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Reefs In Art: Stunning Blue Twisted Tentacles of Venomous Cnidocyte Edition

Just had to share these absolutely face-melting images of these ethereal creatures – Physalia utriculus, Blue Bottle or (Indo-Pacific) Portuguese Man-of-War (not to be confused with Physalia physalis, Atlantic Portuguese Man o’ War).  MORE

BREATHTAKING Reef Aquarium! HD -104 Gallons

 This 104 gallon reef aquarium belongs to Marco Pardun of Dortmund, Germany. It is a room divider reef and it really is breathtaking. The equipment list is rounded out with a Bubble Magus Curve 5 protein skimmer, Jebao DC-3000 return pump, Jebao RW-8 wavemaker, Eheim Jager heater, DIY activated carbon and GFO reactor, and sump. The corals he has include a diverse variety of SPS and mix of assorted LPS, soft corals, and zoanthids. MORE: BREATHTAKING Reef Aquarium! HD -104 Gallons

The Reef Table: Sexy, Sexy Ethics and a Bit of R+R

 Yes, once again I’m joined by Ret Talbot and Rich Ross for the fourth installment of “The Reef Table”! A few weeks ago, we stretched the walls of information in regards to sustainability and conservation as these two handled the topic. Alas, there’s only so much time for a discussion and we cut it short – to be continued at a later date. MORE

Deltec Announces Expansion of Their DC Skimmer Lineup

Deltec is making a few nice moves here in 2015, adding a trio of new skimmers to their popular SC lineup. And in similar fashion to their October 2014 release of the SC 1660, all three of these new skimmers will feature DC controllable pumps. The new skimmers will be the SC 1351, SC 1456, and the SC 2061, all internal models of course, and their addition brings the total number of Deltec’s DC skimmers up to four. Beyond the new pumps, there’s really not much that has changed. The body looks the same, as does most of the add-ons MORE: Deltec Announces Expansion of Their DC Skimmer Lineup

Reef Threads Podcast #215

reefthreads This is what Christine did while recording the podcast. Stunning, isn’t it? Another week, another podcast. This week’s topics include Reef Threads Plus, Christine’s new lights, hair-care products, old saws, reasons to under stock, and coral recovery in Hawaii. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

Aquarama 2015 to Include Public Aquaria Program

Aquarama 2015According to the organizers, Aquarama is the leading biennial international ornamental fish, aquatic plants, invertebrates and accessories trade exhibition in the world.  It started back in 1989 and has attracted exhibitors, trade and public visitors from all corners of the globe. The next exhibition that is scheduled to run from 28-31 May 2015 is said to be an affair not to be missed! The organizers and a specially convened public aquarium committee are launching a program of sub-events aimed specifically at public aquarium personnel. This committee, consisting of Scott Dowd (Senior Aquarist at the New England Aquarium, Boston, USA), Ramon Barbosa (Senior Curator at the S.E.A. Aquarium in Sentosa, Singapore) and Rob Jones (‘The Aquarium Vet’ and veterinarian at the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, Australia) and co-ordinated by Aquarama Consultant, John Dawes, is devising a program of activities tailored to the needs of the public aquarium industry, as well as the fostering of closer links between the home aquarium industry and public aquaria. Aquarama will be dedicating over 50% of its MORE

Trust me! I have tanks! An overview of my personal tanks.

tank.overview.useI recently read a reefing blog that suggested some Internet and magazine “experts” didn’t own an aquarium, and were simply copying the success of other reef keepers to develop an online or print persona as an aquarium expert. I have commented in the past that I greatly question the quality of advice thrown around on open forums, even some offered by site administrators and moderators. I can say, I’ve known many experts on marine life that didn’t keep an aquarium, but greatly aided me in my success as an aquarist. This includes research scientists on up to people like Ken Nedimeyer of the Reef Preservation program on Key Largo, FL.  MORE

Unboxed: JECOD (Jebao) DCT4000 Return Pump

In case you haven’t heard, Jebao are changing their name to JECOD (which stands for Jebao ECOlogical Design). All new UK products will have this branding, and first to reach us are the new DCT series of pumps which replaced the previous DC series late last year. In this unboxing review we take a preliminary look at the DCT4000 model and evaluate the range overall in terms of quality, performance on paper and features. Looking almost identical to the older DC series (with the new DCTs grey, and the older DC series blue) you might wonder what exactly makes these pumps ‘new and improved’ as overall they do appear to be very similar. MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.