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Mile-High MACNA Rises to the Occasion

macna 2014 1 Mile High MACNA Rises to the OccasionDenver, Colorado, situated a mile above sea level, might seem like an unusual host city for a conference focused exclusively on marine aquaria, but this year’s Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA), held August 29–31 at the Colorado Convention Center and presented by the Colorado Organization for Reef & Aquatic Life, proved that a little altitude is no impediment to a stellar MACNA experience. Mile-High MACNA gave your friends here at Saltwater Smarts—and thousands of other attendees—a chance to benefit from the insights of industry experts who spoke on a wide range of engaging topics, check out some truly stunning marine livestock, glimpse all the latest aquarium technology, and log a little face time with colleagues and fellow marine aquarium enthusiasts. Chris and I also took the opportunity while in Denver to perform a series of groundbreaking scientific experiments involving high altitude, various craft beers, and burgers. Our hypothesis of altitude + beers + burgers = delicious³ held up to some pretty rigorous, redundant testing! Primo presentations with a twist Martin Moe steps on to the stage for another great talk, this time about marine cultureIn addition to exceptional presentations by well-known industry pioneers and professionals, including the venerable Martin Moe, Walt Smith, Jean Jaubert, Mike Paletta, Julian Sprung, Kevin Kohen, Tony Vargas, Sanjay Joshi, and others, MACNA 2014 attendees were treated to a variety of talks that departed somewhat from the norm. For example, everyone in attendance got a kick out of the More: Mile-High MACNA Rises to the Occasion

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Relive MACNA 2014 with This Random Photo Tour

MACNA 2014 logo 500x310 Relive MACNA 2014 with This Random Photo Tour
If you didn’t get to make it to the big show this year, but are still every bit as interested in all of the new gear, livestock, and all around fun as we are, then you will appreciate the gallery we’ve compiled today. We are talking about MACNA 2014, of course, and the following 30+ images helps us to relive the event. The images are randomly distributed, partially to help convey the busy and chaotic nature of the event, and they come from a healthy mix of vendors. MORE: Relive MACNA 2014 with This Random Photo Tour

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Covers MACNA 2014 Part 1

MACNA is the premier tradeshow for the saltwater aquarium world and here’s part of what caught my eye 
MORE: Mr. Saltwater Tank Covers MACNA 2014 Part 1

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California Blue Whale Makes Comeback

Almost hunted to extinction the Blue Whale has made a surprising comeback said the University of Washington in a recent study. Showing populations numbers close to historical levels, the California Blue Whale population recognized by the study is the only population known to recover from the practice of whaling, as well as from deadly collisions with commercial freight-liners. 140905090223 large 228x300 California Blue Whale Makes Comeback“The recovery of California blue whales from whaling demonstrates the ability of blue whale populations to rebuild under careful management and conservation measures,” said Cole Monnahan, a doctoral student in quantitative ecology and resource management at the University of Washington, and also lead author of the paper. “Our findings aren’t meant to deprive California blue whales of protections that they need going forward, California blue whales are recovering because we took actions to stop catches and start monitoring. If we hadn’t, the population might have been pushed to near extinction – an unfortunate fate suffered by other blue whale populations,. It’s a conservation success story,” Monnahan said. Read more here!

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Senate Report Calls for Greater Protection of GBR

A recent federal assessment made on The Great Barrier Reef has scientists and communities alike shaking their heads. The effects of land use water entering the surrounding reef waters, among other human induced threats, is eliminating the chance for recovery. “You have to make a quantifiable link between what is happening in the catchments and what’s happening in the Great Barrier Reef, where there’s been a decline in biodiversity,” said Alana Grech, from Macquarie University. great barrier reef diver 615 Senate Report Calls for Greater Protection of GBRPhoto courtesy of Natgeo.The assessment drew on many facts stating researchers had “identified overwhelming evidence that a range of threats are continuing to affect inshore habitats along the developed coast, and the species that use these habitats.” With improvements being stifled by new dreading permits, and massive port development projects in Queensland, the reef is taking hits from all sides. The Governments report concludes stating their “One-Stop Shop will streamline environmental assessment and approval processes by removing duplication between the Australian Government and states and territories. Importantly, this will be achieved while maintaining high environmental standards.” Read more here.

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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip: Leaving? Add This To Your List

Headed out the door for a vacation or extended trip? This tip is one piece of advice I can give you before you go. (My complete advice can be found here) MORE: Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip: Leaving? Add This To Your List

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Fish With Human-Like Teeth In Arizona?!

pacu fish teeth Fish With Human Like Teeth In Arizona?!The Lakes in Arizona are not known for their exotic fish. But that doesn’t stop the fish from eventually ending up there. Pacu are popular aquarium fish, known as ‘vegetarian piranhas’. While sold in the fish store at 2-3 inches, these fish can get up to 30 inches long very fast. Fish owners who are no longer interested in caring for their exotic fish, or whose fish may have outgrown their tank, end up dumping the fish in the lakes. A 3.5 lb Pacu, a South-American cousin of the Piranha, was caught by a fisherman, oddly enough using a piece of hot dog as bait. Luckily these non-native fish do not have much effect on the environment, are not invasive. The Lionfish in Florida is a good example of the problems an invasive species can cause. Exotic fish and pet owners should consider the ramifications of releasing their pets into the wild. There are even groups like the Exotic Pet Amnesty Program that will take unwanted animals from owners. Luckily, in the case, other than a few shocked fisherman, this species will not cause harm to Arizona. MORE

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Fluval’s Evo 5 is the Cutest Lil’ All-in-One Nano at MACNA

Fluval SEA Evo 5 644x320 Fluval’s Evo 5 is the Cutest Lil’ All in One Nano at MACNA
Big things come in small packages, and Fluval’s new Evo 5 aquarium is certainly looking to prove that point. Coming in at a whopping 5 gallons, this new Evo aquarium is actually an all-in-one unit, meaning that the lights and MORE: Fluval’s Evo 5 is the Cutest Lil’ All-in-One Nano at MACNA

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