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The Pros and Cons of Aquascaping Marine Aquariums with Dry Rock

Aquascaping with dry rock has a number of advantages and disadvantagesWhen aquascaping their tanks, marine aquarium hobbyists have the option of using live rock or dry rock (or some combination thereof) to create the foundational reef structure. Each of these options is completely workable but, as with every aspect of this hobby, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So how to choose which approach might work best for you given your unique circumstances, budget, etc.? To aid in your decision making, let’s explore the pros and cons of each approach, beginning today with the use of dry rock. I’ll tackle the plusses and minuses of live rock aquascaping in a future post.Pros of dry rock aquascaping Dry rocks tend to be easier on the pocketbook. One reason is that they ship dry so you’re paying only for the weight of the rocks, not the added weight of water as with live rock, and there’s no need to shell out for expedited shipping. Also, the better-quality dry rocks on the market tend to be less dense than live rock, so you get a greater volume of rock for your aquascaping dollar.

Prison Tanks

8868_3418_final_report_attica-2_04700300_qfzh4jyeg47qazfc4e357d3alyoxpy7q62c4u66siw3t6qwph3oq_757x567This article offers an interesting perspective at a unique aquarist community that would not come to mind: prisoners. Neptune’s Gardens, a New York pet and fish store, would make weekly deliveries to Attica Prison, a maximum security prison in New York, prior to 1971. Nick LaFarnara explains growing up helping his dad make the deliveries: “I was with my dad when I was 7 years old doing this,” he explained Tuesday. “Every Saturday morning, we used to go up to Buffalo and get the fish and supplies. Every other Saturday, we would take them to Attica.“At that time Attica prisoners had tanks in their cells,” he continued. “No electricity, they just blew (bubbles) through the air lines, and that’s how they kept them. But then after the riot, (prison officials) said everything’s got to go.” Inmates would send money orders to Neptune’s Gardens, who would then deliver the tanks, fish and food. Some of the prisoners had tanks up to 40 gallons in size.… More:

Florida Aquarium Announces Expansion

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida has began a new expansion as of Wednesday. The Florida Aquarium has had large plans in the works since 2012, when they started the Rising The Tides Capital Campaign as a way to fundraise for improvement. The area surrounding Tampa’s downtown port did not always have such a great reputation. The Florida Aquarium has been one of the primary and first business working to change that reputation. Now the Channel District is growing and growing fast. There is currently 1.5 billion dollar project in the works to bring more development by way of shops, hotels and restaurants, a new cruise ship port and a new waterfront park. 635810249143382676-Mosaic-CenterMore:

Sicce HyperKoral & Calanus 

Sicce HyperKoral I recently wrote about Sicce’s new HyperReef three-stage dosing system. There is a second part to this system; it consists of two products formulated to feed corals and other reef organisms directly through the water column. … More:

Our Tanks Are Lookin’ Good! But for Whom?

For me, it is about a healthy ecosystem, a learning experience, a pastime or hobbyThis is an easy question. Our tanks can be as good looking as we want. Of course, we can always throw more time and money into our tanks to make them look even better—but better looking to whom? And why? Do we want to have dynamite-looking tanks so we can win TOTM and tell everyone how much we dose, what types of lights we have and their PAR rating, where we keep our parameters, how often we perform water changes, what our quarantine practices are, which pests we’ve dealt with, and how much time and money we’ve invested? Or do we just want a tank that we can sit in front of and enjoy?It’s a hobby, not a beauty pageant (supermodels notwithstanding) For me, that’s easy too. I think my tank looks okay, but that is not why I have a tank. Unlike my interest in supermodels, my fascination with aquariums has nothing to do with looks.

Sea World To Challenge California Ban On Orca Breeding

This week, Seaworld has announced it will be challenging the recent ban on  captive Orca Breeding. The California Coastal Committee issued a ruling that imposed restrictions on Sea World California, most notably, the restriction on Orca Breeding and prohibitions on the sale and transfer of Orcas in captivity. After the decision was made, Sea World issued comments illustrating its discontent, stating “breeding is a natural, fundamental and important part of an animal’s life and depriving a social animal of the right to reproduce is inhumane.” SeaWorld company President Joel Manby said it “defies common sense that a straightforward land-use permit approval would turn into a ban on animal husbandry practices — an area in which the commissioners have no education, training or expertise.” 635806851934122744-AP-SeaWorld-Orca-TanksMore:

Reef Threads Podcast #249

Something to be learned in this book.

It’s podcastin’ time again. This week we expand your horizons with discussions about biophilia, Shinrin Yoku, and daVinci thinking. We also talk about a fascinating cold-water pico aquarium. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

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Forest bathing
Learn more about biophilia at the Terrapin Bright Green website

Think like daVinci
Michael Gelb’s website

Coldwater pico
Jim’s Temperate Pico, fullmonti, Nano-Reef.com

Sicce HyperReef Available Soon in USA

Sicce, the Italian company known mainly for their water pumps, wavemakers, and other aquarium equipment, will soon be entering American markets with their own line of reef tank supplements, called HyperReef. It’s a “classic” three-part Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium additive program formulated to maintain balance in a saltwater tanks that contain stony corals, clams, and other reef-building organisms.  … More:

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