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Ikelite VEGA Video Lights, Underwater Go-Pro

6796Tessa Ikelite 1 375 Ikelite VEGA Video Lights, Underwater Go ProGood morning friends, I apologize again for the late blog  but I have been under the sea most of the morning. I spent the morning getting ready for a dive with our friend Tessa (above) who is here currently doing research at the Dolphin Academy. So, since we were headed out to a beautiful reef I gave her my brand new, state of the art, Ikelite setup designed especially around the GoPro. This sweet little baby has two ultra powerful VEGA lights, a beautiful red aluminum tray and two cushy grips to hold onto, I mean really can it get any better than this?? Shooting professional quality underwater video’s used to be so far out of reach because of the cost involved, not anymore folks! MORE

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Human ‘Mermaid’ Dances With Sharks To Protest Culling

 Conversationalist and model, Hannah Fraser, is bringing awareness, via unconventional and risky means, to stop the war on sharks, one terrifying dance at a time. Fraser went to the Bahamas, where she ‘danced’ with tiger sharks at 50 ft below the surface. The footage was shot by Emmy award winning cinematographer Shawn Heinrichs. Fraser used no dive equipment and held her breath for the duration of the dive. MORE

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Interzoo 2014: Sicce

2014 05 interzoo norimberga 2014 sicce 014 Interzoo 2014: SicceSicce‘s Interzoo booth had a cool party to celebrate their 40 years in business.  Read on for more details on Sicce’s complete product line and announcements from Interzoo.  MORE

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Miami Coral Rescue Restrospective /// Urban Coral Hypothesis

Baby Meandrina maze brain coral polyp IG Miami Coral Rescue Restrospective /// Urban Coral Hypothesis
A hyper-fluorescent juvenile Montastrea cavernosa rescued from Government Cut After months of impatiently watching dredge ships working offshore Miami, Coral Morphologic and other researchers were finally granted a brief window of opportunity from May 26 until June 6th in which to rescue corals left behind from the legally-required relocation effort from the Army Corps of Engineers’ Deep Dredge of Government Cut. This was a much shorter length of time than we had been prepared for, and as such, we had to respond with considerable urgency in order to rescue as many corals as possible. Fortunately we had begun our detailed preparations in January 2014 by coordinating students and professors from the University of More: Miami Coral Rescue Restrospective /// Urban Coral Hypothesis

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A Fond Farwell To Marine Habitat Magazine

mhcover A Fond Farwell To Marine Habitat Magazine We’ve just received news that one of the UKs leading marine magazines, and its tropical freshwater version, will sadly no longer be available. Marine Habitat was a dedicated marine fishkeeping magazine which received a fantastic reception from the hobbyist, forum and trade communities alike. With a combination of a very hard working, innovative and motivated publishing team, and a panel of experienced and highly respected expert contributors, the magazine had secured itself as a trusted, valued, and sought after resource. We have no doubts that it will be sorely missed. A new website has been created, on which further details have been provided pertaining to this decision. More: A Fond Farwell To Marine Habitat Magazine

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5 Must See UnderWater Cities


port royal 5 Must See UnderWater Cities

Port Royal, Jamaica

 Underwater cities are the stuff of legends, dreams and childhood fantasies. Check out these amazing 5 under water civilizations. Archaeologists are still finding artifacts and new information to this date. Port Royal, Jamaica makes number one on the list. It was a lively port, often referred to as the ‘wickedest city on earth’, until a massive earthquake hit Jamaica in 1692. The city had only existed for 37 years, and was underwater in a matter of minutes. The city is amazingly preserved, including villages, hospitals and dockyards. MORE

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The Many Means of Nutrient Export in Marine Aquariums

aquarium nutrient export 300x169 The Many Means of Nutrient Export in Marine AquariumsDissolved nutrients. Sounds like a good thing, right? After all, every organism needs nutrients in one form or another in order to grow and stay in good health. So why are marine aquarium hobbyists—particularly reefkeepers—seemingly so fixated on keeping the level of dissolved nutrients in their systems as low as possible? To understand this fixation, you have to keep in mind that the waters surrounding coral reefs are naturally nutrient-poor environments. Unless a reef is subject to agricultural runoff, sewage discharge, etc., the levels of dissolved nutrients around it never approximate what can accumulate in the closed system of a marine aquarium. Elevated dissolved-nutrient levels lead to problems with nuisance algae and declining water quality, which is stressful or even deadly to marine livestock. That’s why hobbyists must implement different measures to export dissolved nutrients from their systems. Here’s a sampling of basic nutrient-export techniques: The routine water change I’ve listed the water change first because it’s the most straightforward technique and provides many additional benefits beyond exporting dissolved nutrients. You should be changing a minimum of 10 percent every week or 20 percent biweekly (more if testing shows that nitrate, and/or phosphate is exceeding the acceptable level), siphoning out as much accumulated particulate waste as possible in the process. More: The Many Means of Nutrient Export in Marine Aquariums

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Reef Threads Podcast #185

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #185 Seen above is a fluorescence photograph of an ultra rare hybrid staghorn coral (Acropora prolifera) living in Miami’s Government Cut waterway (“Borrowed” from the Coral Morphologic website).We’re back once again to talk about reef stuff. This week our subjects include MASNA scholarships, marketing language, Colin Foord, and a LFS discouraging a reef tank. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine More: Reef Threads Podcast #185

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