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GHL Announces Cloud Based Service for 4Q Launch

myGHL Start GHL Announces Cloud Based Service for 4Q Launch
Oooohhhh, the cloud! More and more companies are moving their services to the cloud, an online system that gives users an incredible amount of computing power while also improving functionality, adding handy features, offering seamless continuity among connected devices, and Continue reading → MORE: GHL Announces Cloud Based Service for 4Q Launch

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Reefs Magazine – New Issue Online Now!

reefs magazine 3rd quarter Reefs Magazine   New Issue Online Now!
Just in time for MACNA 2014 this weekend in Denver, we bring to you the latest issue of Reefs Magazine.  Randy put together a whopper this time with all of the big reef aquarium writers contributing.  In addition to the hobby slanted articles, we also have a very important article from Rich Ross and Ret Talbot about point of origin tracking and why this is important to the entire industry as a whole.  Be sure to check the new issue here on the website or in the new Reefs App v4.2.

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AquaIllumination Giving Away Decked Out IM SR-120 Display Tank at MACNA 2014

MACNA 2014 AI and IM Giveaway AquaIllumination Giving Away Decked Out IM SR 120 Display Tank at MACNA 2014
AquaIllunination is kicking off MACNA 2014 with an epic giveaway that spreads across three different companies and is sure to draw a crowd at their booth at the conference. The lighting gurus have teamed up with Innovative Marine to giveaway MORE: AquaIllumination Giving Away Decked Out IM SR-120 Display Tank at MACNA 2014

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The Pros and Cons of a Bare-Bottomed Marine Tank

bare bottom tank1 The Pros and Cons of a Bare Bottomed Marine TankIf you’re in the process of planning and setting up a new saltwater aquarium, you’ll need to give some thought to the type of substrate you’d like to use. It may seem counterintuitive, but one of your options in this area is to dispense with any sort of substrate altogether and go bare-bottomed (BB). To help you decide whether the BB approach might be right for you, here are some of the pros and cons to consider: Pros: Very easy to vacuum up uneaten food, fish waste, and other detritus that has settled to the bottom without siphoning up sand in the process. Allows you to aim the effluents of powerheads and other sources of water movement in any direction desired to maximize water flow throughout the system and behind rockwork without creating an underwater “sand storm.” Detritus more readily remains suspended in the water column so it can be filtered/skimmed out efficiently. Cost savings from going sans substrate can be significant depending on the size of your system. Cons: Arguably less natural looking, though this is a matter of taste. (Plus, coralline algae and, potentially, various encrusting invertebrates will eventually conceal the bottom, giving the system a more natural look.) Can’t keep burrowing fishes as easily. Some BB aficionados get around this by placing a substrate-filled container somewhere in the system. Having no sand-dwelling microfauna can mean lower biodiversity More: The Pros and Cons of a Bare-Bottomed Marine Tank

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The Top Five Speakers I Can’t Wait to See!: Grand Finale

ulufeke 300x225 The Top Five Speakers I Cant Wait to See!: Grand FinaleHere we go, guys, the final round of my Top Five! This particular speaker sparked my interest not too long ago, based not only on the strides he’s made in the aquarium industry and his fascination with my absolute favorite thing ever- Cephalopods, but for how he came to be the Octo-Guru he is today. Richard Ross, Senior Biologist at the Steinhart Aquarium in the California Academy of Sciences, actually kicked off his career in a comedic fashion in the form of juggling and improv while pursuing a degree in Philosphy instead of the expected field of Biology. Eventually establishing himself as a full -time entertainer, he also began exploring the arts of glass blowing, founding his own glass blowing studio in Alameda, CA. After the birth of his daughter, Ross left his career as an entertainer and fulfilled the duties of a stay-at-home dad, where he was able to completely engulf himself in the beauty of the reef keeping hobby. He eventually made incredible breakthroughs in keeping Sepia bandensis, the Dwarf Cuttlefish, documenting the entire process. Rich began volunteering at the Steinhart Aquarium in 2003 after a divesting earthquake forced the animals to be moved to a holding facility. After years of volunteering and part-time employment, in 2008 he was offered an opportunity he could never turn down – the full-time position of managing their 212,000 gallon Philippine Coral Reef and associated exhibits. I haven’t had the pleasure of viewing this phenomenal system in person, but it’s on my list for this upcoming year. The reason this all fascinates me so much is I myself started of on a vastly different career path before I found myself here, writing this. While I’ve always had a passion for the ocean and it’s occupants, and my first job was scrubbing algae and doing water changes at the local fish store, I ended up following the culinary road, with a degree in Professional Cooking. Unhappy with the field I found myself itching to get back into Reefs, discovered my love for the Octopus, and quickly started following Ross’ career. Needless to say, I consider him a huge influence in my endeavors. This year, he’ll be speaking about Phosphate, what it means, and how it effects your reef systems and how it influences a thriving tank. It’s going to be riveting, I seriously am jumping up and down with glee for this one. For more about Rich and his career path, check his website here. rich ross 150x150 The Top Five Speakers I Cant Wait to See!: Grand Finale 388834 2320896225798 661253257 n L 150x150 The Top Five Speakers I Cant Wait to See!: Grand Finale

