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Submarine Eruption Leads to Formation of New Red Sea Islands

Finding the right time, place and circumstances to observe the formation of a new island is pretty difficult. For one, it just doesn’t happen very often. It may occur in an inaccessible area. And, conditions in the water may quite dangerous. We recently reported on research of a newly formed island off of the coast of Japan. Now, researchers and videographers have been granted yet another such opportunity with volcanic events taking place beneath the Red Sea. A pair of six-mile-long and half-mile-wide troughs in the Earth’s crust have been spewing magma–creating new land–for weeks after a powerful submarine eruption. The result is a fresh land mass in the Zubair archipelago near Yemen. Scientists from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology of Saudi Arabia used satellite and video data to monitor the volcanic activity. The new islands have been given the names Sholan Island and Jadid Island. However, they won’t last very long–at least on a geological scale of time. Even the relatively mild wave action of the Red Sea is capable of causing considerable erosion. Judging from the rates observed in this area, both islands are expected to be leveled within a few hundred years. To view video and satellite imagery of the two islands published in Nature Communications please visit:

The Endangered Corals of Fisher Island & The Saga of The Deep Dredge (Part 3 of 3)

The Deep Dredge of Government Cut has caused significant coral stress and mortality on the corals and reefs in and around Miami… including wide areas that the Army Corps predicted would not be affected. In particular, the dredging at PortMiami has resulted in vast sediment plumes that arc around the south-side of Fisher Island and out through Norris Cut where federally protected elkhorn corals are suffering. As mitigation against this coral die-off and stress, Coral Morphologic proposes the construction of an ‘urban coral research nursery’ along the edge of South Pointe Park where the public can be directly engaged with the marine ecosystem of Miami. This coral nursery will be built primarily to house and grow fragments from the variety of Acropora corals living around More: The Endangered Corals of Fisher Island & The Saga of The Deep Dredge (Part 3 of 3)

Caribbean Reef Squid Inking, Octopus briareus

Good afternoon all, sorry about the very late start. Today we had Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the World famous Jacques Cousteau stop by with his film crew and ended up spending half the day with us doing a story on the sub. I’ll post more on this fun event later….. Weeks ago, maybe even a month a close friend who does not dive was asking how often do I ever see an octopus or a squid shoot out ink as a defense???? Good question. MORE

Rare 17 Foot Oarfish Found At Catalina Island

 This long, slender oarfish washed ashore the beaches of Catalina Island, California. The giant fish was noted to be between 14 to 17 feet long. Two conservationists were said to have found the fish while doing morning bird breeding surveys along Catalina Island. It is indeed a rare find because oarfish are deep sea creatures that reside at depths of over 1000 feet. MORE

Female Sawfish Use ‘Virgin’ Births To Avoid Extinction

saw Sadly Smalltooth Sawfish are on the verge of extinction. However, scientists have discovered that some female sawfish are having ‘virgin’ births. The recent Study was published in Current Biology, initially the study was taking DNA of Florida Estuaries sawfish to see if they reproduced with relatives because of the limited the population.  MORE

Tattoo Tuesday

image4 (1) We’ve received some great tattoo submissions. Today’s tattoos belongs to Christina Castaldo. This work was done by tattoo artist Alessia Reinero of Vicenza, Italy. It sure looks like this piece took many hours and sittings to finish. The bold colors and slightly stylistic nature of the art add a great deal of pop that makes the tattoo come to life on her arm. image1 (2)   If you or a friend has rad tattoo you’d like to see featured here, submit some pics and background info, and the name of the tattoo artist if you have it. Email info and pics to: image2 (2)image3 (1)

Have a Fellow Aquarium Hobbyist on Call for Vacation Emergencies

There’s something about being thousands of miles away from your aquarium that seems to spark tank emergenciesWhat is it about taking a vacation that seems to precipitate problems in a marine aquarium? My system can go for many months or even years without a significant glitch, but then as soon as my wife, Melissa, and I embark on a much-needed getaway, something always seems to go awry. A memorable example of this phenomenon occurred just a few summers back. Melissa and I were down in St. Augustine, Florida, enjoying dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, when her cell phone rang. At the other end of the line was her father, LeMoyne, who, despite being a non-hobbyist, is always kind enough to feed my fish and top off my tanks whenever we’re out of town. Now, LeMoyne has a pretty solid grasp on those particular duties and is not prone to making frivolous phone calls, so the fact that he was trying to reach us did not bode well.Lager interrupted My fears were confirmed when Melissa said, “I have no idea! Here, I’ll put him on” and then handed the phone across the table to me MORE

Marshawn Lynch Gets BeastMode Custom Fish Tank

marshall Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch will be appearing on this season of Tanked on Animal Planet. The Custom tank will include a Beast mode logo and skittles colored coral. Watch the tank preview here. is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.