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Nuclear Weapons and Coral Reefs

The Baker test explosion.

The Baker test explosion.

 Following World War II, the emergence of nuclear weapons became a subject of public fascination. Previous detonations had all been performed in complete secrecy or in the theater of war, and it wouldn’t be until 1946 that the general population was allowed to glimpse its first sight of an actual explosion as it happened. At Bikini Atoll, in the Marshall Islands of the Central Pacific, the US Navy first publicly detonated an atomic bomb MORE

Reef Market

Watercolor Zoo

 Like many of you, my children have been surrounded by aquariums, plants, and a multitude of animals since (before) they were born. For them, it was a given that we spend part of our days tending to the things we love, and now, as they are getting older, they care for their own little pets and fish.  But before they were able to participate, they relied on me and the other adults around them to provide all of their entertainment and stimulation, as well as teach them about their world. Babies are shaped by what surrounds them – both their environment and the people that inhabit that space. Their early experiences will effect them for the rest of their lives (this article has great information on the subject), so why not stack the cards in their favor and dress them in charming, original clothes that will spark fun interactions?  A young child wearing a lionfish shirt, shark nightgown, or sea jelly pants will find themselves in quite a few pleasant conversations about those exciting, beautiful sea creatures. And best of all, the clothes listed here can all be found on ebay, so your purchase helps support an independent artist or small business owner while introducing your own tiny reef fanatic to this amazing world.  MORE

Vertical Carlson Surge Device

Vertical Surge Device

Vertical Surge Device

 Space in the coral troughs is always at a premium at the ReefGen coral farm, and we all agree that water flow is one of the most important aspects of coral care. When one of my troughs has an area of inadequate flow, such as this Acropora grow out system, it starts under-producing. I needed to build a unique surge device to provide more flow to the stagnant corner, as well as create a chaotic alternating current for the Acropora located downstream. MORE

The Evolution and Biogeography of Stonogobiops – Part 5

stono 42

A hypothetical phylogeny for this group.

 Stonogobiops & Myersina: In Evolutionary Context 
stono 43

A rainbow of colors in Myersina adonis, from brackish Thai waters. Credit: Shunsuke Onishi

 The full extent of speciation in this diverse group of gobies is only now coming to light. We still need scientific descriptions for the many poorly known variants, and further exploration to discover the many others which likely await discovery. It seems almost certain that regions poorly documented by divers, (e.g. Eastern Papua New Guinea or the Indian Ocean) would harbor more diversity. Furthermore, molecular study would go a long way towards unraveling the byzantine interrelationships amongst these many similar forms. MORE

Chengdu’s Cube Oceanarium Sets a Record

chengdu aquarium 1-reefs
Opened on New Year’s Eve, Chengdu’s Cube Oceanarium (a public aquarium) is an beautiful, educational wonderland located in Seaside City in the JiaoLong Port. The recently completed project has been awarded not one, but two Guinness World Records – one for the world’s largest window and one for the world’s largest aquarium window. chengdu aquarium 4-reefsMORE

Pohnpei’s Mesophotic Reefs Reveal New Anthias

 During the last week, a group of researchers from the University of Hawaii has been exploring the depths of Pohnpei in the Central Pacific for new and exotic marine life. Using rebreather diving equipment, these intrepid scientists descended to a remarkable 490 feet. And, like most dives to this habitat, numerous new species appear to have been found. The video above shows a couple of spectacular new anthias. A small group of purple and yellow Grammatonotus can be seen at the beginning of the clip. These are females, and the male appears for just a brief moment (at 0:17) before ducking into a crevice. Look closely to see the medial magenta stripe, a yellow dorsal fin, and a yellow caudal fin with lavender lobes. MORE

The Evolution and Biogeography of Stonogobiops – Part 4

stono 35 Girdled Shrimpgoby (undescribed species) 

stono 36

Girdled Shrimpgoby. Credit: Gerry Allen

 This species is documented in Allen & Erdmann’s Reef Fishes of the East Indies, but I have failed to find a single photograph of it online. It is reported from depths of 3-20m on mud bottoms in Bali, North Sulawesi, West Papua and the Ryukyu Islands. It’s possible some of these sightings may be erroneously confusing it with other undescribed forms, especially the record from the well documented waters of Japan. This species has a number of distinctive characters: 1) The longitudinal stripes are entirely lacking, as is the diagonal stripe and spotting from the head. 2) The body has a sharply demarcated line delineating a pale anterior and a darker purple-grey posterior, centered near the origin of the anal and second dorsal fins. 3) The first dorsal fin is short, with each spine extending as a white filament well beyond the membranes. MORE

An Illuminating Discussion about the Flashlightfish

Photoblepharon seen in Cebu, Philippines. Credit: うきくさ

Photoblepharon seen in Cebu, Philippines. Credit: うきくさ

 Despite its ubiquity in the deeper waters of the oceans, bioluminescence is an unusual behavior in shallow water reef fishes. The most notable exception to this rule are the flashlightfishes of the family Anomalopidae. MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.