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Finally! “Mermaiding” School Hits The Philippines!

Screen Shot 2014 07 28 at 12.05.25 PM1 Finally! Mermaiding School Hits The Philippines!I’ve been seriously waiting for this magical moment my whole life! OK, no. My initial reaction was honestly just “what in the..”, however, upon further reading I found it’s actually a really cool fitness concept developed by Anamie Saenz and Normeth Preglo. In 2012 they founded their Mermaid Swimming Academy, located on Boracay Island’s white beaches. The concept actually sounds like it would be quite effective – you’re fitted with a “mermaid tail” (they’ll teach you how to slip into your tail, as well as care for your fancy new fins) and forced to use your core muscles to propel yourself forward without looking like a complete idiot (Mermaids are creatures of beauty and finesse, let’s remember). Not to be left out, all ages of Mermaids and Mermen are of course welcome to join in on the fishy fun. Mermaid abs of steal, here I come! You can read more over at Distractify. Screen Shot 2014 07 28 at 12.04.00 PM1 Finally! Mermaiding School Hits The Philippines!More:

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UPDATE! Our Lionfish Odd Couple Now Has Footage!

 As you recall I previously posted about the strange relationship between Jim Gryczanowski’s Pterois volitan and his Blue Stripe Amphiprion clarkii. Well today I have an exciting update for you with this fantastic video of the adorable duo! Jim reports this behavior has been ongoing for a few weeks now, and while the couple seem comfortable with their living situation, the Clown is reportedly a bit stingy, and has yet to share his food with Mr. Lion. Let’s hope she realizes quickly that you must feed your man if you’d like to stick around. I know for sure Jared would eat me if I didn’t cook a decent meal every once in a while.More:

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“Why Doesn’t The World Try to Blend in with Me?”: Incredible Stop-Motion Crochet ‘Quadrapus’

This video, brought to my attention by The Tentacle, started out quite whimsical and sweet. An adorable crochet ‘Quadrapus’ paints the town Blue, my favorite color, and everything he touches comes to life! I don’t want to give too much away, but the story takes a bit of a dark turn towards the end. I mean, I kept waiting for something to happen or change, and well, the end result is simply haunting. Originally a music video shot for Musician/Solo Artist Wax Tailor, I dare you to watch and not be even slightly impacted.… More:

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Holy Crap, Someone Bake Me This Immediately!

10175011 641309732584104 1584040988 n 300x198 Holy Crap, Someone Bake Me This Immediately!This cake is everything that is wonderful in my world! A fantastically executed octopus depicted here eating delicious sushi off an adorable little wooden table waving a pair of chopsticks around along with a few arms. The Evil Cake Geniuses over at Avalon Cakes in Denver, Colorado (maybe we can get one of these babies at MACNA this year?) dreamed this guy up and brought it to life flawlessly. Much too pretty to actually eat, I’d stare at this little guy all freakin’ day in awe. with all those arms flying about, an Octopus Sushi Chef would be both incredibly  talented and extremely deadly. I’d pay extra.  I hope no one lets him know that in Japan they have no problem eating octopus alive… :(. Thanks for sharing, Richard Ross!More:

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tumblr mm7s6vGhZg1qhxjfmo1 500 300x243 Lets Talk CEPHALOPODS!

Mainly, Cephalopods in Fashion. I love to think I’m extremely chic and avant-garde when it comes to my fashion sense, but if I’m being completely honest – I’m a basic black, white and grey kinda gal.  Every once in a while I’ll experiment with something I think is “really cool”, which is basically everyone else’s “really lame and dorky”. With that being said, I present you with this “really cool” OCTOPUS BACKPACK! I love a good backpack since I bike to work the majority of the time, and I lurve me some cephalopods. They’re beautiful, intelligent, cunning and deadly – all traits I aspire to. If you crave having an octopus hang off your back and (unlike me) don’t wish to have one permanently inked to oneself – I would suggest you pick up one of these – except you can’t. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece brought to you by Jen via her tumblr page which you can check out here: Hi Guys I Made Myself An Octopus Backpack

I feel strongly that these should be mass-produced as there’s no way I’m the only one who finds this fantastic! I reached out to Jen and offered her a fancy sum for my very own, but have yet to hear back.

