussed topic in the T5 world. For the most part is boils down to personal preference, but without purchasing all the bulbs to try over your own tank the decision can seem daunting. Than Thein, owner of Advanced Reef Aquarium and Tidal Gardens, created these phenomenal videos that cover each bulb individually, and several combinations of the bulb to help you decide prior to purchasing bulbs.… More:

Product Review: Bashsea I-Sea Coral viewer

  Bashsea I-Sea Coral viewer An aquarium’s glass panel provides a window into an underwater world. Whether the tank mimics a coral reef, a tropical river overgrown with aquatic plants, or a cichilid-filled African lake, these peeks into an otherwise inaccessible environment, is by far the most enjoyable perk of the hobby. That being said, we get so accustomed to seeing our aquatic setups from the front or side panels of the tank, that when an opportunity (such as a water change) arises to look in from above, it feels like seeing entirely different aquascape. This view is normally obscured by the constant water agitation, but now there are tools that allow for top-down observation of the fish tank environment. One such device comes from the well-respected American manufacturer Bashsea and will be the subject of today’s review. … More:

ORA’s Beautiful Posters

oracoralposter - reefsOceans Reefs and Aquariums (ORA), located in Fort Pierce, FL, is a well-respected and well-known company; it’s considered by many to be an industry leader in the sale of marine fish and invertebrates, as well as aquacultured coral. For the average consumer, buying and maintaining a full collection of their offerings would be an overwhelming investment, both in terms of money and in time and dedication to keep everything happy and thriving. Thankfully, the company has come up with a way to enjoy a gorgeous selection of their animals that requires no long-term care commitments, huge investments, or aquarium upgrades. Now any aquarist, from newbie to seasoned veteran, can enjoy the beauty of the company’s full line of coral and captive-bred clownfish with their newly released posters. These full-color, 18×24” poster are available for just $9.95; they make a perfect gift for the reefer in your life (or for your own, discerning self), without the need for an exhaustive investigation into aquarium inhabitants, aquarium size, and equipment. They provide a splash of color and life to any interior decorating scheme, and can be easily mounted or framed.… More:

Cherry Corals Insane LPS

reefs.comCCJanIt’s no secret that Cherry Corals has some of the best livestock available. On a recent visit I was floored by a couple of their “LPS” offerings in particular. Check out this rainbow plate coral with no less than four bright colors dancing around the coralite. Or how about a deep red Cynarina with orange highlights and a blue mouth. Continue on to see a few more of the goodies they had in stock…… More:

Macro Monday: Crustacean combo


An emperor shrimp hanging out on its starfish host. Photo credit: Lemon TYK.

 It’s the start of the week (where I am), and let’s face it – Mondays are the Snapples of the week. Snapple, as in the drink. Always great looking, but so meh tasting. So, like you, and the many others that find it difficult to trudge through the work week, I too am reluctant (and lazy); too lazy even to continue watching Dexter (I just finished a Breaking Bad marathon). So instead of long blog posts, i’ll leave you with a couple of macro shots I took over the weekend. I’ll call this series Macro Monday. Unoriginal name yes, but with original content no less. … More:

Caribbean Reef Octopus on a Gorgonian

Good morning friends, I have a beautiful juvenile Caribbean Reef Octopus for you all today that I found at night clinging to this little gorgonian, talk about picture perfect!! We are constantly amazed at the multitude of colors these animals can change to in a matter of seconds, here he or she is displaying a brilliant electric blue color that one has to see in person to believe it… I am slowly getting better from this stupid flu and plan on diving today but Aimee is still sick as a dog. We both had a very quiet weekend at home doing almost nothing but sleeping and coughing so I unfortunately have nothing new to report. Our island is drying up once again at an alarming rate due to very little rain fall, for the first time since we have been here we didn’t get our normal winter rains, this means more drought is ahead..

Branching Frag Holders from The Alternative Reef

reefs.comAR2The Alternative Reef has been developing new ceramic coral propagation products for years. Owner Scott, known as “gooch” online, started producing “Branching Frag Holders” late 2015. Ceramic rock structures have been commonplace over seas for over a decade now, but never really caught on in the US. We see more suppliers of dry live rock pop up from time to time, however they still require the hobbyist to aquascape, and at times utilize epoxy, glue or cement to create bonsai-esque structures.… More:

Scolymia lacera

scolymia - reefs

credit: Bob Fenner

 Check out this gorgeous Scolymia lacera, photographed by Bob Fenner off the coast of Roatan. The island is the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands, and is near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea (and the second-largest reef in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia).… More:

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