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Coral City

 We are very psyched to share ‘Coral City’, a half-hour documentary accompanying the Coral Morphologic cover story in last August’s VICE Magazine. The movie, directed by John McSwain and shot by Jake Burghart of VICEMedia, documents our efforts to highlight the urban corals of Miami as resilient pioneers adapting to a rapidly changing world. Check out the online premiere over at The Creators Project. More: ‘Coral City’

New Device Spots Fake Fish

fishScientists at the University of South Florida have come up with a device that will allow users to determine if that pricey restaurant fish is actually what is purports to be. The average diner probably would be unable to tell the difference between a pricey grouper versus an inexpensive fish presented as grouper. It is estimated around 30 percent of the seafood entering the U.S. is mislabeled. Add to that the average restaurant mark ups, and what you get on your plate may not be what you paid for. The ‘Grouperchek’ is a hand held device that can be used by anyone who purchases the fish for re-sale, to make sure it is legit. MORE

The Horned Bannerfish: Little Color but Lots of Character

Horned bannerfish (Heniochus varius)When choosing fish species for our marine aquariums, bright coloration is often a highly sought-after characteristic. But there’s also something to be said for species with more subdued coloration that just happen to have really interesting morphology. One such species that comes to mind is Heniochus varius, the horned bannerfish, aka the humphead or brown bannerfish. Physical traitsActually, “bannerfish” doesn’t provide a very apt description of H. varius, since adults of the species lack the elongated dorsal filament, or banner, exhibited by many other Heniochus species. Juveniles do have the filament, but it more or less extends straight up, instead of trailing behind the fish, and is lost as the fish matures. Note the hump and hornsH. MORE

Scientists Discover Method To Grow Coral 25 Times Faster

florida-keys-reefs-croppedScientists in the Florida Keys have new groundbreaking potential method to restore dying coral reefs. These scientists are attempting life saving transplants for the Florida Keys reefs. The scientists are grafting new corals onto dying reefs. MORE

Significant Update to Apex Fusion Makes Aquarium Control Even Easier

unnamed2Apex Fusion, the nifty, free cloud-based service that allows you to control and monitor your Apex AquaController remotely from virtually anywhere in the world from nearly every platform available – Windows, OSX, iOS, or Android, just got a little makeover.  MORE

Write-Up Wednesday: Halloween Leptoseris

Combining a striking orange body and yellow-green eyes, the Halloween Lepto delights anyone who looks upon this SPS coral. Besides the unique color combination, the halloween Lepto also grows in an ridged encrusting pattern that makes it even more of an eye-catcher. Unlike other high-end SPS that are known to be delicate, the Halloween Lepto is an easy keeper requiring only moderate light and moderate to low flow. My frag of Halloween Lepto shown in the photo thrived under only four T5 bulbs at the bottom of a 21” deep tank. I’ve also found the coral to be very forgiving as it spent three days upside down after it got knocked off a rock. The coral has also recovered from multiple chemical attacks from neighboring corals. Rounding out the reasons why the Halloween Lepto is a must-have coral is the fact that specimens are nearly all aquacultured. Extensive aqua culturing have driven down the price of the coral from over $100 USD a frag to under $50 USD. I love my Halloween Lepto and haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love their specimens as well. MORE: Write-Up Wednesday: Halloween Leptoseris

What constitutes an expert?

166260943Yesterday I posted a breakdown of my personal aquariums, easing reader’s minds that as someone offering advice on marine aquariums, I actually have a few of them. After spending some time digging around forums (something I rarely do) I learned that the topic of misinformation seems ripe today. I’ve mentioned it before, and rarely do I suggest new reef keepers venture online to a forum for information. Like an open source programming platform, everyone has access, so as much junk comes down the chute as good stuff. Whenever something is wide open to everyone, spam is inevitable as well. I prefer the Apple mentality to gaining reef-keeping information; research, careful observation, testing and trial and error. If it passes through those phases, it may become something I try and eventually promote to aquarists.  MORE

Coral Off The Coast Of Cuba Is Flourishing

Cuban Elkhorn coralIt’s refreshing to finally get some good news about the health of our ocean’s corals. While most of the World’s corals are suffering, the corals off the coast of Cuba are flourishing. Scientist, David Guggenheim, attributes this to the ‘lack of typical human behavior.’ Cuba’s political climate made it difficult to get pesticides or fertilizers, which resulted in basically organic farming. MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.