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Aquarium Technologies Borrowed from Other Industries

Actinic lighting was developed and used in other industries before reef aquariumsWe marine aquarists use a variety of tools to help keep our tanks healthy by either changing or removing the waste products of the animals we keep. But did you know virtually all of the devices we use were originally designed for other industries? OzoneFor instance, ozone is a naturally forming gas found in our atmosphere that helps protect us from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It was discovered in 1839 by Christian Friedrich Schönbein. Ozone was originally used to purify drinking water and as a health-giving gas. Unfortunately, that health idea produced just the opposite result because the oxidizing effect we can use to purify certain things will also oxidize us, especially our lungs.

Product Review: Bashsea I-Sea Coral viewer

  Bashsea I-Sea Coral viewer An aquarium’s glass panel provides a window into an underwater world. Whether the tank mimics a coral reef, a tropical river overgrown with aquatic plants, or a cichilid-filled African lake, these peeks into an otherwise inaccessible environment, is by far the most enjoyable perk of the hobby. That being said, we get so accustomed to seeing our aquatic setups from the front or side panels of the tank, that when an opportunity (such as a water change) arises to look in from above, it feels like seeing entirely different aquascape. This view is normally obscured by the constant water agitation, but now there are tools that allow for top-down observation of the fish tank environment. One such device comes from the well-respected American manufacturer Bashsea and will be the subject of today’s review. … More:

Unexpected Gorgonians

RCA_9795 We often associate colorful reef life with the tropics. Vivid reds, pinks, yellows, and oranges awash with anthias and crawling with nudibranchs is a tropical thing right?… More:

Three Colorful Red Shrimp: Cinetorhynchus manningi

Here are three beautiful Red Night Shrimp, Cinetorhynchus manningi that Aimee and I found together on our last night dive hanging out in the shallows on a big rock. They usually have red bodies and may have white to tan bands and spots with dark green eyes. These shrimps are very common in Curacao. They inhabit coral reefs or shallow rocky areas and are considered nocturnal. They hide deep in the reefs by day and appear in large numbers at night

ORA’s Beautiful Posters

oracoralposter - reefsOceans Reefs and Aquariums (ORA), located in Fort Pierce, FL, is a well-respected and well-known company; it’s considered by many to be an industry leader in the sale of marine fish and invertebrates, as well as aquacultured coral. For the average consumer, buying and maintaining a full collection of their offerings would be an overwhelming investment, both in terms of money and in time and dedication to keep everything happy and thriving. Thankfully, the company has come up with a way to enjoy a gorgeous selection of their animals that requires no long-term care commitments, huge investments, or aquarium upgrades. Now any aquarist, from newbie to seasoned veteran, can enjoy the beauty of the company’s full line of coral and captive-bred clownfish with their newly released posters. These full-color, 18×24” poster are available for just $9.95; they make a perfect gift for the reefer in your life (or for your own, discerning self), without the need for an exhaustive investigation into aquarium inhabitants, aquarium size, and equipment. They provide a splash of color and life to any interior decorating scheme, and can be easily mounted or framed.… More:

Ikelite Underwater Housing

Good morning friends, here’s Aimee posing with the newest Ikelite underwater housing. This is a sleeker, super sexy housing that just came out made for you folks that want to take your expensive camera in the pool, down to the waves or snorkeling, you are going to love it!! Not only is it lighter than the old underwater rig, it’s positive underwater and has a whole new dome port system for almost any lens, here is the link to get yours… Aimee and I are still coughing and trying hard to get rid of our stupid colds but they are really hanging on for dear life!! Have a wonderful weekend out there… Barry NEWER POST:

More Caribbean Filefish

Aluterus scriptus

Aluterus scriptus

 I came across a post a few days ago from Barry Brown showing some great images of Filefish and thought I’d post a few more along with another great fish that hides in the reefs.… More:

Spotted Spiny Lobsters, Panulirus guttatus

Hello friends, it’s almost friday!! I wish I could say I had a fun weekend on tap but with this stupid cough it’s likely I will be stuck at home again. Aimee and I did carry a bunch of new Ikelite gear up the coast this morning followed by three dogs and finally got a few promotional shots for them that they can use for advertising. One of the cool new items is a completely new designed housing for my D-800 with white sides and new domes, they are promoting it as a shallow type of housing for taking photos in pools, waves, snorkeling and free diving, it’s only rated to 40 feet. So I have two Spotted Spiny Lobsters, Panulirus guttatus for you all today that were found late at night crawling around searching for dinner. Lobsters are pretty shy and most of the time our lights scare them back into their caves but occasionally a few will hang out long enough for me to quickly take a photo like you see here. is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.