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ABC News Lists 7 Hotels With Must See Aquariums

shark reef ABC News Lists 7 Hotels With Must See AquariumsSummer vacation is coming to an end. Maybe there is still time to stay in one of these 7 hotels with amazing aquariums featured by ABC News. Number one on the list is the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Famous for its Shark Reef and walk through tunnel, the exhibits house over 2000 animals. It’s not all that surprising that three of these hotels are in Las Vegas, which is essentially Disney Land for adults. Go for the slots and stay for the fish.  In some cases, these hotel aquariums are on par with the exhibits found in well known public aquariums.Hey, actually you don’t even have to stay in these hotels, you can just walk in and enjoy some of these awesome works of aquarium art . MORE

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Review: Bio Aquatek Bio-Phos 80 Phosphate Media and Reactor

bio phos 80 phosphate reactor 300x300 Review: Bio Aquatek Bio Phos 80 Phosphate Media and Reactor Anyone using chemical media on their reef system will almost certainly have delved into the wonderful world of fluidising reactors at some point. There’s something mesmerising about seeing your chosen media churning and swirling, happily doing its job. More importantly of course, fluidisation is also a great way to avoid ‘caking’ and to make sure you get the best efficiency out of your media (as opposed to ‘passive’ use, in a mesh bag for example). It’s more than likely that this research hasn’t left you with a clear ‘winner’ though, indeed uncertainties about reactor sizing, pumps, volume, construction, plumbing options and the like often result in something of a ‘hopeful’ purchase. In this review we aim to take some of the guess work out of this buying process by bringing you one of our ‘hands on’ reviews. On this occasion we have a neat little reactor that we’ve been after since seeing a demo More: Review: Bio Aquatek Bio-Phos 80 Phosphate Media and Reactor

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Mmmmm… Human Chum.

c4892b3773f4b7153a3f34199f581b051 300x211 Mmmmm... Human Chum. Now that we’re all properly lubricated from yesterday’s booze post, let’s talk about food. For all you weirdos out there who can’t sustain yourselves on sunshine and alcohol alone (vodkasynthetic), I’ve compiled a selection of Shark Week themed snacks for you. Let’s just get right into the nitty-gritty and start with my personal fave, “Human Chum”. Now this video, circa Shark Week 2013 demonstrated by Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein, is old news. That doesn’t make it any less awesome or delicious so I implore you to take note and update your shopping list.  No worries, no actual human dismemberment is involved – just bacon and Nutella. Do I have your attention yet? Good. So “Human Chum” is basically candied bacon with brown sugar and cinnamon, dipped in delicious things like Nutella and Marshmallow Fluff. Tip from personal experience – don’t cheap out. Applewood smoked thick-cut bacon and real Nutella. I’ll leave you with that and move on. Mashable has a decent list of Shark-Themed goodies - cupcakes and crackers and cakes, as well as one of my weaknesses – shark gummies (no joke, I had them at our wedding at the candy bar). Too lazy to do any of this? No problem. Grab some ketchup, some chicken fingers and an adult beverage of your choice and throw your own party!
137579899018114134900501197 HumanChum 150x150 Mmmmm... Human Chum.  ee948b6efa79f63b18604f4a8445f934 150x150 Mmmmm... Human Chum.  thumb 150x150 Mmmmm... Human Chum.  shark watermelon 150x150 Mmmmm... Human Chum.

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What Will You Be Serving at Your “Shark Week Kickoff Party”?

