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Tosanoides flavofasciatus makes a trip to the USA

 This video from Fluid Dynamics International shows a super rare Tosanoides flavofasciatus, not unheard of, but certainly the first time in the USA.  This member of the anthias family lives in very deep water and requires rather chilly water to survive.  The price is currently not disclosed but you can probably assume that it will require a second mortgage or your first born.

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Pigment and Perception

center 1 1024x680 Pigment and Perceptioncenter 1 natural 1024x680 Pigment and Perception
Exciting the pigment in coral has always fascinated me when compared to the appearance under natural light sources.  The colors are absent in most cases under natural kelvin ranges but the beauty and unique formation and structure becomes more obvious.  Like a black and white portrait has an certain appeal, so does the coral animal.  Many only see the rainbo of color and with the current on slaught of diodes of every shade, this premise is somewhat lost in the windex colored waters.  A quick view of a natural reef under natural sunlight will clear the pallet and can open ones eyes to the other amazing aspects of the coral animal.  I am biased as I see beauty in even the brown and mute colors as I study the delicate formation and swaying polyps.  I see this so clearly and enjoy pointing it out so some can enjoy the animal without dressing it in many shades the person viewing would desire.  The animal can display this beauty without any assistance but one must be willing to see this.  And hopefully with open eyes and a clear pallet.  

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Reef Threads Podcast #169

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #169

d93204 19sps03 300x200 Reef Threads Podcast #169

A bunch of tiny polyps.

  We return once again, this week to talk about Sanjay Joshi’s RTN battle, Christine’s dinoflagellates problem, learning from others, nutrient control, skeptical reef keeping, test kits, insulated containers, and transporting animals. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Christine and Gary More: Reef Threads Podcast #169

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The Polyp Craze, a Look at Why Zoanthids and Palythoas are So Popular Even After All These Years

29f9reefkoi14 1024x833 The Polyp Craze, a Look at Why Zoanthids and Palythoas are So Popular Even After All These Years
In this hobby we see coral and invert phases come and go. From clams to chalices and even maxi mini anemones, it seems like they all go through a lot of initial hype then slowly decline in popularity. One of the mainstays in the hobby have been zoanthids and palythoas, which have been the craze for quite a while now. They have been in demand for what seems like an eternity and they do not appear to be getting less popular. Instead, it seems like they’re constantly on the rise. Zoas and palys are highly favored in the hobby by both beginner and expert reefers alike. They don’t require much in terms of care like other specimens and they grow under many types of lighting from T5s to LEDs. Polyps grow at the bottom of the sand bed or on your highest rock. They don’t necessarily need to be target fed like other corals and they also do not require us to dose things like calcium. MORE: The Polyp Craze, a Look at Why Zoanthids and Palythoas are So Popular Even After All These Years

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Sustainable Aquatics’ Longfin Clownfish has Longfin Offspring

7d2dstainable Aquatics Longfin Clownfish Offspring Sustainable Aquatics’ Longfin Clownfish has Longfin Offspring
Last year saw the worldwide debut of one very unique clownfish from Sustainable Aquatics. Dubbed the Longfin Clownfish, this particular individual had the most elaborate finnage we’ve ever seen from an otherwise normal looking Amphiprion percula, and according to a very recent announcement, that trait has been successfully passed down to a whole new generation of longfin clowns. Admittedly, these are some terrible photographs of the fish, which were shared on the Sustainable Aquatics Facebook page, but the fish do show significant signs of the same elaborate finnage that were just so intriguing in their parent. We hope to see a few more images of the “Longfin Jr.” clownfish in the very near future, and while the fins may not be as elaborate, it’s a step in the right direction in getting a whole new type of designer clownfish. The original longfin clownfish is pictured immediately below. MORE: Sustainable Aquatics’ Longfin Clownfish has Longfin Offspring

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A Heart-Shaped Coral For Valentines Day

valentines lobo 300x300 A Heart Shaped Coral For Valentines DayLooking for that one-off special Valentines day gift? well, you couldn’t get much better than this stunning heart-shaped Lobophyllia offered by CoralCulture today. Although a fairly common species, the super colours and unique shape of this colony really make it a one-off. Lobos generally aren’t too hard to keep either so hopefully the colony will endure for many years. Available for £165, this large (approx. 20cm diameter) specimen has certainly earned a place in our hearts here at Digital-Reefs. For more information visit CoralCulture’s website. More: A Heart-Shaped Coral For Valentines Day

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EcoTech Marine Celebrates 3rd Gen Radion XR30w by Giving One Away

4be8EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G3 Giveaway EcoTech Marine Celebrates 3rd Gen Radion XR30w by Giving One Away
Have we ever mentioned just how much we like contests and giveaways where free aquarium gear is involved? Well ladies and gents, we like them a lot and do our best to share them with all of you whenever we come across them, especially the good ones. In celebration of launching their highly anticipated Radion XR30w Gen 3 LED fixture, the crew at EcoTech Marine decided to just give one away in a little promotional Facebook contest. And they didn’t just stop at the light fixture, as the winner will receive other prizes like a bottle of Elements Coral Glue and T-Shirt. Like most Facebook friendly contests, the way to enter is to “Like”, “Comment”, and “Share” the contest post on the EcoTech Marine Facebook page. The contest will end February 28th at 11:59 pm and the winner will be announced March 3rd. Simple contest with an amazing prize…count us in. If you do hit up their contest via our link, be sure to let them know. MORE: EcoTech Marine Celebrates 3rd Gen Radion XR30w by Giving One Away

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Corals for Cancer

Corals for cure Corals for CancerIt seems like everyone I know is either related to or knows of someone with cancer.  Cancer is a complex, life-threatening disease which affects millions and there are over 200 different kinds of cancer!!  Cancer kills more people every year than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.  Some scary facts, but they make you sit up and take notice. One company that has taken notice and is doing something about it is Unique Corals.  To help show support for the millions who are touched by, and will continue to be touched by cancer, they created a charity called “Corals for The Cure”(C4C).  They’ve teamed up with Justin Credabel from ReefGen who has designed frag plugs specially for the charity who will donate proceeds from the sale of corals mounted on these plugs to help support cancer research and education. If you want to help do something about this terrible disease, why not buy your next frag from C4C!?!  And if you’re in South Africa, you can go one step further and take part in the Shavathon between 24 and 28 February.  Shave your head or die your hair green for a good cause…I dare you! J  See for more details. For more information:

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