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Stunning Underwater Art Museum Submerged in the Red Sea

10599533 598797240230764 1018825868129224817 n 300x199 Stunning Underwater Art Museum Submerged in the Red SeaI was originally planning on hitting the Museum of Natural History tomorrow since, GASP! I’m a born and bred New Yorker and have never been (shameful, I know), but then I saw this incredible underwater art museum located in the Red Sea. Ok, realistically I’m still going to stick to New York City and fulfill my duties as a Manhattanee since I don’t have the unlimited funds or freedom to hop on an 8+ hour flight at my whimsy. MORE

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Elephant Aquarium In Switzerland?!

 The Zurich Zoo in Switzerland has a new exhibit, of the likes I have never seen before. The Kaeng Krachen Elephant park features 6 ‘aquariums’ or water basins for the elephants to swim in. The exhibit is described as ‘the most magical thing you will ever see’ and the exhibits are intended to reflect the natural environment of Asian elephants and improve the health of Zoo Elephants. This is definitely not your traditional aquarium, and certainty not one I would like to clean. MORE

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Pipefish For The Reef Aquarium: Part Two, Husbandry

0627hys instinalis Scribbled Pipefish 2 Aaron Down Pipefish For The Reef Aquarium: Part Two, Husbandry

Scribbled Dragonface Pipefish Corythoichthys instinalis Photo courtesy of Aaron Down

 Now that we’ve discussed which pipefish are appropriate for the reef aquarium in Pipefish For The Reef Aquarium: Part One, The Pipefish, we can look at acquiring and caring for your pipefish. Picking Your Pipefish When purchasing pipefish, there are a few things you can look out for to ensure you get healthy pipefish. Pipefish are susceptible to bacterial infections, so look for areas of cloudy skin, fins or eyes. Rapid breathing is frequently a sign of distress; although it can be situational i.e. fear from recent acclimation, or it can be a sign of a bigger problem such as parasites or bacterial infection. Flagtail Pipefish should be swimming above the substrate, not resting on the bottom. More: Pipefish For The Reef Aquarium: Part Two, Husbandry

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‘Tis the Coral Frag Swap Season, Fa La La…

frag swap prep2 ‘Tis the Coral Frag Swap Season, Fa La La…September may be a long way from Christmas, but for reefkeepers, it’s the next best thing. September is the unofficial kickoff of the coral fragment swap season. Soon the eyes and hearts of reefkeepers everywhere will turn to swapper pages and message boards, searching for that special piece that the keeper just can’t live without. But before we blow our children’s college fund on new coral this fall, let’s make sure we are fully prepared to give those new pieces the best chance to thrive in our systems. First things first Discussion should start with the question: “Where are we going to put this piece?” That question should be followed by the equally important: “Does that spot give the coral the proper lighting and water flow?” Another consideration is whether the coral will get along with its new neighbors. Many corals use some sort of sweeping tentacles to keep space for themselves. Left unchecked, stings from these sweepers can result in coral death. Most corals will respond fine to being trimmed to keep their place in the system. This is especially true of stony corals, yet some soft corals will not respond as well, and that must be taken into consideration before purchase. The right coral for the right spot—let’s go get it! More: ‘Tis the Coral Frag Swap Season, Fa La La…

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Mutant White Yellow Tang Shows Up at Pacific Island Aquatics

442dWhite Yellow Tang Mutant White Yellow Tang Shows Up at Pacific Island AquaticsHere’s a totally awesome fish. Pacific Island Aquatics recently showed off this amazing aberrant yellow tang, which sports a large amount of white coloration instead of the normal solid yellow we’re so accustomed to. According to information posted on Reef2Reef, the fish was collected off the south side of Kona and tips the scales at just 4.5″ in length. This is about the average size for yellow tang sold in the aquarium hobby, if not a little bit larger, but it’s one of the smallest aberrant tangs collected. This makes it far more appealing than those huge aberrant tangs we normally see.The tang will be listed at $1500 (originally $2000), but PIA is entertaining reasonable offers. This is a pretty typical price for yellow tangs with this coloration.It should be noted that this is not an albino yellow tang. Rather, it is technically a leucistic yellow tang, meaning it’s simply lacking some of its natural pigmentation. This genetic condition results in the fish exhibiting significant white coloration, and in this case a small amount of yellow on its fins and random patches on its body. MORE: Mutant White Yellow Tang Shows Up at Pacific Island Aquatics

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A smooth(er) transition…

lrg 97 regal angel fish 300x225 A smooth(er) transition...Getting healthy marine livestock, is one of the greatest challenges we face as aquarists. To a point, it’s not really the fault of anything but distance, which makes acclimating new acquisitions so difficult. Often, our aquariums are located thousands of miles from a specie’s natural home. Sometimes, when I consider the journey my aquarium residents have taken, it’s shocking that they even made it here alive. Even the closest coral reef, for those of us on the north east coast, is far south, stretching from West Palm Beach Florida, down to the Florida Keys. For people who live smack dab in the center of the United States, it’s much farther. When you consider that most of the species we seek out, come from tiny islands in the remote South Pacific, or Indian Ocean, you can understand why aquarium fish arrive to us, in such a stressed out state. Traveling is stressful, even on human beings. For fish, who are suddenly plucked from a rich, diverse habitat, and tossed into a tiny container, trekking thousands of miles across the planet, it’s a total change of lifestyle, within a matter of seconds. Instead of try to offer pointers on how to spot a good livestock vendors, (which requires a post of its own) I’d rather point out some often overlooked realities about marine fish, that can help us ease some of that stress, making the transition to a captive life a bit smoother. New arrivals need to be MORE

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday Am Quick Tip: The Emergency Power From Above

When you lose power, you’ve got a couple of options to get your tank powered up. Here’s one option that requires zero gas and has no carbon footprint.  MORE: Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday Am Quick Tip: The Emergency Power From Above

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Under Water Museum Brings New Coral Life To Egypt

10613162 639552176158087 9025147345348141257 n Under Water Museum Brings New Coral Life To EgyptI have written about under water museums before on I don’t hide my support of what I think is an awesome blend of art and aquatica, which also promotes eco-tourism by encouraging divers to come to the area to check out the new museum sites and surrounding marine life. An Underwater museum is underway in the Red Sea, off the Egyptian Coast, as part of the Underwater Museum Coral Reef Preservation Project. The project was organized by the i-dive tribe, ‘a group of divers who are out to change the concept of diving in Egypt.’ Most peoples first thoughts of Egypt are more along the lines of deserts pyramids and tombs, not the amazing diving destination which it is. MORE

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