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Let Your Fish Roam Free

use this Let Your Fish Roam FreeThe ‘Abovemarine’ is a vehicle that allows your fish to roam free. Developed by South African Adam Ben-Dror, it is powered by ‘Omniwheels’ and uses camera technology, which allows the fish freedom to be able to navigate surroundings outside his or her fish tank. Once the fish is inside the device, the vehicle moves with the fish. If it appears your beloved beta fish is going to collide, say for example with your rumba, all that your fish needs to do is to swim backwards, and the vehicle will stop. MORE

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Search For Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Brings Ocean Secrets to Light

search for missing jet reveals secrets 6701 Search For Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Brings Ocean Secrets to Light
This is timely considering I was just complaining about how little we know about our oceans. It’s been six months since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 unceremoniously disappeared, and while investigation hasn’t lead to any trace of the Boeing, scientists have been able to delve into uncharted territory of the Indian Ocean as far as four miles deep. Turns out there’s all sorts of fun stuff down there like seamounts and volcanoes. These findings could help shed light to how the continents actually formed, as well as predicting tsunamis and forecasting ocean currents. These studies will provide scientists with a completely unique data set relating to the Australian coast. All data from the mission will be available for public consumption (looks like I’ll have some new reading material – I’ll give you the cliffnotes) for further analysis and research once the search for the missing jet has ceased, which is estimated to be at least a year. The search for the Flight 370 shall recommence on September 22, 2014. Read more about the interesting finds at Discovery News.

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As If There Wasn’t Enough We Didn’t Know About The Earth’s Oceans…

ringwoodite sample 300x199 As If There Wasnt Enough We Didnt Know About The Earths Oceans...Always keeping us out of a deep sea of inside jokes, earth strikes again with a giant secret ocean towards its core. This study is a bit dated, but it’s still pretty noteworthy in my opinion. Geophysicist Steve Jacobsen of Northwestern University and seismologist Brandon Schmandt from the University of New Mexico have unearthed evidence that somewhere around 400 miles below us lurks a massive body of water – but not quite the water that we know and love. Pressure and boiling temperatures cause the water to split into a hydroxal radical and join forces with minerals on a molecular level. In short, you don’t want to swim in this ocean. Another astounding hypothesis is that this “ocean” is larger than any other body of water on the planet – I’m talking three times the size of all of our oceans combined! Doubtful there’s any actual life within this deep deep sea given the conditions (though I wouldn’t write it off completely), so I can breathe a bit easier not having to imagine up what kind of cephalopods would be flopping around below us, but the whole study is pretty damn cool. Who am I kidding? I’m still going to imagine them up anyway. Further information published in Science Magazine and a press release is featured in Science Daily.

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Ways to revert threatened status for staghorns and elkhorns drafted

Staghorn coral by Adona9 300x208 Ways to revert threatened status for staghorns and elkhorns drafted

(Staghorn Coral Photo: Adona9)

 Bad news: According to the Endangered Species Act (2006), elkhorn and staghorn corals are listed as threatened. BUT: A new draft recovery plan released by NOAA Fisheries at the beginning of the month identifies criteria that would allow the coral species to be removed from the ESA endangered and threatened species list.  (It’s so nice when someone finds a way to “reverse” damage that humans have done). Elkhorn and staghorn corals have declined by up to 97% since the 1970’s with the main causes of decline being disease, temperature-induced bleaching and storms.  This new plan lists ways to reduce threats (global threats related to climate change and local threats to the species such as habitat loss and pollution) and steps to enhance the population by putting nursery-grown corals back on the reef, as well as addressing research and monitoring. Good news!! For more information see:

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Seems a Tad Extreme – Woman Pays For Lifesaving Surgery For Goldfish

10628467 10152742259853812 1963143865872121174 n 2 300x205 Seems a Tad Extreme   Woman Pays For Lifesaving Surgery For GoldfishI mean, if it was one of the Personatus angels I could understand, but to each their own. George is a 10-year-old goldfish residing in Australia. His owner had grown so attached to him over the years that she was more than willing to fork over $200 for a 45-minute surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor. Honestly, that doesn’t sound all that expensive, but I’m not well versed in goldfish tumor removal. ABC News reports he’s recovered and “as good as gold”. He should live happily ever after for the remainder of his life (which let’s be honest, is probably another year or two). This reminds me of a hamster I had as a kid that was coming towards the end of her time here when my parents took her to the vet. They came home and told me the vet was doing everything they could for her, that she was on IV getting fluids. In hindsight I realize that probably wasn’t true… RIP Cookie. Glad to hear George is doing well!

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Well Now I Know What I’ll Be Watching Later – Biologists to Dissect Colossal Squid LIVE!

colossal squid 300x199 Well Now I Know What Ill Be Watching Later   Biologists to Dissect Colossal Squid LIVE!Caught this little blurb on my newsfeed from IFLScience and was immediately hyped! The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa and Auckland University of Technology got their hands on a completely intact colossal squid (one of two to ever be recovered that way) and are going to be cutting up the cephalopod streaming live! Enjoy such activities as sexing the squid, examining it’s stomach contents (spoiler alert: I bet it’s seafood), and all sorts of genetic tissue analysis. After the project, the arctic specimen will be put on display at the museum along with its 2008 counterpart. Streaming begins at 7pm EDT, so get some popcorn popping and check it out here! I know I won’t be missing this.

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Reef Threads Podcast #197

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #197

It’s a new week and time for a new podcast. This week we talk about Sanjay’s notification trick,, blogs, the MACNA banquet, Archerfish skill, and skeptical animal selection. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine More: Reef Threads Podcast #197

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This Glittery Goniopora is the Best Looking Yet

7131Pieces of the Ocean Goniopora This Glittery Goniopora is the Best Looking Yet
The LPS scene was dominated by green goniopora for decades. They were just so commonplace that everyone had them, or at least tried them out in their reef with mixed results. Then, along came the bright red ones and everyone was like, “ooohhh, ahhhh”. These red gonis have since dominated, as they sported vibrant reddish pink colors and occasionally a blue disc atop their tentacles. While both of those morphs are fine and all, but there’s a new color morph on the block that is set to put all others to shame. It’s a sparkling, glittery red goni, and it is amazing.This stunning piece features reddish, almost copper colored tentacles that are infused with glitter and punctuated with those hypnotic yellow eyes. MORE: This Glittery Goniopora is the Best Looking Yet

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