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Aquaforest Products Soon Available in the US

aquaforest coral 1 - reefs Deepwater Aquatics distribution is proud to announce an exclusive distribution partnership with the Aquaforest Company. This will be the first time these unique and quality products will be available to retailers in the US. The product line is broken down into Probiotic Method, Salts, Supplements and Coral Food, Microelements for Coral Enhancement, Water Chemistry, Filtration Media and Aquascaping products.… More:

Wash Off: a New Coral Dip

wash off bottle - reefsMECoral a provider of high quality aquarium additives, is proud to introduce “WASH OFF”. The newly-developed formula for Wash Off includes lavender, lemon, and pine oil at a powerful concentration. The 100% pure plant extracts are highly effective at cleaning newly acquired corals with less stress or harm than harsher medicines, pesticides, or iodine based dips, and is very effective at promoting coral heath and rejuvenating damaged corals (Rtn, Stn, or Bacterial Infection). It is available at local fish stores and online at… More:

AquaIllumination Prime LED Aquarium Light Review

Ai Prime

Aquarium lighting has undergone a revolution in recent years, overwhelmingly because of the introduction of high power light emitting diodes, or LEDs. Being involved with high-end residential construction business, I’ve  witnessed LEDs “rise to dominance” in a relatively short period of time. While the aquarium and horticulture industries were among the first to adapt this new source of artificial light, home improvement businesses quickly followed, and went over and beyond with the introduction of home automation systems, where electronic devices are connected to a central hub and can be remotely accessed and controlled through an interface installed on computers and mobile devices. These days, a cellphone-controlled light bulb or an advanced smoke detector that sends text messages to home owners whenever it detects carbon monoxide are a reality within reach of the average consumer. Moreover, the technology changes so quickly, it drives prices down to the point that nowadays, an LED is a common technology most people come into contact with it in everyday life . Fish tank lighting manufacturers, trying to keep up with the trend, implemented at least some level of automation into their fixtures, most often through auxiliary controllers and wireless hubs that consumer had to pay extra for. Until now … … More:

Next Weekend, There’s More to Omaha than just Corn and Tornadoes

12020146_997645473591861_20586593_oNext Saturday, September 26th, marks the fourth anniversary of the much-loved aquarium store, Nebraska Aquatic Supply, which means that quite the party is in the works for patrons and devoted reefers alike! If you think that this is like any other anniversary sale, with a select few price cuts and coupons, you’re grossly mistaken. Owner and wrasse-hoarder Jim Gryczanowski has been organizing these anniversary fests since he opened his store in 2010, and each year is packed with raffles, VIP speakers, some really showstopping befinned guests, and a guaranteed good time. … More:

ORA Debuts New Captive-Bred Transparent Cave Goby

transparent-cave-goby 32015 has been quite the year for captive-bred fishes! We have seen such a variety of new things, as well as a great stride of species firsts! ORA has done it again with a brand new goby species! The Transparent Cave Goby (Fusigobius pallidus) is also known as the Pale Sand Goby, and is native to the reefs of the Maldives and Fiji.… More:

Up-Close with Bali Maricultured Euphyllia

reefs.comMariEuphyllia2One of my favorite pastimes [besides diving] is perusing through the never-ending pictures of reefs in nature. It’s hard to believe where some of our favorite corals grow, often in vastly different environments than what we create in our glass boxes. Over the past decade, we’ve seen a surge in both the aquaculture and the mariculture of coral. While some people interchange the terms freely, to me they are two unique and distinct designations: maricultured coral is farmed in the ocean; aquaculture denotes coral farmed in captivity. With social media being such an easy way to connect these days, coral farmers of all types can share their work quickly. Recently, I was talking with Bali coral farmer Endang Nilsari about some maricultured Euphyllia sp. he and his team are working with.… More:

DC MACNA Doesn’t Disappoint!

Reef display in the CoralVue boothLooking back over the weekend Caribbean Chris and I just spent at MACNA 2015 in Washington, DC, it’s dizzying trying to recollect all that we saw and learned and all the wonderful people we met. For us, there’s just something energizing about MACNA. We always leave the event with our batteries recharged and all sorts of creative ideas for enhancing our content and offerings here at Saltwater Smarts. First off, we’d like to extend salty kudos to the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA) and the Washington, DC Area Marine Aquarist Society (WAMAS) for organizing MACNA 2015 and keeping it humming along so smoothly throughout. I can only imagine the level of effort and aggravation it takes to pull together such a massive event. I don’t know what the actual attendance number turned out to be, but the Saturday-night banquet alone drew some 2,300 people!Thousands of salties attended the Saturday night banquet One of the many elements that set MACNA apart from other industry events is the powerful educational component.

Karen Brittain Breeds Bandit Angels

reefs.comBandit3Renown fish breeder Karen Brittain, who made waves last year revealing a slew of captive bred Genicanthus personatus at MACNA 2014, recently had a larval run with Apolemichthys arcuatus, the Bandit angelfish. Considering A. arcuatus is my favorite fish, I was watching the fruits of her labor anxiously waiting for them to settle. While there were a couple hiccups as with any larval run, four perfect little babies went through metamorphosis and have been moved to their grow out tank. Another fantastic achievement for Karen!… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.