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Some Japanese Aquariums Plan To Continue Buying Taiji Dolphins

tiajiSeveral Aquariums in Japan are trying to organize a group to bypass the restrictions placed on buying Taiji Dolphins instituted by the Japanese Association of Zoos (Jaza) and Aquariums on behalf of the World Association of Zoo’s and Aquarium’s initiative (Waza) in May. To accomplish this, certain groups plan to disband the conference of Cetaceans , currently regulated by Jaza. These Aquariums plan to leave Jaza to continue buying the Taiji dolphins. They have indicated that it is just too difficult to breed dolphins. This news is very dishertening for what appeared to be a great stride in moving away from the Taiji dolphin hunt. Its still important to focus on the achievement of Jaza banning the Taiji dolphins, but makes you wonder how many groups will leave to be able to continue to aquire Taiji hunt dolphins. MORE

Reef Kids

jellyfish craft 3Here’s a fun art project to keep the little ones entertained and occupied during these long summer days – a serene jellyfish of one’s own, floating peacefully in a water bottle.  The activity uses all recycled materials; its a great opportunity to talk with the kids about our oceans, and the havoc that plastic bags and other plastic debris is causing. The National Resources Defense Council has a great article about this problem, if you need a jumping-off point: project itself is quite simple, you just need a plastic grocery bag, a water bottle, string, food coloring, and scissors.  MORE

Rare Split Colored Lobster Caught Off the Coast Of Maine

 A very rare catch was found off the coast of Maine: a split colored lobster. According to research by the Lobster Institute, the chances of finding this split colored lobster is a one in fifty million chance. This was certaintly against the odds and likely wont end up served with lemon and butter. MORE

Turtle Cam Reveals Amazing Footage Of The Great Barrier Reef

 A turtle in the Great Barrier Reef had a GoPro attached to its back, thanks to the amazing work of the World Wildlife Fund. The result is pretty spectacular. The footage lasts for about 15 minutes, before the turtle is able to shack the camera off its back. Although beautiful, the footage shows the real harm of global warming. The footage is part of a campaign to raise awareness about the reefs declining health and to stop dumping in the Great Barrier Reef. MORE

Tattoo Tuesday – New Artist Watch

Ben Johnson is a Facebook staple for many of us in the reef industry. He runs a successful aquarium maintenance company, and is known for his funny, opinionated, and informational posts. But did you know that he just got his ENTIRE back tattooed? MORE

School of Black Margate

Good afternoon friends, I’m back!! I had another three day weekend and stayed far away from the computer, I love being out of touch! Aimee and I like to turn off all our mobile devices on our days off, we only carry our antique Nokia disposable phones that have zero access to the internet, so no texting or surfing on the go for us. My three days off went by super fast but they sure were fun, just ask the dogs! Each day I took them on a 2-3 hour adventure and brought them back worn out and dirty. And after their baths, these two lucky dogs snoozed the afternoons away in air conditioned comfort. MORE

Seahorse-Inspired Engineering

3-D printed seahorse tailA team of engineers at Clemson University, led by Michael M. Porter, have created a 3-D printed model of a seahorse’s tail in the hopes of finding out if the tail’s unique shape – an organization of square prisms surrounded by bony plates that are connected by joints – has a functional advantage over the cylindrical tails that most animals possess. After the scientists created 3-D models of a square prism and a cylindrical tail, they whacked the models with a rubber mallet and twisted and bent them. The findings?  The square was stiffer and more resilient when crushed, and was half as able to twist, a feature which could help prevent damage and supply greater control. MORE

Happy 4th of July!

am flag beachHappy 4th, everyone!  I hope you all have a great holiday, and remember to drink responsibly, drive carefully, and wear plenty of sunscreen! is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.