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Stunning 140 gallon SPS Reef Tank Profile

Tenji Inc, a leading Custom Aquarium Design and Construction firm recently set up a 140 gallon SPS reef in their Carmel Valley, California showroom. The tank was started on December 1, 2013, so it’s only 2.5 mos old, but it is already showing tremendous growth. You can see a live video feed of the aquarium  here.11 Stunning 140 gallon SPS Reef Tank Profile Tank and System Stats: MORE

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Whitespotted Filefish, Cantherhines macrocerus, Filefish

ae90Mark 1 457x305 Whitespotted Filefish, Cantherhines macrocerus, FilefishGood morning friends, it’s finally Friday!!! It’s been a weird week for me with a strange like cold that is still holding on which has been keeping me from diving and biking. The island is again being hit with high winds which in turn create rough seas and colder weather but the good side is, no mosquitos!! I have a photo of my buddy Mark from the World famous Dive Bus Hut playing with or following two beautiful Whitespotted Filefish, Cantherhines macrocerus. These are usually very easy fish to approach and photograph because they are so curious and a complete joy to watch.   Filefish (also known as foolfish, leatherjackets or shingles) are tropical to subtropical tetraodontiform marine fish of the diverse family Monacanthidae MORE

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Seneye presents Seneye Cleaner

seneye cleaner Seneye presents Seneye Cleaner Seneye launches the Seneye Cleaner, a product aimed to clean the Seneye sensor.  MORE

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The Aquarium Life Film With Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown is a self-proclaimed aquarium hobbyist and filmmaker in Atlanta, Georgia, who is on a quest to make a difference in the aquarium world. 1 300x185 The Aquarium Life Film With Thomas Brown Brown started the YouTube Channel “ThomasVisionReef” in February 2013. On his channel, he has two main series, “Local Fish Store Travel” and “Tank Wars”. On “Local Fish Store”, Brown seeks out to find unique aquarium stores. During “Tank Wars”, Brown hosts an aquarium competition where two aquariums similar in size face off against each other and the viewers get to choose the winner for each episode. Brown’s latest quest is to create a film called “The Aquarium Life”. MORE

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Video: Red Sea Showcases New REEF-SPEC Refractometer

 Having already seen some preliminary reports breaking in the last few days, we were interested to watch this video which was published by Red Sea themselves today. The video goes some way to address certain misconceptions about the product, and we have to say we think it looks really good. We’ll be getting our hands on this unit very shortly and doing our own review when we’ve given it the attention it deserves. More: Video: Red Sea Showcases New REEF-SPEC Refractometer

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Aquariums As Art Exhibition

In my opinion, aquariums, whether large or small, are always a form of art, letting the designer express their creativity and style throughout the tank. The Central Florida Aquarium Society (CFLAS) will be hosting “Immersed”, Orlando’s first ever aquaculture art gallery exhibit.immersed Aquariums As Art Exhibition The gallery will include a variety of themed art by local artists and photographers, and will also feature aquascaped aquarium displays by hobbyists and businesses alike. The show will take place at the CityArts Factory and will be open for a month, starting tomorrow, February 20, 2014. This sounds like an awesome event for any of the local Floridian readers to check out.  MORE

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Giant Isopod’s Hunger Strike Comes to an End


photo 11 Giant Isopods Hunger Strike Comes to an EndA giant isopod was pronounced dead this week at the Toba Aquarium in Japan. The giant isopod was known as “No. 1″ since the aquarium housed two isopods. No. 1 had been residing at the aquarium since 2007 and had made news previously, as for some unknown reason, the isopod stopped eating in 2009. It’s last meal consisted of 50g of horse mackerel. Aquarium keeper Takeya Moritaki, who cared for the isopod, was puzzled as to why.

Through out the years that followed, Moritaki often invited photographers for press releases of feedings in hope that No. 1′s hunger strike would end. After 5 years and 43 days with no food, No. 1 died on February 14, 2014. It raises interesting questions that, for now, no one has the answer to. MORE

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The Beautiful, Beginner-Friendly Bubble Coral

bubble coral1 300x169 The Beautiful, Beginner Friendly Bubble CoralRecently, I found myself musing over the livestock lineup I had in my first reef tank many years ago. Along with a variety of easy-to-keep soft corals and a handful of hardy fish, I fondly recalled that I also had a solitary large-polyp stony (LPS) coral that brought me a lot of enjoyment—a bubble coral, known taxonomically as Plerogyra sinuosa. For as delicate as this coral looked, and its common name sounded, it proved to be quite a rugged and durable specimen. In my opinion, this wonderfully unusual-looking species is well worth keeping for beginners and experienced reefkeepers alike. I should note that there are other so-called bubble corals in the Plerogyra and Physogyra genera, but Plerogyra sinuosa is the species you’re most likely to come across and the care requirements for each are pretty much the same. Physical traits P. sinuosa comes by its common name honestly, as its tentacles are modified into oval-shaped, bubble-like vesicles, which, depending on the specimen, might be white, tan, green, yellow, or even bluish in color. If you look closely at some specimens, you might also notice interesting fingerprint-like striations or shiny bands on the vesicles. The bubbles remain expanded during the day but contract at night to reveal tapered feeding tentacles. Also after lights out, P More: The Beautiful, Beginner-Friendly Bubble Coral

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