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Latest Press Release From ReefGen: Exciting Things to Come!

reverse Blue eyed blond 499x346 Latest Press Release From ReefGen: Exciting Things to Come!Here we have the latest press release from our favorite coral Voodoo Masters, Justin Grabel and Laura Birenbaum of ReefGen. Tomorrow they launch their newly renovated website. Easy ordering, wish lists, and a streamlined navigation portal are amongst the redesigned features you will be able to enjoy. Also check in for updates on their new propagation systems in the works, tucked snugly away behind the scenes at the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center. Expect many more corals and economical pricing. Given some of the drool-enducing pieces they’ve created and the work they’ve done with cool little swimmers like the Sepia bandensis, I’m very much looking forward to what these brilliant brains come up with next!

“This has been a busy summer for ReefGen, and the team is excited to announce the efforts of all that work. Starting Friday ReefGen’s new website will go live. Along with a redesign, the website allows wholesale customers to login for pricing and order online through an easy to navigate portal. Hobbyists can also browse ReefGen’s wares, and create wish lists to send to their favorite LFS. Along with being busy getting their digital house constructed, the crew has been busy building new propagation systems, tripling their behind the scenes grow out capacity at Long Island Aquarium. This extra capacity comes with an added benefit to Reefgen’s customers, lower prices. With all the extra room ReefGen can grow more coral, faster, and cheaper. ReefGen is passing those savings on to their customers.”

PEOPLE 499x346 150x150 Latest Press Release From ReefGen: Exciting Things to Come!  mini tracy morgonian 499x346 150x150 Latest Press Release From ReefGen: Exciting Things to Come! Baby Cuttle face copy 499x346 150x150 Latest Press Release From ReefGen: Exciting Things to Come!

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An In-Depth Look at the Natural System of Reef Keeping: Part Two

IMG 1881 An In Depth Look at the Natural System of Reef Keeping: Part Two
The other day I brought you the first of three installments from a notable article written by Jeremy Gosnell. We took a quick look into the natural system of reef keeping originally expressed by Lee Chin Eng 60 years ago. Gosnell exposed us to Eng’s ideas on the common tank husbandry practices at the time, and how we can better replicate a natural environment within our reef systems. He touched base on the benefits and downfalls of utilizing refugiums, as well as experimenting with bare bottoms as opposed to substrate. Not to keep you all hanging, today I’ll carry on with the second installment of Jeremy’s article which will provide you with alternative options to a messy, muddy, stinky fuge. So here you go – Zeolite reactors and biopellets – enjoy! MORE

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Top Five Speakers I Can’t Wait to See!: Part Four

less.jpg.w300h200 Top Five Speakers I Cant Wait to See!: Part FourThings are about to get really deep this year at MACNA thanks to none other than Rufus Kimura, and this is without a question one of the top talks I can’t hide my excitement for. The Molokai native and founder of Kaiohi Tropical Fish, a collection facility located in West Oahu, is renowned as being one of the top deep sea collectors in the industry. Specializing in the delicate, perilous process of collecting such rarities from the deep such as the Paracentropyge boylei and the Genicanthus personatus while using sustainable and ethical methods. This approach is undoubtedly more dangerous, but Kimura’s dedication to preserving our reef’s natural environment far outweighs the comfort and safety of more traditional methods. This year, Rufus will be taking us into the great depth of his world of the collection of sparsely seen species of the deep. From equipment preferences to proper care during collection to export, he’ll to be cluing us in to his greatest secrets as well as explaining the difficulties of such dives and efforts he’s put into practice in order to make the aquarium hobby more sustainable. If you can only make a few speakers this year, I implore you to really make some time for this particular one, you seriously won’t regret it!
rufus kimura 21 150x150 Top Five Speakers I Cant Wait to See!: Part Four Diver2.jpg.w300h200 150x150 Top Five Speakers I Cant Wait to See!: Part Four

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