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Reef Threads Podcast #179

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #179 Jawfish are a great addition to a reef tank, but put a lit on it.It’s time for our weekly gabfest about the reef-aquarium hobby. Subjects this week include the Boston Reef Society, kalkwasser, making tank choices, water-change equipment, and minimalist tanks. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Christine and Gary More: Reef Threads Podcast #179

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Monday Funnies

Because we would all rather be laughing than working here is some funny, yet surprisingly accurate, commentary on the Mantis Shrimp! 

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Fish Tank Kings Season 3 Premiere – Tonight at 9pm on Nat Geo WILD

The much anticipated Fish Tank Kings Season 3 airs tonight at 9:00PM EST/PST on Nat Geo WILD. 2081080 tanks a lot 7hqdjmj4am3d2cszxsyeykq4xpncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma 610x457 Fish Tank Kings Season 3 Premiere   Tonight at 9pm on Nat Geo WILD For the 3rd season premiere, the Fish Tank Kings must transform a second-floor office space into South Florida’s largest privately owned aquarium. The fickle client wants a huge 5,000-gallon shark tank in his new office. The aquarium is so large that it takes up half the area of his office and the only way to get the aquarium in is through a small second floor  window. MORE

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Update On The Travels Of Lydia The Great White Shark

After first writing about Lydia the Great White Shark in March, it’s cool to see where she is headed now. lydia shark tracking Update On The Travels Of Lydia The Great White SharkMORE

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Rapid Tissue Necrosis (RTN) and the Devil’s Hand

Devils Hand Leather LR 1024x852 Rapid Tissue Necrosis (RTN) and the Devils Hand No, I’m not talking about the actual Devil’s Hand. Although when you’re watching your prized acro frag you’ve drooled over at your local LFS and finally bought simply melt away without any apparent reason, it can fell like the real Devil. Right now we’re talking about the Devils Hand leather coral, or Lobophytum if you will. Lobophytum can be a beautiful addition to a mixed reef tank, and my bi-color blenny in particular had claimed these leather colonies as his personal perches. The white or tan flower polyps that emerge make these corals look like dandelions that have gone to seed and add quite a bit of personality. However, when they are aggravated, or the tank’s perimeters shift too suddenly, they can be deadly. Especially to sensitive SPS who are prone to RTN. MORE

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Win a Majano Wand & Destroy Pest Anemones

majano wand2 Win a Majano Wand & Destroy Pest AnemonesWhether you currently have a pest anemone problem or want to be prepared to thwart an infestation in the future, you need to have a Majano Wand in your arsenal. So we’re giving one away to a lucky winner ($115 retail value)! The Majano Wand is a reef-safe solution that emits electricity in order to produce hydrogen gas. When a majano or Aiptasia anemone is touched with the stainless steel tip on the wand, the water in the cells of the pest anemone turn to hydrogen gas. Since these pest anemones are mostly water, this rapid change essentially causes them to disintegrate. You can learn more about the Majano Wand on their website. To enter, answer the following question in the comments below (be sure to include your email in the email field while commenting): Have you ever dealt with pest anemones? If so, how did you rid your aquarium of the infestation? Contest ends at 11:59PM Eastern on 4/27/2014 More: Win a Majano Wand & Destroy Pest Anemones

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Nature & Nurture Helps Corals In Hot Water

140424143737 large 300x225 Nature & Nurture Helps Corals In Hot Water140424143737 large 300x225 Nature & Nurture Helps Corals In Hot Water In an interesting new development, Stanford University researchers led by biology Professor Steve Palumbi have shown that some corals can adjust their internal functions to tolerate hot water 50 times faster than they would adapt through evolutionary change alone. The corals Palumbi’s group studied adjusted themselves ‘on the fly’ by switching on or off certain genes, depending on the local temperature.  Gathered during an innovative experiment in the waters of American Samoa which saw colonies transplanted from a warm pool to a nearby cool pool and vice versa, the findings make clear that some corals can stave-off the effects of ocean warming through a double-decker combination of adaptation based on genetic makeup and physiological adjustment to local conditions. “These results tell us that both nature and nurture play a role in deciding how heat-tolerant a coral colony is,” Palumbi said. “Nurture, the effect of environment, can change heat tolerance much more quickly — within the lifetime of one coral rather than over many generations.” Palumbi cautions however that this doesn’t mean that corals can respond to indefinite temperature increases and they could also be compromised by stressors such as acidification and pollution. Still, if it holds true for most corals, this adaptive ability could provide a “cushion” for survival and might give coral reefs a few extra decades of fighting back the harsh effects of climate change. Via More: Nature & Nurture Helps Corals In Hot Water

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Australia Releases Commercial About The Health Of The Great Barrier Reef

This week we celebrated Earth Day, a day where we were encouraged to focus on the awareness and education about the Health of the Earth. The Great Barrier Reef,  as the World’s Largest Reef, provides a major source of marine life and diversity. The reef’s health has been in decline for the past twenty years.
This week, Australia released TV commercials, authorized by the Queensland Resources Council, to educate the public about the actual health of the Reef. MORE

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