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National Zoo Closing Invertebrate Exhibit This Sunday

invertebrete National Zoo Closing Invertebrate Exhibit This SundayHaving visited the National Zoo myself multiple times, the recent news that the Invertebrate exhibit is closing as quickly as this Sunday comes as a shock. The zoo’s reason for closing the exhibit is rising costs, funding and budget issues, which will allow staff and resources to be spent on other exhibits. This is extremely sad. Since the press release, there has been public outcry, including a petition to save the exhibit. The National Zoo released the following Press Release: More:

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Huge Update Coming to EcoSmart Live Includes Better VorTech Control and Webcam Friendly

e7d6ESL Huge Update Coming to EcoSmart Live Includes Better VorTech Control and Webcam Friendly Announced just moments ago, EcoTech Marine is giving their EcoSmart Live (ESL) platform a huge update that will allow users more extensive control of the VorTech wireless pumps, give the entire interface a fresh new look, and even incorporate a webcam into the mix that will allow users to check on their tanks from a PC or smartphone. While still only in Beta testing, EcoTech Marine is offering up limited spots for everyday users to test out the updates and help them create a more polished and functional product. The ESL update will release today and all you have to do to be part of it is log into and check the “Participate in Beta Releases” checkbox from the Settings & Manage Account page. If you don’t make it into this beta release, more spots will be made available as time progresses. As for all of the new features coming with the EcoSmart Live update, take a look at these: All new web design provides quick and convenient access to your Radions, VorTechs, and device settings. VorTech control! Import pumps, upgrade them, schedule modes, adjust settings, and demo your VorTech pumps to dial in and wow friends, family and house guests from the website. Creating gyres has never been easier by pairing master and slave pumps visually in ESL. Create, preview, and save waves for your VorTechs. Call various saved waves with the click of a button MORE: Huge Update Coming to EcoSmart Live Includes Better VorTech Control and Webcam FriendlyMore:

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Reef Threads Podcast #186

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #186 Marc Levenson’s fungia has babies.That’s right. We’re back with more of that reef-hobby stuff. This time around we’re talking about Gary’s DFMAS trip, Franks Tanks, Marc Levenson, Melev’s Reef, MASNA scholarships, choosing a DSLR camera, and whether reef tanks are ever finished. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine More: Reef Threads Podcast #186More:

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Epic Lego Reef Spied at Interzoo

2875Tropical Marine Centre Lego Reef Tank Epic Lego Reef Spied at Interzoo
Reef tanks and Legos. It’s an aquarium nerd’s match made in heaven. At this year’s Interzoo, there have been a lot of interesting and amazing reef aquariums, but this one takes the cake for originality. Tropical Marine Centre, like most companies in attendence, have a booth with a reef display. But they didn’t confine their love of reef fish and corals to just a glass box. Instead, they let their creativity take over and assembled an awesome looking Lego reef, copmlete with Lego fish, Lego corals, and Lego live rock. To top if off, they even have a Lego fish assembly area for anyone willing to test their building skills. As for the Lego reef, it is full of pure awesomeness MORE: Epic Lego Reef Spied at InterzooMore:

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My Top 6 Simple Accessories Repurposed for Marine Aquariums

simple accessories 300x169 My Top 6 Simple Accessories Repurposed for Marine AquariumsOftentimes simple household items make great aquarium toolsVisit your local fish store, and you’ll see shelf after shelf of equipment, implements, doodads, and thingamabobs specifically designed to make the maintenance of marine aquariums more manageable. But when you really think about it, a lot of the handy tools and materials we hobbyists use on a daily basis come not from the LFS, but from hardware stores, housewares departments, supermarkets, or other retail venues not even remotely related to the aquarium hobby. Here, in no particular order, are six such items that I can’t live without: 1) Single-edged razor blades I’m never without at least one cartridge of these little wonders. No aquarium scraper seems to get algae (especially coralline) off the glass panes of my aquariums with as much ease. I also use a razor blade to carefully dislodge pulsing Xenia corals from the rear pane of my reef tank so I can then rubber band them to rocks or rubble and, once the corals have attached completely, trade them with Mark, Susan, and Nikki at Coral Reef for store credit. I’m always careful to rinse the blade in fresh water and dry it thoroughly after each use. Also, be aware that razor blades cannot be used on acrylic tanks, as doing so will cause severe scratches. 2) Plastic milk jugs A well-rinsed one-gallon plastic milk jug (juice jug, punch jug, etc.) has long been my go-to container for holding the fresh water I use for top-offs. You can also use one of these ubiquitous vessels to construct a basic DIY kalkwasser doser if you’re so inclined. To do so, simply drill a small hole in the side of the jug about 3 inches up from the bottom, insert one end of an appropriately sized length of airline tubing into the hole so it protrudes inside the jug slightly, seal around it with aquarium-safe silicone, and then attach an adjustable clamp or valve to the opposite end of the tubing. More: My Top 6 Simple Accessories Repurposed for Marine AquariumsMore:

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First Public Display Of Live Vampire Squid

 The Tentacles exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium allows visitors to get up close to some rarely collected deep sea creatures, which would be otherwise very difficult to view in public aquariums. Some of the stars of the exhibit include a flapjack octopus, which is possibly a newly discovered species, and a vampire squid, which has never been on display before. The Aquarium has teamed up with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, in a collaborate effort between scientists and the husbandry specialists at the aquarium.… More:

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Throw Back Thursday: Aquarium Style

reefs.comTBTJune5 300x223 Throw Back Thursday: Aquarium StyleThrow Back Thursday, or TBT, is an ever growing trend on social media networks that has old and young patrons alike sharing pictures of everything passed. In our little niche as aquarists, or specifically reef aquarists, we can look back upon inumerous topics, theories, trends, types of equipment, and anything else that starts with the letter “T”. All of which evokes laughter, tears and little smirks considering just how far we have come to keep these animals happy and thriving within the confines of our homes or businesses. From here on out, every Thursday we’ll be featuring a thing of the past regarding our beloved “hobby” – smirk.… More:

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