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Well Here is an Odd Way to Mount a Coral

558dMegalodon Bubble Gum Monster Chalice Frag Well Here is an Odd Way to Mount a Coral We’ve seen some rather creative ways to mount fresh cut coral frags, but this one takes the cake. Where most aquarists would use a frag plug or even a magnetic frag plug, the crew at FX Charity Corals decided to use a dinosaur fossil…and not just any fossil, but the tooth of the greatest predator to ever roam the ocean, the Megalodon shark. Over on their Reef2Reef page they shared these images of their chalice, which they’ve named Megalodon Bubble Gum Monster Chalice, along with the humorous tag line “feast your eyes on this…” While the image above could easily pass for a frag encrusted over a piece of branching live rock, flipping the coral over reveals the epic awesomeness of this piece. You can see the tooth in full detail, with coral tissue encroaching on all sides. The chalice has been priced at $500 shipped, which is considerably affordable if you take the size of the coral and the Megalodon tooth into account. We aren’t sure if the tooth is legit or if it is a replica, but either way it is a very cool and unique way to grow out a piece of coral. MORE: Well Here is an Odd Way to Mount a Coral

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Friday Morning Quick Tip: 2 Important Steps When Receiving New Fish

Adding new fish to your saltwater tank is excited for you and it can be stressful for the fish. Here are two important steps I follow whenever I get new fish to help them transition easily. NOTE: I quarantine all new arrivals for at least 30 days and I highly recommend you do as well. Step #1: Welcome Them Without Shocking Them MORE: Friday Morning Quick Tip: 2 Important Steps When Receiving New Fish

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Maxspect Riptide Black: Pictures and Pricing

reefs.comRiptide 300x300 Maxspect Riptide Black: Pictures and PricingTeaser pics of the black version have been released… with initial pricing! The black looks super slick, but the price point is unfortunately higher than I would’ve liked to have seen at “approximately $300″ for the 35w, 4,200 GPH unit. With that said the pricing is lower than somewhat comparable controllable units such as Vortechs and Tunzes. Build quality is still to be determined by this picky reefer, but they sure look better than I initially suspected. One thing I’m not concerned about is customer support, knowing first hand that Coralvue is already one of the best in the business. MORE

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Diver Has Frightening Encounter With Shark

   This scuba diver was fishing for invasive lion fish (a good thing) in the Caymans. The scent of the blood attracted this savvy predator. Check out how this diver fends off this aggressive shark. The diver has also stated this experience will not keep him from the water. So….what would you do if you were in his shoes? MORE

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Rare Two-Faced Chimera Maxima Clam at Pacific East Aquaculture

 Once in a blue moon do you get to see a Maxima with coloration like this. Pacific East Aquacultures Two-Faced Maxima is a one in a million clam for sure. This wild specimen is from French Polynesia. I’ve seen only a handful on the wholesale side. AquaNerd covered PAE’s last showstopper Two-Faced Maxima. Of the rare Two-Faced Maxima’s, ReefKoi’s had to been my favorite.

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Red Sea to Host Product Workshop at FJW Aquarium in Houston

d792Red Sea Logo Red Sea to Host Product Workshop at FJW Aquarium in Houston We love aquarium related workshops, whether they be some sort of husbandry demo, a product showcase, or anything that spreads the good word of the hobby. We especially love them when the events are local. Such is the case for a Red Sea workshop that will be hosted at one of our favorite Houston area fish stores, FJW Aquarium. The event is still a little ways away, being hosted on September 20th from noon to 4pm. Like many events, this workshop will also feature awesome deals on livestock and equipment, as well as raffle prizes and other attractions that will bring in local hobbyists in droves. As we said, the workshop will take place at FJW Aquarium, located at 3839 Mangum Road in Houston, Texas. More details about the event will unfold on the FJW Facebook announcement, linked to above. A representative, or representatives, from Red Sea will be in-house doling out the goods on all of their latest gear, presenting a great opportunity for users to become more familiar with their dosing systems and other popular products. MORE: Red Sea to Host Product Workshop at FJW Aquarium in Houston

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ROV Images Strange Life On Submerged Volcano

HTS ROV Images Strange Life On Submerged Volcano A team from Heriot-Watt University has identified more than 100 different species ranging from strange single-celled organisms to coral species and even an octopus on the slopes of a huge and ancient undersea volcano. Amazingly though these life-forms aren’t thriving in warm sunlit tropical waters, rather they have been observed in dark, frigid waters 1000m below the sea surface on the Hebrides Terrace Seamount, off the coast of Scotland. Using an ROV controlled from a ship-based laboratory for this first survey of the location, the team led by Professor J Murray Roberts, gathered pictures from the seamount, the  summit of which is around 1km beneath the surface (actually, the HTS is the UKs highest underwater mountain and is higher even than Ben Nevis). Prof Roberts explained, “These are vast structures in the ocean, and they’re exciting because they grow up through the ocean and have steep sloping sides. When the currents hit the sides of the seamount and they stir up nutrients, they become More: ROV Images Strange Life On Submerged Volcano

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The Ascent to MACNA 2014 Is Near!

pre macna2 The Ascent to MACNA 2014 Is Near!In just about three weeks, we here at Saltwater Smarts (and thousands of other saltwater aquarists from around the US and world) will ascend to The Mile-High City for MACNA (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) 2014! This first-ever MACNA to take place in beautiful downtown Denver is being held at the Colorado Convention Center from August 29 through 31. If you attended or heard anything about MACNA 2013 in South Florida, you know the show was a resounding success. This years migration to Denver puts the 2014 event in the very capable hands of CORAL (Colorado Organization for Reef & Aquatic Life) and promises to be one of the best events yet. So what is MACNA? The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America is the longest-running marine aquarium conference in North America. Each year, the event moves to a different host city and the organizational responsibilities are given to a local host club. The conference itself is part educational symposium, part trade show, and part social gathering. With such a dynamic event, you can expect the attendees to be just as dynamic. The attendance ranges from hobbyists to marine scientists and LFS owners to industry professionals More: The Ascent to MACNA 2014 Is Near!

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