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Elos Water Test kit: Mg Magnesium

2014 03 elos test kit magnesio 001 Elos Water Test kit: Mg Magnesium
After presenting the Elos test kit alkalinity KH (you can read the article here), today I present the Elos test kit Mg Magnesium. As you can see from the photo, the test kit consists of a good-sized box that contains the folding paper with explanations, the leaflet, one glass tube with Elos symbol and its plastic cap, three small bottles containing the liquid reagent called A, B, D, a powder reagent C, a syringe and the classic Elos measuring spoon.  MORE

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Santa Monica Aquarium To Feature New Endangered Species Exhibit

  goby 1 Santa Monica Aquarium To Feature New Endangered Species ExhibitThere are more than 2000 species in the Gobiidae family. However, The Tidewater Goby, native to the lagoons in California, is the only member of it’s genus, Eucyclogobius and it is endangered. This Goby species reside in lagoons, and their habitats have come into danger due to urban development and human activities. MORE

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Female Pseudojuloides edwardi Appears at Greenwich Aquaria Where It Was Named

10338599 10152298515872839 7767898634428663232 o Female Pseudojuloides edwardi Appears at Greenwich Aquaria Where It Was Named
Our friend Jason Edwards just made public this picture of the female Pseudojuloides edwardi, which is a new type of pencil wrasse recently discovered and then named by Jason.  This is basically akin to finding two needles in two separate haystacks.  Let’s see if more arrive as people consider their rareness and what it would take to breed them in captivity (probably a miracle).  More info on Jason and his incredible knack for finding the rarest of fishes HERE.

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Check out Colin Foord from Coral Morphologic on NPR’s All Things Considered

Screen Shot 2014 06 04 at 4.14.03 PM Check out Colin Foord from Coral Morphologic on NPRs All Things Considered

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Tank Chiller Line from Teco

2014 05 teco tank tk 034 Tank Chiller Line from TecoDuring Interzoo in Nuremberg, Tecohas unveiledthenew Tank Chiller Line, anew range of revolutionary chillers. Todaywe present to youthe video presentation.Yesterday theInterzooexhibition opened in Nurembergand, during this fair, Tecofinally revealsto the publicitsnew range ofchillers, the seriesTankChillerLine.MORE

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The Rare Japanese Spotnape Cardinalfish is Another Addition to the ORA Lineup

00e2ORA Spotnape Cardinalfish The Rare Japanese Spotnape Cardinalfish is Another Addition to the ORA Lineup
Cardinalfish are no strangers to the marine aquarium scene. The hobby has seen plenty of species from this group make an appearance, though the trade has been primarily focused on two in particular, the Banggai cardinal (Pterapogon kauderni) and the Pajama cardinal (Sphaeramia nematoptera). Despite the overwhelming popularity of these two species, Oceans Reefs & Aquariums is testing the waters with a newly aquacultured species from Japan, the rare Spotnape cardinalfish (Apogon notatus). As noted on the ORA blog, the Florida-based fish breeders acquired a batch of wild spotnape cardinals, but due to a lack of information being available, they didn’t really know what to expect in terms of behavior, feeding strategies, breeding, etc. But that didn’t stop the experts from giving it their best shot, and after some time they were successfully breeding the fish and learning all sorts of information about them. One of the biggest takeaways from rearing this fish is that, despite their muted colors, a small group of these cardinals is quite striking. They sport “silvery, rose gold colors” as ORA puts it, along with a spot just behind its eye and one on the tail. The fish has a maximum size of 4″, and their social nature makes them great for community reef tanks. Though ORA is having loads of success with this species, they are at a bit of a crossroads. They can either continue to raise and breed the fish, assuming there is a commercial demand for them, or they can shift their focus toward other species MORE: The Rare Japanese Spotnape Cardinalfish is Another Addition to the ORA Lineup

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Fluval’s New Marine And Reef LED’s Unveiled At Interzoo

The next generation of Fluval’s super popular Marine and Reef LED’s have just been shown off at Interzoo. Dubbed the Marine and Reef 2.0, the new and improved units will provide 20% more Lumen output than the current models. They now feature a touch-sensitive switch with dimmer function and 2 independent LED channels (day/ blue light). 

LED 2.0 Fluvals New Marine And Reef LEDs Unveiled At Interzoo

However, the real breakthrough with the 2.0 LED’s is the optional Dual Wi Fi Control module. The Wi Fi module allows you to independently control the light intensity, duration of sunset/sunrise and moonlight. The unit controls up to 4 channels ( 2 lamps) all via a Fluval App available for Android and IOS. MORE

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“The people will have to leave before the coral does.”

Miami boom 300x251 The people will have to leave before the coral does.

Miami in the background, lucky sea fan in the foreground, one of many animals being saved by Colin and crew.

 The quote above by Colin Foord, Co-Founder of Coral Morphologic, really hit home with me while reading an article in Miami New TImes focusing on the efforts of Colin and crew to help save thousands of individual corals prior to a $220 million project to deepen Port Miami. If you hadn’t heard, the Panama Canal is currently undergoing renovation to allow for even larger cargo ships to pass through. However, once through the canal, there were no areas for these mega-ships to dock in the US. Miami was one city to quickly jump on the bandwagon to accommodate aforementioned ships. Of course this necessitates renovations to Government Cut, which is currently only 42 feet deep. The deepening of Port Miami has been dubbed the Deep Dredge, and begins June 7th, blasting away down to 52 feet. Many of us realize this will have a great impact on the reefs in the area (read: completely obliterated). After hearing that a company (Tetra Tec) had been commissioned to remove ‘large’ pieces of coral, Colin was worried about the little MORE

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