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Smithsonian Explores Klein Curacao

Good morning friends, how was your weekend out there?? I apologize for the lack of postings lately but we have been super busy playing with the folks from the World famous Smithsonian Institution. Last wednesday was spent taking load after load of supplies to the Chapman (the white ship seen in the 2nd photo) and getting ready to set sail for the remote island of Klein Curacao early thursday morning. The top photo shows our 2.5 million dollar mini submersible named the “Curasub” on the back of the research vessel the Chapman heading out to sea on the way to Klein Curacao. The second photo shows the Chapman anchored at Klein Curacao and the bottom photo shows the view of the desolate island from way above the Chapman, both of these killer shots are compliments of our sub pilot Barbara who has a mini-drone and boy does she know how to use it!

ReefRack Customized Frag Display System

The ReefRack 102 in actionOver my many years in the marine aquarium hobby, I’ve constructed various and sundry coral frag racks out of egg crate light diffuser, ranging from simple one-tiered platforms to somewhat more complex stair-step configurations. It’s relatively easy to do; I just use a pair of diagonal cutters to snip out sections of the egg crate in the desired geometric shapes to form the platforms and supports of the rack. Then I join the components together with either cyanoacrylate glue or plastic zip ties. While cheap and easy to make, these racks do have their downsides. For one, they’re not especially attractive, so they can detract from a system’s aesthetics depending on whether they’re placed in a display or dedicated frag tank. Also, the egg crate material tends to become brittle and prone to breakage with prolonged exposure to salt water, so there’s a limited lifespan to the rack. Cleaning egg crate can be a real pain as well, with all those little square-shaped cells presenting a nice growing surface for algae.With the goal of overcoming these challenges while offering reef hobbyists a unique way to organize and showcase their coral frags, our friends at Innovative Marine have designed the sleek, multi-tiered, customizable AUQA Gadget ReefRack, which will be available online and at your local fish store beginning September 21

Dolphins Use ‘Mud Nets’ To Catch Fish

 Who among us doesn’t love dolphins? They are often considered some of the smartest animals and are very quick learners. With my many years working in the public aquarium industry I’ve developed quite an affinity for them and can vouch for how clever these marine mammals really are.… More:

Name Sea & Reef’s New Clownfish!


Sea & Reef was trying to create a designer Black and White DaVinci Clownfish when they accidentally created this crazy mutation.

 Sea & Reef’s newest strain of clownfish is so beautiful; when the company posted about this clown earlier today, I practically fell out of my seat! This is the first time that I have been this excited about a clownfish since the introduction of the Lightning Maroon Clown. This new fish is a mix of Sea & Reef’s MochaVinci Clownfish  and a Black Ocellaris Clownfish. The creation of this new, still-unnamed variety started with a singular unique variation found in a MochaVinci clown. Out of the strain of a DaVinci/Black Ocellaris cross, the breeders found that one offspring stood out from the rest. What set this singular specimen apart from the others? Instead of the swirly pattern commonly associated with both the DaVincis and the MochaVincis, this clown has a much more amplified white pattern, and this jet-black coloration appeared very early in its life.… More:

The Reef Aquarium After Hours: Four Reasons to Keep That Flashlight Handy

Long tentacle anemone (Macrodactyla doreensis) at night under LED lightingAnyone who has done any night diving knows that nighttime activity on coral reefs is very, very different from what goes on there during the day. A dramatic “changing of the guard” occurs, with diurnal fish seeking refuge in the reef and nocturnal predators and planktivores taking dominion. Parrotfishes, wedged in caves or crevices, cloak their chemical signatures in mucous cocoons. Morays, only partially visible during the day, slither from their dens and swim in the open in search of prey. Octopuses, too, lose their daytime shyness and ply the reefs with busy tentacles. Night-feeding corals that appear bare and lifeless while the sun is up come into their glory with polyps fully extended. Bioluminescent organisms of all kinds put on otherworldly displays

LRS Fertility Frenzy

LRS fertility frenzy poster davana - reefsA new product announcement from Larry DuPont and the team at LRS Reef Frenzy: after their third revision and plenty of trial and error, the company has perfected their new fish food, which they are dubbing the  “LRS Fertility Frenzy: Who’s Your Daddy blend”.  The latest incarnation of the popular frozen food has an even higher protein and fatty acid content than before, and aquarists are getting great results. The food’s success is due to its unique ingredient list and preparation; as well as active probiotics and a bunch of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements, LRS foods are made up of human-grade seafood, including peeled shrimp, fresh clams, wild-caught ocean perch, bay scallops, PE Mysis®, and pacific plankton.… More:

MACNA 2015 – Nation’s Capital Soon To Be Salty

MACNA 2015 will take place in Washington, D.C.In a little more than a week, thousands of marine aquarium hobbyists and industry professionals will shoal in Washington, D.C. for the 27th annual MACNA (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America). If you attended MACNA last year in the Mile-High City or in South Florida the year before, you’ll know they were both incredibly successful events. Hosted at the beautiful Marriott Wardman Park, this year’s conference is in the capable hands of the Washington D.C. Area Marine Aquarist Society, marking ten years since the club last brought MACNA to our Nation’s Capital. What is it and what can you expect?MACNA is a long-running, large-scale event that successfully hybridizes several components into one cohesive weekend of saltwater and reef aquarium goodness. First is the learning symposium aspect, which gives industry leaders, conservationists, authors, and scientists a platform to address a wide variety of topics. I always look forward to hearing what the top minds in our hobby have to say – so don’t underestimate how educational and entertaining these can be

Brevard Zoo Proposes Aquarium In Port Canaveral, Florida

capeThe Brevard Zoo has proposed a new aquarium that would be located in the Port Canaveral, Florida Cove area. Currently there is a Cove project that is being proposed by two different groups, and is slated to be discussed at meetings this month. Port Canaveral is located on Florida’s Space Coast and is famous for the Kennedy Space Center. The Aquarium is being touted an exciting focal point for tourism in the area, which the Brevard Zoo estimates would bring between 400,000 to 600,00 additional visitors each year.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.