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Home Aquarium Kitsch for the Kiddies

If you thought you’d seen it all then you HAVE to see this!!  What will they think of next?! Home aquarium kitsch 300x166 Home Aquarium Kitsch for the KiddiesA completely customizable fish tank, produced by Marukan, is aimed at young children in Japan and due to be on the market soon. The fish tank kit is the brainchild of one of Japan’s largest pet supply corporations.  The kit comes with the standard items such as a tank, an air hose and a filter, but the kitsch comes in with a hologram backdrop, stickers and clear jewel stones.  If you haven’t spent enough money or haven’t got enough kitsch for your liking, you can spend an extra wad of cash on accessories such as a… More:

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ORA’s Latest Coral Cultivar – ORAnge Setosa (Montipora)

9af7ORA orange setosa 1024x724 ORA’s Latest Coral Cultivar – ORAnge Setosa (Montipora)
ORA’s cultured corals have maintained and ever-growing demand, and the latest introduction surely will be added to the drool-worthy list. It should come as no surprise that while there is a seemingly endless array of uniquely-named coral cultivars available from just as many aquaculturists, few (if any) rival the level of notoriety that an ORA coral can achieve. I believe, this is in large part due to the way ORA goes about selecting corals for commercial-scale culture. In some cases, such as the ORA Red Goniopora (see Rethinking Goniopora in the May/June 2011 Issue of CORAL Magazine), it can take a few years, to the better part of a decade, to bring a new coral into cultivation and establish enough broodstock colonies to provide a stable, ongoing supply of MORE: ORA’s Latest Coral Cultivar – ORAnge Setosa (Montipora)More:

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Copps’ New Beast

John Coppolino, better known as “Copps” or the angelfish guru to reef geeks, is in the midst of setting up and absolute dream system to house his prized collection of fish and corals. A behemoth of a home aquarium system, this build is absolutely mind boggling to watch. Oh, did I mention that there was a new house built around this aquarium system to boot? The main display comes in at a whopping ~1,300 US gallons (~5,000 liters), with the mesmerizing dimensions of 8.5 feet long x 6 feet wide x 42 inches tall (~2.6 m x 1.8 m x 1 m tall) and weighs in at 1,300 pounds, while empty.… More:

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Invertebrates Like to Snuggle Too!

c09efb70e0e445fac81270f8c38df8b7 Invertebrates Like to Snuggle Too!
This series of felt puppet inverts all nestled in bed was created by famed puppeteer Hiné Mizushima and went on display recently in Baltimore’s EMP Collective.  Unlike many other reef art things that we feature here, this is one you can actually buy, as Hiné has a cool Etsy shop featuring her work.  The creatures are all over the place, including our non-reef favorite, the sleeping paramecium (which is a pretty fashionable brooch for your lab type friends).  Each item is obviously handcrafted but when you look at each of the up close you can tell that they have a detail imbued and are sure to make the spineless love in your life light up with excitement!… More:

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Emulate Nature

These days it seems most aquarium hobbyists take inspiration for aquascaping and coral placement from fellow hobbyists’ aquariums. This is a great starting point to get some ideas churning, particularly for people new to aquariums, however I find some of my best inspiration comes from natural reefs. I have been an avid SCUBA diver since I was twelve, and have had the fortunate opportunity to see first-hand the beauty of natural reef structures and coral growth in the wild. However, being located in Michigan, most of my ‘natural reef inspiration’ comes vicariously through pictures posted by others.… More:

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Reefs in Art: Animal Earth

animal 3 Reefs in Art: Animal Earth
This polychaete, a type of Christmas Tree Worm, is generally considered unsuitable for captive aquariums due to their requirements for particulate foods in the column column.  Many aquarists have had success with these animals when they are supplied with a variety of different sized foods, notably the Reef Nutrition line of feeds, which make these worms a good addition to an NPS or Azoo type setup.  However they usually come embedded in a colony of porites which require heavy lighting and are notoriously difficult to keep. This amazing photo comes from the book Animal Earth which is due out in the next two weeks, and it includes a wide variety of fairly unknown critters.  You can check out a whole slew of the photos here, don’t miss it, there are a bunch of GREAT reef animals!… More:

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Reefs in Art: Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry

8393ceda32802a8849b7c682773e5a94 Reefs in Art: Fish Lamps by Frank GehryThis series of lamps and large decorative pieces were created by world renowned architect Frank Gehry, came about as a result of some dropped laminate material.  When the pieces shattered on the floor, they looked like fish scales, and just like that a whole series was born.  Originally on display at the temple of expensive art, Gagosian Galleries, the series made its way to a few other smaller events around the world.  Frank said about this series, “the fish is a perfect form”, and his ability to capture the movement and motion in a still piece is vaguely reminiscent of his incredible contributions to the art of architecture.… More:

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Reefs in Art – Imaginism Studios

Sea Life by imaginism Reefs in Art   Imaginism Studios
This image, Sea Life, was created by Imaginism Studios in Toronto.  They’re a boutique graphic and animation studio focused on unusual animal art and cute creatures.  In order to effectively translate from print to screen, the animals really need to have their personality baked into their look, and the image above is a perfect example of their amazing ability to do just that.  Check out their entire website here, it’s a really cool interactive site with lots of critters running around!… More:

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