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ORA Releases Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish

reefs.comORAfile 300x212 ORA Releases Whitespotted Pygmy FilefishORA has added another fish to their growing list of successful captive bred offerings, this time it’s a little filefish! Filefishes in general just make me smile. Their goofy demeanor and camouflaging ability make them very intriguing. Most of the time when I add them to a clients aquarium they’re referred to as “that ugly fish”, however that “ugly fish” keeps their reefs devoid of pesky aiptasia anemones. MORE

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Aquarium Disposal King

reefs.comZia 300x245 Aquarium Disposal KingEver been so angry with an event in your aquarium that you were ready to throw it out the window? Or smack it with a hammer? Username “Zia” takes the cake on the most creative and brutal way of disposing of an aquarium I’ve ever seen… MORE

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Aquatic Experience Chicago

 Aquatic Experience ChicagoIt’s that time of year again…Aquatic Experience in Chicago. The show began yesterday and goes on until tomorrow, November 9, 2014.The motto is ‘Everything Aquatic Under One Roof’ and that pretty much sums it up. There’s so much going on in here. I had the honor of speaking at this years conference yesterday, about my time in the Middle East, “Mega Aquariums In The Middle East’. It was great to reminisce about those crazy years and I was honored to share my experiences building amazing aquariums in the desert. There are a ton of awesome speakers this year, like Jake Adams, Sanjay Joshi, Charles Delbeek, and Steve Lundblad, and that’s just to name a few. This year is really shaping up to be a great show. The show goes on until Tomorrow, so if you are near by, it’s definitely worth a visit. Time to get back to the show-photos and follow up articles to come. MORE

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Should You Try to Keep Pace with Evolving Marine Aquarium Practices?

aquarium trends2 Should You Try to Keep Pace with Evolving Marine Aquarium Practices?Spend any amount of time in this hobby of ours, and you’ll soon realize that the methods and technologies favored for maintaining marine organisms are continually in flux. What’s considered dogma today is heresy tomorrow—and maybe back to dogma again later in the week. (If you doubt me, just ask PaulB! He’s seen more than his share of methodology and technology come and go in his many decades of marine aquarium keeping.) Here today, gone tomorrow For the sake of illustration, think how many nitrate-reduction methods have been utilized at one time or another. Jaubert’s plenum method, deep sand beds (DSBs), coil denitration, nitrate-adsorbing filter media, and organic carbon sources coupled with protein skimming are just a sampling of the techniques that have either had their “day in the sun” or are currently in vogue today. Another example is the use of the wet/dry or trickle-down filter with bioballs for biofiltration. All the rage not that long ago, this technology is now largely considered obsolete (for reefkeeping purposes, anyway) because it tends to do its job too efficiently, earning it the nickname “nitrate factory.” On the one hand, all this change is exciting because it means we’re ever on the lookout for better, easier, more efficient ways of doing things rather than resting on our collective laurels. More: Should You Try to Keep Pace with Evolving Marine Aquarium Practices?

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Well, It’s On The Internet So It Must Be True…

1136338556fea10 2 Well, Its On The Internet So It Must Be True...When I originally read this article, I got heated and furiously wrote up a response, glossing over key details and relevant information. Upon reviewing my piece, I was dissappointed. The anger and frustration was palpable and that’s not how I had wanted to come across. This sort of issue needs to be addressed calmly, cohesively and justly. MORE

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The Maxspect Gyre is Officially Available to the Masses

e586Maxspect Gyre Side The Maxspect Gyre is Officially Available to the Masses It has been a while since we have seen a product with this much excitement around it, and we’re happy to say that it is officially available for all to enjoy. Maxspect has been showing off this revolutionary water pump for what seems like forever (it debuted back in May) and even though it was sent out to a limited number of testers months ago, the product will now be able to be put thorough the rigorous testing of the ever demanding aquarist. The Maxspect Gyre will initially launch in the XF150 model priced at $299. This model has a maximum flow rate of 5000gph at 50watts, and is suitable for a wide range of aquariums that span 50-800+ gallons. The Gyre mounts via magnets to either glass or acrylic, with the mounts capable of holding on tanks up to 3/4″ thick. While the XF150 is currently the only model available to purchase, it is by no means the only model that will be made available MORE: The Maxspect Gyre is Officially Available to the Masses

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Reefs In Art: Exhibition For Octopuses

stream img 300x168 Reefs In Art: Exhibition For OctopusesNo, that’s not a typo. This is an accumulation of art put together by Brighton Sea Life Centre with the intent of entertaining and stimulating the ever-curious, brilliant mind of their resident octopuses.  MORE

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Designs From The Abyss – Nothing Wrong With A Little Cephalo-Bling

iusb 760x100.8719729 Designs From The Abyss   Nothing Wrong With A Little Cephalo Blingil 570xN.283685730 150x150 Designs From The Abyss   Nothing Wrong With A Little Cephalo Bling
It may seem like a pretty niche market, but with all the Steampunk trends rapidly gaining popularity over the past few years, one could imagine this would end up being pretty sought-after. MORE

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