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6 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Marine Aquarist in Your Life

It’s only natural for family members and friends of marine aquarium hobbyists to want to buy holiday gifts that support their loved one’s briny habit. But choosing an appropriate hobby-related gift is sometimes easier said than done. Giving actual fish or invertebrates as a gift is a really bad idea for all kinds of reasons—not the least of which is the problem of salt water soaking through the gift wrap and giving away what’s inside (I kid!). Certain equipment can be dicey too. Depending on the hobbyist’s unique system and goals, an item that would seem to be a good fit may prove to be inappropriate, inadequate, or redundant. Plus, if you have to ask all kinds of questions about what to buy, you lose that fun element of surprise. More: 6 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Marine Aquarist in Your Life

CT Coral Scans Highlight Ocean Acidification

Research from the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB), based at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa (UHM), has highlighted another damaging effect of rising ocean acidity. “It was surprising to discover that small-scale changes in the environment can influence ecosystem-level reef processes,” said Nyssa Silbiger, lead author of the study and doctoral candidate at HIMB. “We saw changes in pH on the order of meters and those small pH changes drove the patterns in reef accretion-erosion.” The noted increase in erosion has scientists battling two fronts in the understanding of the accretion vs erosion balance of reefs. Read more here.141124180121-large

Orange Cup Corals Seen Under Blue-Light

Good morning amigo’s!! We had such a great blue-light night dive last night entering at around 7:30 and exiting around 9:00 with very little air left! I used my 28-70 lens that was sitting around collecting dust, I figured I would give the macro a little break and try something new. We had one of those dives that was just fun from start to finish. Aimee was the finder of things, she would signal me with her light, blinding me at times and I would rush over and see what she found, she kept me busy non-stop all night MORE

Aquatic Experience 2014: The Interviews – Full Coverage Part 2

 Aquatic Experience in Chicago was great! There were many awesome show tanks from vendors and in this video I highlight them and some other booths from the show. Enjoy! MORE: Aquatic Experience 2014- The Show Tanks- Full Coverage Prt. 2

Aquatic Experience 2014: The Interviews – Full Coverage Part 1

 Aquatic Experience in Chicago was a blast this year, 2014! There were lots of exhibitors and many made either this or the second video, but these are all the interviews I did at the show. Doug Poindexter- World Pet Association Julian Sprung- Two Little Fishies Kessil Real Reef Solutions COLLAR Doctor Eco Systems Proaquatix PRODIBIO Blue Life I also talk a little about the Aquatic Experience banquet. This is full coverage of the event MORE: Aquatic Experience 2014- The Interviews- Full Coverage Prt. 1

Tomato Clownfish: A Stunning Beginner Fish Ripe for the Picking

A. frenatus in its host anemone, a bubble-tip (Entacmaea quadricolor)Lately it seems many of the species profiles I’ve written have been on fish that either grow too large for the average home aquarium or are otherwise poor choices for aquarium keeping for one reason or another. By now, some of you salties out there might be wondering, “Does this guy ever write about species that can actually be kept in a home aquarium?” So, for today’s post, I’d like to highlight a fish that is not only attractive, but also hardy to the point of being “bulletproof” (especially if you acquire a captive-bred specimen), very easy to feed, and well suited to medium-sized systems. I’m talking about the tomato clownfish (Amphiprion frenatus), which hales from the western Pacific. Physical traits A. frenatus has a robust, ovoid body that is orange-red to tomato-red in overall coloration. Just behind the eye is a vertical white bar. Females are larger than males and exhibit a charcoal coloration on their flanks with age More: Tomato Clownfish: A Stunning Beginner Fish Ripe for the Picking

Reefs In Art: The Fine Art of Karen Talbot

bluefin_in_process1__87925.1411549081.1280.1280Upon first catching sight of Karen Talbot’s work, you’re forced to do a double take. Surely there’s no way someone was able to sit down and replicate a creature so precisely, not only capturing every physical attribute of her subjects, but seemingly bringing them vividly to life in dripping detail.  MORE

Seeking the golden dragon…

images-1“Have you seen my signature gold dragon’s eye merlin’s chalice of wrath?” Nope this isn’t a game of Dungeons and Dragons, or a World of Warcraft convention. It’s the reef aquarium hobby. Years ago, if you stepped into a coral shop, or onto an online forum muttering those words, people would have either thought you were drunk or very confused. Fast forward and arrive at the same forum or shop today, and don’t be surprised if some chopped up phrases like the one above are flying around. It’s coral naming, and today it seems as though the scientific names of corals are long forgotten, lost in a haze of cool rhymes that seemed to emerge from the mind of a 12 year old hipster.  MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.