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Two Days Left for Reef Savvy St. Jude Fundraiser

reefs.comReefSavvyStJude 300x66 Two Days Left for Reef Savvy St. Jude FundraiserSome of you may remember Caitlin sharing the wonderful fundraiser Reef Savvy is involved with for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, “We Give Tanks. To Give Thanks.” This year they raised their goal to $20,000, and we’re so pleased to say that they’ve surpassed that with flying colors already collecting a whopping $29,620! Wow, just incredible. The Reef Savvy team is currently number 7 in the entire nation, and for individuals Felix Bordon, owner of Reef Savvy, is the number 1 fundraiser in the United States! If you hadn’t heard Reef Savvy has been raising these donations through the purchase of $10 raffle tickets, for which the grand prize is an astounding aquarium system consisting of high end equipment and livestock from throughout the world. 

reefs.comReefSavvyStJude21 300x199 Two Days Left for Reef Savvy St. Jude Fundraiser

Reef Savvy 100G 4 sides low iron, Red Bottom Rimless Reef Ready Aquarium.


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Visit at the Bellevue H.S. Marine Science Lab

David Bowers, science teacher at Bellevue High SchoolWhen I think back to my high school days, I remember a 29-gallon freshwater aquarium in science class. Coincidentally, I donated most of the specimens in that tank to my teacher from my home aquariums. It served as more of a stereotypical science classroom fixture than a teaching tool. So I guess you could say the hands-on aquatic learning experience was rather limited. The same certainly can’t be said of the Marine Science Lab at Bellevue High School in landlocked Ohio, USA. David Bowers’ classroom lab is an oceanic oasis amongst the fields of the Midwest (see the video below). Every time I visit Dave and his classroom, I’m struck by what a surprise it is to have thousands of gallons of salty learning opportunities at this small, rural school
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LRS Fish Frenzy adds Live Blackworms

reefs.comLRSBlackworm2 300x225 LRS Fish Frenzy adds Live  Blackworms LRS Reef Frenzy foods continue to amaze me with their ongoing effort to produce the best frozen food available. Most recently LRS has added Live Blackworms to their standard “Fish Frenzy” ingredient list. LRS owner Larry Dupont contacted me a few weeks back asking if I would be interested in trying a new blend he was working with, which was formulated for breeding and particularly fastidious fishes. Now while I don’t do a whole lot of breeding these days, I do work with incredibly finicky fishes on a daily basis so I was all-in to give this blend a go. This last shipment I received contained two unbelievably picky Blue Spotted Pufferfish (Canthigaster solandri) which refused to eat any of the eighteen frozen (or chilled) foods I had on hand. Yep, eighteen foods they snuffed their noses at. While these fish aren’t multi-thousand dollar animals, all fish that pass through my office get the five-star treatment. I received five of these fish and three took to prepared foods quickly as I generally expect from this species, although these last two would only nibble at little neck clams (however not ingest). Luckily the two puffers still took enriched live brine with gusto so not all hope was lost.… More:

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In Bizarre Aquarium Crime News: Two Men Jailed Over a Fish

250px Astronotus ocellatus In Bizarre Aquarium Crime News: Two Men Jailed Over a FishAnd not even a cool one! I’m honestly having a difficult time wrapping my head around this story. After this past weekend of having the opportunity to lay peepers on some of the most highly sought after saltwater gems in the industry – I’m talking Clarions, Personatus Angels and a Peppermints,  to name a few – I can’t understand why someone would go through such lengths for an Oscar. Then again, freshwater has never really done it for me.… More:

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A Brief History of EcoTech Marine Video

 MORE: A Brief History of EcoTech Marine VideoMore:

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Vendors Joining the PIJAC Fundraising Bandwagon

reefs.comBattlePIJAC 300x200 Vendors Joining the PIJAC Fundraising BandwagonThis is one bandwagon that I am incredibly pleased to see vendors jumping on. We recently shared that Cherry Corals offered a Zoanthid and Palythoa frag pack with all proceeds going towards the PIJAC Aquatic Defense Fund. To date MASNA has raised $6,055 for PIJAC through their donation link alone, and matched that up to the $5,000 mark, incredible! Unfortunately I noted that that’s from only 112 backers, so let’s get to it people. Yesterday Battle Corals joined the fun, offering “ten $100.00 grab bag packs… for anyone willing to donate a c-note to the cause.” Battle Corals owner Adam stated, “These will be random my choice, sight unseen packs but I guarantee no duds… I am not even interested in handling your money. If you can provide a receipt of your donation in this thread I’ll promptly send you out a sweet five piece acro pack. No shipping charge either.” They sold all ten packs within three hours. Note the image above is of a frag pack recently offered by Battle Corals, not necessarily the packs being shipped out.More:

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Cherry Corals PIJAC Frag Pack!

reefs.comPIJACpack 300x300 Cherry Corals PIJAC Frag Pack!Unless you’re living under a live rock you’ve likely heard a good amount of chatter lately regarding the organization PIJAC. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Rich Ross’ recent article that explains how and why PIJAC is fighting to save our hobby/industry. While fundraising will boil down to the mass support of hobbyists, in my opinion (so spread the word guys!), we have seen an encouraging response from the industry side as hoped. Cherry Corals just posted a Zoanthid and Palythoa frag pack stating, “All the proceeds from this pack (less shipping) goes directly to the Ornamental Defense fund and will aid in the efforts to save our hobby!” How cool is that! These aquacultured frags will land in someones tank while supporting the only real voice we have against the powers at be that can potentially end, or severely restrict our beloved hobby/industry.… More:

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Cute Babies Turned into Cuter Sea Creatures

Ok, someone just turned the cuteness factor way up. Anne Geddes, a photographer well-known for her creative and adorable baby portraits, has created the best baby calendar in the world. Simply titled the “Under the Sea”, it features 12 unique scenes that have babies dressed up as mermaids, sea turtles, hermit crabs, nudibranchs, and even coral polyps. But it’s not just the babies that got all dressed up. The scenery created also involved a lot of work and planning. Each backdrop was handcrafted with such detail so as to truly capture the marine environment. We have never seen such aquatic cuteness all in one place.According to the video above from ET Now, the calendar photoshoot took nearly a year of planning and pre-production, 12 days of shooting, 20 babies, and probably a ton of patience. But this isn’t Anne’s first rodeo.
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