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Mark Strickland Delivers Striking Marine Life Photography

Screen Shot 2014 10 03 at 1.10.32 PM Mark Strickland Delivers Striking Marine Life Photography Here’s some eye candy for you today. If you haven’t yet stumbled upon Mark Strickland’s underwater photography portfolio – go there. Go there now. This post will still be right here waiting for you when you get back (warning, make sure you have a good amount of time – it’s mesmerizing). MORE

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There’s Hope! Our Reefs Aren’t Quite As Doomed As We Believe

Gates Edmunds Reef ENH 300x199 Theres Hope! Our Reefs Arent Quite As Doomed As We BelieveHere’s some positive news for you on the often believed bleak outlook for the health and survival of our beautiful coral reefs. A new longitudinal study from UC Santa Barbara California’s National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) gives us hope for the future of the astounding, diverse and delicate ecosystems and their residents, dispelling the perpetuated doomsday that researchers and the media usually project. I’m not going to sit here and tell you this study promises a flourishing, thriving future – no one can do that – the oceans and included reefs face a plethora of obstacles, at our own hands and at Mother Nature’s, be it global warming, pollution, or ocean-acidification just to name a few. MORE

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Baby Longfinger Purse Crab, Iliacantha subglobosa

cb49Bottle Cap Crab 457x305 Baby Longfinger Purse Crab, Iliacantha subglobosaGood morning from Curacao all! Look what I have for you today, a baby Longfinger Purse Crab, Iliacantha subglobosa that I found inside one of the beer bottles the Smithsonian Institution brought up from the 800 foot zone. On almost any dive we do we bring up bottles from the deep, one because we want to help clean our ocean and two because they are always filled with little treasures like rare shells or tiny little crabs as you see above. This little crab was happy as could be hanging out inside his discarded Heineken bottle cap, talk about a tiny little thing! Some of you may remember my post last year on June 14th when we collected a full grown adult Longfinger Purse Crab, click on the link below to see what this baby will grow up to be. Longfinger Purse Crab, Iliacantha subglobosa, Crabs We finally got RAIN!!! MORE

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Parastite Treatment Kills One Hundred Aquarium Fish

 Over 100 Caribbean Reef Fish died from a parasite treatment at the Albuquerque Aquarium on Wednesday. The aquarium had been trying to treat a stubborn Trematode outbreak for several months in one of their exhibits. MORE

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Cherry Corals PIJAC Frag Pack!

reefs.comPIJACpack 300x300 Cherry Corals PIJAC Frag Pack!Unless you’re living under a live rock you’ve likely heard a good amount of chatter lately regarding the organization PIJAC. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Rich Ross’ recent article that explains how and why PIJAC is fighting to save our hobby/industry. While fundraising will boil down to the mass support of hobbyists, in my opinion (so spread the word guys!), we have seen an encouraging response from the industry side as hoped. Cherry Corals just posted a Zoanthid and Palythoa frag pack stating, “All the proceeds from this pack (less shipping) goes directly to the Ornamental Defense fund and will aid in the efforts to save our hobby!” How cool is that! These aquacultured frags will land in someones tank while supporting the only real voice we have against the powers at be that can potentially end, or severely restrict our beloved hobby/industry. MORE

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Keeping “Difficult” Marine Fish

difficult fish Keeping “Difficult” Marine FishThere are no real “difficult” fish; they survive just fine in the sea before someone comes along and collects them. They know what they need, and if we studied them in the sea, we would also know what they need, and it isn’t always about food (though most of the time, it is). There is a reason different fish come from different places—why Moorish idols come from the South Pacific and not Coney Island, why mandarins come from the Philippines and not Bayonne, New Jersey. I have spent time underwater with most of the fish I have ever kept, and I learned more from swimming a few minutes with them than from all the articles I ever read about them. Eating doesn’t equal thriving We as aquarists have a large list of fish that some consider difficult. I say the fish are not difficult but that the aquarist is either lazy or just doesn’t know what that fish is supposed to eat. Not all fish will thrive on “normal” aquarium fare. Many will eat it, but eating something doesn’t always equate with thriving More: Keeping “Difficult” Marine Fish

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The new Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 – Preview

2014 09 tunze nanostream 6020 008 The new Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 – Preview
The new Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 pumps were first introduced to the public in May, at Interzoo 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany. Today, I am excited to have the opportunity to test and review it for you. The Nanostream 6020 was one of the most interesting new products at Interzoo 2014. It has a unique vertical design, which allows it to be placed behind live rock in the home aquarium.  MORE

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Spiral Grafting

photo 21 293x300 Spiral GraftingMy most recent spiral graft is part art project, part science experiment, and involves a genus that I have had great success with in the past, Acanthastrea. I used two corals that originally came from the same mother colony; over the span of two years, one line of clones took on a remarkably different coloration. One set of clones was kept in the aquaculture system connected to Joe Yaiullo’s 20,000 gallon reef tank. The other set was kept in the ReefGen aquaculture on the other side of the aquarium. Both systems receive the same original make up water but have different coral and fish populations, as well as different lighting (T5 vs LED). I have made numerous grafts of various sorts of the years. Not all grafts take, but those that do produce stunning results. I knew that these two lines would indeed fuse since they are clones, but I was curious to see how they would influence each other’s color after such a long period of separation in different conditions. MORE

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