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Is There a Jellyfish Tank in Your Future?

One of the product lines that really caught my eye at MACNA 2014 were the jellyfish tanks at the Boyd Enterprises booth. Until recently, home aquarists did not have access to jellyfish systems. When I think of jellyfish systems, I think of them almost exclusively in the context of big public aquariums. I’ve been to a few really nice aquariums lately, and they all had these types of displays featuring different species of jellyfish. As far as these tanks are concerned, it appears to be a Kreisel design, which is a circular tank that lightly tumbles the jellyfish using an air pump for water movement. The idea is to keep the jellies in suspension and prevent the animals from hitting the sides. Contact with the tank risks injury to the animals. The tanks come with an array of colored LEDs to make for a dazzling display
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Keeping “Difficult” Marine Fish

There are no real “difficult” fish; they survive just fine in the sea before someone comes along and collects them. They know what they need, and if we studied them in the sea, we would also know what they need, and it isn’t always about food (though most of the time, it is). There is a reason different fish come from different places—why Moorish idols come from the South Pacific and not Coney Island, why mandarins come from the Philippines and not Bayonne, New Jersey. I have spent time underwater with most of the fish I have ever kept, and I learned more from swimming a few minutes with them than from all the articles I ever read about them. Eating doesn’t equal thriving We as aquarists have a large list of fish that some consider difficult. I say the fish are not difficult but that the aquarist is either lazy or just doesn’t know what that fish is supposed to eat. Not all fish will thrive on “normal” aquarium fare. Many will eat it, but eating something doesn’t always equate with thriving
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Mall of America Set to Get $2 Million Dollar Aquarium Expansion

sea life expansion 300x168 Mall of America Set to Get $2 Million Dollar Aquarium ExpansionAs if I needed another excuse to visit the World’s largest shopping facility, Sea Life Minnesota, the Aquarium located within the Mall of America, will be carrying out a $2 million expansion March 2015, the largest expansion since its opening in 1996 (they can get, say, 80 Personatus Angels for that!). The 1,200,000 gallon aquarium will feature an additional 15,000 gallon interactive Stingray Adventure as it’s main attractant, along with an interactive shipwreck exhibit and expanded touch pools featuring Pacific Northwest inhabitants. The aquarium already boasts the “world’s largest jellyfish collection” as well as the “world’s largest underground shark exhibit”. Thankfully, the aquarium won’t be closing its doors while undergoing the expansion, and in the meantime regular admission guests will receive a free “comeback ticket” to visit the completed project in May 2015.
sea life shipwreck copy 150x150 Mall of America Set to Get $2 Million Dollar Aquarium ExpansionMore:

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Picasso Triggerfish: A Marine Aquarium Masterpiece

Picasso Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus)Certain fishes available in the marine aquarium trade are truly bizarre in their coloration and patterning. Ranked high among them when it comes to both exotic appearance and aquarium adaptability is Rhinecanthus aculeatus, better known as the Picasso triggerfish or the Humuhumu triggerfish. This latter appellation (which is also applied to the closely related and similar looking R. rectangulus) is derived from the Hawaiian name for the species: Humuhumu nukunuku apua’a, which, if memory serves, translates loosely into “Man, how many Mai Tais did I pack away last night!?” I could be wrong on that. Physical traits R. aculeatus exhibits “typical” triggerfish morphology, with a highly laterally compressed body; high-set, independently moving eyes positioned far back on the head; a deceptively small, forward-set mouth; and a stout first dorsal spine that can be “locked” in an upright position to secure the trigger in a reef crevice when the fish is threatened. The maximum recorded length for this species is around 10 inches. I could try to describe the color and patterning of R. aculeatus, but it wouldn’t do this fish justice
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Reef Threads Podcast #199

Ret Talbot is our guest this week to talk about issues that affect the future of our hobby.Ret Talbot joins us this week to discuss endangered and threatened marine species, recent National Marine Fisheries Service regulation activities, and what all of this means for marine-aquarium hobbyists. This is an important subject that could affect the future of this hobby. We also encourage you to support PIJAC’s efforts to collaborate with regulation authorities. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine Ret Talbot’s Blog Support PIJAC
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Awesome 137 Ft Deep Pool Opens In Italy

 Equal to the height of a 12 story building, this new enormous pool defies imagination at 137 Ft depths. Named ‘Y-40 The Deep Joy’, the pool is located in the Hotel Terme Millepini near Padua, Italy. This massive pool allows scuba divers to train in controlled conditions for deep water diving. There are numerous underwater viewing windows for spectators and instructors to keep an eye on students, along with a transparent tunnel 16 ft down. Imagine filling this pool with some deep water species to create a one of a king pool diving experience! MOREMore:

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You’ve Bought a Tankbuster! Now What?

Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris) will outgrow the aquariums of most hobbyistsAt one time or another in their fishkeeping career, many marine aquarium hobbyists make the mistake of purchasing a fish that is destined to grow too large for their tank. They may do so completely unwittingly (because they didn’t research that “pretty little fish” in advance), or they may be more or less aware of the species’ growth potential but underestimate how much tank space it truly needs in order to thrive. Regardless of how hobbyists manage to make this blunder, they’re left with the problem of what to do with the fish now that it’s in their aquarium and growing fast. If you should find yourself in such a predicament, here are a few possible solutions to explore. I’ve listed them in the order of (in my opinion) best to worst options. Upsize your tank It may be that the fish in question is a tankbuster only with respect to your current aquarium. For instance, that harlequin tuskfish may prove to be too much fish for your 75-gallon, but if you have the wherewithal to upsize to, say, a 125-gallon, your problem is solved and your fish will be much better off for it. (Not to mention, you’ll have a new 125-gallon tank!) Of course, keep in mind that if you have a spouse, partner, or roommate sharing your living space, such an arrangement may warrant pre-approval for the sake of domestic tranquility.
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Reef Threads Podcast #198

Visit to learn from Randy Holmes-Farley and to see all of the other content that’s available.We’re back because we can’t stay away. This week we talk about Gary’s clam-eating copper band, goldfish brain surgery, Florida lion fish, natural seawater, green reefs, Randy Holmes-Farley, and Reef2Reef. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine Goldfish brain surgery Green reefs Randy H-F and Reef2Reef
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