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SeaLife LED Aquarium Lighting Review

1861118 orig 280x300 SeaLife LED Aquarium Lighting ReviewI remember the excitement about ten years ago when LEDs first came on the market for reef aquariums. The energy savings and heat reduction of an LED light were the biggest selling points, but the available spectrum array was small. Fast forward a decade, and we’re seeing more and more advances in the quality, construction, and color array of lights on the market. I have had a great amount of success growing and maintaining good coral color with LEDs, and I am always on the lookout for the next step in lighting technology.   I was curious about them, and when The Coral Reef’s owner Johnathan offered me the Reefcrest 26” to review, I happily obliged. The store’s display tank, which I had the chance to peruse while picking up the (light) has terrific color, and is full of thriving Acropora, Montipora, and a multitude of other SPS and LPS coral. The display has been running for 6 months with the new lighting, and the color on the coral was what I would normally expect from species grown under 12-14K metal halides; with full fluorescence, and without any bleaching, which can be a problem when transitioning from halide to LED. 

photo 6 300x300 SeaLife LED Aquarium Lighting Review

LED Grown Red Goniopora

 Armed with my latest toy, I returned to ReefGen headquarters and set up shop. I placed a large array of corals – Acropora, Montipora, Stylophora, and even Goniopora in a 36” by 24” trough, and positioned the light 12” from the top of the water.  Over the course of several weeks most of the coral exhibited the color I would expect at normal lighting levels with metal halide and T5 bulbs. Some of the Acropora on the top most rack, just 2 inches from the surface of the water did experience some initial bleaching, and when I tested the PAR with all the lights full blast the result was over 550. At the bottom of the tank, under 15”inches of water,  I had a reading in the mid 200’s, as strong as any halide.  After getting my high PAR reading I dialed back the intensity and MORE

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Graduate Student Discovers Over A Half-Dozen New Shark Species

paul Graduate Student Discovers Over A Half Dozen New Shark SpeciesHave you ever dreamed of discovering your own species of fish, let alone a shark?  Paul Clerkin, a San Jose State Graduate Student, working at the Pacific Shark Research Center, has discovered what he estimates to be 6-8 new species of sharks. He has traveled to the South Indian Ocean in 2012, and most recently, in 2014. MORE

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Palau Expedition To Document Proposed Marine Sanctuary

palua Palau Expedition To Document Proposed Marine Sanctuary
For the month of September, the National Geographic ‘Pristine Seas’ team will be surveying, studying and documenting the marine life in the waters in Palau. The 230,000 square miles of water has been proposed as what would be the largest marine sanctuary by President Remengesau back in September of 2013. MORE

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The Woes of “Fishbook”. Social Media VS The Hobby

facebook fish logo 300x200 The Woes of Fishbook. Social Media VS The HobbyChris Aldrich – our resident Saltwater Geek of Saltwater Smarts – was kind enough to allow me to chew his ear off for a bit and pick his brain as he seemed quite the informative source of information on just how Social Media effects the industry. He didn’t disappoint. Allow me to enlighten you all to his thoughts. MORE

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Reef Fish Seen Swarming in Hawaii Video

With the entirety of the aquarium trade forever under the judgmental microscope of anti-aquarium activists, it’s wonderful when good news surfaces out of Hawaii, the epicenter of the on-going debate. In this video from Hawaii News Now, which features footage from aquarium collector Ron Tubbs, reef fish are more than abundant in all areas of the state. The aquarium collector states that where he would normally see hundreds of fish, he is instead seeing thousands. Of course, there isn’t an accepted explanation for why this is happening, and some are giving credit to the warmer waters caused by an El Nino year.Despite the bloom in fish, anti-aquarium activists like Rene Umberger are raining on the parade. She thinks it will just fuel a greater appetite for fish by the aquarium collectors, though Ron claims that is far from the truth. Either way, it’s nice to see fish populations booming again. MORE: Reef Fish Seen Swarming in Hawaii Video

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PIJAC – an organization we should all support

screen shot 2014 09 09 at 11 42 51 am PIJAC   an organization we should all supportMASNALogoR600 300x92 PIJAC   an organization we should all supportToday, the Aquatics Committee of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) sent a letter to Marine Aquarium Societys of North America (MASNA) detailing it’s mission and successes to date. I couldn’t be more happy – finally an organization with a clear message and call to action that we can all support, and by support, I mean give money too. Well, spread the word as well, but what is really needed to continue to represent the hobby/industry in regards to legislation, rule-making and litigation is the kind of science that PIJAC is supporting, and as we all know, science and the sharing of that science, takes money.  Even better, MASNA is offering to match 100% of the donations given through their PIJAC donation link – so go here and donate some coin. Thanks and kudos to the PIJAC Aquatics Committee for all their hard work up until this point, and thanks to MASNA for the donation matching campaign. Industry author Ret Talbot summed up the letter and the issues behind the letter very well in a piece called “PIJAC Goes Public”. Talbot writes,”The letter is straightforward, relatively concise and generally an accurate portrayal of the situation. Most important, it avoids oversimplification and data-poor incendiary statements; it redirects the dialog to data and science and away from the polarizing effects of unsubstantiated and false claims. It is to PIJAC’s credit they released this statement, which will help aquarists and trade leaders make informed, critical decisions concerning how they will respond to these and future ESA listings.” I urge you to read the entire piece, as well as the actual letter PIJAC sent to MASNA as the details are important. For years, people in the hobby and industry have wanted an organization that represents them in this arena, and now we have it, it is our responsibility to lend the PIJAC Aquatics Committee our support, so please share this information around, everywhere you can think of, because these the issues they are taking on are critical to the future of the hobby and to wild reefs. Please, get to it!

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Rising Tide at MACNA 2014

macna1 Rising Tide at MACNA 2014My name is Samantha Groene, and I am a biological technician at UF-TAL. I’ve been with the lab for almost two years, but this is my first official introduction on the Rising Tide Conservation blog. This past week, some of you might have seen me in Denver. The annual Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) took place in Denver, Colorado this year and I had the privilege of representing Rising Tide at the conference! This year’s MACNA was quite the experience! I met so many wonderful people, made a lot of new contacts, and hadan overall great time. MACNA is a great opportunity for Rising Tide to be ableto communicate the importance of aquaculture to hobbyists and help foster a better future for the critters that we all love. It was very rewarding raising awareness for Rising Tide — meeting hobbyists, vendors, and exhibitors and sharing with them a cause that is so important for our hobby and our reefs. I brought with me to MACNA some of our F1 semicircle angelfish to put on display at the Rising Tide booth and at the Boyd Enterprises booth. These fish were some of the stars of the show, and later were MORE: Rising Tide at MACNA 2014

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Reef Predator Only Hunts With The Best

moraygpr 300x225 Reef Predator Only Hunts With The Best Reporting their results in Current Biology researchers have discovered that Coral Trout Plectropomus leopardus seem to be as good as chimpanzees at knowing when to engage in collaborative hunting. When hunting for food, the trout team-up with moray eels, which are experts at flushing tiny fishes out of coral crevices into open water where they are easy pickings for the trout. The trout are apparently even able to determine which eel is a better hunting partner and select that one for finding food in the future. Beyond the initial interest, the results also support the idea that a relatively small brain does not prevent some fish from being able to comprehend information as effectively as apes do in similar, albeit terrestrial, situations. More: Reef Predator Only Hunts With The Best

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