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House Hunting Tips For Reef Junkies

Real Estate will likely be a big part of your investment portfolio. Therefore financial professionals recommend you carefully consider your real estate purchases. The other big part of your investment portfolio is your saltwater fish tank and here’s tips on how to make sure your real estate is good for your fish tank. MORE: House Hunting Tips For Reef Junkies

Japan AZA Votes On Whether To Continue Buying Dolphins From Taiji

taji The Japan Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Jaza), a collection of 89 zoos and 63 aquariums, is voting on whether to keep buying dolphins from the notorious town of Taiji, made famous by the movie ‘the cove.’  Taiji is known for the dolphin drive hunt, which occurs every year, from September to March. This ‘hunt’ has received unfavorable international acclaim for the cruelty of the dolphin and whale killings. Locals, however, argue that this practice sustains fisherman and has gone on for centuries. The Jaza vote comes after Japan was threatened with expulsion from the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Waza) for its ‘continuing unethical procurement of dolphins from Taiji’. MORE

Salt Speak – Episode 3: Coldwater Marine Aquariums

Alright, alright…I’m back with another episode of Salt Speak! In this third installment I sat down to talk coldwater marine systems with Stu Wobbe. Stu is the owner of Coldwater Marine Aquatics in Oregon, USA.In the first half of our chat we speak about temperate and coldwater marine aquariums. We dig into equipment and maintenance requirements and how they differ from tropical systems. In addition, Stu introduces us to some of the interesting fish and invertebrate species that are available to coldwater hobbyists. Then we change gears to focus on his business, Coldwater Marine Aquatics, including how they got started (hint: a hand-written note started it all!). CMA is permitted through Oregon for commercial collection and they also use self-imposed restrictions to lessen their impact on the natural environment. Since coldwater systems aren’t as mainstream, we spend time at the end of our chat to focus on a variety of resources available to hobbyists interested in learning more MORE

Failed Artificial Reef Removed Off The Coast Of France

Cannes Reef The Cannes Film Festival kicked off today. The Festival has been a yearly event since 1947. It previews films of all genres from around the world and is certainly the place to be and be seen if you are a celebrity. It also brings to light the failed attempt to create an artificial reef along the French Riviera. MORE

Georgia Aquarium Welcomes Baby Beluga Whale On Mothers Day!

beluga Georgia Aquarium resident Beluga Whale, Maris, gave birth early Sunday morning to a female calf. What a special Mothers Day for the Aquarium! The calf was born coming in at almost 60 inches long and 126 pounds and successfully swam to the surface to take her first breath of air. The Georgia Aquarium has temporarily closed the Beluga Exhibit to allow mom and baby some private time to bond and to ensure that all of their needs are properly met. Both mom and baby will receive 24 hour monitoring and care in this crucial period after birth. MORE

The war on fish

GEARNETVesselPhoto05-21002Not long ago I spoke about filmmaker Rob Stewart’s newly released documentary Revolution and how important this film was. After reading a New York Times editorial, When Humans Declared a War on Fish, I was happy to see that Boris Worm, a marine biology and conservation professor at Dalhouise University co-authored the piece. Worm is featured in both Stewart’s films, (Sharkwater and Revolution) as a consultant on oceanic biology and ecology. After reading the article, I had to ask, is there really a war on fish and are aquarists contributing to it.  MORE

Marine Aquarium Decorations: Tacky, Tasteful, or Somewhere In-Between?

Large coral insert tank decoration at a big box pet storeI’ve always favored very naturalistic aquariums, so when an acquaintance recently asked me what I think about using decorations in saltwater systems, my immediate response (more or less) was that I find them tacky and cringe-worthy and that corals and fish should be decoration enough. But I have to admit, when pressed to explain why I think this way, I couldn’t really come up with a satisfactory answer. My contention that I prefer to keep things natural doesn’t really hold up, since, let’s face it, I’m using artificial means to provide everything from water currents to sunlight to waste removal in my tank. Not to mention, there aren’t a lot of fish and corals out there in the natural world living in rectangular glass houses (and if there are, they probably shouldn’t throw stones!). Nor could I honestly argue that aquarium decorations are just plain ugly because, as the old saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”So this challenge to my long-held viewpoint sort of got me thinking. Can I really support the assertion that ornaments have no place in marine tanks? Tasteful tank décor I’ve seen My mind goes back to a photo of an aquarium I saw in some book many, many years ago. A focal point of this tank was a spot-lit, half-buried amphora (similar to these ancient vase replicas) with bubbles created by a hidden airstone rising from its mouth. MORE

Dietary Supplements May Save Coral Reefs

Everyone love’s the idea of a perfect diet. There are so many diet trends and vitamin supplements on the market right now. It is a huge and booming industry, one that I don’t think is going anywhere anytime soon. The low-carb diet, the low-fat diet, the zone diet, the paleo diet, the vegan diet, the juice diet, etc etc. They all tout certain benefits and rewards. If the desire and the ability is there, it is very easy to eat or live a certain way, to get precisely the right nutrient balance that may be needed to achieve the ideal health. Additionally, there are plenty of nutrient supplements available at our disposal. One can walk through any pharmacy or grocery store or vitamin shop and get whatever essential nutrients that your body may not be getting through actual caloric nutrients. On the other hand, our coral reefs, are literally starving to death. Between the stress of global warming, coral bleaching, dredging and over fishing, our corals are under attack from many different elements. MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.