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Spear Fisherman Attacked By Shark Off The Coast Of Florida

shark attack Very sad news in Florida. A spear fisherman, whose identity is still unknown,  bitten multiple times by a shark Friday afternoon off Jupiter Inlet, Florida. Jupiter is a very popular place for fisherman and divers and swimmers alike and is known for some of the best fishing in South Florida. Witnesses on the scene state that it was a bull shark that bit the man in his back, torso and head. The man was airlifted to St. Mary’s Hospital Trauma unit. It appears the man was spearfishing for Cobia, a popular catch in the area, which were found aboard his boat. Luckily there were two other people aboard his boat who were able to call for help. MORE

Showing compassion

scoldedThere seems to be a plague in our hobby. It isn’t marine ich, or any of the parasites that continue to dominate some aquariums. It isn’t the National Marine Fisheries Service, who may pass legislation the golden torch coral swaying gently behind me illegal to keep in captivity. It isn’t even shipping out freshly caught fish to aquarists without conditioning or shabby local fish stores and giant retail chains. While all of these present challenges to aquarists and deter new people from entering the hobby, there is something far more sinister that is discouraging, disheartening and upsetting enough to break the back of reefers with the best intentions. MORE

Dolphin ‘Asks’ Diver For Help

 This video is pretty amazing, although it is from 2013, I hadn’t seen this before and just had to share. While diving off the Hawaii Coast, a bottlenose dolphin approaches diver, Keller Laros. Laros is an experienced professional scuba diver and Manta Ray researcher. Laros was taking a group of snorkelers on a manta-ray dive experience. Laros said he heard a cry and then the dolphin appeared. He noticed the dolphin was tangled in fishing line in its left pectoral in immediately. MORE

Dumped Aquarium Fish Decimate Australia’s Waterways

fish Owning fish is a big commitment, both of time and money. Many people think they are ready for this exciting pet ownership, only to realize they are not. Apparently, many people also think releasing these fish into natural waterways is a good idea. It is clearly not. These captive fish are dumped into rivers and lakes and can decimate the natural population rather quickly. The aquarium fish grow to big as big as their environment allows, hence the size of the massive Koi shown in the photograph. MORE

Hammer Heaven Reef Tank – Absolutely STUNNING!

In this CoralFish12g video I feature Philip Nguyen’s Hammer Heaven reef tank. Hammer corals are awesome but this is just awesome. Maintenance is done weekly with a 2-3 gallon water change with Red Sea Coral Pro Salt with RODI water. And the Sandbed is vacuumed 2 times a week. No dosing it any sort since the Pro salt has high concentration levels of trace elements. Tank equipment is as follows :MORE

Gulfport Plans Aquarium On Site Of Katrina Damaged Library

From the despair of hurricane Katrina, a damaged library will be transformed into an impressive new public aquarium. The Aquarium will be built in downtown Gulfport, Mississippi. The total cost of the renovation is estimated at $90 to $120 million. The State will be providingawuairum $24.5 million dollars, but there will be an estimated $80 million dollars still needed to finish the plans. The State is banking on the help of the Restore Act, as a result of the BP oil spill. The tentative name in the works is the Mississippi Aquarium. Here’s hoping everything comes together to bring an exciting new aquarium to a previously devastated area. MORE

Breaking News! Designer Clown 12 Years in the Making Finally Debuts

nemo_strain3Here’s some news we can’t believe we’re even breaking today! Upon first glance, this Amphiprion ocellaris may strike you as your typical false percula clownfish. The familiar citrine-hued inhabitant has become what could be considered the Golden Retriever of the aquarium world – a docile, friendly, glistening little fish with a reputation that children fawn over – the perfect family pet! While this particular anemonefish is no stranger to the trade, it seems it was only a matter of time before someone honed in on the “Nemo” trend that caught so many by storm Circa 2003.  MORE

Music To Our Ears – Noise Cancelling Meets Your Aquarium

unnamedTHANK YOU! For years aquarists have struggled with the plight of aquarium noise – splashing, splooshing, humming and what some may swear could be the sound of fish chomping as they chow down on their favorite foods. Well, some of us need to sleep at night, so thankfully, Neptune Systems has come out with the perfect solution for this dilemma MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.