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Fully captive bred Yellow tangs to go to market?

Yellow tang public domain square Fully captive bred Yellow tangs to go to market?Many aquarists and hobbyists alike look forward to the day when aquaculture farms are teeming with millions of colourful fish to help stock public aquariums rather than wild caught individuals fitting the bill.  The reason it’s not happening now with all the species, according to some who have tried rearing the elusive Yellow Tang, is that resources are limited and getting the juveniles past the 90 day mark is quite a feat. “Getting good survival of the larvae is the main problem, especially that first week,” said Syd Kraul, owner of Pacific Planktonics.  Kraul is currently raising flame angelfish, multicolor angelfish and yellow tang at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority.   He reckons that the tang, in particular, is in high demand and very difficult to raise.  “Out of 10,000 eggs, you might get 200 to 300 larvae that survive the first week,” he said. “That’s not enough. By 90 days you won’t have any left.”  The 90-day point is when the fish change from clear to yellow and take up shelter in the rocks. Kraul has been raising aquarium fish since 2006 and now he thinks he finally has it figured out and hopes to offer yellow tang on a commercial basis within a year. “It’s no secret. It’s just about getting the right balance of food in the water,” he said. “Put in too much food and the fish are going to die. They need the food but they need clear water. That’s the challenge.” Oceanic Institute and Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resource Center are two other facilities trying their hand at culturing aquarium fish so who knows, perhaps there’ll be a race to get the first fully captive-bred Yellow Tangs to market.  Keep your eyes peeled! For more information, go to:… More:

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Reefkeeping is Seasonal – and You Can Reap the Rewards

summer hobby 300x169 Reefkeeping is Seasonal – and You Can Reap the RewardsIt may not seem apparent, but the reef aquarium hobby is highly seasonal. Compared to the winter months, there is almost no activity in the spring and summer. The industry as a whole slows down. I think this phenomenon has to do with the amount of time hobbyists are stuck inside. During the colder months, people spend more time indoors, and just being around the aquarium almost obligates additional maintenance and new additions. In nicer weather, people naturally spend more time outside and the tank gets a bit more neglected—out of sight, out of mind. Having said that, this theory really doesn’t explain warm-weather states like Texas or California, where it’s generally pleasant outside in December. The summer months slow down there too. Good deals can be had! More: Reefkeeping is Seasonal – and You Can Reap the RewardsMore:

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Ultra Coral Australia Lands Incredible Hammer Coral

reefs.comEuphyTri2 300x200 Ultra Coral Australia Lands Incredible Hammer CoralIt’s no secret that Ultra Coral Australia collects some of the hottest corals down under; this Euphyllia ancora bares proof. The colony sports all three of what I consider to be the hottest colors a hammer can exhibit, green, yellow and gold!… More:

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Have You Ever Wondered What Protein Skimmers from the 1960s Looked Like?

027fTunze First Protein Skimmer Have You Ever Wondered What Protein Skimmers from the 1960s Looked Like? Believe it or not, but marine aquariums have been around longer than disco and moon landings. To help illustrate that fact, Tunze was getting all nostalgic at Interzoo this year, showing off their very first skimmer which dates back all the way to 1963. Hard to believe, right? And although the skimmer does look a bit foreign to us, there are still several recognizable key elements that are still present in modern designs. Even more interesting is the fact that this was the very first venturi style protein skimmer ever produced, obviously laying the groundwork for an entire sub-industry that developed as aquarists saw a need for clean water. The unusual design consists of a top mounted pump (located in the black box on the top left of the picture) that feeds water into a specialized venturi adapter, which draws in air to mix with the water. The bubbled filled water is then dumped into the cylindrical body of the skimmer and the bubbles rise into the neck of the skimmer, depositing previously dissolved organic material into a collection cup. We initially thought the white pipe at the bottom of the skimmer was an early version of the riser tube drain, but upon closer inspection it actually looks to be the line feeding water into the pump device, which would mean the clean water is passively expelled through the bottom of the cylinder. This is definitely an old design that has been refined numerous times over the years, but judging by that foam production, Norbert Tunze knew exactly what he was doing. Special thanks to Shawn Wilson for the awesome images MORE: Have You Ever Wondered What Protein Skimmers from the 1960s Looked Like?More:

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Cherry Corals MACNA trip giveaway!

reefs.comCCSS14 4 300x180 Cherry Corals MACNA trip giveaway!Cherry Corals is hosting another fun-filled Live Sale Event on Reef2Reef coming up June 21st. In the past they’ve always had some amazing prizes for patrons, but this one takes the cake in my book… free trip to MACNA 2014 in Denver! Seriously!?More:

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Lightning Set To Strike!

lightning donation final Lightning Set To Strike!As if there aren’t enough reasons to attend the 2014 Marine Breeder’s Workshop next month in Bloomfield Hills, MI, a shocking raffle donation was announced earlier today! Thanks to Blue Zoo Aquatics and Sea and Reef Aquaculture, attendees of the Workshop will have a chance to win an amazing pair of clownfish consisting of one of Matthew Pedersen’s Lightning Maroon clownfish paired up with a Morse-Code Maroon! Matt will oversee the pairing of the fish and they will be shipped to the winner as soon as they are ready. Fine Print: Tickets will only be available at the Workshop and the winner must be present to win. Full details and event tickets can be found here:… More:

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Throw Back Thursday: Aquarium Style

reefs.comTBTJune5 300x223 Throw Back Thursday: Aquarium StyleThrow Back Thursday, or TBT, is an ever growing trend on social media networks that has old and young patrons alike sharing pictures of everything passed. In our little niche as aquarists, or specifically reef aquarists, we can look back upon inumerous topics, theories, trends, types of equipment, and anything else that starts with the letter “T”. All of which evokes laughter, tears and little smirks considering just how far we have come to keep these animals happy and thriving within the confines of our homes or businesses. From here on out, every Thursday we’ll be featuring a thing of the past regarding our beloved “hobby” – smirk.… More:

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Interzoo 2014: Sicce

2014 05 interzoo norimberga 2014 sicce 014 Interzoo 2014: SicceSicce‘s Interzoo booth had a cool party to celebrate their 40 years in business.  Read on for more details on Sicce’s complete product line and announcements from Interzoo.… More:

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