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LRS Fertility Frenzy

LRS fertility frenzy poster davana - reefsA new product announcement from Larry DuPont and the team at LRS Reef Frenzy: after their third revision and plenty of trial and error, the company has perfected their new fish food, which they are dubbing the  “LRS Fertility Frenzy: Who’s Your Daddy blend”.  The latest incarnation of the popular frozen food has an even higher protein and fatty acid content than before, and aquarists are getting great results. The food’s success is due to its unique ingredient list and preparation; as well as active probiotics and a bunch of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements, LRS foods are made up of human-grade seafood, including peeled shrimp, fresh clams, wild-caught ocean perch, bay scallops, PE Mysis®, and pacific plankton.… More:

MACNA 2015 – Nation’s Capital Soon To Be Salty

MACNA 2015 will take place in Washington, D.C.In a little more than a week, thousands of marine aquarium hobbyists and industry professionals will shoal in Washington, D.C. for the 27th annual MACNA (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America). If you attended MACNA last year in the Mile-High City or in South Florida the year before, you’ll know they were both incredibly successful events. Hosted at the beautiful Marriott Wardman Park, this year’s conference is in the capable hands of the Washington D.C. Area Marine Aquarist Society, marking ten years since the club last brought MACNA to our Nation’s Capital. What is it and what can you expect?MACNA is a long-running, large-scale event that successfully hybridizes several components into one cohesive weekend of saltwater and reef aquarium goodness. First is the learning symposium aspect, which gives industry leaders, conservationists, authors, and scientists a platform to address a wide variety of topics. I always look forward to hearing what the top minds in our hobby have to say – so don’t underestimate how educational and entertaining these can be

MACNA 2016 set to hit Sunny San Diego with hosts SDMAF!

macna_2016Mark your calendars and pack your sunglasses, who’s ready for SoCal?! There’s a flutter of excitement on all the reef blogs as MACNA 2015 rapidly approaches; the beloved conference will draw swarms of passionate reefers from all sides of the hobby/industry and all over the world to Wahington DC next weekend – you can all but hear the buzzing coming from the capital as the reef builders assemble. That rumbling grew exponentially louder when the San Diego Marine Aquarium Foundation (SDMAF) announced yesterday that it has been chosen to host  MACNA 2016! … More:

Tattoo Tuesday: MACNA Updates Edition

rich ross & ira flatow justin - reefsMACNA is right around the corner – are you ready? Richard Ross (pictured here impressing NPR’s Ira Flatow with his tattoo) will be hosting Saturday night’s banquet, and will be giving a talk Friday on “The Difference Between Home and Public Aquaria”. Rich is a brilliant, entertaining speaker – in this interview with Ira on NPR’s “Science Friday”, he “describes some of the species’ unusual habits, including a method of hunting shrimp by tapping the prey on the back to surprise it”. You can listen to the broadcast here … More:

Cherry Corals S.O.S. Live Sale

reefs.comSOSsaleCherry Corals is throwing another awesome live sale this weekend! The summer doldrums of reefing season are upon us, and that means that Cherry Corals has loads of hot aquacultured coral overfilling their raceways. This Saturday (August 15th) be sure to tune into the Summer Overstock Sale from 4pm to Midnight (EST) – all corals are only $20!… More:

Reef Savvy St. Jude Dream Tank Giveaway 2015

reefs.comRSSt.Jude2015Reef Savvy is at it again this year raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Last year they raised a whopping $38,466! This year Felix and company has raised the bar offering not only the grand prize of a phenomenal complete system, but multiple prizes for additional winners, including another aquarium!… More:

My Kingdom for a Pair of Boots!

boots justin - reefs“My Kingdom for a Pair of Boots!” The refrain is the same from people throughout the aquatics industry; our saltwater work environment is hell on footwear. Over the years, I have  destroyed countless pairs of boots, and, while there are a few tricks to reducing the damage, it only serves to delay the inevitable. After seeing how saltwater and salt spray have dissolved concrete down to powder, it’s no wonder that my boots don’t fair much better.
I usually buy two pairs of boots, so I can rotate them every other day to let each pair dry out before wearing them again. I have tried out boots of every quality level, but it doesn’t matter –  if they are $30 or $200, they all meet the same fate. Over time, the corrosive, high saline solution eats away the leather, metal and rubber. The salt is an equal opportunity destroyer. Oftentimes, my laces fuse with the metal they feed through, leaving most of the lower laces locked in position, a shoelace rigor mortis if you will. I am currently in the danger zone. I waited too long to buy new boots because I hate the breaking-in process,and I am making do with these rather comfortable, but quickly disintegrating, foot covers. They mostly do the job that they were intended for, but I fear that their end is near.… More:

Aquascaping Contest at the Aquatic Experience – Chicago

aquatic experience logo - reefsAquatic Experience – Chicago combines everything aquatic under one roof at the Schaumburg Convention Center. From saltwater to freshwater, to ponds and aquatic animals, they will have it all. Come out and  enjoy educational seminars by George Blasiola, Heiko Bleher, Charles Delbeek, Patrick Donston, Hans-Georg Evers, Sanjay Joshi, Oliver Knott, Paul Loiselle, Oliver Lucanus,Steve Lundblad, Joe Olenik, Julian Sprung, Tony Vargas and Greg Wittstock, as well as keynote speaker Frank Reece of Blue Zoo. There will be a huge show floor filled with hobbyists from entry-level to the most sophisticated aquarium keepers, as well as livestock and equipment experts and the industry’s best and trend-setting manufacturers. 

Whitby aquascape - reefs

credit: Paul Whitby

 The show will also be holding its second annual Aquatic Experience Aquascaping Competition.  Contestants are invited to compete in one of two categories (Small and Large Tank) for $3,900 dollars in prize money.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.