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3 Saltwater Fish Beginners Should AVOID!

 In this CoralFish12g video I am going to be giving you 3 saltwater fish you should totally avoid when first getting into the a MORE: 3 Saltwater Fish Beginners Should AVOID!

Rossmont Mover MX pumps Unveiled

rossmont_mover_mx_02After a full year of making us wait, Rossmont is finally ready to present its new Mover MX pump. The Rossmont Mover MX, as the Rossmont Mover M before it, is a pump with a fixed flow rate. Rossmont has made understanding its product easy; the code for every pump is MX followed by the flow rate. The new Mover MX has four pumps: 

  • Mover MX 9800moves 9.800 l/h, has a power consumption of 16 watt, and an efficiency of 613 litres per watt;
  • Mover MX 11600moves 11.600 l/h, has a power consumption of 18 watt, and an efficiency of 644 litres per watt;
  • Mover MX 13400moves 13.400 l/h, has a power consumption of 20 watt, and an efficiency of 670 litres per watt;
  • Mover MX 15200moves 15.200 l/h, has a power consumption of 24 watt, and an efficiency of 633 litres per watt;

  From this table we can see that the new Mover MX 13400 is the most efficient pump, but the efficiency is MORE

OATA Petition Needs Your Support!

Calling all UK hobbyists! OATA have recently launched a campaign to defend the UK ornamental trade and hobby from a host of overzealous campaign groups who are seeking to bring an end to the practice of keeping fish in captivity by introducing bans on the importation and sale of wild-caught and exotic species. Clearly the ramifications of such a ban would be huge – not just stopping us from enjoying the beauty of such life in our own homes, but also destroying a myriad of businesses across the country, and even beyond these shores. We strongly recommend you visit the site by clicking HERE and show your support as we have. MORE

Copper primer

s13During my last post, I focused on one parasite that rapidly kills fish and how to diagnose and treat it. Sadly, it is only a small fraction of the conversation on how to treat fish that succumb to any external parasites. The mechanisms that determine a fish’s ability to survive infection, on up to the side effects treatment will have, are very deep (no pun intended) and should be understood by aquarists. Also, the effect treatment has on an aquarium ecosystem is vital as well. In a perfect world, all sick fish would be treated in a hospital tank and returned to a parasite free display aquarium at treatment’s end. The world isn’t perfect, and reality is that many aquarists will treat infections in the display aquarium. Since copper is cheap, easily administered and kills a wide array of pathogens, it’s easy to see why it’s the weapon of choice, when dealing with external parasites.  MORE

Shipping Live Corals

 Shipping corals is one of the main challenges of operating an online-based business. Corals by their very nature are fragile, and shipping them across the country is a highly stressful event More: Shipping Live Corals

Tunze Care Magnet Review

2014_10_tunze_magnete_puliscivetro_220115_002 These brand new glass magnet cleaners from Tunze, the Tunze 220.010 and 220.015, are as gorgeous as they are practical. I first saw these magnets at the Interzoo fair in Nuremberg this year, and now I finally have both the smaller Tunze Care Magnet 220.010 and the bigger Tunze Care Magnet 220.015 in hand to review. MORE

Beware Multiple Saltwater Aquarium Syndrome!

Breeding and growout tanks are often seen in the advanced stages of MSAS!It starts innocently enough. You’ve had a fish-only marine tank up and running for quite some time and would like to try your hand at reefkeeping—so one aquarium becomes two. Maybe then you realize that you need to rehome a fish that has outgrown its aquarium or is bullying its tankmates. You can’t bear to part with the specimen, so two tanks become three. Next, you catch the fish-breeding or coral-fragging bug and set up yet another system for that purpose—and three tanks become four. Before you know it, you can’t look at an empty container in your home without imagining what type of sea life it could hold! This scenario represents the typical progression of an especially insidious disease known to afflict marine aquarium hobbyists—Multiple Saltwater Aquarium Syndrome, or MSAS. Who is at risk MORE

New York Subway Cars Transformed Into Artificial Reefs

subway 1 All along the East Coast, New York subway cars are being transformed into artificial reefs. Photographer Stephen Mallon has caught some amazing shots of the subway cars being recycled into new homes for marine life. These 18 ton stainless steel cars are stacked up on liners and then dropped into the Atlantic, minus their wheels, windows and doors. MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.