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Blue-Light Diving, Blue-Light Underwater Photos

cc32Coral 1 Day 457x305 Blue Light Diving, Blue Light Underwater PhotosGood morning from Curacao! Once again we got a little rain this morning which as many of you now know, that’s a big deal! Our little island was severely suffering from a 6 month drought but is now slowly starting to green up again and we love it!! So yesterday I ended up doing three dives again, one before 9:30am, one at noon and one starting at 8:00 last night. I had spent much of the afternoon preparing for my night dive which involves setting up the camera with blue-filters over the strobes and a yellow filter over the lens to capture fluorescence on the reef at night. This new kind of night diving is called “blue-light diving” and it’s a total blast! MORE

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Massachusetts Becomes The Ninth State to Ban Shark Fin Trade

Brian Skerry Mako Finning1 Massachusetts Becomes The Ninth State to Ban Shark Fin TradeMassachusetts Governor Patrick signed a new law into place, Thursday July 24 at the New England Aquarium,  which bans the possession or distribution of shark fins in the State. The new law will mostly affect companies that sell imported shark fins. The removal of shark fins is already banned by the State and Federal Government. Shark fin’s, which are considered an Asian delicacy are generally hunted to be served in Shark Fin soup and have a strong demand. The new law criminalizing the trade of shark fin, with potential fines imposes as high as $1000.00 per fin and up to 60 days in jail. “With the passing of this law Massachusetts builds upon its long history of animal protection and environmental stewardship,” the governor said in a statement. MOREMORE

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Elasmobranch Enthusiasts (Part 2): Modern Husbandry – Diet

elasmobranch part2 2 Elasmobranch Enthusiasts (Part 2): Modern Husbandry – DietFrom the ferocious great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) to the graceful white-spotted eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari), Elasmobranchii are a diverse group of boneless fishes that are circumglobal, inhabiting a diverse array of habitats, temperature ranges, salinities, and niches in the world’s oceans and rivers. It is no wonder that these unique creatures, while usually boasting relatively bland coloration compared to the typical teleostei reef fishes, pique the interest of pretty much every hobbyist. This group of fishes definitely has its challenges but, with proper information and species selection, can be kept fairly easily by a moderately skilled aquarist with a generous budget. Food for thought: nutritional definitions Nutrition, what does it mean? Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals . . . it gets confusing. The core of a great diet is mimicking what the animal eats in the wild, but it does not end there! More: Elasmobranch Enthusiasts (Part 2): Modern Husbandry – Diet

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Now That I’ve Officially Joined the “Mac Pack”, It’s Time For Some Sweet Skin!

octopus mac decal Now That Ive Officially Joined the Mac Pack, Its Time For Some Sweet Skin!So I took the plunge today and bought a MacBook Air. Very fun, I love it, but not quite stylish enough for this refer. So what better way to add some fun than with some sick decals from Etsy (my second home aside from Reefs)!? So a quick search for “Mac Decal Water” delivered some very satisfying results… I’ll let you drool over my findings, and maybe you’ll join the Mac Pack with me. All the cool kids are doing it. 3 guesses and a prize to whoever knows which one I ordered.

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Review: TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima ND

IMG 6676 300x200 Review: TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima NDAs LED aquarium lighting continues to evolve rapidly, let’s take a look at how this technology can benefit our reef tanks beyond the illumination of corals and fishes in our main display tank. As well as providing such lighting, LED units can also be extremely useful for fueling algae filters in sumps, indeed we’ve shown this before with our review of the Arcadia EcoAqua 30watt spotlight. With many hobbyists now switching to LED for this purpose, in this review we look at another unit that can be adapted from its primary use as a freshwater planted tank light, and put to good use in a marine setting. Obtaining our unit in good order from renowned online operation Swell UK, out-of-the-box our GroBeam tile feels solid and well-made. This 2013-made 1500 ND (Natural Daylight) model is the latest ‘version’ of the tile boasting higher output LEDs than the preceeding ‘1000’ model. An inspection of the contents and instructions confirms that this is a product from a specialist manufacturer, purposefully-designed and optimised for the task in hand. With a colour temperature of 6500k, this unit is well-suited to illuminating a range of marine macro algae… Chaetomorpha and Caulerpa. The LED tile is fitted with 10 Cree More: Review: TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima ND

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WWC Bounce Mushroom Looks Like a Tiny Volcano Gushing Lava

0b48WWC Bounce Mushroom Coral WWC Bounce Mushroom Looks Like a Tiny Volcano Gushing Lava
The popularity of mushroom corals is on the rise, and thanks to corals like this, we can certainly see why. There has been an influx of rather brightly colored, fluffy looking mushrooms into the hobby over the last couple of years or so, and hobbyists are falling all over themselves to get them, often paying a premium for the best and brightest of the bunch (no real surprise there). At MACNA last year in Miami, we happened across some of these very shrooms, which had retail prices soaring well over $1000 a pop. Always on the cutting edge of the coral trends, Jason Fox shared these images of his Bounce Mushroom Coral over on Reef2Reef, which was sourced from World Wide Corals…hence the WWC portion of the coral’s name. WWC was the group who had these on display at MACNA 2013, but this particular coral is a standout from those that we came across at the show and even the ones we continue to see online. According to Jason’s post, this frag is the biggest he’s ever sold, tipping the scales at 2″x2″ with huge, orange “plumage”. The price is set at $1450 shipped. MORE: WWC Bounce Mushroom Looks Like a Tiny Volcano Gushing Lava

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Deadly Coral Diseases Surge Near Dredging Sites Off Australian Coast

 Deadly Coral Diseases Surge Near Dredging Sites Off Australian CoastWell this is some disturbing news. Hopefully we can learn a few things from this research and repair the damage we’ve been causing! Researchers studied the health of corals around Barrow Island and were shocked by their findings. “At dredging sites, we found more than twice as much coral disease than at our control sites,” study lead author Joe Pollock, a postdoctoral candidate from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University and the Australian Institute of Marine Science, said in a statement.MORE

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New Dosing Pumps on the Way from IceCap

518eIceCap Liquid Dosing Pump New Dosing Pumps on the Way from IceCap The IceCap brand is continuing its expansion with the release of their new single channel dosing pump. Based on the popular peristaltic pump design, the IceCap Liquid Dosing Pump is great for adding all sorts of supplements to your aquarium, including two-part supplements, kalkwasser solutions, top off water, and pretty much any other type of liquid. The pump will be offered in the form of a master unit, seen above, and a slave unit that presumably lacks the onboard controls. Instead of those controls, it will receive all of its operating instructions from the master unit, and up to four units can be linked together. The Liquid Dosing Pump can dose anywhere from 1-99ml of solution per cycle, with a maximum of one cycle per hour and a minimum of one per nine days. As for other features, the dosing pumps have a Delayed Mode Operation which prevents the dispersal of liquid whenever the unit loses power, being especially useful when more than one dosed is being used. Additionally, the doser can be calibrated in order to keep up with its accuracy and it even has a service door latch that makes maintenance quick and easy. MORE: New Dosing Pumps on the Way from IceCap

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