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30 Yrs On… Indo Marine Trade Is Still A Mess

indopic 300x218 30 Yrs On… Indo Marine Trade Is Still A MessCan the Indonesian Marine Trade ever become sustainable? That’s the question asked in a recent report produced by the Indonesian Nature Foundation and published on the SAIA website. Detailing the complex relationships that exist throughout the various different tiers of the trade, the report makes for compelling reading and is a must-see for hobbyists in our opinion. CLICK HERE to read the report (pdf). More: 30 Yrs On… Indo Marine Trade Is Still A Mess

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Tiger Grouper, Mycteroperca tigris, Sea Basses

69bcTiger Grouper Tiger Grouper, Mycteroperca tigris, Sea BassesGood morning friends, how was your weekend??? I know a bunch of you out there are locked in freezing temps and snow so it would be mean of me to tell you how sunny and beautiful it is here so I won’t even go there! I spent a good part of Saturday getting our car ready for it’s annual inspection which it did not pass last year! Each year here in Curacao you have to take your car to a government run inspection agency and pray your car passes. We just spent the last few months having rust holes repaired, putting new shocks on and doing tons of motor stuff like a new radiator and getting a tune up, so it should pass, it’s there now so cross your fingers! I also spent Saturday building a big outside area for our four little red footed turtles which will soon be in their new bigger MORE

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LED fixture Sicce GNC AM 466 In depth review

2013 10 acquario marino danireef danilo ronchi 103 LED fixture Sicce GNC AM 466 In depth review
After a long journey that began in January 2013 we are finally ready to talk in detail of the LED fixture Sicce GNC AM 466.  MORE

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New Dual Pump Controller on the Way from Jebao

6663Jebao Twinr Controller New Dual Pump Controller on the Way from Jebao Announced earlier this week, Jebao has released a brand new Twins Controller for the unusually popular Jebao WP Series and FS Type next generation pumps. After sorting through the poorly written announcement, here are the details of the controller that we were able to come up with. The new Twins Controller, which was designed by Fish-Street engineers, provides more flow patterns and a higher output than its predecessor while using up one less power outlet and controller port. Where the old controller had three preset flow rate settings (50, 75 and 100%), this new controller has a range of 30-100% with far more steps in between. In terms of functions, the Twins Controller also allows for alternating pump mode and a switch mode, which allows one pump to act as a stream and the other as a pulsing wavebox. As far as all of the buttons and indicator LEDs go, Fish-Street provided a pretty thorough breakdown of what each does. And not trying to re-invent the wheel, here is there descriptions: MODE/NIGHT: Press the “MODE” button once to select the function, long press to enter into Night mode. FEED/LOCK: Press the “FEED” button once to get into 10- min feed mode, long press to lock the knob. P1_FLOW: Setting the flow rate of P1 Pump. P2_FLOW: Setting the flow rate of P2 Pump MORE: New Dual Pump Controller on the Way from Jebao

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Jaguar Goby Added to ORA’s Captive Breeding Program

Oceans Reefs and Aquariums, otherwise known as ORA, is constantly pushing the envelope regarding the aqua culture of all manner of marine animals, and this week they announced the addition of yet another great aquarium fish. jaguar 600 Jaguar Goby Added to ORAs Captive Breeding Program The jaguar goby is the epitome of a great nano fish with a reasonable price tag, small minimum tank requirements and a great color pattern. They are generally peaceful making them an easy addition to most tanks on the small side, and their reef safe rating makes them the perfect, active, little reef pet. Caring for a jaguar goby is generally comparable to other small goby species such as yellow watchmen, highfins and the like. Most aquarium foods will integrate easily into their diet. As with most gobies, they are pretty commonly found to be jumpers, so a tight fitting top is recommended. These small, ornate fish are just one of the many captive bred fish coming out of the facilities at ORA, so be sure to check out the jaguar gobies as well as all their other aquarium oriented selections. Via: ORA

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Please don’t eat me!

White shark by Terry Goss 300x209 Please dont eat me!

Photo: Terry Goss

 Sharks are what put many people off swimming in the sea.  There are hundreds of facts out there proving that there’s only a miniscule chance of a shark attacking you, but films like JAWS and programmes on TV that show sharks as ferocious man eaters have made us very wary of these beautiful creatures. Scientists in Australia reckon they’ve come up with the solution – shark deterrent wetsuits!  Yes, no more “yum-yum yellow” (many a diver will tell you that sharks react differently to yellow), but rather camo blues and shocking zebra patterns!  There are two different patterns for potential ocean-goers to choose from, depending on which activity you’d like to participate in.  Divers, snorkelers and swimmers get the Cryptic Pattern which “makes it difficult for the shark to see the wearer in the water column by using disruptive coloration and shaping from the perspective of a predatory shark. shark deterrent wetsuit camouflage 300x219 Please dont eat me!The pattern is not only difficult for the shark to see but is also designed to blend in with the background colours”. Surfers, swimmers and shallow water divers get the SAMS Warning™ pattern which is “designed to overtly present the wearer as unlike any shark prey, or even as an unpalatable or dangerous food option”.   The inventors reckon that this will provide the user with increased protection and may also provide the time needed to evacuate the area if a shark is in range. MORE

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Video: Mantis Colour Vision Makes Aliens Look Tame

 Mantis shrimp have got to be one of the most interesting of all reef organisms indeed new discoveries about these fascinating creatures seem to happen on an almost daily basis. Further to recent research that indicates they use similar ‘scanning’ eye movements to primates, a different team of researchers, this time from University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, have suggested that stomatopods combine these scanning eye movements with a previously unknown colour vision system. Read the abstract in the journal Science More: Video: Mantis Colour Vision Makes Aliens Look Tame

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Yellow Tang Captive Breeding Program Gets Big Funding Boost

1ef3Captive Bred Yellow Tang Yellow Tang Captive Breeding Program Gets Big Funding Boost Captive-bred yellow tangs (Zebrasoma flavescens) may be coming to an aquarium near you. That’s the reality thanks to the efforts of the Oceanic Institute of Hawai‘i Pacific University (OI-PHU), who announced Friday that their groundbreaking research to breed yellow tangs has gotten a much needed infusion of cash…$75,000 to be exact. The funding comes from multiple sources, with the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation and the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority making up the bulk of that with their $35,000 donation. The Sea World/Busch Gardens Conservation Fund contributed $8,000 and the Oceanic Institute provided $32,000 worth of in-kind support. It is said that the funding will support a year long project which has the goal to bring the current level of yellow tang breeding up to the point that the research team can have its first ever captive rearing of the species. As part of the announcement, the OI-HPU also highlighted the fact that research scientist Chatham K. Callan, Ph.D., has lead the way with yellow tang breakthroughs when he discovered “breeding techniques that allow them to culture viable eggs in significant quantities and successfully rear the resulting larvae through their critical first few weeks of life.” As part of this joyous announcement, Callan will be speaking to the Science Pub-Hawai‘i tomorrow, January 27th. If you would like to read more about this ambitious work, be sure to visit: “OI-HPU yellow tang research gets boost from multiple funders” Story via MARSHReef MORE: Yellow Tang Captive Breeding Program Gets Big Funding Boost

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