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Marine Aquarium Contingencies I Never Anticipated

harmful algal bloom1 Marine Aquarium Contingencies I Never AnticipatedIf you’ve been watching the news lately, you may have heard about the massive Microcystis algae outbreak that is currently affecting the western basin of Lake Erie and, from this past Friday until around 9:30 this morning, rendered the tap water in Toledo, Ohio and many surrounding communities unsafe to drink. Toledo just happens to be home to yours truly, and “Caribbean Chris” just happens to live in one of those surrounding communities. My wife and I first learned of this most unusual water emergency at the tail end of our vacation in Florida. Our teenage son and daughter, who are now way too old and cool to travel with Mom and Dad, broke the news via text message. My first thought was, “Thank heaven we’ve stockpiled plenty of clean drinking water that the kids can use (I guess you could say we’re preppers of a sort—though not the wild-eyed, catapult-building, planning-for-Armageddon type). My second thought was, “Hmm, I wonder what this means for my aquariums.” The same question occurred to Chris. So many questions, so few answers Is microcystin (the toxin produced by Microcystis) harmful to marine fish and/or invertebrates? More: Marine Aquarium Contingencies I Never Anticipated

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The Biorock Project of Pemuteran: A Hauntingly Beautiful Reef Restoration Project

Screen Shot 2014 08 01 at 2.43.44 PM 201x300 The Biorock Project of Pemuteran: A Hauntingly Beautiful Reef Restoration ProjectOn my search for a new and improved “Octopus Bicycle“, I happened upon this wonderful Award Winning Reef Restoration Project in Indonesia. Many factors such as pollution, cyanide fishing, and coastal erosion have contributed to the deterioration of modern day Indonesian reefs and surrounding Indo-Pacific countries over the past twenty years. Enter the Biorock Project – the brainchild of two scientists who discovered “Electrical Mineral Accretion”, a technology that uses low-voltage currents in seawater that causes MORE

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Aussie Mini Scolys Are to Die For

85f8Mini Scoly Collage Aussie Mini Scolys Are to Die For
Recently, Exotic Reef Creations shared a nice batch of fresh Aussie Mini Scolys over on their Reef2Reef page, and for us it served as a beautiful reminder about just how cute these little corals are. About the size of a quarter, the mini Scolymia is packed full of colors that are right on par with their larger cousins. But the fact that they’re essentially miniatures means there is so my more appeal. Seriously, outside of the current trends in smartphones, everyone loves making normal things smaller. The Mini Scolys are priced at $90 a pop, which is pretty much their normal going rate for colors and quality such as this. The tiny corals, like the larger Scolymia, benefit from regular feeding, which is always fun to watch since they extend their feeding tentacles and gobble up all they can within reach. Pictured below is our very own mini scoly, which we picked up months ago at the local Reef Currents event MORE: Aussie Mini Scolys Are to Die For

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There’s Hope! Perhaps I Can Make an Eight-Armed Friend, After All.

Screen Shot 2014 07 31 at 10.31.34 PM Theres Hope! Perhaps I Can Make an Eight Armed Friend, After All.
Oh, boo. Looks like it’s an interspecies thing. National Geographic is featuring this thought-provoking story that questions everything we think we know about the Octopus. My true idol in life, is known to be beautiful, cunning, adaptable, deadly and damn good at yoga. They are NOT, however, known to be very social creatures. The lone “floppy-floppy spiders of the sea” (thanks, Ze Frank) tend to keep to themselves, to the point where they make a name for themselves blending in with their surroundings as not to be bothered. On top of that, when spotted and approached, they typically put on an MORE

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Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): Nuisance Algae Control Method Kills Corals?

Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): 3 days of darkness will harm your corals The rest of the story: 3 days of darkness is a method used to control nuisance algae. The idea behind it is simple: without light, algae dies. Also simple is how you perform 3 days of darkness: just turn your lights off for 3 days. Once you turn the lights back on, you’ll be amazed to find that your corals are perfectly fine! Think about it: out on the reefs in the ocean is it a perfectly sunny day 365 days a year? No. There are plenty of MORE: Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): Nuisance Algae Control Method Kills Corals?

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Rare Yellow Lobster Saved From Being Dinner

 Thanks to some caring and concerned individuals, and the wonders of social media, a rare lobster has been saved from a Florida Publix Supermarket tank. The lobster was in fact a yellow lobster. Yellow lobsters are very rare, about every one in 30 million lobsters is yellow. The woman responsible for this is Marybeth Jeitner, a Palm Coast Florida resident who named the lobster ‘Libby’, short for liberation, and bought and brought Libby home with hopes of finding her a stable home. After many attempts by Jeitner to secure a new home, Libby will now live at the Seacoast Science Center in Rhode Island. However, no matter what color her carpace, I bet you it tastes just as good with butter and lemon.  MORE

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Aquatic Terrorist?

 We are all passionate about the aquarium hobby. Sadly, misinformed groups are placing undue pressure on it. A Hawaiian fish collector, who was involved in the underwater brawl, was just charged with a misdemeanor charge from the incident. Specifically, the collector was charged with terrorist threatening for pulling an air regulator out of an anti-aquarium activists mouth. Hawaii is at the center of the fight between activists and fish collectors, and this shows how heated and violent the debate has become. MORE

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Ha! Now This is My Kind of Prank!

 What do you get when you combine a fake shark, some blood, ice, a fish market and some unsuspecting patrons? Hilariousness, that’s what. This had me laughing so damn hard! I’d love to get fooled by the adorable little bloody mess, enjoy!

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