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They’re baaaack! Lionfish return to New York

IMG 8000sm Theyre baaaack! Lionfish return to New York What can it mean that after a complete absence of lionfish around Long Island, New York, for the last three years, they have suddenly reappeared?… More:

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Ultra Coral Australia Lands Incredible Hammer Coral

reefs.comEuphyTri2 300x200 Ultra Coral Australia Lands Incredible Hammer CoralIt’s no secret that Ultra Coral Australia collects some of the hottest corals down under; this Euphyllia ancora bares proof. The colony sports all three of what I consider to be the hottest colors a hammer can exhibit, green, yellow and gold!… More:

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Book Review! Dr. Ellen Prager’s “Sex, Drugs, and Sea Slime”

seaslime excerpt  Book Review! Dr. Ellen Pragers Sex, Drugs, and Sea Slime

Oh yea, it’s just as sexy as it sounds.

So I’ve had this book for a while but never got around to reading it. I picked it up when our local Border’s was going out of business (sniff, rest in peace physical bookstores where you could waste away a day) and they were pretty much giving books away. It jumped out at me right away, “Sex, Drugs”, and Sea Slime”, plus the added bonus of the octopus on the cover, it was a done deal. I skimmed the first few pages and put it back down. This was a book that deserved to be read properly. Over the weekend I finally decided to explore the Slimy Seas the best way possible – on the beach with a stiff drink, inches from the Blue Beast itself.

This book was definitely worth the wait – … More:

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Cherry Corals MACNA trip giveaway!

reefs.comCCSS14 4 300x180 Cherry Corals MACNA trip giveaway!Cherry Corals is hosting another fun-filled Live Sale Event on Reef2Reef coming up June 21st. In the past they’ve always had some amazing prizes for patrons, but this one takes the cake in my book… free trip to MACNA 2014 in Denver! Seriously!?More:

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Holy Crap, Someone Bake Me This Immediately!

10175011 641309732584104 1584040988 n 300x198 Holy Crap, Someone Bake Me This Immediately!This cake is everything that is wonderful in my world! A fantastically executed octopus depicted here eating delicious sushi off an adorable little wooden table waving a pair of chopsticks around along with a few arms. The Evil Cake Geniuses over at Avalon Cakes in Denver, Colorado (maybe we can get one of these babies at MACNA this year?) dreamed this guy up and brought it to life flawlessly. Much too pretty to actually eat, I’d stare at this little guy all freakin’ day in awe. with all those arms flying about, an Octopus Sushi Chef would be both incredibly  talented and extremely deadly. I’d pay extra.  I hope no one lets him know that in Japan they have no problem eating octopus alive… :(. Thanks for sharing, Richard Ross!More:

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tumblr mm7s6vGhZg1qhxjfmo1 500 300x243 Lets Talk CEPHALOPODS!

Mainly, Cephalopods in Fashion. I love to think I’m extremely chic and avant-garde when it comes to my fashion sense, but if I’m being completely honest – I’m a basic black, white and grey kinda gal.  Every once in a while I’ll experiment with something I think is “really cool”, which is basically everyone else’s “really lame and dorky”. With that being said, I present you with this “really cool” OCTOPUS BACKPACK! I love a good backpack since I bike to work the majority of the time, and I lurve me some cephalopods. They’re beautiful, intelligent, cunning and deadly – all traits I aspire to. If you crave having an octopus hang off your back and (unlike me) don’t wish to have one permanently inked to oneself – I would suggest you pick up one of these – except you can’t. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece brought to you by Jen via her tumblr page which you can check out here: Hi Guys I Made Myself An Octopus Backpack

I feel strongly that these should be mass-produced as there’s no way I’m the only one who finds this fantastic! I reached out to Jen and offered her a fancy sum for my very own, but have yet to hear back.

Side note: Given my Octopus Back Tattoo, this would feel like an octopus giving an octopus a piggy-back ride. ‘Nough said.… More:

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Gorgeous Rainbow Blastomussa Corals Show Up at Two Different Vendors

39dcRainbow Blasto Faceoff Gorgeous Rainbow Blastomussa Corals Show Up at Two Different Vendors
We’re trying something a little different with this post and pitting two coral vendors against each other in a no holds barred battle to the death. Wait, we took that a little too far. Back it up just a minute. Over the last couple of days, we stumbled across a pair of Rainbow Blastomussa corals from two different vendors, and coincidentally both of them on the Reef2Reef forums. The Coral Kings posted their rainbow Blastomussa wellsi back in April, while World Wide Corals just yesterday shared their own beauty, what appears to be a rainbow B. merletti. Not being able to get either of these corals out of our minds, we figured we’d have a little fun with them. So, which of these two rainbow blastos do you like more? The more refined blasto from The Coral Kings that has a more strictly defined color pattern or the more raw blasto from World Wide Corals, whose color blends more freely and polyps appear more untamed? MORE: Gorgeous Rainbow Blastomussa Corals Show Up at Two Different VendorsMore:

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Tiny Centropyge joculators at Global Reef Supply

Global Reef Supply 300x125 Tiny Centropyge joculators at Global Reef SupplyWhen people think of aquatic wholesalers the first city to come to mind is generally Los Angeles. While there is literally an entire street full of them there, we do have some great wholesalers in the midwest. One of my go-to wholesalers is Global Reef Supply just outside of Chicago, which is staffed by some of the most knowledgeable, hardworking and honest people in the industry. While mainly providing an incredible selection of Australian and Indonesian corals, every so often they have other offerings, one which recently piqued my angelfish nut interest with the incredible Centropyge joculator. Not only were all of these fish in perfect health, they were the tiniest specimens these eyes have ever borne witness to. 

php4rsCmaPM 168x300 Tiny Centropyge joculators at Global Reef Supply

Long view of just two of the coral holding raceways at GRS.

 Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared with my camera, but I did take a video of these little cuties. Note my thumbnail in video is 3/4″ wide for size reference. Most were already sold, but if you act fast you may still get your hands on one of the more elusive angelfish in the industry. If you’re a hobbyist make sure to tell your LFS or favorite supplier to get in contact with Global Reef Supply as these guys are wholesale only.… More:

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