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Researchers Study Virus Which May Be The Cause Of Starfish Wasting Syndrome

seastar Researchers Study Virus Which May Be The Cause Of Starfish Wasting SyndromeI’ve been sadly following the Starfish Wasting Syndrome since it started shocking researchers and scientists with alarming rates of starfish mutilation and deaths since 2013. Scientists first starting noticing the disease along the North American West Coast. The degenerating disease is devastating starfish populations and scientists couldn’t figure out why. Although the disease has been present sine the 1970′s, never have soo many starfish been affected at one time. When the disease affected starfish in aquariums, scientists were able to better understand the root. By analyzing the DNA of infected and healthy starfish of different species, scientists found the virus SSaDV was most usually present in both the healthy and unhealthy starfish. MORE

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So What Now? What The Future Holds For LiveAquaria

HOME 111814 300x139 So What Now? What The Future Holds For LiveAquariaI’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now – an ominous cloud hovers over our beloved industry in light of Petco coming forward to purchase Doctors Foster and Smith. I woke up this morning and prayed it was merely a bad dream, but alas my hopes were crushed and reality set in as I reviewed the confirming evidence. It didn’t sit right with me – Petco has a less than stellar reputation when it comes to the aquarium industry, and I immediately feared the worst. Not wanting to be a Doomsday Dreading Debbie Downer Doll, I decided to take a deep breath and reach out to LiveAquaria’s director, Kevin Kohen. After his response, I’m happy to report we should really not be so afraid here. This could actually be a good thing for the hobby! MORE

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Petco Acquires Drs. Foster and Smith (LiveAquaria)

In shocking and breaking news Petco company has announced its acquisition of the online pet product retail mogul Dr. Foster and Smith. Owned by veterinarians the online retail outlet Dr. Foster and Smith has a saltwater division that supplies live coral to customers all over the united states called LiveAquaria (DiversDen). The terms have already been agreed upon and LiveAquaria’s director was quoted saying “Things will be business as usual here at Drs. Foster and Smith. That’s all the information we have at the moment as this is brand new, but thanks for asking. We are excited about what it means for our company!” Petco’s CEO Jim Meyers is quoted in a prepared statement saying the acquisition “underscores our commitment to nurturing the complete health and well-being of animals and further allows Petco to meet the diverse and expansive needs of pet parents.” The acquisition is slatted to be complete early 2015 without disclosure of terms. 

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Two Days Left for Reef Savvy St. Jude Fundraiser

reefs.comReefSavvyStJude 300x66 Two Days Left for Reef Savvy St. Jude FundraiserSome of you may remember Caitlin sharing the wonderful fundraiser Reef Savvy is involved with for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, “We Give Tanks. To Give Thanks.” This year they raised their goal to $20,000, and we’re so pleased to say that they’ve surpassed that with flying colors already collecting a whopping $29,620! Wow, just incredible. The Reef Savvy team is currently number 7 in the entire nation, and for individuals Felix Bordon, owner of Reef Savvy, is the number 1 fundraiser in the United States! If you hadn’t heard Reef Savvy has been raising these donations through the purchase of $10 raffle tickets, for which the grand prize is an astounding aquarium system consisting of high end equipment and livestock from throughout the world. 

reefs.comReefSavvyStJude21 300x199 Two Days Left for Reef Savvy St. Jude Fundraiser

Reef Savvy 100G 4 sides low iron, Red Bottom Rimless Reef Ready Aquarium.


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“Mouthbrooding” – So Much More Attractive Than “Mouth-Breathing”

66b0d314 be62 4393 b448 27de921b3777 300x168 Mouthbrooding   So Much More Attractive Than Mouth BreathingApologies to anyone with sinus issues, but facts are facts. Anywho, very much like that little tidbit of a fact, this is hardly news, but thanks to Ret Tablot, I’ve got Bangaiis on the brain and figured I’d merge that into an ongoing theme of fishy breeding habits, so here we go.  MORE

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Diamond In The Rough

yellbluetenius2014 1024x680 Diamond In The Rough
You just never know when you will find a gem.  This coral is a prime example of this premise when speaking about corals in captivity.  This Acropopra tenius started out very different then it appears today.  Even with the couple decades of keeping corals under my belt I did not see the potential in this specimen.  It was a small seed fragment I acquired from a hobbyist at one of the many frag swaps I attended.  The coloration was quite unimpressive so I did not give it much attention or prime real estate in any of my systems until recently.  After a few months in the original location it was placed I saw the yellow pigments and a hint of blue on the axial coralites.  I promptly decided it was worthy of some attention and better placement.  I positioned it to receive strong light and random flow in one of my most mature reef aquariums.  After several months in the new location the pigments began to develop into what you see now.  As each month passes the coral becomes more vibrant although  is not adding mass as quickly as I would anticipate.  The polyp extension and new active growth tips tell me I did the right thing.  Now I must have patience and watch my new gem grow into a mature colony with hopes of propagating this coral in the future.  I believe it has the genetics to be a worthy addition to my brood stock and only time will tell if I made the proper decision.  The moral of the story is you just never know.  Never assume a certain specimen will not become your next diamond in the rough.

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The Amorous Pufferfish: Sexiest Fish Alive?

62330 300x180 The Amorous Pufferfish: Sexiest Fish Alive?Perhaps according to Sir David Attenborough, though I’ve seem some pretty sexy anthias  (have you SEEN a Holanthias fuscipinnis?). But we’re not talking aesthetics this time around, we’re going strictly based on their romance game. At first glance, the unassuming porky pufferfish, with his rotund cheeks, toothy grin and goofy, bulgy eyes wouldn’t strike you as any sort of Rico Suave – in fact you’d probably assume him to be a stuttering, clumsy buffoon in the sack. This is why you shouldn’t make snap judgements! Turns out Mr. Pufferfish has some seriously sultry tricks up his metaphorical sleeve. MORE

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Importance of Disaster Plan’s For Public Aquariums

sharknado attack Importance of Disaster Plans For Public AquariumsWinter is coming. With it comes notoriously unpredictable weather. Snowstorms and blizzards can poise difficult challenges for zoos and aquariums and even your average hobbyists. Infectious disease and natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and typhoons are not just cause for concern for people. Natural disasters leave aquariums susceptible to power outages, staff shortages, and possibly lack of food, clean water and medicine too. Infectious diseases can devastate animal population. Its important to be prepared with a plan in case of emergency. For the past four years, folks at the US Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Care and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and  the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine has been having emergency preparedness trials at small and large facilities. The main point is there needs to be a plan. Its important to stay calm in the face of chaos. To stay calm you need to know what to do, how to do it, and who does what. Knowing what animals to move and in what order makes the most out of valuable time. There is nothing worse than spinning wheels when time is running out and the crisis is approaching.Hopefully this has inspired you to create your own disaster plan to save your fishy friends from the zombie apocalypse or other impending forms of doom. MOREMORE

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