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A Fish That Plays Pokemon

 Meet Grayson, he has been playing Pokemon for over 170 hours. What started as a project for HackNY,Catherine Moresco has made a viral internet monster. At any given time up to 20,000 people are watching Graysons live feed, over 3 million and counting so far. LINK

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Jebao Launches DC Powered Protein Skimmers

ccf4Jebao DC700 Curve Skimmer Jebao Launches DC Powered Protein Skimmers Jebao is making its first foray into the protein skimmer department with the release of their DC pump powered D700 Curve Skimmer. Based on the same controllable pump line we’ve seen over and over again from RLSS, Jebao isn’t doing anything groundbreaking with the new D700 and subsequent models, but they are bringing in a DC controllable skimmer at a sub-$300 price point. The D700 Curve is priced at $275, and is fitted with an under mount DC3000 pump and all of the usual bells and whistles we’ve come to expect on cone shaped skimmers. The pump is adjustable to six different speed settings, which can be controlled via the included controller or a properly equipped aquarium controller. Additionally, the DC3000 has a soft start function and a feeding timers that shuts it down when triggered. Reef Breeders, who are marketing the skimmer, state that the D700 is suitable for medium to well stocked tanks up to 200 gallons in total water volume. The skimmer has a base diameter of 8 3/4″ and a height of 21″ with the cup. While the D700 is immediately available, future models will also fill out the line MORE: Jebao Launches DC Powered Protein Skimmers

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Now You Can Swim In An Aquarium Too

 Ever wonder what is would be like to be a fish in the aquarium? Well no more imagination needed. You can now experience what it is like to be on the inside of an aquarium, with people looking in at you. The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, Louisiana now offers the opportunity for visitors to dive or snorkel inside their 130,000 gallon tank. While this is not a new concept, as similar encounters are offered with other aquariums, programs like this are probably one of the only ways you will ever get to swim inside a giant fish tank. The cost varies, diving inside the tank costs $250.00, and snorkeling inside the aquarium is $175.00, which includes all gear. MORE

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Genicanthus lamarck: An Elegant, Reef-Safe Angelfish

lamarcks1 Genicanthus lamarck: An Elegant, Reef Safe AngelfishOwing to the natural tendency of many species to nip at or outright consume sessile invertebrates, angelfishes are often of dubious suitability when it comes to their inclusion in reef aquariums. However, at least one angelfish—Lamarck’s angel (Genicanthus lamarck)—is generally very well behaved in reef systems and quite attractive to boot. Physical traits G. lamarck reaches about 9 inches in total length and possesses the lyre-shaped tail typical of its genus (the common name “swallow-tail angels” is often ascribed to Genicanthus species). While not the most chromatically gifted of the angels, it’s quite attractively patterned nonetheless. Also, adults of this species exhibit sexual dichromatism—distinct color differences between the sexes. Female Lamarck’s AngelfishBoth genders are grayish-white overall with black, horizontal stripes on their flanks; a black band running just below the top edge of the dorsal fin; and small black dots on the tail, anal fin, and rear of the dorsal fin. However, they differ in that the black dorsal band and the top horizontal stripe are much more pronounced on the female, the female has black on the top and bottom edges of the tail while the male does not, and the male’s pelvic fins are black while the female’s are grayish-white. Feeding Unlike most other angels, G More: Genicanthus lamarck: An Elegant, Reef-Safe Angelfish

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Live Sale – Cherry Corals – Summer Meltdown!

Quickburst Live Sale   Cherry Corals   Summer Meltdown!
Our friends at Cherry Corals realized they had too many incredible pieces to hold until MACNA so they will be unloading a trove of WYSIWYG frags and colonies this Saturday here at  In addition to over 600 corals, Cherry will be giving away gift certificates every hour and a trip to Reefapalooza Orlando.  This exciting event will include a live chat room with contests and fun activities.  Don’t miss it!

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Reef Threads Podcast #193

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #193

Everyone should have a specie tank that’s home to a Pygmy Tuberculated Angler. All of the other fish we talked about are already sold. Sorry.It was a whim and we went with it. We trashed everything we were planning to talk about, fired up the Live Aquaria Diver’s Den page and geeked out about fish for 50 minutes. We had fun. Hope you enjoy listening. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine More: Reef Threads Podcast #193

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Underwater Blue-Light Photos, Night Diving

596bFireworm Underwater Blue Light Photos, Night DivingGood morning from the Caribbean all! Friday night Aimee and I took off on a blue-light night dive at around 8:00. I had already gotten the camera setup and all the dive gear ready during the day so all we had to do was take our gear out and put it on, it doesn’t get any easier! Aimee was again my finder of cool stuff, it helps so much to have someone with good eyes searching the reef and calling you over when something is found. How does one get ones attention under the sea at night in complete darkness you ask?? Well we have three ways, pull on the persons fin (most fun), signal them with your dive light (blinding but effective) or get their attention with an underwater rattle (noise maker), you just shake it and it makes noise underwater, my favorite. MORE

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Orphek Crams Atlantik Features into the DIF Form Factor

ddb5Orphek Atlantik Pendant Orphek Crams Atlantik Features into the DIF Form Factor
Hey, you got Atlantik in my DIF. No! You got DIF on my Atlantik. Does anyone else remember those Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercials or am I just a bit too nostalgic? Well, as the metaphor implies, Orphek is blending their lighting technologies, cramming the LEDs from their flagship Atlantik fixture into their DIF pendant. Now, users can have the same power and flexibility of the Atlantik v2.1 but in a much smaller form factor. The light will replace the DIF, which is being discontinued, and it will feature the same wireless controllability that is channeled through an on-board WiFi module and Orphek’s free Android app. Similar to the Atlantik fixture, the pendant will enjoy controllability across four different channels, allowing users to fine tune colors and intensities to get the right look with the right amount of light MORE: Orphek Crams Atlantik Features into the DIF Form Factor

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