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Long Island Collecting Log: Deepwater squirrelfish makes a rare appearance

IMG 8325sm Long Island Collecting Log: Deepwater squirrelfish makes a rare appearance

Sargocentron bullisi, the Deepwater Squirrelfish. Caught in Southampton, NY

 Although it is not uncommon for the squirrelfish, Holocentrus adscensionis to show up in Long Island waters as a tropical stray, the deepwater squirrelfish, Sargocentron bullisi is a far less frequent visitor. MORE

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Lower Keys Coral Bleaching Report (August 22, 2014)

600stag Lower Keys Coral Bleaching Report (August 22, 2014)
Having been preoccupied with the Miami Coral Rescue Mission this summer, we finally made our first excursion to the Lower Keys this summer on Friday August 22. Sadly, we found that a distressingly high percentage of corals living on the reefs in Hawk Channel are severely bleached. Most of the staghorn corals that we saw were severely bleached or actively dying, though there were a few hardy exceptions. Nearly all of the brain corals were bone white. All over the reef we observed an unhealthy mix of cyanobacteria and algae proliferating on previously dead coral skeletons. Even the normally hardy gorgonians, corallimorphs, and zoanthids showed significant bleaching on all three patch reefs we checked. The water temperature was an uncomfortable 89 degrees on the bottom. Without strong winds or storms to More: Lower Keys Coral Bleaching Report (August 22, 2014)

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The Top Five Speakers I Can’t Wait to See!: Part Two

julian sprung 235x300 The Top Five Speakers I Cant Wait to See!: Part TwoThe speaker I was originally planning on talking about next I decided to save for last as I’d like a bit more time to put something a little more exemplary together. So moving on, I’ll get right into the next speaker I’m psyched for. I’ve actually had the honor of having dinner with this individual at the 2014 NERAC conference at the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center. This lucky girl got to sit right next to him and pick his brain along with fellow fish geeks, Charles Delbeek, Dr. Andrew Rhyne and Christine Williams (Jared was there, too). I asked him all about how he got started in the hobby, and he asked me ground breaking questions about what it’s like to own a chinchilla. Julian Sprung, accomplished author along with Delbeek to what is widely regarded as The Bible for Reefkeeping, The Reef Aquarium: A Comprehensive Guide to the Identification and Care of Tropical Marine Invertebrates, a three volume series. Julian’s company, Two Little Fishies also offers many more informative books and high-quality aquarium equipment. There’s many things I’m looking forward to from Julian this year at MACNA – he will be debating refugiums with Jake Adams, as well as holding a round table discussion about the plans of compiling a list of endangered and threatened SPS corals and the negative effects that would have on the species as well as the aquarium hobby. Yea, I’m definitely excited for all of that, and I hope to get the chance to meet him again.
the reef aquarium 150x150 The Top Five Speakers I Cant Wait to See!: Part Two tlf logo 300x200 The Top Five Speakers I Cant Wait to See!: Part Two  chinchilla eating 300x300 150x150 The Top Five Speakers I Cant Wait to See!: Part Two

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California Earthquake Nearly Kills Aquarist

1240x1240 168x300 California Earthquake Nearly Kills AquaristSteven Smith of Napa California is lucky to be alive after his ~25 gallon fish tank weighing hundreds of pounds crashed down onto his head during Sundays 6.0 earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area. Luckily, Smith was sleeping face down and avoided more serious injury, but still sustained a badly cut arm that needed more than 12 stitches and a few staples in his scalp. “I was in shock,” said Smith. “I didn’t know what happened. I felt liquid running down my body. I rubbed my head and noticed I had blood on my hand.” Smith is expected to fully recover from his injuries and is taking the incident lightly and with a smile in a picture taken just minutes after the accident. Read more here.

