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Earthquake Shuts Down Napa’s Only Fish Store

napaRunning an aquarium store these days is difficult enough as it is. Imagine trying to rebuild the business you worked so hard to establish, after a devastating earthquake, when both you, and many of your customers, lost their aquariums. This is the unfortunate reality for Napa Valleys’ ‘Aquatics World’, the only fish store in town.  I wrote about this story on back in August, after the earthquake hit, you can read the article here. The damage see in the video really shows the extant of the earthquakes impact. MORE

Brave Fisherman Grabs Sharks With Bare Hands

 Don’t know how I missed this story. This actually happened two weeks ago in Jupiter, Florida, but I am just seeing this video now. You’ve got to watch it to believe it. You can see the fisherman, nicknamed the ‘shark whisperer’, jump into the water, grab the shark with his bare hands, and literally carry it to shore. The hook was removed and the shark was released. That takes some guts and I’m sure the shark thanks him for it. MORE

Review: Kessil A360 Controller

kessil-spectral-Controller1The Kessil A360 light is one of my personal favorites, and my weapon of choice for growing SPS and LPS corals. One issue that many aquarists have noted, is that the Kessil lights didn’t include any controller. Yes, they could be hooked up to the Neptune Aquatics Apex, and with a bit of minor programming a ramp schedule could be formed. It was great for advanced aquarists, savvy with reef keeping tech, but not ideal for aquarists who wanted a simple way to control their LED lights. That has finally changed, as Kessil has released a controller, capable of controlling either 2 lights independently, or multiple sets of lights, using additional communication cables. images (2)Kessil’s controller looks great, nearly as sleek as an iphone, with a bright LCD color screen. One innovative design is a magnetic bracket, which can be mounted to the wall allowing the magnetic back of the controller to snap into place. This mount makes snapping the controller on, and off the wall easy, and looks good resting next to a reef aquarium. Looking at the controller, your notice more than one note taken from Apple’s design playbook. The menu navigation buttons are MORE

Is There a Jellyfish Tank in Your Future?

One of the product lines that really caught my eye at MACNA 2014 were the jellyfish tanks at the Boyd Enterprises booth. Until recently, home aquarists did not have access to jellyfish systems. When I think of jellyfish systems, I think of them almost exclusively in the context of big public aquariums. I’ve been to a few really nice aquariums lately, and they all had these types of displays featuring different species of jellyfish. As far as these tanks are concerned, it appears to be a Kreisel design, which is a circular tank that lightly tumbles the jellyfish using an air pump for water movement. The idea is to keep the jellies in suspension and prevent the animals from hitting the sides. Contact with the tank risks injury to the animals. The tanks come with an array of colored LEDs to make for a dazzling display More: Is There a Jellyfish Tank in Your Future?

Mark Strickland Delivers Striking Marine Life Photography

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 1.10.32 PM Here’s some eye candy for you today. If you haven’t yet stumbled upon Mark Strickland’s underwater photography portfolio – go there. Go there now. This post will still be right here waiting for you when you get back (warning, make sure you have a good amount of time – it’s mesmerizing). MORE

There’s Hope! Our Reefs Aren’t Quite As Doomed As We Believe

Gates-Edmunds_Reef_ENHHere’s some positive news for you on the often believed bleak outlook for the health and survival of our beautiful coral reefs. A new longitudinal study from UC Santa Barbara California’s National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) gives us hope for the future of the astounding, diverse and delicate ecosystems and their residents, dispelling the perpetuated doomsday that researchers and the media usually project. I’m not going to sit here and tell you this study promises a flourishing, thriving future – no one can do that – the oceans and included reefs face a plethora of obstacles, at our own hands and at Mother Nature’s, be it global warming, pollution, or ocean-acidification just to name a few. MORE

Baby Longfinger Purse Crab, Iliacantha subglobosa

Good morning from Curacao all! Look what I have for you today, a baby Longfinger Purse Crab, Iliacantha subglobosa that I found inside one of the beer bottles the Smithsonian Institution brought up from the 800 foot zone. On almost any dive we do we bring up bottles from the deep, one because we want to help clean our ocean and two because they are always filled with little treasures like rare shells or tiny little crabs as you see above. This little crab was happy as could be hanging out inside his discarded Heineken bottle cap, talk about a tiny little thing! Some of you may remember my post last year on June 14th when we collected a full grown adult Longfinger Purse Crab, click on the link below to see what this baby will grow up to be. Longfinger Purse Crab, Iliacantha subglobosa, Crabs We finally got RAIN!!! MORE

Parastite Treatment Kills One Hundred Aquarium Fish

 Over 100 Caribbean Reef Fish died from a parasite treatment at the Albuquerque Aquarium on Wednesday. The aquarium had been trying to treat a stubborn Trematode outbreak for several months in one of their exhibits. MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.