il 570xN.446060735 308x 300x197 What Will You Be Serving at Your Shark Week Kickoff Party?If you still haven’t the slightest idea, allow this booze-savvy fish nerd to help you out. Whether you’re an avid beer-snob like myself, or a liquor-loving purist – I have tons of options and recipes for you thanks to my best friend, Mr. Google. Let’s start out simple with Beer and Wine before we unleash the open-bar with some top shelf concoctions. Beer is always a crowd pleaser, everyone loves cracking open a cold one straight from the cooler. The perfect summer beverage. This being said, I strongly encourage you pick up a case or two from this listDogfish Head 90 Minute IPA is hands down my favorite, and will be residing in my fridge for all of Shark Week (bonus – they also make Rums, Vodkas and “Jin” now, but we’ll get to that). The Hammerhead IPA listed comes in at a close second for me. Moving right along, we’ll get to wine. Properly going with the theme, let’s stick to blood red. I mean, let’s go all-out badass with an Australian wine maker who’s swam with Great Whites who he himself goes by the nickname “The Great White”, Greg Norman. The Cabernet wins my heart here based on description alone, “Intriguing flavors black currant and plums, silky textures and velvety tannins with hints of spice and dark cocoa.” Coming in at a close second is their sparkling varietal because – BUBBLES! Now that I hope I’ve satisfied all you shark loving’ Winos, let’s move onto the fun stuff. Bloody cocktails! Grab a glass and a bottle of mentioned Dogfish Head Wit Spiced Rum and get mixing. 3/4 oz Dogfish Head Spiced Rum, 3/4 oz light rum, 1/2 oz blue Curacao liquer, 1 1/2 oz sweet and sour mix, 3 drops grenadine syrup. Shake, strain, and you’ve got yourself a “Shark Bite”, you’re welcome. King of useless internet lists, Buzzfeed, has a ton of these, as well. Hope I was able to help you guys make informed beverage decisions this week. Mandatory PSA – drink responsibly. Especially if, like me, you will be out on a boat in search of Great Whites this week, falling overboard is not encouraged. Cheers! dogfish head 90 minute ipa 150x150 What Will You Be Serving at Your Shark Week Kickoff Party?  cabernet sauvignon main 150x150 What Will You Be Serving at Your Shark Week Kickoff Party?shark bite cocktail 150x150 What Will You Be Serving at Your Shark Week Kickoff Party? witspiced web 150x150 What Will You Be Serving at Your Shark Week Kickoff Party?

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A Real Fish Matrix

 Pressures like habitat loss and over fishing have been placing extreme pressures on wild fish stocks for decades. To help mitigate the pressure on wild fish stocks, man has increasingly turned to aquaculture. With the rising demand for aquacultured products, more money is being spent on researching more efficient production techniques.  A company called   Hawaii Ocean Technology, Inc. has created ‘The Oceansphere’ which is a whole new level of aquaculture. The Oceansphere allows fish farming to take place in the open ocean. The project has been underway for many years, and there has been a large amount of opposition and legal battles fought. Meant for deep ocean water, the design promotes responsible fish farming and can produce amounts of fish in quantities not currently matched in current fish farming. The design and complete protocol is still under development, but the Oceansphere should have its first harvest by 2017.  MORE

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Meanwhile, in the “Super Rare Mind Blowing Face Melting Anthias” Category…

10552530 920658207961343 1773818566119633674 n Meanwhile, in the Super Rare Mind Blowing Face Melting Anthias Category...Holanthias fuscipinnis has been long regarded as a Holy Grail Fish, but this super-flamboyant juvenile appears to top anything we’ve seen so far from this species. In an almost fantastical “can’t possibly be real” photographic capture, we’re left with mouths agape and drooling. Unfortunately, the species is incredibly rare – this may be as close as we all shall get to the sunny little guy. Discovered by Matthew Ross and photographed by Keoki & Yuko Stender of Hawaii, at the North Shore of O’ahu at about 120 feet (surprisingly shallow for the species, usually spotted between 300-400 feet) – we’re dying to see more.

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Sex On The Reef Under A Full Moon

coral Sex On The Reef Under A Full MoonIt’s that time of year again: coral spawning. Each year, many divers and snorkelers flock to the Keys in hopes to witness this rare and special event. Anyone who has seen mass coral spawning in the wild knows what I mean. It is an amazing site to see millions upon millions of organisms spawning almost simultaneously. Although this marvelous event cannot be predicted preciously, it is expected to take place on the August and September Full Moons, which are on August 10 and September 8 this year. MORE

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Wait, What? Giant, Tentacle-less Species of Irukandji Jellyfish Discovered Off Australian Coast

lead large 300x200 Wait, What? Giant, Tentacle less Species of Irukandji Jellyfish Discovered Off Australian CoastNormally no bigger than your fingernail, the Irukandji Jellyfish is infamous for being extremely venomous. The newly discovered Keensingia gigas, however, is peculiar in a number of ways - firstly in its extraordinary size (about an arm’s length) and secondly, it’s apparent lack of tentacles. While Keensingia was actually first observed and photographed in 1980, the first specimen was not captured until 2013 by John Keesing, from where the jellyfish gets its namesake. Lisa-ann Gershwin, the director of Marine Stinger Advisory Services, identified this particular Irukandji as a new species and is perplexed by it’s lack of tentacles. “Jellyfish always have tentacles … that’s how they catch their food,” she said. “The tentacles are where they concentrate their stinging cells”. Must be some hungry jellyfish – or maybe there’s a simple explanation. “I think more probably it does have tentacles but by random chance the specimens that we photographed and obtained don’t have them any more”. Sounds to me like these not-so-little guys have a decent sense of humor, “Silly humans can’t figure out what we do with our tentacles, mwahaha!”.      

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