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Sleep With The Fishes: Underwater Hotels

These hotels take sleeping with the fishes to a new level. The Manta Resort, recently opened this year in Pemba Island, Zanzibar, it is a stunning property that features rooms located 1300 below the Indian Reef, giving hotel guests the amazing views of it’s rich coral reef. The island is very remote, with the website advising that although the island does contain dirt roads, the only sensible way to arrive is charter flights. And at this point, if you are spending the nights watching the coral reefs from your bed, you might as well through in the charter flight. For approximately $1500/night, you can check into the underwater bedroom. Spotlights are located outside of the underwater bedroom windows, to attract marine life. Not all underwater hotels have to be tropical destinations, on the other side of the World, you can check into the Utter Inn in Sweden. A charming red room in the center of a Lake. Visitors are taken to their hotel room on an inflatable raft. The bedroom windows also feature panoramic views. Once you are in your hotel room, you can’t leave until you are picked up the next morning, so make sure you pack well. Interestingly enough, both of these amazing properties were created by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, who has opened Genberg Underwater Hotels, with the goal of creating a series of underwater properties. MOREunderwater hotel Sleep With The Fishes: Underwater Hotelsutter inn 300x163 Sleep With The Fishes: Underwater Hotels               manta resort underwater room Sleep With The Fishes: Underwater Hotels

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New Plans For Clearwater Marine Aquarium Focus On Rehabilitation

clearwater New Plans For Clearwater Marine Aquarium Focus On Rehabilitation                  clearwater 2 New Plans For Clearwater Marine Aquarium Focus On Rehabilitation                      The Clearwater Marine Aquarium, home of the inspiration for the ‘Dolphin Tale’ movie, has released its plans for an updated, downtown aquarium. The plans are much different from what was originally proposed for the renovation, however, remain true to the Aquariums mission of rescue and rehabilitation. The new facility will not have a Dolphin Show Stadium, instead the Dolphin Interaction that is planned will focus on behind the scenes tours and dolphin habitats. The total cost of the renovations has also been downsized from the originally proposed 160 Million Dollar Cost, to the now expected cost of 68 Million dollars. The new plans go along with the Aquarium’s mission; “We believe in preserving our marine life and environment while inspiring the human spirit through leadership in education, research, rescue, rehabilitation and release.” With the recent release of ‘BlackFish’, and accompanying negative media attention on Seaworld, it is refreshing to see Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s focus remain on rescue and rehabilitation. The aquarium’s residents only remain if they can’t survive in the wild, and are released upon successful rehabilitation. MOREMORE

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Heads Up: Reef Eden is Running a Limited Offer on Giesemann’s LEDs!

 Up until October 31, 2014, you can receive up to 25% off Giesmann’s state-of-the-art FUTURA-S Advanced LED Systems. The bluetooth capable fixtures are compatible with all Windows, Mac and Android platforms for PC, tablets and smart phones. They have a slew of innovative and intuitive features to offer including real-time lunar phases, cloud-cover replication, and programmable daytime phases to name a few. 

Offering one of the highest output to power consumption ratios, combined with massive coverage vs financial outlay compared to alternate systems, the FUTURA-S series from Giesemann delivers one of the most stunning and advanced LED lighting solutions available to the discerning aquarist. Using the very latest in cree 5w LED technology, true sub 400nm UV emitters, 7 colours across 5 independently controlled channels, plus virtually unlimited control and programming capacity via a dedicated software package developed by Giesemann and running via secure Bluetooth control, the FUTURA-S series represents the pinnacle of LED lighting for the home aquarium.The Futura-S series can be mounted via suspension kit, wall mount brackets, or via a stylish aquarium mounting set making it compatible for virtually every situation.

  You can get more details on the offer on their website, along with pricing comparison charts to ensure you’re getting the absolute best deal. The lights come standard with a one-year warranty and option to upgrade after two years if you register the product. This really is a crazy deal, don’t miss out, guys!
Futura promo logo 150x150 Heads Up: Reef Eden is Running a Limited Offer on Giesemanns LEDs! Futura 1 fade 150x150 Heads Up: Reef Eden is Running a Limited Offer on Giesemanns LEDs!

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Bobbit Worms are Gruesomely Awesome

 When you think of sea creatures that instantly strike terror in the hearts of everyone, you generally think of ferocious sharks or giant man-eating squid. While those are rarely, if ever, encountered, this bottom dwelling worm is far more common Continue reading → MORE: Bobbit Worms are Gruesomely Awesome

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