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German Tourist Killed In Shark Attack Off Egypt’s Coast

map Very sad news coming from the resort town of Al-Qusair in Egypt this past Sunday. The Red Sea is a top diving location for scuba diving in the Middle East. It is the first fatal shark attack to occur in the region since 2010. According to reports, a 52 year old German tourist was swimming with his wife on a resort beach off the coast of Al-Qusair in Egypt when his leg was bitten by a shark. The species of the shark has not been confirmed. The last fatal shark attack in the area took place back in 2009. Further details about this unfortunate incident have not been confirmed.  MORE

How to Acclimate Marine Animals in 8 Easy Steps—Plus 5 Cases When You Can’t

In his book The Salt Smart Guide to Preventing, Diagnosing, and Treating Diseases of Marine Fish, Jay Hemdal provides a surprisingly simple method for acclimating marine animals—just one of many useful tips readers will discover in this authoritative tome. Here, excerpted from the book (Chapter 1: Selecting Healthy Specimens), is Jay’s straightforward, step-by-step acclimation technique, followed by five special cases that warrant a modified approach:A simple acclimation process The following process is one that should be employed for all normal acclimation of animals from one system to another. STEP 1 If possible, determine the water quality values for the aquarium that the fish will be coming from and adjust the receiving aquarium’s values to a similar range. As mentioned, if the values can be made nearly identical, no acclimation process is even required. STEP 2 The fish must be transported from one aquarium to another in a manner that minimizes additional stress. The fish should be kept in the dark, and supplemental aeration or oxygen must be used for any transport lasting longer than about 30 minutes. MORE

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium To Launch $25 Million Dollar Renovation Plan

  cabrillo-marine-aquariumCabrillo Marine Aquarium is located on the inner harbor of Cabrillo Beach, California. The Aquarium functions as a research facility first, and an aquarium second. The focus of the Aquarium is on Southern California sea life. The aquarium has big plans in place and will be launching a 25 million dollar renovation and expansion project. Highlights an 11 million dollar pavilion that will have historic collections, thematic exhibits and robots. MORE

Announcement! Orphek Azurelite Winners Have Been Selected

Aquarium-LED-FlashlightParticipated in our contest with Orphek for the chance to win one of their sleek, high performance blue LED Azurelite Flashlights? We know you’re anxious to find out if you’ve won. We got together with Scott from Orphek, scoured the entries, and we’re excited to announce the winners have been selected! Check out the list below to see if you’ll be one of the lucky recipients of this super cool reef toy. MORE

Goniopora Love

Recently I had the pleasure/heartbreak of fragging one of my long term Goniopora mother colonies. I had been growing this line of coral for over 5 years, and this particular colony for 3 years; from a nickel sized frag it had become a 7 inch colony. 

Time to cut up this captive grown beauty

Time to cut up this captive grown beauty

 Compared to other coral such as Acanthastrea and Favia, Goniopora are a dream to run through a saw. They cut like warm butter.Though large colonies of some species, like Goniopora stokesi, develop daughter colonies that will bud off and create a little clones, others need to be fragged in captivity to produce new corals. In my experience thus far, Goniopora norfolkensis (the strain I was working with) is one of the latter. 
Several layers of artificial substrate and super glue can be seen in this cross section

Several layers of artificial substrate and super glue can be seen in this cross section

 Pictured here is a cut cross-section of my captive grown G. norfolkensis. The coral’s history in captive care is MORE

Police Arrest Walmart Fish Poisoners One Year Later

walmartPeople do strange and cruel things. Apparently at times for no reason at all. This appears to be clearly the case in a bizarre event which took place at Walmart in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Last year, police released video surveillance which showed two people dropping some sort of chemical solution into fish tanks in Walmart, and then just walking away. MORE

Your right to reef: Fracking and reef keeping …

GL_0113_EarthTalkFracking-660x330Most of the country is now familiar with hydraulic fracturing (fracking). It’s a method used to extract natural gas buried deep beneath the Earth. Despite some of the jargon that gets passed around, fracking hasn’t been around for 30 or more years. It has been used for around eight, as a means to release natural gas locked in layers of shale rock. I am very familiar with the process as I live in western Maryland which lies over the Marcellus Shale. Right now a war has broken out between those that favor fracturing the shale and releasing the gas and those that believe it will risk resident’s health. In states where fracking has been embraced (NY, WV, PA, TX, CO, etc) the process has become controversial as private water supplies suddenly became filled with chemicals, some even becoming flammable. As I learn more about fracking, I can’t help but wonder what it could mean to reef aquarists anywhere the process is embraced. Even if a clean water supply is available, we still require mass amounts of filtration to create high quality synthetic saltwater. Would it be possible to even maintain a marine aquarium if fracking chemicals leached into an aquarist’s water supply? How would an aquarist know their water had been effected and would you not learn until it was too late?  MORE

Salt Speak – Episode 2: Than Thein

We’re back with another episode of Salt Speak! First off, I’d like to thank everyone who reached out with kind words for this new series. It was great to hear the interest in episode 1 and excitement for future installments.In this second episode, I spoke with Than Thein. Than is the owner of Tidal Gardens, a coral propagation greenhouse in Ohio. We discussed a variety of topics ranging from what it takes to grow corals in a greenhouse and how to properly start a propagation business to the state of the reef aquarium hobby and the role of coral retailers. We cover a lot of ground in this chat and I think you’ll really enjoy the discussion. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, please share this episode with your fellow reef aquarium hobbyists MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.