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Thieves Caught On TV As They Try To Steal Aquarium

These may be some of the dumbest criminals ever. These twenty-somethings in Britain were caught on camera trying to steal an aquarium in Britain from Contact Pets aquarium store in Wales. The three bandits are decked out in hoodies, and can be seen smashing into the store and attempting to leave with an aquarium. After giving up on trying to figure out how to get the aquarium out of the store once the handle broke, the three quickly gave up on that prospect and instead went for the register, where they made out with $150.00 pounds and a broken laptop computer.… More:

Winners of the 2015 International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest

3049688756 The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) 2015 brought in over 2,545 entries from 69 counties around the world. This is one epic aquascaping competition! Aquascaping is an art form that takes talent, patience and creativity. In this year’s competition, Japan was number one, and China took second, third, and fifth place! Brazil came in fourth. And you can see the rest of the rankings on IAPLC’s website. Takayuki Fukada from Japan took first place with his aquarium titled ‘Longing’.… More:

CAD Lights Aquarium Disaster

reefs.comCADfailureEvery aquarists worst nightmare is having their tank fail. Unfortunately this reefer just experienced it first hand. While I don’t enjoy reporting such cases, it’s important that aquarium manufacturers take responsibility in such instances, and the public is made aware that not all aquariums are created equal. According to this hobbyist, CAD Lights Aquariums is not. CAD Lights is mostly known for small all-in-one aquariums, skimmers, and reactors. However they also offer custom aquariums in large sizes.… More:

Rich Ross on Reddit AMA

rich ross - reefsIt’s World Octopus Day, and Rich Ross, a husbandry biologist specializing in cephalopods and coral at the California Academy of Sciences’ Steinhart Aquarium, is a guest host today on Reddit’s Science Ask Me Anything!  I urge you to head over to the website with any questions you may have about octopus, coral, reef tanks, or, in his words, ” juggling, martial arts, glassblowing, and hairless dogs.”  … More:

Curacao Sea Aquarium Deep Sea Display Update

plectranthias-curacao-300x225 I have great admiration for the work that the Curacao Sea Aquarium is doing with deep water fish. A fact highlighted on an early episode of Fish Tank Kings where the team uses the Curasub to collect a number of deep water fish for a project at the Florida Aquarium. In more recent news, Joe Oliver, a resident marine biologist at the Curacao Sea Aquarium, describes a magnificent temporary addition to the aquarium: the Plectranthias. This beautiful  fish was recently collected from depths of over 650 ft on the island of Klein, about ten miles from the main island of Curacao. The fish was collected by the Curasub, which was able to collect the fish with minimal stress.… More:

How to Tell if a Marine Fish Is Dying of Old Age

Large coral colonies and adult surgeonfish in Key LargoWe aquarists try very hard to keep our animals alive as long as possible for a few reasons. The first is that we are caring people and don’t want to see them hurt. The second is that our specimens cost us a lot of money. Exactly how much money depends a little on the care we provide. For example, if we buy a purple tang for $100 and it lives for 10 days, then that fish cost us $10 a day to enjoy. I would say that is an expensive fish! But if that same fish lives ten years, then it costs us maybe around three cents a day (I didn’t do the math, but you get my point)

New Program Takes Non-Certified Divers Closer Than Ever To Sharks

Shark-Dive-PDZA Jumping in the water to get face to face with sharks is a great way to teach people that these creatures are ones to be admired rather than feared. Now with Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium’s unique new program, diving with sharks just became a lot more accessible to the general public and non-certified divers. ‘Beyond the Cage Dive’ begins on October 10, 2015 and will be open to children as young as 10 years old. The dive allows participants to get up close and personal with five different species of sharks, including sandbar, sand tiger, black tip reef, nurse and wobbegong sharks, in the open water of the South Pacific Aquarium.… More:

Beginners: Never Add Livestock to Your Marine Aquarium under These 5 Circumstances

If there has been a mysterious death in your aquarium, determine the cause before seeking a replacement.In a nutshell, the reason people are drawn to this hobby (not counting the genetic mutation unique to marine aquarists that I can only assume researchers are close to isolating) is to enjoy up-close-and-personal encounters with exotic marine life. In other words, the whole point of this crazy venture of ours is to acquire specimens for our tanks so we can spend as much of our free time as possible viewing and appreciating them—just as the point of taking up golf is to go golfing as often as possible. But one significant difference between aquarium keeping and many other pursuits is that there are certain times when it’s decidedly not in your best interest to engage in one of the core aspects of the hobby—the livestock-acquisition part, that is.Here are five circumstances in which adding another animal is precisely the wrong thing to do. You’ll notice I’ve targeted this post at beginners, but even experienced hobbyists sometimes forget these points or get impatient and add specimens when they really shouldn’t. 1. Before cycling is complete When cycling a new system, you should observe subsequent spikes and declines in ammonia and nitrite levels and then gradual accumulation of nitrate.

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