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Ways to revert threatened status for staghorns and elkhorns drafted

Staghorn-coral by Adona9

(Staghorn Coral Photo: Adona9)

 Bad news: According to the Endangered Species Act (2006), elkhorn and staghorn corals are listed as threatened. BUT: A new draft recovery plan released by NOAA Fisheries at the beginning of the month identifies criteria that would allow the coral species to be removed from the ESA endangered and threatened species list.  (It’s so nice when someone finds a way to “reverse” damage that humans have done). Elkhorn and staghorn corals have declined by up to 97% since the 1970’s with the main causes of decline being disease, temperature-induced bleaching and storms.  This new plan lists ways to reduce threats (global threats related to climate change and local threats to the species such as habitat loss and pollution) and steps to enhance the population by putting nursery-grown corals back on the reef, as well as addressing research and monitoring. Good news!! For more information see:

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Seems a Tad Extreme – Woman Pays For Lifesaving Surgery For Goldfish

10628467_10152742259853812_1963143865872121174_n-2I mean, if it was one of the Personatus angels I could understand, but to each their own. George is a 10-year-old goldfish residing in Australia. His owner had grown so attached to him over the years that she was more than willing to fork over $200 for a 45-minute surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor. Honestly, that doesn’t sound all that expensive, but I’m not well versed in goldfish tumor removal. ABC News reports he’s recovered and “as good as gold”. He should live happily ever after for the remainder of his life (which let’s be honest, is probably another year or two). This reminds me of a hamster I had as a kid that was coming towards the end of her time here when my parents took her to the vet. They came home and told me the vet was doing everything they could for her, that she was on IV getting fluids. In hindsight I realize that probably wasn’t true… RIP Cookie. Glad to hear George is doing well!

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Well Now I Know What I’ll Be Watching Later – Biologists to Dissect Colossal Squid LIVE!

colossal squidCaught this little blurb on my newsfeed from IFLScience and was immediately hyped! The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa and Auckland University of Technology got their hands on a completely intact colossal squid (one of two to ever be recovered that way) and are going to be cutting up the cephalopod streaming live! Enjoy such activities as sexing the squid, examining it’s stomach contents (spoiler alert: I bet it’s seafood), and all sorts of genetic tissue analysis. After the project, the arctic specimen will be put on display at the museum along with its 2008 counterpart. Streaming begins at 7pm EDT, so get some popcorn popping and check it out here! I know I won’t be missing this.

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Reef Threads Podcast #197


It’s a new week and time for a new podcast. This week we talk about Sanjay’s notification trick,, blogs, the MACNA banquet, Archerfish skill, and skeptical animal selection. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine More: Reef Threads Podcast #197

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This Glittery Goniopora is the Best Looking Yet

The LPS scene was dominated by green goniopora for decades. They were just so commonplace that everyone had them, or at least tried them out in their reef with mixed results. Then, along came the bright red ones and everyone was like, “ooohhh, ahhhh”. These red gonis have since dominated, as they sported vibrant reddish pink colors and occasionally a blue disc atop their tentacles. While both of those morphs are fine and all, but there’s a new color morph on the block that is set to put all others to shame. It’s a sparkling, glittery red goni, and it is amazing.This stunning piece features reddish, almost copper colored tentacles that are infused with glitter and punctuated with those hypnotic yellow eyes. MORE: This Glittery Goniopora is the Best Looking Yet

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My Marine Aquarium Motto: Be Prepared!

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to be prepared for everything, not just for eventualities related to my marine tank, but for everything in life, as I don’t like surprises. Okay, I like some surprises, like once a busload of Miss Universe contestants stopped in front of my workplace and I was able to stare…I mean stay…there all day. Of course we can’t plan for everything, but we can plan for the things that already happened to us because they will most likely happen again. If your pump, skimmer, sump, or bathtub leaks once, there is nothing you can do about it, but if it leaks a second time, it is your fault because you should have planned for it to leak again. That squishy feeling About 15 years ago, I came down the stairs to my finished basement where my reef is and as soon as my foot touched the floor, which is covered in carpet, I heard that dreadful squishing sound and knew immediately that something in the tank leaked. It was my skimmer, which is a five-foot DIY model and is bolted to the back of my tank. If I had not been home, the entire tank would have emptied onto the floor. Now, my wife goes to the gym every day, so she can probably take me in a fair fight. She is a fanatic housekeeper and even washes the light bulbs, so you can imagine how she reacted to 25 gallons of salt water on the newish carpet More: My Marine Aquarium Motto: Be Prepared!

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Coral Spawning 2014, Curacao Coral Spawning

Good morning from the sunny Caribbean!! Aimee and I are walking around like zombies this morning after being out in the ocean till 11:00 last night filming coral spawning! Yes, it’s that time of the year again and for us it’s the one time of the year we love diving the most! Last night we entered the sea in all it’s darkness at exactly 9:30 and by 9:45 we saw our first eggs getting ready to be released. Aimee found this beautiful colony of Boulder Star Coral. Montastraea annularis that you see above and we decided immediately that this would be our 1st photo stop MORE

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Review: iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro coral salt

In this ‘hands on’ review we’ll take a look at a salt that was originally launched back in early 2014. As a relatively new player in the market place this product comes from a company already well known in the UK as an online lighting and equipment manufacturer. Touted as a synthetic blend boasting Magnesium levels of 1360ppm, Calcium 445ppm and Potassium 405ppm (levels which the company say have been slightly raised to account for depletions in home aquaria), this salt also claims to be Nitrate and Phosphate free, and fast dissolving. But does this new kid on the block ‘do what it says on the tin’? Well the first thing to look at of course is presentation and packaging and all seems fine here. The bucket is nice and sturdy and keeps the contents dry, certainly over the several weeks of or test. Our 10kg sample bucket proved a little challenging to open but after searching the web we worked out how to do it. It did require some effort to pull the lid off once the seal had been removed (instructions on the bucket would be good). We understand the larger 20kg buckets have a screw top that should prove easier to handle. On to the salt itself and we found it to mix well. Adding it slowly to a bucket of warmed RO with a TDS of zero, virtually all of the mix had More: Review: iQuatics Ocean Reef Pro coral salt

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