Side note: Given my Octopus Back Tattoo, this would feel like an octopus giving an octopus a piggy-back ride. ‘Nough said.… More:

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Cherry Corals LIVE SALE TONIGHT @ 6pm EST!!!

Tonight, Saturday the 7th, will be hosting its very first LIVE SALE courtesy of Cherry Corals!! Dont miss out on a new format and new CHERRIES from our Cherry Friends!! Also be sure to leave your feedback in the CHAT ROOM!! cherry corals live sale1 Cherry Corals LIVE SALE TONIGHT @ 6pm EST!!!Be there or be SQUARE!!!… More:

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Call to Ban Trade on Nautilus

Newly appointed Professor Peter Ward, of the University Adelaide’s Sprigg Geobiology Centre is calling for a global ban on trade of the Nautilus sea shell. His efforts are stemming from a recent trip the Phillipeans where he found that the Nautilus is close to extinction as a result of overfishing and the demand from industries all over the world  “Nautilus has survived every single mass extinction event that’s been thrown at it over half a billion years, now it’s being wiped out by humans to sit on a bathroom shelf or as a pretty button on someone’s shirt,” he says. “The Nautilus situation we found in the Philippines was mind-boggling. The Philippines have been at the centre of Nautilis fishing for decades. Now it is just about extinct there. And it is not just Nautilus. In the same environments we found almost no larger fish at all where there should be large schools of many different species.” 140528103036 large Call to Ban Trade on Nautilus For the past four years Professor Ward has compiled data from Nautilus populations all over the world ranging from the Great Barrier Reef, to Fiji, from American Samoa and the central Philippine Islands. “Nautilus is the ‘canary in the coalmine’ of the deep reef environment,” Ward says. “It tells us about the health of our deeper reefs where little ecological study is done. When Nautilus isn’t there, we know that the other fish at those depths are also at risk from overfishing or other environmental factors. We cannot rule out high acidity and warming of these formerly cool, deep waters caused by climate change, and from rising levels of silt caused by nearby deforestation.” Read more here!More:

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Neptune Aquatics in the California Bay Area is Moving!!

Neptune Aquatics of Milpitas California has signed the paperwork and begun construction on their new location. A fixture in the California reef hobby Neptune Aquatics has always been the place to be, offering high end reef creatures, as well as quality freshwater plants and fish. With their latest expansion they will continue being the quintessential store to visit in the Bay Area offering three times the square footage and twice the tanks! The exact location is yet to be released but my sources tell me it will be in the same general area of South San Jose about 10 minutes south of their current location. Robert and his wife Cerissa have been leaking progress shots of their hands on approach to expansion via their facebook page while everyone waits patiently for the new doors to swing open. Pictured below chipping concrete and lugging a huge counter off the ground, Robert and Cerissa are owners who put their heart and soul, as well as their sweat and tears, into their business. Stay tuned for the next installment of their local fish store adventure! 10255493 10204045425034840 7292252214677683932 n Neptune Aquatics in the California Bay Area is Moving!! 1377178 10203970213674603 6323303400605575113 n Neptune Aquatics in the California Bay Area is Moving!! 10290622 10204122040990191 6009035146618843665 n Neptune Aquatics in the California Bay Area is Moving!! 10259888 10204146525202281 8728906551272083732 n Neptune Aquatics in the California Bay Area is Moving!! 1797575 10203934939432769 1815984684 n Neptune Aquatics in the California Bay Area is Moving!! 10253947 10204260020439591 4855017859560643131 n Neptune Aquatics in the California Bay Area is Moving!!  1897962 10204260020119583 2242118526407189175 n Neptune Aquatics in the California Bay Area is Moving!! 1487411 10202079365758971 1239110510 n Neptune Aquatics in the California Bay Area is Moving!! More:

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