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In the Marine Aquarium Hobby, “Close Enough” Just Won’t Cut It!

close not enough2 In the Marine Aquarium Hobby, “Close Enough” Just Won’t Cut It!When it comes to achieving success with a marine aquarium, there’s a certain “X Factor” that comes into play—the hobbyist’s attention to detail. Let’s face it, some of us are pretty focused on making sure every parameter, measurement, calculation, and setting is spot on, while others tend to be a bit more, well, lackadaisical in their approach. Admittedly, my natural tendency is toward the latter. I guess you could say I’m more “big picture” focused than detail-oriented. But I’ve found over the years that my usual “close enough” thinking is not a terrific asset in this hobby, so I have to work hard to be more diligent and precise. Here are just a few examples of when “close enough” thinking doesn’t pay in our hobby: Matching fish to tank size “Hmm, says here a clown triggerfish needs at least a 135-gallon tank. My 100-gallon should be close enough. After all, it’s only a difference of 35 gallons!” Sound familiar More: In the Marine Aquarium Hobby, “Close Enough” Just Won’t Cut It!

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Light The Way For Me, Beautiful

Screen Shot 2014 07 26 at 11.15.37 PM1 e1406431470311 221x300 Light The Way For Me, BeautifulSo this lovely creature crawled onto my Facebook feed tonight and I immediately had to have it! Aside from my love of the incredible octopus, I have an affinity for all things beautiful, and the fine detailing on the piece doesn’t disappoint. His adorable little arms delightfully hold the gothic inspired votives as if he’s leading us somewhere magical under the sea. I’m not quite sure what’s going on around the base – baby melting octopi, perhaps? Who cares. Once I find out where to purchase this, I’m buying one for myself and Richard Ross!

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Reef-A-Palooza Heading to New York in 2015

04cbReef A Palooza New York Reef A Palooza Heading to New York in 2015 Reef-A-Palooza, one of the most attended aquarium trade show in the US, is looking to conquer another state. The show originated in California, headed east to sunny Florida, and now makes the trek north to New York. There is absolutely zero info about the show at this point, besides a date and an address, but we are sure that this event will be just as massive and successful as the other two Reef-A-Palooza events. If the other shows are any indication of how the New York version will be, then we can expect the same $15 admission fee (kids 12 and under are free), tons of aquarium equipment and livestock vendors, a boatload of family friendly activities, and a bevy of industry hardened guest speakers. Again, none of this has been released, and what little info we could find came from the show’s Facebook page. We will keep updating the blog, however, as those finer details emerge. Update: We did find a location for RAP New York. It will be held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center located at 355 Plaza Dr in Secaucus, New Jersey MORE: Ree-A-Palooza Heading to New York in 2015

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Hot Summer, Cool Seahorses: Cooling The Seahorse Aquarium

Hot Seahorses Desert Hot Summer, Cool Seahorses: Cooling The Seahorse Aquarium
Summer’s here, and seahorse aquarists are starting to see tank temperatures rise. Seahorses, are particularly vulnerable to warmer temperatures , so for many seahorse aquarists, even moderate heat can lead to a mad dash to lower the water temperature. The consequences of warm water can be deadly for seahorses. Bacteria spread at a faster rate in warmer water, so the warmer it gets, the more likely you are to see illness pop up in your aquarium. Another often overlooked problem is that warmer water holds less oxygen, stressing out the inhabitants of your aquarium. This tends to be worse for seahorses than other fish due to their lobed gill structure. Fans, your first line of defense Often, open tops with fans blowing across the water is enough to drop temp a few degrees. This works by evaporative cooling. Removing tops, and placing a fan so it blows across the water will make More: Hot Summer, Cool Seahorses: Cooling The Seahorse Aquarium

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‘Flower Animal’ @ Miami International Airport

MIAphoto600 ‘Flower Animal’ @ Miami International Airport
We are proud to share that Miami International Airport / MIA Galleries has unveiled an 80-foot spread featuring selections from our local marine life photography collection, ‘Flower Animal‘. The exhibition is comprised of eleven metallic-paper, diasec-mounted prints, and is located in the North Terminal, near gate D-31. This collection of prints is available to purchase directly from Coral Morphologic, More: ‘Flower Animal’ @ Miami International Airport

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Blue-Light Diving, Blue-Light Underwater Photos

cc32Coral 1 Day 457x305 Blue Light Diving, Blue Light Underwater PhotosGood morning from Curacao! Once again we got a little rain this morning which as many of you now know, that’s a big deal! Our little island was severely suffering from a 6 month drought but is now slowly starting to green up again and we love it!! So yesterday I ended up doing three dives again, one before 9:30am, one at noon and one starting at 8:00 last night. I had spent much of the afternoon preparing for my night dive which involves setting up the camera with blue-filters over the strobes and a yellow filter over the lens to capture fluorescence on the reef at night. This new kind of night diving is called “blue-light diving” and it’s a total blast! MORE

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Massachusetts Becomes The Ninth State to Ban Shark Fin Trade

Brian Skerry Mako Finning1 Massachusetts Becomes The Ninth State to Ban Shark Fin TradeMassachusetts Governor Patrick signed a new law into place, Thursday July 24 at the New England Aquarium,  which bans the possession or distribution of shark fins in the State. The new law will mostly affect companies that sell imported shark fins. The removal of shark fins is already banned by the State and Federal Government. Shark fin’s, which are considered an Asian delicacy are generally hunted to be served in Shark Fin soup and have a strong demand. The new law criminalizing the trade of shark fin, with potential fines imposes as high as $1000.00 per fin and up to 60 days in jail. “With the passing of this law Massachusetts builds upon its long history of animal protection and environmental stewardship,” the governor said in a statement. MOREMORE

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Elasmobranch Enthusiasts (Part 2): Modern Husbandry – Diet

elasmobranch part2 2 Elasmobranch Enthusiasts (Part 2): Modern Husbandry – DietFrom the ferocious great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) to the graceful white-spotted eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari), Elasmobranchii are a diverse group of boneless fishes that are circumglobal, inhabiting a diverse array of habitats, temperature ranges, salinities, and niches in the world’s oceans and rivers. It is no wonder that these unique creatures, while usually boasting relatively bland coloration compared to the typical teleostei reef fishes, pique the interest of pretty much every hobbyist. This group of fishes definitely has its challenges but, with proper information and species selection, can be kept fairly easily by a moderately skilled aquarist with a generous budget. Food for thought: nutritional definitions Nutrition, what does it mean? Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals . . . it gets confusing. The core of a great diet is mimicking what the animal eats in the wild, but it does not end there! More: Elasmobranch Enthusiasts (Part 2): Modern Husbandry – Diet

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