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Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes Set-up and Review- Polyp Lab
I have used this carbon product from Polyp Lab for 6 months. The Nitra-Guard Cubes do a good job at eliminating nitrates and phosphates. BIO-Cubes are made from 100% biologically degradable polymers that effectively remove both nitrates and phosphates from both marine and freshwater systems. BIO-Cubes have a very high surface area and contains 400% more carbohydrates than any other brand, making it the best product of it’s kind in the world. MORE: Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes Set-up and Review- Polyp LabMore:

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Baby/Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish, Rhinesomus triqueter

cbcdTrunkfish 3 457x305 Baby/Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish, Rhinesomus triqueterGood evening friends, what a day!! Sorry about the late blog  but yours truly has been very busy!! Yesterday after posting the blog Aimee called and begged me to come over to Dolphin Academy with my dive gear and help the trainers do underwater repairs to the dolphin lagoons. Because of this crazy wind we are getting monster waves which are causing damage to our underwater dolphin living areas. What we did in a nutshell was to lift giant rocks back into place and tie many of them down with ropes. The waves were rolling in so hard at times we couldn’t see the hand in front of your face with all the bubbling whitewater, it was actually kind of funny and I found myself laughing to myself more than once! MOREMore:

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Funny Fish Friday – Man Swallowed Whole on Basketball Court!

 Here’s a little bit of entertainment for my favorite Reefers! “Mackeral Jordan” (hehe) hit the court during a NCAA Women’s Basketball game between the University of Connecticut and Notre Dame (old news I know – this is 2010, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it). Guess the big guy was a tad hungry because he totally housed a dude during a break, and then proceeded to disrobe the man. I guess that’s the equivalent of tying a cherry stem in a knot to a fish? Anyway, the now scantily clad gentleman managed to make a miraculous, albeit embarrassing, escape dressed only in his skivvies and shoes.… More:

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Win a Kessil 350 Narrow LED!

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Give me a caption on this picture that will make me belly laugh and you get a Kessil 350 Narrow courtesy of Innovative Grow Lights (IGL). I’m not a stickler for rules so my only request is that you keep it PG-13 at the max. Let me get you clowns started – “Real Fishwives of Saltlake City”. Ok, lame – I know you can top that. Leave your comments on Facebook or Twitter – best of luck!

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Why it Pays to Plan Your Marine Aquarium Based on Mature Fish Size

aquarium size blueface angel 300x169 Why it Pays to Plan Your Marine Aquarium Based on Mature Fish SizeYou’re shopping at your LFS when you come across a juvenile specimen of a fish you’d love to buy but know you don’t have the tank space to accommodate once it reaches maturity. To justify the purchase, you think to yourself, “Thirty gallons is plenty of room for this cute little P. volitans right now. Besides, I can always upgrade to a larger tank when it gets bigger.” While this can work out under ideal circumstances, it’s usually best to start fish out in a tank large enough to contain them at their adult size regardless of how small they may be at the time of purchase. Here are a few good reasons: Budgets fluctuate It’s hard to know what your financial future holds. You may have every intention of buying a larger tank in the future, but such upgrades can be quite costly. Not only will the tank itself set you back, but now you’re also going to need more substrate, more live rock, a larger lighting system, more salt, a bigger protein skimmer, a bigger heater, and so on More: Why it Pays to Plan Your Marine Aquarium Based on Mature Fish SizeMore:

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My Boyfriend Gave Me Crabs

reefs.comMBGMC My Boyfriend Gave Me CrabsAfter being in the hobby or industry for a while we become very aware of how much our aquariums will directly impact relationships, particularly concerning significant others. At 28 years old, and 12 years of salt creep under my belt, many relationships have gone by the wayside with several of them being directly correlated to aquaria. “You love your stupid corals more than me!” is a term I’ve had yelled at me more than once. Being the giant reef nerd that I am, perusing various forums is all in a days work for me. I stumbled across this thread a while back and asked the original poster if I could share it with a wider audience. Without further ado, I present “My Boyfriend Gave Me Crabs”: My Boyfriend has two great loves in his life: his children, and his fish. Ok, so maybe that’s a little exaggerated, because I know he loves me, but I am pretty sure I’m not that far off. For fifteen years my guy has dedicated himself to learning about aquariums, saltwater and reef tanks, fish, corals, and reef conservation. For the last fifteen years, I have…not.  Seeing the warning signs
When Kev and I first met, we did… More:

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“Why Doesn’t The World Try to Blend in with Me?”: Incredible Stop-Motion Crochet ‘Quadrapus’

This video, brought to my attention by The Tentacle, started out quite whimsical and sweet. An adorable crochet ‘Quadrapus’ paints the town Blue, my favorite color, and everything he touches comes to life! I don’t want to give too much away, but the story takes a bit of a dark turn towards the end. I mean, I kept waiting for something to happen or change, and well, the end result is simply haunting. Originally a music video shot for Musician/Solo Artist Wax Tailor, I dare you to watch and not be even slightly impacted.… More:

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5 Marine Aquarium Misconceptions I No Longer Espouse

aquarium misconceptions 300x169 5 Marine Aquarium Misconceptions I No Longer EspouseCasting my mind back on my early days as a marine aquarium keeper, it’s funny how some of my stances on various aspects of the hobby have, shall we say, evolved in the intervening years. Of course, these changing opinions have led to different ways of doing things—and different ways of dispensing advice. Here are just a few examples (experienced salties, see if any of these sound familiar to you): 1) Quarantine is an extravagance I used to think quarantining new specimens was more of a luxury than a necessity. Besides, despite my failure to quarantine, I somehow got lucky and managed to sneak by with no major disease problems for quite some time. Oh, what a naïve fool I was! No one could have convinced me that I was playing a game of Russian roulette and running out of empty chambers. It took (wait for it!) an outbreak of Cryptocaryon to achieve that. There’s nothing like the sight of all your prized fish dashing around the tank and scraping their bodies on the rockwork to change your mind about the importance of quarantine! 2) Live rock hitchhikers should be eradicated with extreme prejudice More: 5 Marine Aquarium Misconceptions I No Longer EspouseMore:

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