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Australian Study Finds Damselfish Cause Coral Disease

damsel Australian Study Finds Damselfish Cause Coral Disease Damselfish are known for cultivating their own algae gardens. Essentially Damselfish destroy the Coral, sucking on the coral polyps until they die, to create an area where algae may then grow. Australian researchers have now linked Damselfish to Coral decline, in a new study published in the ‘Proceedings of the Royal Society B’. Part of the problem is that the predators which would control the Damselfish population are over fished, which has led to the growth of the Damselfish population. MORE

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This Week in Reef Fashion

jellyfish dress 1366163206 1024x1024 This Week in Reef Fashion
Check out this sweet little number brought to us by the brilliant folks over at BlackMilk (I want to note they have TONS of geeky get ups that I would rock everyday if I could afford to). The dress is currently unavailable on their site – total bummer since I seriously wanted to snag one of these for MACNA this year. But alas, there’s still hope! Looks like they’re available on ebay, with free shipping to boot! What do you think, Reef Boys? A nice little gift for the Reef Girl in your life?jellyfish dress 1366163207 1024x1024 150x150 This Week in Reef Fashion This Week in Reef Fashion

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ORA Announces Limited Availability of Rare Turquoise Squamosa Clams

3e2bORA Turquoise Squamosa Clam ORA Announces Limited Availability of Rare Turquoise Squamosa Clams Oceans Reefs and Aquariums is known mostly for their aquacultured fish and frags, but they’ve also got some awesome Tridacnid clams, and they’re reminding us all of this fact in a huge way. Announced yesterday on the their Facebook page, ORA has just made their highly prized ORA Turquoise Squamosa clams available to stores nationwide. These clams are breathtaking, sporting the typical “squammie” patterns but draped in a vibrant turquoise color with a bright blue rim around the mantle. There’s only one catch though. The clams will be extremely limited in a one-time special offer, and so rare in fact that there are only four individuals available. This extremely limited availability will definitely lead to a super high price tag, which will most likely come from the vendors selling the clams and not so much ORA themselves. We’ve heard rumors of $300 price tags, but who knows if that is anywhere close to being an accurate number. MORE: ORA Announces Limited Availability of Rare Turquoise Squamosa Clams

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Reefkeeping is Seasonal – and You Can Reap the Rewards

summer hobby 300x169 Reefkeeping is Seasonal – and You Can Reap the RewardsIt may not seem apparent, but the reef aquarium hobby is highly seasonal. Compared to the winter months, there is almost no activity in the spring and summer. The industry as a whole slows down. I think this phenomenon has to do with the amount of time hobbyists are stuck inside. During the colder months, people spend more time indoors, and just being around the aquarium almost obligates additional maintenance and new additions. In nicer weather, people naturally spend more time outside and the tank gets a bit more neglected—out of sight, out of mind. Having said that, this theory really doesn’t explain warm-weather states like Texas or California, where it’s generally pleasant outside in December. The summer months slow down there too. Good deals can be had! More: Reefkeeping is Seasonal – and You Can Reap the Rewards

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“Why Doesn’t The World Try to Blend in with Me?”: Incredible Stop-Motion Crochet ‘Quadrapus’

This video, brought to my attention by The Tentacle, started out quite whimsical and sweet. An adorable crochet ‘Quadrapus’ paints the town Blue, my favorite color, and everything he touches comes to life! I don’t want to give too much away, but the story takes a bit of a dark turn towards the end. I mean, I kept waiting for something to happen or change, and well, the end result is simply haunting. Originally a music video shot for Musician/Solo Artist Wax Tailor, I dare you to watch and not be even slightly impacted.

