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Announcing Live Sales!

live sales Announcing Live Sales!
In two weeks we will debut a new tool called Live Sales.  This system connects livestock vendors with potential buyers in a real time chat system with integrated product announcements and a reservation system. Much like our previous live sales that take place in the forums, a vendor will announce WYSIWYG frags and colonies and users have the ability to buy them instantly and get everything shipped together once the sale is complete.  The sales generally last six hours and include contests, giveaways, and lots of interactive fun.  We spent many hours figuring out how we can make the event even more exciting and we’re looking forward to showing it off.  The first sale will be held on June 7th starting at 6PM.  Put it on your calendar, it’s going to be AWESOME!

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Colurella adriatica update

Colurella+blue Colurella adriatica updateThis post is in response to requests for more information about Colurella adriatica.  As previously stated, we’ve examined salinity and found that although they tolerate a wide range, optimal performance is at 15-20 g/L (ppt).  For feeding marine fish larvae this is likely going to be the culture salinity as acute acclimation to full strength seawater is good and this will save on salt.  Colurella also grows well at 5 g/L and therefore when growing them for freshwater fish, this is the recommended salinity.  Thus far, attempts to grow Colurella in 0 g/L freshwater have yielded poor results.  The only other culture parameter tested so far has been diet.  An industry partner works as a microbiologist and isolates bacteria.  He had some freeze-dried bacteria that he wanted us to test.  When solely fed freeze-dried bacteria the Colurella populations survived.  When compared to those Colurella fed algae paste (Nanno 3600™; Reed Mariculture), the ones fed freeze-dried bacteria initially grew better than those fed paste.  However, after 4 days the Colurella fed paste had significantly greater growth.  The results of this trial are still being evaluated, as is optimal diet, but Colurella’s ability to be fed, and survive on, freeze-dried bacteria seems feasible.  Other culture parameters haven’t been tested yet, but we keep our populations at ~78° F with gentle aeration and can reach ~500 rotifers per mL with a population growth rate half of what is achieved with Brachionus sp. rotifers.  Hopefully, once we know more about this species we can increase the population density and growth rate. As stated in a previous post, Colurella has been fed to MORE:Colurella adriatica update

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Coralvue announces new Gyre generator by Maxspect

reefs.comGyre2 300x300 Coralvue announces new Gyre generator by Maxspect These days when we hear the brand Maxspect our minds quickly picture the ever so thin R420R (Razor) LED fixtures. Today Coralvue announced the release of a new product by Maxspect in the water flow realm, the Maxspect Riptide Gyre Generator. MORE

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Vertex to Debut Omega 180 Protein Skimmer at Interzoo

c7beVertex Omega 180 Vertex to Debut Omega 180 Protein Skimmer at Interzoo Interzoo is the largest international aquarium-based trade show on the planet, and it just so happens to be right around the corner. With the date quickly approaching, we’re starting to hear rumblings of new products that will be announced at the massive event, leading off with a new item from Vertex Aquaristik. In a move that shouldn’t even remotely come as a surprise, Vertex looks as though they will be announcing a larger model to their popular Omega protein skimmer line. While we don’t have any specifics about the products, as Vertex wouldn’t immediately address our questions, we do know that it will be the Omega 180 based on the engraving on what is very likely the skimmer’s lid. We assume the Omega 180 will utilize the same wine glass body, Sicce Syncra pump, bubble diffuser plate, vibration dampening pads, and other features found in the rest of the lineup, only beefed up to handle a heavier bioload. We did notice that large red fish, part of the Vertex branding, on the skimmer lid, which is absent in the original design of the Omega. Perhaps this is the only subtle change, but perhaps there is more. We’ll know more about the Omega 180 as the show draws closer. MORE: Vertex to Debut Omega 180 Protein Skimmer at Interzoo

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Tiny Centropyge joculators at Global Reef Supply

Global Reef Supply 300x125 Tiny Centropyge joculators at Global Reef SupplyWhen people think of aquatic wholesalers the first city to come to mind is generally Los Angeles. While there is literally an entire street full of them there, we do have some great wholesalers in the midwest. One of my go-to wholesalers is Global Reef Supply just outside of Chicago, which is staffed by some of the most knowledgeable, hardworking and honest people in the industry. While mainly providing an incredible selection of Australian and Indonesian corals, every so often they have other offerings, one which recently piqued my angelfish nut interest with the incredible Centropyge joculator. Not only were all of these fish in perfect health, they were the tiniest specimens these eyes have ever borne witness to. 

php4rsCmaPM 168x300 Tiny Centropyge joculators at Global Reef Supply

Long view of just two of the coral holding raceways at GRS.

 Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared with my camera, but I did take a video of these little cuties. Note my thumbnail in video is 3/4″ wide for size reference. Most were already sold, but if you act fast you may still get your hands on one of the more elusive angelfish in the industry. If you’re a hobbyist make sure to tell your LFS or favorite supplier to get in contact with Global Reef Supply as these guys are wholesale only.

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Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 5/19/2014

MORE: Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 5/19/2014

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This New LE Rainbow Shortcake Acropora Looks Amazing

LE Rainbow Shortcake Acropora 644x320 This New LE Rainbow Shortcake Acropora Looks Amazing
It seems like it’s been ages since we wrote about a Limited Edition Reef Farmers coral, but here we are. Steve Tyree’s high end coral outlet has recently listed this amazing LE Rainbow Strawberry Acropora from Coral Revolution, and it is truly a stunner. The corallites of this A. microclados sports a vivid blue tip a pink edge that is adorned with blood red polyps. The remaining tissue of the coral varies from yellow to green, depending on the lighting and other factors. This strawberry variant has been in captivity since the beginning of this year and has been spread to only a limited number of systems, mainly Steve Tyree’s Reef Farmers raceway tank and his personal reef tank. MORE: This New LE Rainbow Shortcake Acropora Looks Amazing

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