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Turn Your Elevator Ride Into An Aquarium Experience

The Tel-Aviv based company Digigage will change the way you view riding in an elevator, literally.  The company’s website explains that it offers “digital interior design product that introduces passenger user experience, improves perceived ride quality and cabin size on top of delivering real-time messaging and information”.  Consumers can purchase this system for new or existing elevators. MORE

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Tank Profile: Paul B’s 40+ Year Old Saltwater Aquarium

paulb aquarium main 300x182 Tank Profile: Paul B’s 40+ Year Old Saltwater AquariumWhen it comes to standing the test of time, few aquariums have more history than Paul Baldassano’s 100-gallon glass box. Ask any aquarist who has spent time on internet forums, and they’ve likely encountered Paul (more commonly known as Paul B) and his tank. While Paul’s “old school” approach might seem odd to some folks, his success speaks for itself. Any system that’s been up and running successfully for 40+ years must have a great aquarist, creative ideas, and good ol’ elbow grease behind it. The Aquarist Paul resides in Long Island, New York and has kept aquariums since the 1950s. Like many saltwater aquarists, he started his tenure on the freshwater side of the hobby. In 1971, after serving in the Army in Vietnam, Paul returned home and started what was to become the “40-year-old tank.” His impact on the hobby goes further than his own aquarium, as well. More: Tank Profile: Paul B’s 40+ Year Old Saltwater Aquarium

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PVC Plumbing Tips

img 4590 300x225 PVC Plumbing TipsLittle did most of us know when we first entered the reef aquarium hobby that we would quickly become proficient plumbers. Between plumbing sumps, multiple systems together and simply performing water changes, the world of aquarium plumbing can quickly overwhelm newcomers and salty veterans alike. Through the years I’ve plumbed hundreds of aquariums, dozens of water changing systems and have inhaled enough PVC cement fumes to inebriate a herd of elephants. This post covers some of the ‘trade secrets’ that aid in efficiently plumbing any system with Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), and can help establish of plan of action prior to necessitating fifteen trips to your local hardware store. MORE

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Dolphins Underwater, Dolphins, GoPro, Ikelite, Snorkel

942fZenzi Working 457x305 Dolphins Underwater, Dolphins, GoPro, Ikelite, SnorkelGood morning gang, so sorry again for the late mail but it has been a very busy morning! I did two dives already this morning and am now finally back inside where I can chill out and relax for the rest of the day or at least until 4:30, then it’s mountain bike time!! By request I have another fun swimming with dolphins photo for you all today and YES, just for the record this is as fun as it looks!! This is one of our top trainers Zenzi doing two things at once, holding her breath and trying to keep up to the dolphins and filming them at the same time with the new state of the art Ikelite video tray and strobes made just for your GoPro. This is not as easy as it looks either, this girl can swim!!! What I usually do as I said yesterday is just kneel on the sand with a chosen background and wait for her and the dolphins to come to me, that way I’m not swimming around stirring up dust and scaring any dolphins. MORE

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Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Sharks Getting A New Home

Just moving from one home or apartment to another is a tedious thought for most of us. Think about how hard moving a whole aquarium is! The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is moving approximately 5000 animals to a new 24 million dollar facility, which was funded by donors, grants, corporate sponsors and financing, that will hold over 500,000 million gallons of water (information gathered from the Aquariums website).  The new 136,000-square-foot facility in Draper is scheduled to open March 25, 2014.  This  move will be no easy feat. MORE

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Reef Savvy Raising the Bar… Again

reefs.comRSpinstripe4 300x200 Reef Savvy Raising the Bar... AgainReef Savvy is at it again, blowing the doors (panes?) off the competition with little touches that exemplify perfection in each and every one of their builds. These new pictures recently shared by Reef Savvy on Facebook show an aquarium featuring a red pinstripe that intrigues one’s attention, yet is subtle enough to not draw focus away from the aquarium inhabitants. This aquarium is the first thing you see when walking into the offices of Reef Savvy… talk about making a first impression! MORE

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Free-diving with Dolphins, Snorkeling with Dolphins, Ikelite

d4bcAimee Ikelite 1 850 457x305 Free diving with Dolphins, Snorkeling with Dolphins, IkeliteGood morning from the Caribbean all!! I’m about as wiped out as a person can be this morning after a crazy busy, but super fun weekend! Saturday was all about the dogs!! I first took them for a three hour adventure on the trails overlooking Vaersenbaai and while I was there did some much needed trail cleaning to an area that never gets maintained. This is an area that has a wonderful mile and a half single-track trail way up high along the cliff overlooking the sea and is one of the prettiest trails in Curacao and few even know it’s there MORE

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Underwater Scooter To Survey Health Of Filipino Reefs

A high resolution camera system, called the SVII camera, mounted on an underwater scooter will allow researchers at the University of Queensland to survey large portions of Filipino reefs more precisely than ever before.  The Seaview SVII Cameras were developed by the Catlin Seaview Survey team, to document a reefs Underwater Scooter To Survey Health Of Filipino Reefs The researchers will survey reefs within the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park in the Philippines. Located at the heart of the Coral Triangle, these reefs are spectacular examples of underwater biodiversity.tub 2 Underwater Scooter To Survey Health Of Filipino Reefs The reefs, however, are under grave threat due to over fishing, climate change and pollution. MORE

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