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Lionfish Wave Initiates Pack Hunt

MG 1116 300x225 Lionfish Wave Initiates Pack HuntIn an interesting development, scientists from the James Cook University in Queensland, Australia have documented for the first time how Lionfish use their pointed, venomous fins to initiate cooperative hunting missions. During the study, Oona Lonnstedt and her colleagues built a special aquarium that held prey fish at one end. They then placed a Dendrochirus zebra lionfish in the middle of the tank and let it discover the prey fish. Next they placed a different species of lionfish (Pterois antennata) at the opposite end of the tank from the prey fish. In a behavior that mirrored that seen by Lonnstedt on many occasions in the wild, the team saw the D. zebra first approach the other lionfish and then wave one fin after another. In an apparent attempt to ‘invite’ the second lionfish to follow the D. zebra then swam back over toward the prey. If the other fish failed to follow, the D. zebra returned and repeated its fin display. Once the second lionfish was released and joined the hunt, the two species of lionfish were 50 percent more successful at catching prey than fish that hunted on their own. “Cooperation requires high cognition, but fish have traditionally been perceived as being at the bottom” of the cognition scale, said Lonnstedt, a graduate student in marine biology. “But when you look at their social behaviors, you can see that these fish are way more advanced than we thought.” As well as giving a fascinating insight into these complex and beautiful predators, the studies could potentially help conservationists develop strategies against another species of lionfish Pterois volitans which is decimating native reefs in the Caribbean and the Atlantic seaboard after accidental introduction. More: Lionfish Wave Initiates Pack Hunt

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The H2Overflow Kits a Great Way to Make Aquariums “Reef-Ready”

1efdH2Overflow The H2Overflow Kits a Great Way to Make Aquariums “Reef Ready” When it comes to reef ready aquariums, hobbyists generally have two choices. Those are to either accept the typical huge black box style internal overflows that dominates the pre-made reef ready aquariums, or to add one of a number of different custom overflows to an existing tank that wasn’t previously reef ready. For the latter option, aquarium keepers have been limited only by their imagination, but there are few pre-fabbed choices on the market short of those unreliable HOB overflows that we all know and hate. Thankfully, the crew at Custom Aquariums has a different take on the retrofit overflow design with their including this H2Overflow. This take on the overflow box uses a small surface skimming intake attached directly to PVC plumbing that runs out the back of the aquarium. The surface skimmer sits high enough in the water that it is hidden from sight by the trim of the aquarium (assuming your tank isn’t rimless), which also helps hide the water line. The H2Overflow can handle up to 1200 gallons per hour and it measures 7.25 inches long by a mere 1.75 inches wide. And to add to the versatility, the overflow can be positioned in numerous different ways, as it can rotate a full 180 degrees. To keep the trash out of your sump, and potentially out of the intake of your protein skimmer or return pump, a removable lid sits atop the H2Overflow. To prevent clogging, the teeth of the overflow are tapered so that as water levels and/ or flow rates increase, the overflow can handle more flow MORE: The H2Overflow Kits a Great Way to Make Aquariums “Reef-Ready”

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5 Marine Aquarium Misconceptions I No Longer Espouse

aquarium misconceptions 300x169 5 Marine Aquarium Misconceptions I No Longer EspouseCasting my mind back on my early days as a marine aquarium keeper, it’s funny how some of my stances on various aspects of the hobby have, shall we say, evolved in the intervening years. Of course, these changing opinions have led to different ways of doing things—and different ways of dispensing advice. Here are just a few examples (experienced salties, see if any of these sound familiar to you): 1) Quarantine is an extravagance I used to think quarantining new specimens was more of a luxury than a necessity. Besides, despite my failure to quarantine, I somehow got lucky and managed to sneak by with no major disease problems for quite some time. Oh, what a naïve fool I was! No one could have convinced me that I was playing a game of Russian roulette and running out of empty chambers. It took (wait for it!) an outbreak of Cryptocaryon to achieve that. There’s nothing like the sight of all your prized fish dashing around the tank and scraping their bodies on the rockwork to change your mind about the importance of quarantine! 2) Live rock hitchhikers should be eradicated with extreme prejudice More: 5 Marine Aquarium Misconceptions I No Longer Espouse

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