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ATI Finally Goes Full Fledged LED with New Sirius X Fixture

502cATI Srius X LED Fixture ATI Finally Goes Full Fledged LED with New Sirius X Fixture ATI Aquaristik is no stranger to aquarium illumination. For many years, their Powermodule T5HO fixtures have topped the wishlists of many a hobbyist. But over the last few years, T5HO lighting has waned in popularity, giving way to LEDs. ATI seemed to have reisted the trend, as they slowly adopted LEDs into their lineup and only initially as supplemental lighting in their Powermodule hybrids. But, the times seem to be a changin’ and it appears that ATI is finally coming fully on board with LED technology as their latest light fixture sports nothing but tiny little emitter goodness. The ATI Sirius X LED fixtures sport an array of LED clusters, with each pulling about 75watts. The clusters are composed of 13 LEDs each, with the embedded colors being six Cree XPE Blue, two Luxeon M Royal Blue 450nm, two Luxeon M Cool White, two Cree XPE Red 620nm, and one Semileds Violet 420nm. This grouping of LEDs is further broken down into four independently controllable color channels, and to further play to our contol freak needs, the individual clusters themselves are independently programmable from others in the fixture MORE: ATI Finally Goes Full Fledged LED with New Sirius X Fixture

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Cherry Corals LIVE SALE TONIGHT @ 6pm EST!!!

Tonight, Saturday the 7th, will be hosting its very first LIVE SALE courtesy of Cherry Corals!! Dont miss out on a new format and new CHERRIES from our Cherry Friends!! Also be sure to leave your feedback in the CHAT ROOM!! cherry corals live sale1 Cherry Corals LIVE SALE TONIGHT @ 6pm EST!!!Be there or be SQUARE!!!

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Celebrate World Oceans Day On June 8, 2014

Tomorrow, June 8, 2014, is World Oceans Day. Recognized by the United Nations in 2008, it is an officially recognized day in which people come together to celebrate the wonder and wealth of our World’s Oceans. Organizations like the Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network help to promote activities and awareness of this special day throughout aquariums, zoos, schools, parks and businesses. This years theme is  “Together we have the power to protect the ocean.”  Oceana has gathered some amazing photos in honor of this day. world ocean day 1 Celebrate World Oceans Day On June 8, 2014MORE

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What eats a Great White Shark at 2000 Feet?!

 Great White’s are amazing apex predators. I have been following the research and development of the tagged Great White’s with interest. Recently, some intriguing information regarding ‘shark alpha’ has come to light. A beach goer found the tag belonging to ‘shark alpha’, a healthy 9 foot specimen, washed ashore. The tag revealed some fascinating information. Four months after being tagged, the shark tag revealed temperatures and depths that could only mean the shark would eaten by another predator. The question is what could possibly eat such a large shark? Scientists don’t have any conclusive answers at this time. MORE

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How Fast Do Sea Sponges Filter Water?

A while back there was a fair amount of chatter spreading throughout the interwebs regarding the use of sponges as a main, or alternative filtration source. Steve Tyree was one of the first to document and test these methods, dubbing his method a Trizonal Cryptic filter. This method actually used several baffles [within a sump/refugium] containing holes within them, starting with larger holes on the initial baffle, ending in smaller holes in the final baffle, which would filter out particles by size throughout the three sections allowing various species of sponges to feed on their ideal particle size. Steve tested this method from 1995-1999 and wrote his book on the method from 1999-2000, more info can be found on Reef Farmers website and on Reef Central. People started trying various versions of the Trizonal Cryptic system, me included, but I always really wondered how much water can sponges actually filter? 

reefs.comDyeSponge 300x249 How Fast Do Sea Sponges Filter Water?

A barrel sponge filtering dye. Source: Jonathan Bird’s Blue World

 Recently Jonathan Bird, of Jonathon Bird’s Blue World, posted a video of him squirting a non-toxic fluorescent dye around the base of various sponges in the Caribbean. I was amazed at just how quickly the sponge pulled the dye through the base of the sponge and out the top. Of course, only water [and dye] are making their way through the sponge, while everything else is filtered and utilized by the sponge to grow and reproduce. Here’s the video of Jonathan squirting the dye, and a little history on sponges in general. The fun part starts around 5:30 in the video. MORE

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Interzoo 2014 at Nuremberg, Germany – Our point of view

2014 05 interzoo norimberga 2014 130 Interzoo 2014 at Nuremberg, Germany   Our point of view
The 33rd Interzoo 2014 is now behind us. We are on the plane and we’re going home, the ideal time to write our usual point of view. This is the fifth time that I have the luck to be present at what is the largest trade fair in the world for pet supplies. And yet it is always as if it was for the first time.  MORE

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Sicce Announces Remote Controlled Xstream-e Series Pumps

07b8Sicce Xstream e Water Pump Sicce Announces Remote Controlled Xstream e Series Pumps Interzoo seemed to be a launching pad for many new and somewhat unusual water pumps this year, with Sicce also getting in on the action. They didn’t do anything unusual in terms of some radical design, but instead have incorporated some of the best technology a pump could ever use…wireless capabilities. The brand new Sicce Xstream-e series pumps have the same look and feel as other prop-based pumps, most notably the Sicce Stream Nano models, but they now incorporate a wireless remote control that allows users to crank up the flow or dial it back without ever having to walk over to the aquarium. The controller does more than just turn the flow up or down, however, as it is also multifunctional. The controller can set the pump to a short 10 second pulse, a longer 30 second pulse, and even longer minute long pulse. Additionally, the pump can be set in a random flow cycle or set to bypass mode for other controller input. As for the flow rates themselves, the Xstream-e will only be available in one model, but it will have an adjustable rate ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 l/h. We fully expect this year and next to see loads of developments for wireless water pumps. MORE: Sicce Announces Remote Controlled Xstream-e Series Pumps

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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip: Buy It, Bag It, Then Secure It

I use these things for livestock and nearly everywhere else around my tank. Links in this video: MORE: Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip: Buy It, Bag It, Then Secure It

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