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New Species Is Blind, Pink And Has Anus Behind It’s Head

cavefish New Species Is Blind, Pink And Has Anus Behind Its Head

Hooser Cavefish with its flesh cleared to show the lack of eyes

 Researchers have described a new species in the caves of Southern Indiana, which has been named Amblyopsis Hoosieri or Hoosier Cavefish. Matthew L. Niemiller, a researcher at the University of Kentucky, was studying northern cavefish when he realized that they appeared to belong to different genetic groups. He then teamed up with Prosanta Chakrabarty and Jacques A. Prejean from Louisiana State University. They collected 30 fish from Indiana and 11 from Kentucky, which revealed that the Indiana fish included a new species.  hooser New Species Is Blind, Pink And Has Anus Behind Its Head
The Hoosier cavefish differ from the northern cave fish in many ways. Notably, the lack of eyes or pigmentation in the skin due to acclimation in the dark caves and the presence of the anus behind its head. “The anus behind the head might help them get the eggs into their gill chamber, where we know they brood their young, another strange behavior,” said Chakrabarty. MOREMORE

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Fish World Cup

 In the spirit of the World Cup, check out this video from Shanghai, China. The Shanghai Aquarium staged their own World Cup using fish. MORE

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Marine Aquarium Antacid: Understanding Alkalinity

alkalinity 300x169 Marine Aquarium Antacid: Understanding AlkalinityWhen I first made the switch from freshwater to marine fishkeeping, I was somewhat befuddled by the term “alkalinity” as it’s typically used on the saltwater side of the hobby. During all my years of keeping freshwater systems, I had always used the term “alkaline” interchangeably with “basic.” In other words, with respect to the pH scale, I would describe any value below zero (neutral on the scale) as being more acidic and any value above zero as being more alkaline. Related but different What I soon discovered is that alkalinity is indeed related to pH—just not in the sense that I originally thought. In fact, your aquarium water can actually have a relatively high pH yet still be low in alkalinity. In this scenario, the pH is unstable and can plummet rapidly if an acid is introduced. So, clearly, the terms “alkaline” and “basic” are not synonymous. Simply put, the alkalinity level (also called “buffering capacity”) of aquarium water refers to its ability to resist a downward shift in pH in the presence of an acid. I like to think of alkalinity as antacid for a marine aquarium (a visual that always resonates with me given my propensity for overindulgence at mealtimes) More: Marine Aquarium Antacid: Understanding Alkalinity

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Holy Crap, Someone Bake Me This Immediately!

10175011 641309732584104 1584040988 n 300x198 Holy Crap, Someone Bake Me This Immediately!This cake is everything that is wonderful in my world! A fantastically executed octopus depicted here eating delicious sushi off an adorable little wooden table waving a pair of chopsticks around along with a few arms. The Evil Cake Geniuses over at Avalon Cakes in Denver, Colorado (maybe we can get one of these babies at MACNA this year?) dreamed this guy up and brought it to life flawlessly. Much too pretty to actually eat, I’d stare at this little guy all freakin’ day in awe. with all those arms flying about, an Octopus Sushi Chef would be both incredibly  talented and extremely deadly. I’d pay extra.  I hope no one lets him know that in Japan they have no problem eating octopus alive… :(. Thanks for sharing, Richard Ross!

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AVAST Marine Works Unveils Solenoid Based Top Off System

d4f3AVAST Marine Auto Top Off Solenoid AVAST Marine Works Unveils Solenoid Based Top Off System AVAST Marine Works has a new toy on the way, and it’s one that looks to further automate aquarium maintenance, specifically topping off evaporated water. This yet to be named product (more on that below) combines AVAST’s reliable pressure sensors with a smart control heavy duty solenoid unit that detects the water level in a sump and allows an RODI unit to respond accordingly. Product X, the unit’s temporary name, uses two pressure sensors to measure the minimum and maximum water levels in the sump, obviously flipping open the solenoid when the minimum water level is reached and allowing the aquarium to fill with freshwater until the solenoid is deactivated once the water level reaches the top level sensor. In addition to maintaining water level, there is also a handy Quick Fill button that allows the unit to completely fill a tank even if it hasn’t triggered the low water level alarm. This is great for those times where extra water is anticipated. Lastly, a set of indicator LEDs are included to let users know what is going on at a glance, whether the unit is filling or sitting idle. As for the product’s name, AVAST is holding a little naming contest over on Reef2Reef that offers up one of these units as a grand prize for the winning name. Forum users just have to log on and suggest a name for the AVAST solenoid unit, with the naming scheme falling under a pirate theme. As for pricing and availability, AVAST lists the item as being in stock and running $200. MORE: AVAST Marine Works Unveils Solenoid Based Top Off System

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Coral Reef Scene, Coral Reef Photo, Vase Sponge

836dInvisibles 2 22 11 071409 2301 Coral Reef Scene, Coral Reef Photo, Vase SpongeGood morning friends, welcome to your lovely Monday morning! So yesterday I injured my back bending down from my mountain bike to get a little hermit crab off the trail and spent the rest of the day in bed!? Yeah talk about weird!?? Hours before I hurt the back I did two fast hours of riding with Stijn racing up and down rocky single-track, jumping off small walls and flying down some serious rough trails so how is it that bending down to help a little crab can cause so much trouble??? MORE

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Real or Fake: Man Dives Into Sydney Harbor With Great White

Here’s some Sunday Fun day Footage for you. In this video, Terry Tufferson free jumps into the Sydney Harbor. Looks like a normal day of fun with some friends. What he discovers once jumps is in is pretty horrifying: a large Great White Shark swimming feet away from him.  When watching the video, as soon as the man hits the water, his friends start yelling and then he realizes he is not alone in the water. It is surely coincidental that he was wearing the Go Pro. Nonetheless, if this video is real, he is one lucky guy. MORE

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Reef Threads Podcast #186

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #186 Marc Levenson’s fungia has babies.That’s right. We’re back with more of that reef-hobby stuff. This time around we’re talking about Gary’s DFMAS trip, Franks Tanks, Marc Levenson, Melev’s Reef, MASNA scholarships, choosing a DSLR camera, and whether reef tanks are ever finished. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine More: Reef Threads Podcast #186

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