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Has the invasive Lionfish finally met its match?

 Check out this awesome video from a diver in Utila, Honduras which features a Spotted Moray Eel (Gymnothorax moringa) hunting an invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans). This is the first video of its kind that I have seen (and certainly a first for the Bay Islands, where there are hundreds if not thousands of divers in the water daily) which features an untrained predator going after a lionfish, which have no natural predators in the Caribbean. This is great news if eels and other predators are starting to get a taste for this beautiful but damaging invasive species.

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Results or Convenience – Which Matters Most When Feeding?

7519p coral frenzy 041812 004 57845N2 300x300 Results or Convenience – Which Matters Most When Feeding? I would always like to think the aquarium owners are the ideal feeders and give every organism the proper nutrition. Chances are though that you, like everybody else, have forgotten to feed your fish for a few days. We are human and feeding a sun coral multiple times a day is not something every aquarium owner wants to do. It is a hassle for some people to feed there corals once a week!… SO… Well when I discovered I had a dying anemone I knew that I would have to feed it every day. For about a month I followed through with this but then eventually it becomes annoying to go through the process of pulling the food out, preparing it, feeding it, and cleaning up. So I started doing once every other day, and that turned into once every three days. My point is that I started feeding for the results but over time what mattered to me was the convenience MORE: Results or Convenience – Which Matters Most When Feeding?

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Aquatronica is now a true brand

brands aqua 1024x288 Aquatronica is now a true brandAquatronica was born as a small part of the much larger brand AEB technologies back in 2003.  MORE

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New ‘zero bead’ seams look even better than ADA seams

photo 5 564x600 New ‘zero bead’ seams look even better than ADA seams There is not much information available right now, but these images showing off the ‘zero bead’ seams on this nano aquarium made from 100% low iron glass (optiwhite) is just stunning. Has the infamous ADA aquariums been regulated to the top of a lesser league? MORE

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“Tentacles” Exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium to Cultivate It’s Own Cephalopods

flamboyant 1 Tentacles Exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium to Cultivate Its Own Cephalopods The soon to open $3.5 million “Tentacles” exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, will be the World’s largest collection of Cephalopods. The exhibit will focus on Octopus, Squid and Cuttlefish.   The aquarium will captive breed many of the species used in the exhibits. Animals for the Tentacles exhibit  will be bred in-house. Eggs and hatchlings will be visible to the public in the Aquarium’s Egg Lab. As many hobbyists know, caring for Cephalopods in the aquarium is no small task.  So breeding multiple species on a regular basis demonstrates the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s mastery of  Cephalopod husbandry.  The “Tentacles” exhibit will open on April 12, 2014. MORE Source: KQED by Danna Staaf

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Video: Jammed In Like Sardines? No Problem With Prodibio

 Normally, transporting maybe one or two fish home from the store is stressful enough (on us as well as the fish), so imagine the challenge if you’ve got to ship 20,000 fish (delicate sardines) all the way from from Japan to Seoul! Luckily Prodibio were on hand in this case to supply some of their wares – Safe Travel (bacteria solution dedicated to fish transportation) and Stop Ammo Pro version (ammo binder which traps ammonia) and thanks to these products, only 6 fishes failed to survive the trip giving it a 99.97% survival rate. That makes us very interested in these products for our own fish transportation needs. More: Video: Jammed In Like Sardines? No Problem With Prodibio

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Frag to Colony

yell tort 1024x680 Frag to Colony
Growing a coral from a seed fragment to a colony brings a sense of achievement.  Instant gratification does not provide the same sense of accomplishment, however I see many new aquarists go this route.  A captive grown animal that has realized all of its growth and mass in ones care lends to this feeling of achievement.  A colony from the wild can be placed in the system without these factors involved, but the joy of growing a coral from seed fragments will not be known.  This coral was grown from a small fragment over several years and the rewards are many.  The color and resilience of this specimen are quite evident but the pride in growing it can be hard to visualize and explain.  This coral is believed to be an Acropora florida  and is commonly named Yellow Tort.

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Reef Threads Podcast #176

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #176

We return from the big Jubilee podcast to talk about the reef-aquarium hobby once again. This week’s subjects include the Marine Breeders Institute workshop, ich and aiptasia, euthanizing and disposing of fish, light-dark cycles, and stupid mistakes. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Christine and Gary Reef Threads Podcast #176

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